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In this video, you will find amazing ideas on how to make different crafts from ordinary things. All these beautiful and handy décor crafts you can make to renew your room and make it more stylish. Besides, you will find cool gift ideas for your beloved friends and family!
Let’s make a hand-shaped soap that looks really cool in the bathroom. You will need a soap base, coloring, disposable glove, and suction cup. Melt soap base, add some coloring stir. Take a vase or a big jar and place a glove into it upside down. It should hang inside. Pour soap base inside, attach a suction cup as it’s shown in the video and wait until it cools down. Remove the glove. Ready!
You can easily make cute planters for succulents using glitter, PVA glue, and a balloon. Mix glitter with glue. Inflate the balloon and cover it with the mixture. Let dry.
We share a cool idea on how to make a beautiful bowl that will cost you a penny. Besides, this project is so easy that even a kid can make this bowl without any effort. To make a DIY gold snake bowl you will need the plastic snake, glue and gold spray paint. Placed a plastic snake in a bowl, wrap it around the bowl, don’t forget to use glue between the rolls. After you placed a snake in the bowl wait a bit and let the glue dry. Next, take the snake out of a bowl and cover with gold spray paint. This bowl is perfect to store jewelry.
Stones are inexpensive and could be used to make various décor items. You can make cute candle holder, turn Pringles can into a vase decorated with stones, make a beautiful picture from wood and stone and a beautiful DIY pebble trivet.
00:09 Hand-shaped soap
01:01 Creative planters for succulents
02:56 Image transfer ideas
04:13 DIY gold snake bowl
08:00 Stone ideas
16:55 Fish scales printed t-shirt

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 5 months ago
How often do you go to dollar store? 💰 Some tips to save you money: 0:09 Hand-shaped soap 1:01 Creative planters for succulents 2:52 Image transfer ideas 4:13 DIY gold snake bowl 8:00 Stone ideas 16:55 Fish scales printed t-shirt More solutions to help your budget ruvid.net/video/video-Uy3mokM8gr4.html
Gabrielle Taylor
Caitlyn Smith Jim I'm
Annabel Brogcinski
16:55 You say this saves money but do you know how much hot glue goes to waste? Smh 🙄
anime drawing
anime drawing 4 days ago
anime drawing
anime drawing 4 days ago
Me nothing
jorge delgado
jorge delgado 6 days ago
Arianne Cunanan
Arianne Cunanan 3 hours ago
Josefine Hiegemann
Was ihr da gemacht habt kenne ich schon
Emily Kippax
Emily Kippax 3 days ago
16:36 casually whips out the Mona Lisa 😂😂😂
Gustavo 3 days ago
Se for br deixa like
Culvian 4 days ago
You watch em but never use em
i would lowkey die for woojin
15:30 wouldn’t do the phone case melt?🤔
Allan Gartner
Allan Gartner 5 days ago
Cool to do it
Rafiya Ifti
Rafiya Ifti 5 days ago
Who watches crafts and hacks but never does the Like if you don't do them either 👇
Chaw Yuen
Chaw Yuen 5 days ago
*Them: tHe cRaFtS aRe UnDeR 5 d0LlArS* *Me: I hAvE tO sPeNd At LeAsT 15 d0lLeRs tO bUy sOap*
adam soence
adam soence 5 days ago
11:00 i like how it said ‘’i love my family’’ when none of the kids are the same and parents.
caca oktaviani
caca oktaviani 6 days ago
Gacha _cookie
Gacha _cookie 6 days ago
brother 1213
brother 1213 6 days ago
🤣 Lol OK I love it 🔥
Ender Remixes
Ender Remixes 6 days ago
Who else just watches these to make fun of them
Evellyn thalya
Evellyn thalya 6 days ago
Maqum beira mundirosa
Harrison Mgbemene
That photo one is not yours you didn’t make it because it wouldn’t open And some of these are longer then five mins
Emily Kippax
Emily Kippax 3 days ago
Harrison Mgbemene init, legit says “leave 24 hours to dry” yep good 5 minute hack 😂😂😂
Harrison Mgbemene
Pasta one doesn’t work it does not stick
Bunnie Davis
Bunnie Davis 7 days ago
Are those tattoos🤔
Oskar Reimers
Oskar Reimers 7 days ago
A crook robbed a half bank two years ago and the other half got pie!
Best is puzzle
madina zein
madina zein 7 days ago
Ijaa anas ru
Alisha Sheikh
Alisha Sheikh 8 days ago
I like You
Alisha Sheikh
Alisha Sheikh 8 days ago
Are You shool
Alisha Sheikh
Alisha Sheikh 8 days ago
I ilke it
Z3lli 8 days ago
Vai se fuder
Annaleece Eastwood
Just saying why would I want soap that is in the shape of a hand??? It might touch me! 🤢
05519806612 Merden
evet ben herkeze açıgım 😺
Nicole Kamitsis
Nicole Kamitsis 8 days ago
2:40 it might tire ur hands th
Nicole Kamitsis
Nicole Kamitsis 6 days ago
Lalisamonobanfan -Blackpink bc u are using ur hands a lot and the mucles
UwU Fox
UwU Fox 8 days ago
=^● ⋏ ●^=
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Thoufeeq ahmad 8 days ago
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Sadete Jahii 8 days ago
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Arun Kumar 8 days ago
mae rabida
mae rabida 8 days ago
Daddy is yyqqsf
derpy potato
derpy potato 8 days ago
The first hack was over 25 dollars •~•
berry bread :3
berry bread :3 2 days ago
That's what I was thinking too
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Charlesjoshua Tabilog
Simran Lohano
Simran Lohano 9 days ago
Where have I seen these before? Oh yeah, a different 5 minute crafts video.
my life sucks
my life sucks 9 days ago
I go 2 the $ store a lot.💸💸💸💸💸💸
Jojo The_ONE
Jojo The_ONE 9 days ago
You guys say 5 minutes but this has taken more than 2 hours and it didn’t work
Heather Dixon
Heather Dixon 9 days ago
At 1:40 it was so beautiful
Arkan XMBAR 9 days ago
Mario Sergio Patel
Amo mais podia ser 1 real ne
Mario Sergio Patel
Amo mais podia ser 1 real ne
Fuck NWO
Fuck NWO 9 days ago
I ' ts Nice
Moonlight Playz
Moonlight Playz 9 days ago
Why do they repeat hacks????
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Zurnab Khan 9 days ago
From which country you belong from
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1.10 przecież BROKATU NIGDY NIE ZA WIELE!!!! 💛💛
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Raylene Harden 9 days ago
I love this video
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Harrison Mgbemene
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Mauricio Oliveira 10 days ago
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Mauricio Oliveira
Mauricio Oliveira 10 days ago
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Matthew Radosin 10 days ago
what is this 5 dollar store crafts?
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Joanne Danner 11 days ago
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Jonah Kunselman 11 days ago
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Angela Carlos 11 days ago
Ct you baby thank you sis for the baby girl I love her
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Kavita Sharma 11 days ago
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