35028 Clan Line - A Dramatic Run Up Hemerdon Bank - The Cornishman 2018

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35028 'Clan Line' makes the rarest of trips over the Devon Banks and also makes her first visit to Cornwall in preservation as the renowned powerhouse heads the Cornishman from Bristol to Par. The locomotive has a gained a reputation in recent years as possibly the most prolific hill climber of the mainline fleet and on June 17th, we would see her tackle the heavily graded Devon and Cornish banks. The westbound run was exceptional, topping Dainton at 35 and although not featured here, we do see Clan Line twice surging up Tigley and Rattery Bank, she is firstly seen at Follaton where she slips on the lower part of the climb then at Tigley, on the more arduous section of the bank, an excellent 32mph and in the pouring rain !
The highlight of the run for linesiders and passengers, is the ferocious Hemerdon Bank, and this is where all the drama unfolded. Tackling the 1/42 bank is always a challenge, but given the consistent rain and load 10 on hook, and a big slip further down the bank, it meant the Bullied dug it's heels in with the sanders working overtime ! Once under the summit bridge there was still more to come with a volcanic exhaust being produced on the easier grade, which continued towards Hemerdon Sidings ! Stirring stuff and well worth the five hour wait despite the grim conditions !
We finish off the day at Burlescombe and Whiteball tunnel, where we see the Merchant Navy charging her way up the hill after a pathing stop at Tiverton Loop and once again it was raining !
Despite the weather and early start, this was certainly not a trip to be missed. A big thanks to all who were involved ! I hope you enjoy the steam, there was plenty of it !

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Jun 18, 2018




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Comments 115
Ken Browne
Ken Browne 2 months ago
Stunning show, simply superb Liam! Ta mate, great footage!
Stanlig Films
Stanlig Films 2 months ago
beautiful shots!
Zal Moxis
Zal Moxis 4 months ago
Looked like it was never really troubled to me....
breno highland
breno highland 4 months ago
impressive indeed
Bob Lovell
Bob Lovell 4 months ago
.Was on this trip in the company of non enthusiasts who likened it to being HST hauled!
Geoffrey Black
Geoffrey Black 4 months ago
That was music to my ears, mate. Nice to see a loco crew that was having a good hard run and the loco seemed to be enjoying the run also. Sounded awesome.🖒
Brian Eynon
Brian Eynon 5 months ago
Very underated the merchant navys when they were rebuilt it transformed them into power houses .
Richard Helliwell
Richard Helliwell 6 months ago
I'll bet that cleaned the tubes out a bit!
Pete Goodman
Pete Goodman 6 months ago
Bullieds have come to grief on many climbs, if you can get a run at Hemerdon its not so bad, for a long time there was speed res at the bottom that made it difficult, be interesting to see what speed Clan was doing at the bottom...? Good effort in those conds/load never the less.
Rod Smith
Rod Smith 6 months ago
Very impressive performances - especially on Hemerdon, compared with Duchess of Sutherland on 28 April 2019. Thank you for posting these shots.
John Riggs
John Riggs 12 days ago
I was thinking exactly the same: slightly less powerful than the Coronations, but handled it with ease. We never saw much of the merchant navy class up here in the North, but I have to say, they're fine looking (and sounding) engines. The driver really knew his stuff, too.
Paul C
Paul C 6 months ago
Sanders worked perfectly !
falcons1988 6 months ago
I look forward to seeing what the P2 can do once she is built.
Ralph111417 8 months ago
The sheer volume of steam she produces when pulling hard is incredible. Beautiful shots, thank you.
984francis 9 months ago
Clan Line rules in the south, British India Line rules in the north. OVSB may not have been happy about the rebuilding but I do think he would be gratified by the current performance of these two FINE locomotives.
984francis 9 months ago
Your video looks like a continuous "Kodachrome" picture postcard, incredible!
Martin Chamberlain
Martin Chamberlain 9 months ago
Wow, great filming, Liam. The wonderful Clan Line running like a sewing machine and no lump of useless pig iron tacked on behind the last coach , either. Just brilliant.
