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Amazing kitchen tips and lifehacks to try today

Spending time in the kitchen can teach you a lot of things. For starters, you get more experience learning new things and solve little annoying problems. In this video, I show you some of my best tricks you’ll love.
When cutting veggies, you should know some chopping tricks to have them all evenly looking. Cut avocado’s diagonally, and when cutting fresh onions, try to have them all the same size.
To prevent the tea-bag from falling in your coffee mug, always put the water in the cup first and then place the tea-bag in. When eating sushi, place them in the soya sauce upside down to prevent the rice from separating. If the butter doesn’t spread on your toast, you can grate it on top.
If you’ve burned your toast, you can rub the toast slices together and then the burned breadcrumbs will fall off.
You can use some of my other life hacks in your everyday life too. For example, you can use straws to organize your wires. Or you can use paperclips to make your own pair of forks.
To always let the fans of your laptop, cool down, place some egg cartons bellow your laptop.
If your clothes keep falling off your hangers, use some pool noodles on each side to help them stay in place.

0:20 - Smart kitchen hacks
2:08 - The correct way to eat sushi
4:39 - How to organize your wires
6:51 - Cool tricks using clothing hangers
9:43 - DIY bra organizer
10:28 - Amazing hacks using kitchen foil
12:59 - DIY thermal cup

