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01:02 Beach crop top
02:08 How unusual to sew buttons
02:56 Make a blouse from scarf
07:56 DIY simple body
10:1 Wow embroidery
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Aug 28, 2019




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Navya Singh
Navya Singh 3 hours ago
Why does vicki act in 123 go also
Ulices Penado
Ulices Penado 12 hours ago
I love you
Dipen Maharjan
Vicky is so amazing
Atchutharao Killadi
how genious u are
Puli Ramesh
Puli Ramesh 7 days ago
I saw Vicky on the starting of the video and thought it was 123 go but it turned out to be 5 mins craft!😂
Motilal Dhagalaramji
Yeh amazing girls
Fareeha Akbar
Fareeha Akbar 22 days ago
Plz subscribe ruvid.net/show-UCjYyYoeq-uvSU46CfUbMIBA
cheemabro lil muxtjab_yxgn
I love 5 minute craft 😗😙😚😍😘🤗😀😇🙃😏😶😚😗💎💗💖💞💕💓❤💘💜💛💚💙❣💟💌👄💋💝💞💫💞😗
kim semi
kim semi 29 days ago
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman Month ago
I like Vicki the most
Mahbubur Rahman
Mahbubur Rahman Month ago
Vicky was on 123 go
Md Sagar
Md Sagar Month ago
So nice
Nitin sain
Nitin sain Month ago
Vicky is poor
Mushir Ahmad
Mushir Ahmad Month ago
Epignosis AL
Epignosis AL Month ago
short tricky tips. I will share this video
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman Month ago
Viktoria Novikova
Divjot Wazir
Divjot Wazir Month ago
I try all the hacks because I am so rich then I have to my things I try all and I am not sad that I lost my thingd
alisha anand
alisha anand Month ago
And the other one was just the one who was so excited 😆 is a new year for me haha 😆 has uto a great day I am a big baby boy I love you too see where I get you can I get to see him again tomorrow I will see you tomorrow love you guys have an amazing 😉 night I know you were busy today I hope 🤞
Adeeba eman
Adeeba eman Month ago
B 01 Krishna Bishnoi
Tu gu kha
B 01 Krishna Bishnoi
Didi aap itne chhote chhote Desh mat banaya karo
B 01 Krishna Bishnoi
Bahut hi achcha tha byan main to mere Bhai ne bheja tha sorry sorry
B 01 Krishna Bishnoi
You are pagal girl
Pinky Jaglan
Pinky Jaglan Month ago
Vicky look very beautiful in anything she were and she is very very beautiful I like she
Manish Marathe
Manish Marathe Month ago
I want hair like Vicky she's very gorgeous and expression full
Kavita Bisht
Kavita Bisht Month ago
love ALLAH
love ALLAH Month ago
Hahaha 🤣😂😅 hi
Yusma Vania
Yusma Vania Month ago
Yusma Vania
Yusma Vania Month ago
Yusma Vania
Yusma Vania Month ago
Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh Month ago
So nice 😊😊😊😊💖
Digamber Dubey
Digamber Dubey Month ago
These hacks doesn't work at all 😏😏👎👎
Bandana Tayang
Bandana Tayang Month ago
Dhruv Kumar
Dhruv Kumar Month ago
Jaisi aapne blue jacket banayi vaisi maine bhi banayi thi but dusri tarah se
i have tried today and it was amzing😍💞💞✋💞💞💞💟💞✋💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💖
Rita Gupta
Rita Gupta Month ago
Vicky was in 123 go and now she is in 5 minutes
Naveen Jangra
Naveen Jangra 2 months ago
I love your all hacks
harsh Singh
harsh Singh 2 months ago
Nirora Nikunj Arora
Nirora Nikunj Arora 2 months ago
Hoe many channels do uh guys have tell please
Muhammed Shammaz
Muhammed Shammaz 2 months ago
Many models good
cute girls
cute girls 2 months ago
Congratulation for your 4M subscribers
Rakhi Pillay
Rakhi Pillay 2 months ago
Rakhi Pillay
Rakhi Pillay 2 months ago
Sanjay singh Thakur
Sanjay singh Thakur 2 months ago
Nice video 🥰🥰🥰👌👌
Sanju Singh
Sanju Singh 2 months ago
Nice and easy
Rachel Brand
Rachel Brand 2 months ago
13:27 5 min crafts: sews with no problem Me: Cutting myself with something sharp
Rachel Brand
Rachel Brand 2 months ago
How do y'all cut so perfectly? Lol
sk Mushrin
sk Mushrin 2 months ago
Sunila Thapa
Sunila Thapa 2 months ago
Sharmistha Deb
Sharmistha Deb 2 months ago
Kavita Negi
Kavita Negi 2 months ago
No. 1 you
Asha Jain
Asha Jain 2 months ago
Beautiful video
upasana chandra
upasana chandra 2 months ago
