36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

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Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Davie504 7 months ago
Finally a new dining table
Poon Billy
Poon Billy 27 days ago
How about 108 strings bass on wall playing?
b bot
b bot 28 days ago
Murat Baydar
Murat Baydar Month ago
bassing table
Naiks Svalbe
Naiks Svalbe Month ago
You have to shave your hair
_rx.yan_ 3 hours ago
then theres me struggling w mo strings attached 💁‍♂️
Gabs 5 hours ago
big bass small pp
Kyros Sotirios Tsolakidis
3:02 , This reminds me of a song. Anyone knows the name?
liam0010 liam0010
liam0010 liam0010 8 hours ago
he putt guitar strings on it 🤢🤢🤢
Dũng Paca
Dũng Paca 10 hours ago
No No slapppppppppppppppppppppppp
Haruki Official
Haruki Official 12 hours ago
Tuning for this one is E E E E E E A A A A A A D D D D D D G G G G G G B B B B B B e e e e e e
SPC 14 hours ago
Imagine replacing the strings and tuning this shit lol 😂😂😂
Virat Malhotra
Virat Malhotra 15 hours ago
Wow..... Really great.. and... you slapped this bass also, I saw you slapping it
NMC GAMER 17 hours ago
Imagine having to tune that😂
Tintin Lhous
Tintin Lhous 18 hours ago
David noicee leg
Bass Bird
Bass Bird 20 hours ago
He needs to play a 69 string bass and shave his head
edoardo tarquinio
7 milion girlfriend's voice reveal
Not Doggo
Not Doggo Day ago
3:13 dat djent tho
TheHuman Drive
Slapping like... wondering why your head isn’t bald 😘 ohemgee
Phoenix Arian
Why did I hear banjo sound at the beginning?
gabriel mesa
gabriel mesa Day ago
its literally a damn piano
No One
No One Day ago
Why I feel like this is more like a 36 strings guitar? 😂
Ass Bag
Ass Bag Day ago
Wheres the 69 Lmao strings B ass?
asif zawad
asif zawad Day ago
people...plz comment at your own risk
Ángel Quiroz
his videos are wonderful
_hiy0ri_ san_
It's 20 Oct meh birthday but in the last year not epic
will wicks
will wicks Day ago
Pierre P
Pierre P Day ago
OMG ! He played piano !
steve Pieter
steve Pieter Day ago
steve Pieter
steve Pieter Day ago
Whaaaat 36 string bass!!!!
Emmett O Kane
Emmett O Kane 2 days ago
Once u tune it never re-tune it or it will ten thousand million and 31 years to tune it a second time
Rasya Si Tutorial Dan Si Review
Yeah!!!!!!! Mind blowiingggg!!!!!!
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 2 days ago
The average bass guitar has four strings, so technically he is playing 9 basses right now.
YungAlmond 117
YungAlmond 117 2 days ago
Don't mind me just back for my daily 1:32 and 1:41
La mejor musica que cautivara tus oidos
Simplemente el Dios del bajo... Saludos Davie!
Shawn Sirevicius
Shawn Sirevicius 3 days ago
So ya gonna build that 69 string bass yet?
S E A N 3 days ago
Now eat the spaghetti on the bass
Sparky Corrigan
Sparky Corrigan 3 days ago
Needs more strings. The table has been played, time to slap the wall.
woffil 3 days ago
It’s not even a bass at this point
Al Seka
Al Seka 3 days ago
Mukanya ngeselin bngt
James siama
James siama 3 days ago
OMG sweet BASS
Sanskiller2789 Sans
Bowser theme song 1:09
高橋みなみ卒業してからAKBオタから乃木オタです 稲葉浩志のファン
I didn't know there was a base like this! It's pretty with guitar and bass sound.
Akane Takashashi
Akane Takashashi 3 days ago
Now we just need 69 string bass
J 3 days ago
Hi this is Sebastian from the USA
giorno Giovanna
giorno Giovanna 3 days ago
Comunque il mio cazzo è più grande
Torckler 420
Torckler 420 3 days ago
I think Davie's subs go up fastest out of all the youtube...
William Mitchell
William Mitchell 4 days ago
Very Impressive but can u play a 69 string Bass?
スタヒルマハリわましはリアは山 🔥
Akila_Exe UwU
Akila_Exe UwU 4 days ago
una pregunta tienes un record guinness por tocar 36 cuerdas de bajo 😱
Rafin's Mirza
Rafin's Mirza 4 days ago
How many strings you want davie504 on your bass Davie504: Yes
A? 4 days ago
So where is this 69 lmao strings bass
AMV FOR PLANET 4 days ago
1:26 Davie smells like teen
Илья Орлов
2:07 gashish
Player J
Player J 4 days ago
Look very intimidating.
PyroMaster //Nj
PyroMaster //Nj 4 days ago
Dude how did you make that
LankyBox Official Gacha
My dad:"What 7 strings of guitar?!" Me:"Just 7 strings?"
LankyBox Official Gacha
Imagine when you want to eat but you don't have any table LMAO
anson lee li shen
um.. si when are you gonna shave ur head?
Darcfase2o 4 days ago
Bet he couldn’t play Smoke On The Water on that bass
joseph fred barcial
March Mello
March Mello 4 days ago
Wow men
NITRO_19 4 days ago
shred on BASS
Gleniel Monzones
Gleniel Monzones 4 days ago
No slapping today, this is serious
Wereta Te Pairi
Wereta Te Pairi 4 days ago
Holy slap
Alekey GG
Alekey GG 4 days ago
Omg you look like Rambo :'0
Pikachu Cruz
Pikachu Cruz 4 days ago
Epochal he used holy slap.
Laode Tandang Makalangan
Wow.......it's cool
Cristian Vockell
Cristian Vockell 5 days ago
Eden Zammit
Eden Zammit 5 days ago
Imagine having to tune that 😬
Atish Ruchal
Atish Ruchal 5 days ago
Worst part of the video is in 4:56 😤😤😤
Musician147 ROBLOX
Where is 69 strings bass?
James Limberakis
James Limberakis 5 days ago
Tuning that
Zeyad Elsharkawi
Zeyad Elsharkawi 5 days ago
Where is the 69 string
Ultronhack 5 days ago
Is the 🅱ass really coming or its in background
Jean Studio
Jean Studio 5 days ago
Imagine tuning 36 strings
Raphael Santos
Raphael Santos 5 days ago
Big bass=small pp
Nishita chanel
Nishita chanel 5 days ago
Great but can you play 56 strings bass
Michael Jeffrey
Michael Jeffrey 5 days ago
At first I was envious... and then I thought, "what's the point of playing a really stupid instrument?" then I went back to being envious again...
IAmTheSouk 5 days ago
I want to see this guy on FOX NEWS.
Jefferson Heng
Jefferson Heng 5 days ago
I cant believe my eyes, some of the strings ar-r-re GUITAR STRINGS
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