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Feb 14, 2020




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Comments 80
Maryam Jaan
Maryam Jaan 3 months ago
Has anyone noticed that on the hacks where stuff falls all u need to do is be more careful.No money is spent.
Lilianna Turajska
Lilianna Turajska 3 months ago
tylko poco no poco
Maribel Sanchez
Maribel Sanchez 3 months ago
You know that you’ve been watching too much 5 min crafts if you know all of the songs they play in the videos
Tørî Thę Drågøñ Wãrrïör
12:39 the clock said OLD TOWN in the middle, OLD TOWN ROAD IM GONNA..RIDEEEEE TILL I CANT NO MOREE
Kairozart 4 months ago
Some of these can be useful, and some are just weird.
Sushil Chandra
Sushil Chandra 4 months ago
2:42 from 0 min crafts just put properly
kaye krishnan aringoy
Elaf Mix
Elaf Mix 4 months ago
Elaf Mix
Elaf Mix 4 months ago
Lenny Drescher
Lenny Drescher 4 months ago
I love doritos
Ana Stanar
Ana Stanar 4 months ago
2:52 dude this happens to me all the time! Thanks for that awesom hack guys😀
GamerN0TFound • 7 years ago
64 million subs but only 728k views...I’m 99.9% sure this channel uses a sub bot
Amuthevally Sukumaran
Rasmus Uitti
Rasmus Uitti 4 months ago
Different egg in 5.29
Heba Lutfina
Heba Lutfina 4 months ago
It is me danyael your son
Heba Lutfina
Heba Lutfina 4 months ago
Billz 4 months ago
The one with the tea is the hack that every normal person does its not even a hack..
Reina Messelmani
Reina Messelmani 4 months ago
4:05 wow if your boss gives you too much work you sit around and cry your a$$ off 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Reina Messelmani
Reina Messelmani 4 months ago
0:11 wow I didn’t know ppl were so strong these days 🤦🏼‍♀️ to drink they have to squeeze every ounce of the juice box to hold it 👏🏻very clever
natalie zheng
natalie zheng 4 months ago
6:38 tell me who actually puts glue on walls just to hang something on a wall, there is something called nails😂
Timea Kazsimér
Timea Kazsimér 4 months ago
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen 4 months ago
that straight 20$ bill is fake
Uday Mediratta
Uday Mediratta 4 months ago
3:24 par alag note tha aur 3:29 pae alag. They are fooling us. See the number ther on note
banana king8990 Hi
banana king8990 Hi 4 months ago
Or use a funnel
Eden Grubb
Eden Grubb 4 months ago
Did anybody notice the DOLLAR BILL started SMILING after straightening it?
Banani Dey
Banani Dey 4 months ago
Worst channel. Never works👎
Srinidhi Padmanabhan
The most overrated channel on RUvid
GamerN0TFound • 7 years ago
It only has 64 mil subs cos of a sub bot
YunHOE 4 months ago
Who doesn't love grating butter on their toast?!
GamerN0TFound • 7 years ago
Exactly I thought I was the only one who used a cheese grater for butter :o
Myth_Playz 4 months ago
little Bro
little Bro 4 months ago
Hanger obsessetion
Mars Aliens
Mars Aliens 4 months ago
the song at the beginning is the same as in Georgia productions
Jasmin Panchal
Jasmin Panchal 4 months ago
4:35. The point of the pencil tips are poisonous and look at them, eating with that is not good for your health.
Jasmin Panchal
Jasmin Panchal 4 months ago
@GamerN0TFound • 7 years ago some are made of lead and those are poisonous!! Silly and dumb!!
GamerN0TFound • 7 years ago
🤦‍♂️ it’s not made of lead it’s not poisonous
Jasmin Panchal
Jasmin Panchal 4 months ago
I am so surprised. The change of the seriel number of the bills. This means that they fool us by doing the tricks with the same other identical thing. Smart people huh!! But cant fool us!! Be aware not all you see is true.
Nuppu Tauriainen
Nuppu Tauriainen 4 months ago
So fake
Krish Khinvasara
Krish Khinvasara 4 months ago
I feel dumb when I watch this
robgang g
robgang g 4 months ago
Lemme give yo a life hack 3:10 JUST DONT BURN IT??
Best Gamer
Best Gamer 4 months ago
5:57 i ani't gonna do that with my 1,500 laptop! Just put two folks either side and BOOM
Jade Dagenais
Jade Dagenais 4 months ago
Faizan jalal
Faizan jalal 4 months ago
Some thing is fake
Fatimata Bal
Fatimata Bal 4 months ago
Its very Nice
Orange Chocolate
Orange Chocolate 4 months ago
3:19 wow ironing money yeah real smart totaly😑
Stuart Brenes
Stuart Brenes 4 months ago
Quien en este f..... mundo guarda los billetes así?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Stuart Brenes
Stuart Brenes 4 months ago
Ajuste el nudoooooooo 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Callie Adrianna
Callie Adrianna 4 months ago
Can someone be really kind and tell me the name of the first song they played? I is super catchy and I would like to find it to listen too. Can anyone help me out?
Stxrs 4 months ago
I hate the music, it says “and then I give him the FINGER “ as in the middle finger, please change your music.
SierraLikesPie 4 months ago
It's a song you uncafienated businessman Art you 7 years old or something? Get over yourself
IML talks
IML talks 4 months ago
the point of the video is that if you are crooked-enough to be them. Tnks
Escarleth Aguilar
Escarleth Aguilar 4 months ago
Súper bien 👌 haro de cosina
Minahil Zulfiqar
Minahil Zulfiqar 4 months ago
My house almost got on fire 🔥.Thank you
토끼 4 months ago
스시에 간장 시롸냐;;;;;;
Hans Koekkoek
Hans Koekkoek 4 months ago
Jahoe H
August Sinclaire
August Sinclaire 4 months ago
Your channel is bad and you should feel bad
Fishy On me
Fishy On me 4 months ago
2:46 give my boys a finger
Shazzad Ahmed
Shazzad Ahmed 4 months ago
Use better songs
Lolli Pops
Lolli Pops 4 months ago
3:18 - 3:29 is it just me or did they switch out the bill. The second half of the clip the number is black but at the start, it was green! Thumbs up if you think all of there “tricks” are fake. Lol . Got you five minute crafts!
fashion,fun, and entertainment
Wow brilliant🎉👍
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The First one is so funny,if agree then hit like!!!
artist murli nath
artist murli nath 4 months ago
Good work #artistmurlinath
Farhan Ansari
Farhan Ansari 4 months ago
Farhan Ansari
Farhan Ansari 4 months ago
Learn play and have fun with magnetic cube, like and subscribe to my channel
Debbie O'Sullivan
Debbie O'Sullivan 4 months ago
10:31 no lid? Put in paper bag seal it then microwave it
Debbie O'Sullivan
Debbie O'Sullivan 4 months ago
9:57 ( music) ' what you gonna do with all that cash ' ( me ) Emm duh spent it
Jyoti Sigdel
Jyoti Sigdel 4 months ago
these videos help me sleep 😅
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 4 months ago
3:28 The face of the bill changes
Who all tried this and it did not work like here 👍👍
/* YASEEN 4 months ago
This is how many life hacks are useless in this vidro . . . . . . . . .
haroonasif 4 months ago
These hacks are so fake they don't work
I’m a editor ig
I’m a editor ig 4 months ago
4:35 mmmmm we love led poisoning 😋
Oh Snap
Oh Snap 4 months ago
These people do all these things in extra mode.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 4 months ago
As you know my door
Flargarbason 4 months ago
That poor lady must have some sort of brain damage because she doesn’t know how to drink from a juicebox, open a bag of chips, open a bottle, make tea, sharpen pencils, use a tape dispenser, hang paintings, put on makeup, or hang up clothes
Joe Thash
Joe Thash 4 months ago
Flarbargason I was in bed and I saw this got my phone taken away cause my parents heard me when I laughed this loud (BTW on my computer)
Frankie Kirk
Frankie Kirk 4 months ago
Soggy toast u mean bread
Lauren & Maddie
Lauren & Maddie 4 months ago
Lauren & Maddie
Lauren & Maddie 4 months ago
0:36 i don’t get the difference
Γιώργος Μποκογιαννης
12:11 το είδατε έχει Ζάχαρη από το Σκλαβενίτη
Don tom
Don tom 4 months ago
god bless everybody/ruvid.net/video/video-_BZNBw8y8YE.html
Maggie Kendrick
Maggie Kendrick 4 months ago
0:17 or u could just hold the juice and not squeeze it
Fishy On me
Fishy On me 4 months ago
Maggie Kendrick or tell me where the straw went
Meryiam 4 months ago
2:58 name of music please
Caroline Heller
Caroline Heller 4 months ago
Did anyone notice that there was still a piece of tea in her mouth lol 😂
MasterZhang 4 months ago
THat is too much soy sauce for sushi, regardless of how you dunk it.
Tabzyy 4 months ago
1:50 how do u open the first one tho
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