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Today cell phones play a great role in our lives and we spend a lot of time staring at the screen and you need to know some hacks that will change your life. Also, you will find a lot of tutorials on how to make cheap and beautiful phone cases that will suit your taste. We will show you hidden iPhone functions that you haven’t known before.
The first tutorial is very easy - learn how to create a marble print using nail polish. Choose three colors you like and a hairdryer. Check out an easy tutorial! Do you love emojis? Find out a cute phone case idea. You will learn how to make emojis using foam. You won’t believe how easy the tutorial is! You will need foam, markers and glue. Cut out circles from the foam and place on pre-heated iron for a couple of seconds. Draw emojis you like and attach to the phone case. Stress reliever phone cases are extremely popular now! Do not spend money and make one at home.
Moreover, we share a lot of iPhone tips and fidden functions you should know when you send messages. Send a message with full-screen effects! The idea is to animate your screen with different effects. Follow these easy steps: open messages and text any world or a phrase, for example, Happy Birthday. Enter your message, touch and hold blue arrow, tap screen and swipe to the left to see full-screen effects.
00:31 Phone case with marble print
01:13 Stress-reliever phone case
01:38 Hidden iPhone functions
07:34 No scanner?
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Nov 17, 2019




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LEGEND GAMER 6 hours ago
👸 👗 👠👡
Jassi Singh
Jassi Singh 8 hours ago
At 29:00 Me-trying to do this. suddenly,the phone fell down Mom-what happened??? Me-what to say Then my mom beat me. Never try this hack advice from me If u wanted to try then thank me later.
Orsolyau Samu
Orsolyau Samu 23 hours ago
Ok I’m zone
Eclipse Gacha
11:24 what messed p being puts flowers in noodles
dian gaming
dian gaming Day ago
Let's go beatbox🗣️
Chuppa2 Day ago
creepy 00:58
aruna polanki
Tunu Haugen Suleiman
Ikke vær dumme de er jo norske
Sebastien Stopek
Sebastien Stopek 3 days ago
1:12 thank you 5 minute crafts a have nightmares
Kanga_ Playz
Kanga_ Playz 3 days ago
2:17 to 2:21 was so funny I was laughing so hard 😂😂😂
Lil Shorty_gaming
👩 👗 👡 This is my mom she is going to her wedding today with us
Lil Shorty_gaming
👦🏻 👕 👖
Lil Shorty_gaming
👩🏼‍🦱👱🏼 👚👕 👖👖 👢👟
Loordkiller 909
Loordkiller 909 6 days ago
2:05 its works
Thea Amin
Thea Amin 7 days ago
1:03 look at the baby's face... Now look at it in 1:11its not smiling anymore
Sarah Nosar
Sarah Nosar 9 days ago
Who puts a baby on a phone case
Worth Less
Worth Less 9 days ago
0:50 - (why mommy you killed me)
viorel b
viorel b 9 days ago
SORRY i don't have iPhone soooorrryyy again
KattyCalSays 9 days ago
Such a fake thumbnail
Simone Musico
Simone Musico 10 days ago
Simone Musico
Simone Musico 10 days ago
Did not work
Heyitsnick_YT ROBLOX
sxnny._. blxsoom
sxnny._. blxsoom 10 days ago
Me: Do they know how expensive phone-cases are? ;-;
Monet Hobbs
Monet Hobbs 13 days ago
Send me a I phone 11 to house 2920
r u dying
r u dying 14 days ago
11:17 ramen noodles!
Lilybeth Lucero
Lilybeth Lucero 15 days ago
Omg the Animoji one works! So cool
Lilybeth Lucero
Lilybeth Lucero 15 days ago
1:09 uhhhh
Bethy Cuello Matos
Bethy Cuello Matos 16 days ago
👴 👕 👖
PPH Official Music
PPH Official Music 16 days ago
1:02 and 1:08 does that toy have a spirit inside? 'cause at first it was smiling but then it is shocked
Kind8 Sylvie
Kind8 Sylvie 16 days ago
Hey i m kind sylvie i am bad this not good video 👩🏻 👗 👢👢
Alexander LaVerdi
Alexander LaVerdi 16 days ago
Normal people : sees pen 5 minute crafts :*sees nuclear bomb*
Denis Culda
Denis Culda 16 days ago
👁️👁️ 👅
Jayden Zweers
Jayden Zweers 17 days ago
played_ 808
played_ 808 17 days ago
11:15 Jum jum
Rogelio Perez
Rogelio Perez 17 days ago
4:57 that's how you know the hate turtles
Pukhat Torres
Pukhat Torres 17 days ago
7:34 5mc: no scammer Me: beacous its a printer😂
Tomi _zdx
Tomi _zdx 18 days ago
3:42 error yellow hair girl french frie
Agust D
Agust D 19 days ago
👧🏻 👚 👖. Wow it's working 😮❤️Thank you
Indian Yaseen
Indian Yaseen 19 days ago
5 Minutes Craft is Tricking Us Look At The Doll Face - 01:04 Look At The Doll Face - 01:08
John Doe
John Doe 19 days ago
GT Gamer
GT Gamer 20 days ago
Michael Li
Michael Li 20 days ago
I love the Starbucks phone case can you follow my channel
Da Kringy Kidz
Da Kringy Kidz 21 day ago
1:09 That’s the type of thing that causes my nightmares.
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph 22 days ago
4:30 Vsco girls are QuAkiNG 🐢 🥤
Ivy jean Nuguid
Ivy jean Nuguid 22 days ago
👱‍♂️👱‍♀️ 👕👚 👖👖
Fish 22 days ago
These secret gadget tricks are really dumb
GUSTAVO666BR Error1010010101010
I wrote this with one hand (and one finger) normally
* gleeflix *
* gleeflix * 22 days ago
It's proper annoying when you repeat your hacks plz stop who agrees ⬇️
Madi Moo
Madi Moo 23 days ago
The face on the baby phone case changed
Bana 24 days ago
Everyone is buying new stuff from amazon and apple
MyzticX 24 days ago
7:45 Fortnite Account 😂
George Modeste
George Modeste 24 days ago
So cute and cool. ☺
Ximena Guerena Panduro
Toy broken *rips off the baby's head*
Tássia Maria Pachêco
8:38 thanks for sharing the password with the world anyone can hax u now
Prodipto Saha
Prodipto Saha 24 days ago
0:59 the baby is smiling. Later, it isn’t. 🤔
Shannon L
Shannon L 24 days ago
Who would put a baby on there phone?
Bass Boosted Romania
12:10 tutorial on how to make your phone look like a carpet
Johanna Sulfelix
Johanna Sulfelix 26 days ago
Sora 48
Sora 48 28 days ago
29August is my birthday😂😂
Famous Families
Famous Families 28 days ago
👱🏼👱🏻‍♀️ 👕👚 👖👖
ArmenianGamerYT 29 days ago
🧢 👦 👕 👖 👟👟
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