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Check out how many cool crafting ideas we prepared for you this time! You will find incredibly helpful projects for your home! You can make a perfect pair of dishwashing gloves by attaching a kitchen sponge to it. Grab your hot glue gun and watch our full tutorial! Besides, you will find a collection of repairing hacks that will ease your life: if you don’t have the right size of wrenches, use a coin or few coins to fill the gap between the or bolt and the wrench; unexpected ways to use a drill; the easiest way to fix a wall. Don’t forget about the safety of your kids and keep them safe from falling wardrobes and chests of drawers. Use safety straps to attack wardrobes and dressers to the wall. Another handy idea is that if you drilled a hole that is bigger then your screw, use a matchstick to solve this problem. Put the matchstick into the hole and tighten a screw right into it. Sometimes when you change the decoration of your walls or simply tired of some picture you face an annoying problem - holes from nails and screws on your wall. We share a cool decision - fix small holes with crayon. Melt the crayon and press crayon into the hole.
Do not throw away used laundry detergent bottles as you can make a lot of crafts for your home from it. Cut the top of laundry detergent bottle, glue a stainless-steel sponge to it and make a cool cleaning tool for your kitchen. One more useful idea is to make a toothbrush holder. Watch our video!
As a bonus, you will find a lot of decoration ideas that will make your home even cozier and several tutorials on how to make beautiful soap by your hands just in 5 minutes!
00:09 Cool soap idea
02:42 Repairing lifehacks
06:24 Reuse detergent bottles
08:40 How to decorate ceramic tiles
14:56 Cool storage solution for shoes

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Apr 19, 2019




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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 10 months ago
Is your place cozy and comfy? What would you like to upgrade there?🏠 Some smart ideas: 00:09 Cool soap idea 02:42 Repairing lifehacks 06:24 Reuse detergent bottles 08:40 How to decorate ceramic tiles 14:56 Cool storage solution for shoes More cool solutions ruvid.net/video/video-AdZpDrdIEU0.html
Stephanie Ulen
Stephanie Ulen 5 days ago
Coo, soap ideas
chai steven
chai steven 8 days ago
kali charan shrivastava up
Ace Nacario
Ace Nacario 9 days ago
@Ruth Kinghorn ohhhh!!
Evelyn Doucette
Evelyn Doucette 9 days ago
Fox Princess hi
Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma 12 days ago
Dhananjay Biswas
Dhananjay Biswas 3 hours ago
5 minute craft tatti hai
Xara Bost
Xara Bost 9 hours ago
My Langley been is way bigger then that
Xara Bost
Xara Bost 9 hours ago
I tryed the soap hand and IT DOESN'T WORK I WASTED SO MUCH SOEP
Ashleigh Douglas
Ashleigh Douglas 9 hours ago
I smell clickbate
Tommy John
Tommy John 9 hours ago
Up I’d
LPS cute
LPS cute 15 hours ago
Someone on Tik Tok City they don't like this channel😱😔
SpikeyCactus 16 hours ago
I wana die bcs i watched this sh*t
densie steffen
densie steffen 17 hours ago
Ey Jess deine freundin muss auch mal was machen und nicht so faul wie ich sein#faultier
Shahina Shekh
nixo nixi
nixo nixi Day ago
Paper wals
Crazy Gamer playz
She is looking for love
Paula Taffetani
Felicidades!!! 👏👏encontraste un comentario en español👏👏👏👏😃
Rea Dueñas
Rea Dueñas Day ago
Not working at me
Alexandre lamat
J'aurais dû appeler cette vidéo 35 scène impossible
Alexandre lamat
Chui pas d'accord toutes vos scènes sont impossibles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surtout le coup de chaud et le trou avec le marteau
Kamila Golubiewska
Châu Lê Ngọc Minh
1:49 hên chưa bị bể ly
Cheryl Blossom Fan
10.59 flash tv oyunculuğu
Elsa La Hamburguesa
Welcome to 5 minute crafts Where we solve problems that no one has
Ghassan Alqaysi
Ghassan Alqaysi 2 days ago
First soap hand thingy I found a scene for it. oh no I don’t have a boyfriend guess I’ll just use this hand soap
Willie Julsaint
Willie Julsaint 2 days ago
Descendants 2
AlinaChan :3
AlinaChan :3 2 days ago
15:39 oh... Do I see some Durex condoms?!