Austin Yingst
Austin Yingst 10 months ago
Why does the train get longer? Great Location + Great Train = Great Video. Thanks.
Andrew Heale
Andrew Heale 11 months ago
Must be firing the old girl on car tyres. Get some Welsh coal for the old girl.
Jacques Blaque
Betcha she could use much less fuel by using it more efficiently (and dumping much less schmutz up the stack). Meaning: bituminous coal contains much heavy oil. Proper combustion efficiency means allowing entry of air in proportion to burn it all. Of course this sort of low-pressure recip steam is inherently very low efficiency, at least health hazard downwind could be reduced.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 6 months ago
What a Pratt there is no heavy oil in bituminous coal
984francis 9 months ago
Wow, a keyboard expert. I'm awestruck at your obvious hands on knowledge!
AndreiTupolev 11 months ago
health hazard? I think you're over reacting a bit
Ulfert Jürgens
Great video! Thanks! Sorry, these steam-lok on this route is better with a few wagon. 10 wagon are top much!!
Ian Waudby
Ian Waudby Year ago
Stunning video. The best I have seen. Takes me back to the early 50'/60's, in fact I think I got a tiny bit of grit in my eyes when watching this. Well done to everyone concerned. I am going to share this with my grandsons who love this sort of thing. I can't think why. ;)
bryan wood
bryan wood Year ago
Paul C
Paul C Year ago
Incredible boilers on the Bulleids ! Superb footage, thank you.
Alexander Challis
BR Loco classes: www.steamindex.com/locotype/brloco.htm
Sri Malik
Sri Malik Year ago
It's just like 34046 braunton but the tender it's different
By goodness that was a purposeful ascent - the Bulleids were known to be exceptionally free steamers and it looks as if, with the conditions on the day, it's just as well! Thanks for an exceptional piece of film
Brian K
Brian K Year ago
Looks like cannabis growing along the side of the track! See about 2min 22s in as the camera pans right.
SPbakerhouse Year ago
It's Hemp Agrimony - Eupatorium cannabinum. Very similar, hence the name, but native and not narcotic!
Marsh Steam Videos™
Unfortunately it wasn't !
stestepney Year ago
Excellent vid Liam she is working very well there cheers Steve ..
Jennifer Hamilton
What a stunning capture some of the best clips of steam working hard ever .Fantastic !
LuckyTrucker1 Year ago
Not bad for a Pacific !!!
limeyfox Year ago
Excellent footage, really top notch. Given Clan Line is a Class 8 locomotive, it shows quite how excellent Tangmere was in 2014 (?) when it went over the top of Hemerdon at 33mph on load 9, in admittedly better conditions. I was in the second coach and the exhaust roar was absolutely spine tingling. Sadly no footage it seems :-(
sknn497 Month ago
Marsh Steam Videos™
It was 29 over the top with Tangmere, which performance logs have confirmed. Only 60009 & 71000 have gone quicker over the top. I'd say Clan Line would have gone one better than Tangmere and 60009 if the conditions were dry. Thanks for your comment.
Michael John
Michael John Year ago
Very sure footed,and blowing off to! Fantastic
Tony Griffin
Tony Griffin Year ago
Reminds me of my trip on "The Strongbow Express" across the Hope Valley in the 1970s
charles prynne
Why all the steam between the tender and first coach, was there a leak somewhere ?.
Andy.C 11 months ago
They have, but are fitted in different places on the loco and exhaust up the chimney.
Matty Butler
Matty Butler 11 months ago
One would think that other main line bulleids such as Braunton and Tangmere would have a similar thing?
Andy.C 11 months ago
Clan line is now dual braked, ie; air and vacuum. She was built with only vacuum and when converted to air, the society fitted the steam driven air compressor to the rear of the tender. This is the exhaust steam you can see
Matty Butler
Matty Butler Year ago
No, Clan Line always does that. Apparently it's some kind of steam heating thing in her tender, but I'm not quite sure what it is.