NUR AFEEA ADELIA 2 months ago
art and craft with fatima art
Wow awesome 👍❤💙💚💛💜
Arindam Sarkar
Arindam Sarkar 2 months ago
Wow !! Nice yrrr 👌👌❤️
style with naina
style with naina 2 months ago
Jasmeen Kaur
Jasmeen Kaur 3 months ago
I liket this video and what amazing ida
Netra Mohite
Netra Mohite Month ago
Are you an actress
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 3 months ago
Back side bhi dikhaya kro
Anjali Shaw
Anjali Shaw 3 months ago
Dhyan se dekhiye bht sari chij fake dikha rh h jese ki blue t-shirt utna bada kese ho gga
Pandurang Sarode
Pandurang Sarode 3 months ago
These r good but looks cheap at d same time
Ritik Gurjar
Ritik Gurjar 3 months ago
sneha khote
sneha khote 3 months ago
I like the black one
Susan Apollo
Susan Apollo 3 months ago
Cool guys
Tilak Raj
Tilak Raj 3 months ago
Luck p in fish I pick cop good
tasfis Rahman
tasfis Rahman 3 months ago
Good job
PartialJoker 420
PartialJoker 420 3 months ago
No entiendo los comentarios
fait9920 fait9920
fait9920 fait9920 3 months ago
Hey Vicki I know you from 123go
Omprakash Trehan
Omprakash Trehan 3 months ago
All are bad
بديع درويش
بديع درويش 3 months ago
Pratap Singh
Pratap Singh 3 months ago
sofia bi
sofia bi 3 months ago
I love VIKKI
ahdur hyr3
ahdur hyr3 3 months ago
ايحب الله يحط اليك ❤💖💖💖
Daxaben Mehta
Daxaben Mehta 3 months ago
I like one craft
Mandeq Issack
Mandeq Issack 3 months ago
Ravinder Kanwar
Ravinder Kanwar 3 months ago
You and your all helpers are very great
Elisabete Plesca
Elisabete Plesca 3 months ago
8:18 what if you need to go to the bathroom??
Yes she have get off all of her shirt and do what ever you do in the bathroom
fait9920 fait9920
fait9920 fait9920 3 months ago
Screw the bathroom
Darshita 3 months ago
nice point
Best video in
Best video in 3 months ago
Sibendu Das
Sibendu Das 3 months ago
khub bhalo 💎😍😍😍
Sheela Gn
Sheela Gn 3 months ago
Bsuper intelligent ideas
koustuv borgohain channal
💖💖💖👌👌👌 I love and best this
Mehak Siddiqui
Mehak Siddiqui 3 months ago
Kisi ne try Kia h kbhi in m s kuh
Chitta Debbarma
Chitta Debbarma 3 months ago
Madhu Chaubey
Madhu Chaubey 3 months ago
mujhe aapki video bahut ache lagte hai
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta 3 months ago
Ghdgy Fhdyf
Ghdgy Fhdyf 3 months ago
I like 5 minutes crafty
Ganga Baskota-Pathak
Suresh Bishwas
Suresh Bishwas 3 months ago
I try it but that was very bad 😞😞😞😣😣
swati pathak
swati pathak 3 months ago
I also really like you vicky
Savita Katkar
Savita Katkar 3 months ago
Sonia Sharma
Sonia Sharma 3 months ago
MAHAMAN BONFOH 3 months ago
MAHAMAN BONFOH 3 months ago
C'est bien je veux le faire
كجه بيزاره كه
Kalim Ansari
Kalim Ansari 4 months ago
Very sexy girls
Azdine Bennour
Azdine Bennour 4 months ago
Muhammad Konan
Muhammad Konan 4 months ago
Super interesting
Sajid Riaz
Sajid Riaz 4 months ago
Oh my God Andy was born and the man who had been born with the FIRST time he watan is the BEST of his own life in their lives that they never have ever seen in their own lives or not to them and the FIRST OF them are free GAMES and all of them that they have to make their lives easier for girls to do their best and they can make it easier to make them more fun and the people who are free from them will not have the FIRST time they have been able for girls and girls shoes and they are not a big part in this game but it has a lot to make and the way we can get it in their own hands to the FIRST OF a number one of them was the BEST in a world that was a 6 year old boy in their life and the only time I 9AM is to be 78999inches 7th grade and I am not going through a problem in my life and I'm going through a very serious problem and I have a very positive. 😴❤❤😊
Sivasiva Sivasiva
Sivasiva Sivasiva 4 months ago
Hi sis bye
Debankita Nag
Debankita Nag 4 months ago
Good hacks
Mukesh Verma
Mukesh Verma 4 months ago
I have see hacks 🤣🤣🤣😣😣😣😄😄😄
Ranga gaming channel rgc
Vicky is gorgeous
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