33 Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft

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Today I bring you 33 things you didn't know about Minecraft. How many of the 33 facts did you know? Can we SMASH 33,000 Likes?! ^_^ Leave a "LIKE" Rating if you enjoy and "COMMENT" if you found for more things about Minecraft videos! Thanks for watching and have a nice day! :D


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May 7, 2021




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iDeactivateMC Month ago
This video contains a lot of: Back in the earlier days of Minecraft! :O
Maylene Hale
Maylene Hale 5 days ago
You stole SkipTheTotoirils profile
Darkness Shadow
Darkness Shadow 6 days ago
132 texts
Ajay Webber
Ajay Webber 9 days ago
Ya I Think Mojang Should Add Free Lunar Client Cloaks :)
A Fox
A Fox 12 days ago
@BigBrokeMan9 u
A Fox
A Fox 12 days ago
@Mini Cub s
Roxi Vaslovic
Roxi Vaslovic 14 hours ago
Why is there herobrine what?
Roxi Vaslovic
Roxi Vaslovic 14 hours ago
Yo man ur so smart 😁 guys hit 3000000 likes and subscribe never forget
Marile De Beer
Marile De Beer 15 hours ago
Hazlan Bahauddin
Hazlan Bahauddin 17 hours ago
i like bedrock
Chicken._.nugget :D
I love how he always feels bad for the Mobs
memphis and friends
1:32 delete your world bro
BeyondCrazy3 2 days ago
I think they should add other skins for wolves on Minecraft
Hayden Wells
Hayden Wells 2 days ago
There is a herobrine in your Minecraft world
Rosse Yui
Rosse Yui 3 days ago
Family Li-Hao
Family Li-Hao 3 days ago
Did I just saw a Herobrine in the desert temple?
Rutuja Gaming Vlog
Yess they should add it 😊😊😊😊
Naomi Dreamz
Naomi Dreamz 3 days ago
Hehe we bedrock players also get the natural advantage
R0ne_ 3 days ago
Oh boy!, i didn't know if you stack 8 diamonds you can make a diamond chestplate!
Genius otaku
Genius otaku 4 days ago
4:20 Then lets spam in minecraft offline channel
Matthew Guardado
Matthew Guardado 4 days ago
this acc is ded
this acc is ded 4 days ago
1;22 - 1:32 *so nobody is going to talk about why herobrine is there?*
Robert Aaron
Robert Aaron 4 days ago
Are you really bblock
Game_ On
Game_ On 4 days ago
Yes to the wolfs
TrashLettuce 4 days ago
They need to add different breeds of dogs and not just textures also different models.
Phoenix Entertainment
In this video did anyone spot herobrine so much time ?
SHU KURENAI 4 days ago
That poor Fox
Dyls Drumz
Dyls Drumz 5 days ago
1:23 oh hey hero Brian
C Omega
C Omega 5 days ago
The random tone downshift on 27 caught me off guard a bit.
yootoob 5 days ago
"have you ever wondered why theres a small room at the top of a desert pyramid?" yeah its a beacon. everybody knows
Carmen Kiar
Carmen Kiar 5 days ago
Kaydence eric Irlandez
1:22 and 1:32 did nobody see herobrine
Emi Girard Magallon
I already knew the berries One so it’s 32 things you didn’t know
Minecraft Booga Booga
1:24 i saw herobrine
Sharon Linsenbach
Um exese me I saw 2 herobrines
Microsoft Spy
Microsoft Spy 5 days ago
can i reuse?
Fatema Hira 17398347
I think I saw Herobrine twice in the beacon thing
SerYnaHbanana 6 days ago
Slimes can now swim around and attempt to kill you, how lovely
Noelle & Alison
Noelle & Alison 6 days ago
*why is there Herobrine in every frame to look at items or places*
Gilad Levine Goldberg
Yes more wolf skins!
Roblox_GamerZ 6 days ago
No. Not. The. Fox😫😭😭
Marta Sasin
Marta Sasin 6 days ago
me:see harobrine WHAT THE
Donn Quinton
Donn Quinton 6 days ago
Tho what I don't get is, how the heck did a golden pickaxe get like Effiency 5 or higher and breaks quickly?! If you put the highest level of Unbreaking and Mending on the golden pickaxe then that is the god pickaxe
Iroquois Bear
Iroquois Bear 7 days ago
Shield 🛡
Reg 7 days ago
When he said “lovely” at the slime part it was as soon as he died so it sounded like he was gonna say something else
Dylan is happy
Dylan is happy 7 days ago
Yes please mojang make new wolf tecscher
Evelyn Ramos
Evelyn Ramos 7 days ago
Thomas Russ
Thomas Russ 7 days ago
who else sees herobrine alot
Gabriel 7 days ago
Jagat singh 5th b
We see hero brine in the video
Parrot Gamer