Meno___ Nikto
Meno___ Nikto 2 days ago
totally wasted time 👌🏼👀
Koffee 2 days ago
Put the soap hand in a hotel bathroom and i guarantee that everything but the middle finger is broken off.
Jaelithe Baxendale
Didi Emilova
Didi Emilova 3 days ago
Много прасета
tony cee
tony cee 3 days ago
Let’s be honest, most come for the entertainment
Nora Cates
Nora Cates 3 days ago
at 6:24 look closely for a string
KDJ Videos
KDJ Videos 3 days ago
To hot turn down the heat and turn on the ac
Atomic Flare Ova
Atomic Flare Ova 3 days ago
The funny thing is, that they actually think we would use any of these ‘hacks’
HilalSuEbrar Ocaklı
3:39 gerçek çocuk zannedenler?
Alexandre mavros
Alexandre mavros 3 days ago
Cest jess dans 1 2 3 go
Dylan Mcclements
Dylan Mcclements 4 days ago
Love ideas and here’s something that you didn’t think of iPads 😉😉👍👍
izzy bissy 2939
izzy bissy 2939 4 days ago
I will thriy them
Kyleigh Teters
Kyleigh Teters 4 days ago
𝕎𝕙𝕠 𝕖𝕝𝕤𝕖 𝕨𝕒𝕥𝕩𝕙𝕖𝕤 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕕𝕠
*hotslut.ru* 5:43
Ritsu Tainaka
Ritsu Tainaka 4 days ago
Who doesnt do these but watches anyway? |
Eadras Correia
Eadras Correia 4 days ago
Seu conteúdo é muito fake
Gamer girl Plays video games
Hey girl.....wait up.....🎶
Krystal Boucher
Krystal Boucher 4 days ago
Uhm I only watch this not for the hacks but to see what other things they stole owo
Katarzyna Kostiew
First DIY is DIY for Halloween?
Neisha Bateman
Neisha Bateman 5 days ago
The first hack is for people with hand fetishes
Zohra Morud
Zohra Morud 5 days ago
Oi oiò
Khhvh Vbvjg
Khhvh Vbvjg 5 days ago
Bliitz Ø
Bliitz Ø 5 days ago
15:54 just get a sprinkler
Dr Dre 3009
Dr Dre 3009 5 days ago
none of them would be over in 5 minutes. NONE.
EXL Playz
EXL Playz 5 days ago
What’s with you and colored soap?
yuritzy bravo flores
Bruno Samuel Mendoza Lozada
Oye me mandas el Link con el que compraste tu pulmón que corta porfa o la ubicación kruks
Summer Tan
Summer Tan 5 days ago
*_These people are triggering my OCD_*
Sona Gazawe
Sona Gazawe 5 days ago
افكر كتير حلو
Dylan Ninja Dab
Dylan Ninja Dab 5 days ago
Blu Blood10
Blu Blood10 5 days ago
am I the only one here from Jenna Marbles' video?
Angel Romero
Angel Romero 5 days ago
Legend says if you say a youtubers name five times you will get pinned let me try 5 minute crafts 5 minute crafts 5 minute crafts 5 minute crafts 5 minute crafts I have I get pinned I never get pinned
Angel Romero
Angel Romero 5 days ago
tobi a reni
tobi a reni 6 days ago
Sebyseby Tiwari
Sebyseby Tiwari 6 days ago
All cups are equally broken 😂😂how🤔🤔🤔🤔
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