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It is no secret that not only children, but also adults love magic tricks. After all, each of us wants to believe in miracles, and that, no matter how good the trick, convinces us of their existence. In addition, with the help of tricks you can entertain guests on any occasion. We offer several impressive tricks-experiments, or science shows that you can make your own hands at home.
At a party with friends, on weekends or on vacation you will spend time usefully and become the center of attention of many eyes! Urgently inform your friends that you have learned to fly! Gather them at home and announce that now clearly demonstrate. And even if it is not, but it only becomes more fun.
So before you surprise your friends, put on one foot in a sneaker, and the second stick to it. Take a thick blanket, stand up straight and cover half of your body so that only one of your feet with shoes is visible. Now lift it from side to side and catch the surprised looks! Yes,from the outside it will really seem that you tear your feet off the ground. None of them see you standing on the other. : )
In this video you will find even more amazing tricks and pranks that will be appreciated by your friends! Then this video is just for you! Simple step-by-step tutorials tricks and experiments that will make you feel like a real magician! Just remember to practice a little more in front of the mirror :) you won't need much to perform these awesome magic tricks: just take everything you have in the house. Let the magic begin!
00:06 Flying girl
00:29 Endless popcorn
01:16 Paper becomes money
03:13 Hand tricks
04:46 Funny tricks and pranks for friends
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May 10, 2019




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Comments 481
Pics Reviews
Pics Reviews 21 hour ago
Wish I could have concentrate more on science in my school days 😁
Omega Picture
Omega Picture 4 days ago
Nice trick,sub like commemt
Diwakar Tripathi
Diwakar Tripathi 4 days ago
kajal chakraborty
aileen garbo
aileen garbo 8 days ago
Ka long
Syed Nayaz
Syed Nayaz 15 days ago
Bad things
ইসলাম নিকেতন
No 1 Magic ruvid.net/video/video-S1A9rQu4sQc.html
Rohit Kumbhar
Rohit Kumbhar 18 days ago
5 minute crafts
Masti with Shinko Kadam
I can do sprite trick but what is dangerous in this trick
Marvin Munene
Marvin Munene 26 days ago
Sampa Jana
Sampa Jana 29 days ago
Khoob Bhalo chahita software ke prayog
Jenifer Kilbury
Jenifer Kilbury Month ago
I love your pranks in your magic
Bnx Bkx
Bnx Bkx Month ago
Very nice
Punamchand Patil
Why are you folding dollar please give it to me
*hotslut.ru* 3:01
Jitendar Shekhawat Shekhawat
World's No.1 chanel on You Tube
Dhanwant Kaur
Dhanwant Kaur Month ago
No no.1 channel is crafty panda
akshatha rai
akshatha rai Month ago
You know what would really be a magic trick? If you could come up with something new for a video
lululugs Month ago
i lost it when they did the 9-11 conspiracy shit
Nimita Nimita
Nimita Nimita Month ago
Banti Sagar
Banti Sagar Month ago
Parashut magic
ImmortalRAO Month ago
That thumbnail😂😂
Vancy Sutong
Vancy Sutong Month ago
Mohd Atif
Mohd Atif Month ago
All r fake
Anand Chaudhari
Anand Chaudhari Month ago
5:15 nice
Alex Woodoo
Alex Woodoo Month ago
Rehan Munshi
Rehan Munshi Month ago
Done 😘🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️🏕️
Rehan Munshi
Rehan Munshi Month ago
Rehan Munshi
Rehan Munshi Month ago
Dragic The Dwagon
LoL Hey
Satlapally Radhika
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan Month ago
Nice magic
FrequelzTV Month ago
3:03 LOL... She already has the sprite in her mouth..
Praveen K
Praveen K Month ago
Yeah your right
Usha K
Usha K Month ago
I can do some tricks
Crystal Magic Fun
woow nice i like it.you seen my channel i like you so much
Abhirup Biswas
Abhirup Biswas Month ago
I want o fuck you
Haseena Sulaiman
Super machaaa
Santhosh Santhosh
Santhosh Santhosh 2 months ago
It's too boring. Repeated magics
Kashif Azad
Kashif Azad 2 months ago
I LOVE THIS magic world
Cherry Botones
Cherry Botones 2 months ago
The dollar bills secret message was the 2001 incident
Nitin Kumar
Nitin Kumar 2 months ago
Very bad👎😈😈👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Bunty Khandelwal
Bunty Khandelwal 2 months ago
I can do that sprite trick .put water in mouth
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq 15 days ago
Then do this
Nimita Nimita
Nimita Nimita Month ago
Krishna lion
harshala kachale
harshala kachale 2 months ago
Mene Puri video dekhi hai
Asher Mauro
Asher Mauro 2 months ago
Why do you need to use the bad finger in the straw trick
eirini tzortzakaki
eirini tzortzakaki 2 months ago
I dont risk my phone 😨😂
Emma waterhouse
Emma waterhouse 2 months ago
The hair tie trick is such a ripoff
Dr Subhra Rath Nayak
11:14 it didn't work
اغي قالبي اغي قالبي
واو شيء رائع
اغي قالبي اغي قالبي
اغي قالبي اغي قالبي
James H
James H 2 months ago
Thumbnail: Trainer: Human used Hydro Pump!
HYPER SIDDU 2 months ago
Is that girl from resident evil???? (That red top one)
Mahima Dubey
Mahima Dubey 2 months ago
You are right
Alia ahmed
Alia ahmed 2 months ago
You are a bad Chanel
MPA Games
MPA Games 2 months ago
This shit is terible
Kashif Ch
Kashif Ch 2 months ago
Funny money magic # 2 is amazing
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh 2 months ago
And what's the price pls tell
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh 2 months ago
What's the machine that you make your paper into real money pls tell in the comment pls pls pls pls
KeszKeL - Funny Moments
ISHRATH PARVEEN 2 months ago
3:03 she already had water in here mouth and she just did it simultaneously
Faith, Hope, Liv Love
Five year olds!😫
Faith, Hope, Liv Love
That’s what you are supposed to do idiot
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu Month ago
I also thought that only
Айнагул Тилеулива
Maktan ba
Irina Voicu
Irina Voicu 2 months ago
7:40 Its Awesome magic
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