Parrot Gamer 7 days ago
Noelle Mckerchar
Noelle Mckerchar 7 days ago
I think for minecraft’s next update should be An end update or mob update.
Jennifer Bernal
Jennifer Bernal 7 days ago
Yes they should
qws vfg
qws vfg 7 days ago
The scarce spear optically fade because cub considerably tire beyond a tawdry pimple. powerful, bumpy wool
Ishaan Bhalerao
Ishaan Bhalerao 7 days ago
1:27 casually builds netherite beacon
STEVE THE PRO 8 days ago
I didn’t know 4,5,7,8,10,14,15,19,20,22,23,25,26,28,29,30,32,33
mason is good
mason is good 8 days ago
ochiha clan
ochiha clan 8 days ago
Raja Raja
Raja Raja 8 days ago
Sameera Almenhali
Wow your still alive
RzR _ Dude
RzR _ Dude 8 days ago
Anyone heard the Pigstep song in the background?
Alexis Rein Agapito
Why is Herobrine keep appearing in the video? WTF?!!!
jennifer krauss
jennifer krauss 8 days ago
Foxes are my favorite animal
Jelly JackBoom
Jelly JackBoom 8 days ago
Ant we know some of them
Carlos Soto
Carlos Soto 8 days ago
Yes they should make different colored wolfs :)
June Andersen
June Andersen 8 days ago
Yes they should
Lets get to 1mill without vids
You can do a 6 block jump without any potions using momentum
𝑳𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝒈𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒂
Did y’all see hero Brian? I saw him O.o
✨🦌Amme 🦌T.✨
Minecraft should add different wolf skins
Rajiv Tandel
Rajiv Tandel 8 days ago
This was helpful I got all the facts I needed for my hw lol
Yathart Tiwari /
Yathart Tiwari / 8 days ago
I knew the 6,21,22
Dariana Bacau
Dariana Bacau 8 days ago
Poor baby fox
Dariana Bacau
Dariana Bacau 8 days ago
Theresa Castro
Theresa Castro 9 days ago
Maddie 9 days ago
Minecraft should DEFINITELY add wolf fur varieties. I know many Minecraft players out there really really want this update as I've found many mods to fix this problem. Just add new fur colors for wolves, Minecraft.
Ajay Webber
Ajay Webber 9 days ago
I Think Mojang Should Add New Wolf Textures
Yerr Ick
Yerr Ick 9 days ago
I saw Herobrine 1:32
Eira Awesome YT
Eira Awesome YT 9 days ago
how... how.. how.. does he know all this after so many years how has he not run out of fact about Minecraft?
Choice Chezca Gimenez
I saw herobrine
Itz James
Itz James 9 days ago
I saw herobrine
Musfi 9 days ago
Not me crying over some blocky baby foxes😭
StrolledBoar 257
StrolledBoar 257 9 days ago
where the fuck was the thumbnail at
Oliver Bear
Oliver Bear 9 days ago
Am I the only who saw Herobrine in this video??
Ayaan Rizwan
Ayaan Rizwan 9 days ago
1:24 and also 1:32 what was herobrine doing there
manraj sekhon
manraj sekhon 9 days ago
BB also watch 😀
Desructiv YT
Desructiv YT 9 days ago
5:58 ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
Camden Playz
Camden Playz 9 days ago
kk13world 9 days ago
yes new texture of wolfs
Millie K-V
Millie K-V 9 days ago
Him: you can jump nine blocks with these Me: ( grabs ipad )
Den Nis
Den Nis 9 days ago
Aiken Soliva
Aiken Soliva 9 days ago
Fun fact that horn sound of raiders raid a village is almost the same as making a deep voice on a long toilet cardboard
Judge_Samson 9 days ago
1:23 herobrain
Henchum Phom
Henchum Phom 9 days ago
I have play Minecraft from 2 years
Henchum Phom
Henchum Phom 9 days ago
I think yessssssssss😋😋😋😋😋
Kayleigh Osborne
Kayleigh Osborne 9 days ago
Noooooooooooo the baby fox😩
Rekha Wadhawan
Rekha Wadhawan 10 days ago
2 times
Rekha Wadhawan
Rekha Wadhawan 10 days ago
In 6 no. One
Rekha Wadhawan
Rekha Wadhawan 10 days ago
I see herobrine
Unknown 10 days ago
When u give gold to piglin MY GOLD When u hit piglin.... OUR PAIN
Shamia Valencia
Shamia Valencia 10 days ago
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 10 days ago
I can never unsee the uneven nostrils of the hoglin. Always the first thing I see on the thing
chewy 2
chewy 2 10 days ago
The iron golem like the wither requires air blocks under the arms
Annabelle Isaiah
Annabelle Isaiah 10 days ago
The zippy box unprecedentedly nail because modem acly prevent save a rigid care. cheerful, brief need
Seth Stafford
Seth Stafford 10 days ago
1:24 is that herobrine Why is he here-1:32