Drivershell53 Year ago
brilliant photography, brilliant engine and superb work by the footplate crew. What an amazing loco.
RJAS 365
RJAS 365 Year ago
Brilliant, Liam and Phil, this video speaks for itself and will be a tough act to follow (though no doubt you will succeed in that!). Many thanks for your endurance. Kind regards, Bob.
Ray Walkington
Excellent stuff and didn't the footplate crew do well with excess steam at the summit?
Alexander Challis
Ernest Johnson
An excellent video , great shots with plenty of steam, just like old days, Thank you both
snowjohnb Year ago
Absolutely awesome footage - well done indeed. Cheers John
Pat Moore
Pat Moore Year ago
What a spectacle ! As ever brilliant filming in slightly ‘Pour’ (wet) conditions - keep em coming please.
Street Victor
Street Victor Year ago
🌺❌ ( Hi 👋 (If your a steam engine enthusiast:: then these few clips are well worth watching :-)✅❌💐🌾🌿🌵😎
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith Year ago
Street Victor ruvid.net/video/video-JDuJ3zHIvU4.html
John Edkins
John Edkins Year ago
Liam & Phil, A terrific display of power over the Devon Hills in challenging weather conditions. Regards, John
Jockdownsouth Year ago
Magnificent performance. I'd love to see her up north taking on Shap, Ais Gill & Beattock!
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith Year ago
Nice to see such a clean exhaust (mostly) and as usual... no shortage of steam.
SimonTog Year ago
Great video :)
Grahams G1 Trains
Volcano on wheels Superb !!
Russell Butler
So this is Clan Line's very first time over the infamous Devon Banks? Looks like she left one hell of a first impression.
Russell Butler
Oh, right, I just assumed everything that went past Dawlish and Teignmouth had to go over at least 1 of the Devon Banks.
Marsh Steam Videos™
If I'm going to be pedantic, The Torbay route doesn't do the Devon Banks, although the Torbay does have a few hills on it's route. Churston and Torre are the main climbs. In railway terms the banks start after you take a right at Aller Junction after Newton Abbot.
Russell Butler
Ah, interesting. Yes, that was a bit of a brain fart on my part, since I already knew that Clan Line is now taking turns on the Torbay Express, so of course she's been over the banks before. But at least she now has the honour of being the first preserved Merchant Navy into Cornwall. Shame that on that particular day, the weather became extremely Cornish.
Marsh Steam Videos™
The last time a Merchant Navy ran over the Devon Banks was in 2000, which happened to be Clan Line, so no, not her first time. The run into Cornwall was the first time a Merchant Navy has run into Cornwall possibly since steam days !
Cliff Woodhead
Superb footage, really enjoyed watching !
Swindonian girl
All hail to this mighty locomotive and outstanding footplate crew.
Ken Browne
Ken Browne Year ago
A quite outstanding performance from Clan Line Liam, particularly in such atrocious weather conditions and over these grades! The sight and sound of her blasting away up Hemerdon was really stirring and music to my ears, blowing off steam amazingly, and hardly a slip which I never noticed anyway! Since I've heard for myself the recently returned 35018 British India Line, I have a new found respect and admiration for these Bulleids, they're outstanding performers. Well done to you too Liam for managing so many clips in great positions, you're a bit of a master of the art of presenting videos!! Best wishes mate! Ken
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith Year ago
Ken Browne ruvid.net/video/video-JDuJ3zHIvU4.html
Marsh Steam Videos™
Ken, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and as always thanks for your kind comment. I'm led to believe there was a few big slips further down the bank which cost the crew about 10mph and a few mini slips near the top were reported by the driver post run ! This locomotive goes from strength to strength ! Hopefully we will see it tackle the Northern Fells in the near future. Kind regards, Liam
Adrian Norris
Adrian Norris Year ago
Superb loco, and with a magnificent free steaming boiler - climbing Hemerdon she has the temerity to blow off steam.....astonishing!
984francis 9 months ago
With the LeMaitre ejector, working hard creates a strong but steady draught, especially with 6 beats per rev. It was apocryphally said that the Bulleid boiler would steam on eggshells!
