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00:15 Trick with a coin
01:50 How to buy shrimps
02:19 DIY double picture
04:14 Keychain lip balm
06:10 How to whiten your teeth
07:03 Natural scrub
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Dec 17, 2019




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Comments 302
Brooklynn Gadra
Brooklynn Gadra 4 hours ago
Melvie Garay
Melvie Garay 10 hours ago
If the sound is your perfect happy ending?
Viviana Brown
So cool!
Julia akram
Julia akram 2 days ago
is the tattoo temporary
Borș Iurie
Borș Iurie 2 days ago
4:37 before she put the lip balm on she had clean lips but they were first very dry
Rayana Wolf
Rayana Wolf 6 days ago
I'm gonna add a 🐥 For Every Like Im Not Gonna Miss It I Swear
Shanti Chowdhary
Shanti Chowdhary 6 days ago
How many damn channels does this 5 minutes franchise has 🤨 I need the answer right now..
Shanti Chowdhary
Shanti Chowdhary 6 days ago
Nvm..got the answer :16 😤
Aurora Andromeda
Aurora Andromeda 7 days ago
7:55 Me: Oooh Pizza Video: *Puts Glycerine* Me: Awww It Was A Pizza Plate
Aurora Andromeda
Aurora Andromeda 7 days ago
1:33 How Do You Know If It's All The Same Amount???
Πυργιανακης Δημητριος
9:7 i tried dosnt work like if u agree
xX P9G Xx
xX P9G Xx 10 days ago
3:53 she will never drink juice again I can tell... Its because of that look on her face
Sakshi Bhatt
Sakshi Bhatt 13 days ago
3:50 😂😂😂the straw isn't touched to syrup😂
『Mochi Cake』
『Mochi Cake』 13 days ago
0:52 that’s the thumbnail?
Piyali Banerjee
Piyali Banerjee 14 days ago
0:52 How is it possible?
Baby Pink
Baby Pink Month ago
0:07 It's not trick
Kamta Prasad
Kamta Prasad Month ago
3:51 there is no difference of taste between the cough syrup and the juice???
Wesly Chambliss
Wesly Chambliss Month ago
5 min crafts-dirty teeth with lipstick ? Mash strawberries and put baking soda! Me-take off it then brush and put back on the lipstick!
Kimora Esther
Kimora Esther Month ago
4:08 use your hands omg
Bhree Braun
Bhree Braun Month ago
Pause at 3:50 amd look at the juice 🤣
Manoranjan Srivastava
Nice hacks!!
indrani ganguly
indrani ganguly Month ago
Violet Fraser
Violet Fraser Month ago
7:34 ugly much ... not the girl the shirt
Penguin Momo
Penguin Momo Month ago
Next thing you know is that you lose your keys
Mystery Midnight
Use me as a wtf button 👇🏻
Shabnam Shaikh
Shabnam Shaikh Month ago
Song name????
Mai Meyly
Mai Meyly Month ago
I thought 5 minute craft uses iPhones
tess magno
tess magno Month ago
6:34 She Toothpasting a blood(⌒∇⌒)i
tess magno
tess magno Month ago
6:11 Ewwww Her teeth was yellow. naa nay kiki eww kalood
Jasmin Bersabal
Jasmin Bersabal Month ago
8:12 just pulled her underwear
Baharam Najm بهرام نجم
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Xx Alex_de wolfie Dragon xX
i will put a 😻for every like 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 i go out so i might do it when i come back okay
「єммα 」
「єммα 」 Month ago
Come back bish
{FalicityXoX Gacha}
ㅏㅁ 나느ㅡ나ㅡㄴㄴ 느ㅡ는ㄴ나ㅡㄴ나ㅏ나느느ㅏ나느너느느ㅡ으ㅡ덯ㅈ 매지,ㅡㄴ느느느 ₩
minix Lovatt
minix Lovatt Month ago
1:13 my glasses dont fall
Madhu Pathak
Madhu Pathak Month ago
5:20 Are the sweet potatoes good in taste
Alisa Parker
Alisa Parker Month ago
Denis Dajlani
Denis Dajlani Month ago
Look at min 03:50
kendra miller
kendra miller Month ago
give me money now
kendra miller
kendra miller Month ago
I want money I don’t have a phone I am poor😞
kendra miller
kendra miller Month ago
You are stupid
Ravindran R
Ravindran R Month ago
pause at 1.00
Princess Isabelle
This is sooooo stupid do you think that anyone will try these?!?!?! No one will ever try it!!
Princess Isabelle
OMG!!! Just drink water to prevent your dry lips!! Not like do something that will take a long time..... Jeez!!!! 🙄🙄🙄😡😡
FuzzY gamer
FuzzY gamer Month ago
is theese are magic tricks ????
Jessica Tokelove
Anyone noticed she is using carmex sksks and I oop
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Month ago
wow it actually wasn't clickbait this time :0
Zainab Kesaria
Zainab Kesaria Month ago
I actually loved the background song.......😅 Song name pls
Hope Lotu-Iiga
Hope Lotu-Iiga Month ago
2:44 that is common sense
oddee 16
oddee 16 Month ago
song ???pleaseeee........🙃🙃
Razz hossain
Razz hossain Month ago
I am surprised 😲😲 at 1: 00 this trick .
Sana Amir
Sana Amir Month ago
Mera chanel be subscribe karen please ruvid.net/video/video-owQubOa9l_M.html
Aliasgar Khalil
Aliasgar Khalil Month ago
6:06 you use samsung! not apple
Denzel’s Fun Channel
this is such clickbait maybe they put the wrong thumbnail? who knows
Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh Month ago
You loves 5 minute craft please like here👇
Green Gacha
Green Gacha Month ago
3:31 Kid: NO WAY I'M DRINKING IT Mother: Let me put this inside a juice box The fact that you can put it without cutting the juice box: *A m i a j o k e t o y o u?*
101 Hi
101 Hi Month ago
1:00 pause it Its fake
Freya Espiritu
Freya Espiritu Month ago
The thumbnail: How is this possible Me: cuz it’s not real the skin tone is different..
S.r.reddy 1234
S.r.reddy 1234 Month ago
Superb idea
Afeefa K
Afeefa K Month ago
6:06 she use samsung 💣💥
Gacha King14
Gacha King14 Month ago
What's the name of the first song🤔
Radhika Gudur
Radhika Gudur Month ago
2.43 what if the whole thing falls
Balam singh Rawat
Very nice
free fire hanks
free fire hanks Month ago
already I view hates u
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