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith Year ago
Adrian Norris ruvid.net/video/video-JDuJ3zHIvU4.html
Marsh Steam Videos™
Rumour has it, she'll be given another crack at the banks, hopefully dry weather this time.
Rod Smith
Rod Smith Year ago
Magnificent work and super sound effects. The loco has plenty of steam to spare on the climbs.
Marsh Steam Videos™
Thanks Rod, she could of probably took another coach.
Peter Dovey
Peter Dovey Year ago
What a stunning set of clips, very well captured and thanks for showing.
Marsh Steam Videos™
Cheers Peter. Glad you enjoyed it.
Dartington Heritage steam railway
Hmmmm can't beat clan line she's a credit to people who run her on mainline 😁😁😁😁
Marsh Steam Videos™
Absolutely, without them, this engine would cease to exist !
AndreiTupolev Year ago
I was going to say it seemed a bit of a slog compared with how, say, 34067 or 60009 has done it in the past, but if there was a yellow at the summit then that's some skilled driving in proceeding at caution while keeping the momentum going. That amount of smoke is rather atypical though. Perhaps a fireman not so familiar with a Bulleid?
Mike Wilks
Mike Wilks 6 months ago
@Alexander Challis Hi - very belated reply - I can comment because I was on the train and, by chance, I know and spoke at length to the man who was in the left hand seat from Plymouth. The yellow aspect, which worried me for a minute, is a colour light that reverts to a restrictive aspect very quickly after the front of the train passes it and so, if you are looking out of a coach window, you would have seen yellow. The footplate crew saw green. However, she did lose her feet, twice I think, early on, the second time quite badly in that it was a big slip that took time to catch - on a 1 in 42 you lose momentum very quickly and you cannot get all the power on immediately, hence the quite correct comments about losing 9-10 mph as a result of those slip(s). Having said that, the driver said he was always confident he had enough in hand to get over the top and was happy to leave the engine to pick up speed after the summit, with the terrific acceleration we saw. Also, again as we saw, steam production was never an issue. Great boiler design but also excellent firing from a GW crew who would not have been so familiar with this locomotive and its grate. What a terrific day! Thickmike
Alexander Challis
Maybe type of coal, the Ministry of Transport reports of the 1950s show that some engines designed by GWR when transferred to LNER did not perform well, they had used Welsh coal which was not used by LNER, drivers and firemen were not impressed. The 1955 report shows that 'good' steam coal was becoming harder to find and mine economically which without other forms of traction will mean importing coal. Smoke the BR handbook 1957: archive.org/stream/HandbookForRailwaySteamLocomotiveEnginemen/Btc-HandbookForRailwaySteamLocomotiveEnginemen#page/n0
Marsh Steam Videos™
The amber signals which were reported from on board, were found to be false. Though apparently the loco did slip near the top a few times, though these were only minor and hard to tell with the amount of steam and smoke which was present, Info came from the crew, so I am happy to believe it's legitimacy. She was blowing off all day on the banks, although not up Tigley.
Entertainment Worldz
nice video
swearingkevo Year ago
Some great clips there in terrible conditions. Good to see you again at flax bourton , did you see my clip there ?
Marsh Steam Videos™
Will get round to it Kev, I've got quite a backlog, good to catch up briefly.
Robert Masterman
The both of you deserve an award for capturing all these stunning clips in one day Liam...10/10 from me....Bob
Marsh Steam Videos™
Bob, you're too kind. maybe a medal for waiting around for the return, but then we would all deserve one, as there was plenty of enthusiasts around, even five hours before it's due.
sirjohng1 Year ago
Just doing what comes naturally. Doing it rather well by the look of it. Great shots, thanks.
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith Year ago
sirjohng1 ruvid.net/video/video-JDuJ3zHIvU4.html
Marsh Steam Videos™
And plenty left in the tank too !
Steve Herring
Steve Herring Year ago
Awesome performance! Superb video captures!
Marsh Steam Videos™
Thanks Steve, a great show for all concerned.
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