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Are you looking for new ways to give your apartment a second life? Then, in this video, I show you some creative ideas and tricks to help you decorate your cozy home.
You can take the doors from an old cabinet and turn them into a cute display for your pictures. You simply paint them with some color, - you can also attach some fairy-lights to them and then fill them with photos.
Another amazing lifehack is to take an old table that your kids use, paint it some fun colors and attach a lego base to it. This way - they can solely use it to build their lego creations. You can also attach a basket underneath to organize their toys after they’re done playing.
If your table has been worn out. You can carve a hole in the middle and fill it with some fairy lights. Then, you can attach a piece of foggy glass on top and voila.
Another amazing decoration idea is to turn your bedside table into a cute expensive-looking one, by painting it white and then sticking mashed up CD pieces to it.
1:09 - DIY table for your kids
2:53 - How to repurpose an old ladder into a shelving unit
4:14 - DIY jewelry organizer
5:06 - DIY candle
7:13 - DIY vintage looking plant pots
8:19 - How to recycle an old stool
10:21 - DIY backrest for your bed
11:30 - Amazing DIY candle ideas
13:43 - Amazing envelop trick
This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.
The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment- please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.
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Apr 4, 2020




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Sofia Baquiran
Sofia Baquiran 3 days ago
Now i see the camera
neelam devi
neelam devi 7 days ago
A humble request to u that which substance us ths tell us on top pls
Aimee Lorenzo
Aimee Lorenzo 13 days ago
who is bothered by the fingers on fire candle
spam22luvr 24 days ago
What was the point of the first one?
Madi_ Rose
Madi_ Rose 29 days ago
Cabinet : *is broken* Dude: Well, guess I'll throw it away
Anjana Gosain
Anjana Gosain Month ago
Douglas Francour
5:40 I wasn't even paying attention to the craft I just looked at the Scooby doo thing in the news paper
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia Month ago
Jewelery456 Gaming
The thumbnail is clickbait... But isnt it always coming from them ._. Also at 4:13 if the earings were all over the place how can they be evenly spaced out =3=
Lou Month ago
10:20 because we really like to radiate our brains
Paisley Girl
Paisley Girl Month ago
I love diy,s
Samo 724
Samo 724 Month ago
I think some of these glitches are patched
9ayid Month ago
How did it come to this?
Sarah Fisherkeller
It's mostly about candles😂 cool ideas though😎❤
akato Month ago
rea Llaka
rea Llaka Month ago
Daddy Avz
Daddy Avz Month ago
very nice idea, so creative. must try this. 👍
Zahoor Kathjoo
Zahoor Kathjoo Month ago
These are only 50 per good to decorate the home but what is the moral of the beanbag...🤣
Lily Templeton
Lily Templeton Month ago
Ewwwww not to be rude but that glove candel looks off the top Gross it looks like someones hand is on fire!
Lily Templeton
Lily Templeton Month ago
With that little table can't you spray it at least??? C'mon it's PLAIN without color guys comment and like my comment because it needs some pa zaz
ruben Hernandez
ruben Hernandez Month ago
first of all 2 people dont sit on bean bag especially that small of one that was made for 1 person
Red Rose
Red Rose Month ago
YESTERDAY i litterly did the craft with the CDs, YESTERDAY! PS i wish i would have known about soaking the disks in hot water before i struggled to cut them
Red Rose
Red Rose Month ago
sooo, wouldnt the lights in the table die some day cause you cant turn them off?
Isabella Laugesen
what hot glue can do to us!!
maya s
maya s Month ago
maya s
maya s Month ago
maya s
maya s Month ago
maya s
maya s Month ago
maya s
maya s Month ago
maya s
maya s Month ago
•. M e l o d y _ S u n f l o w e r .•
On 6:08 How Do you Erase the Writing?
LISA MANOBAN 2 months ago
LISA MANOBAN 2 months ago
Pudist Sripaphawasu
Pudist Sripaphawasu 2 months ago
Lucie Brožová
Lucie Brožová 2 months ago
Cute emoji
Sydney Biebert
Sydney Biebert 2 months ago
10:56 Wouldn't the candles just melt the wax?
Alisson Lindolfo
Alisson Lindolfo 2 months ago
Idéias geniais , mais muito repetido , sempre ficam repetindo varias coisas
SlayinSlayer ;-;
SlayinSlayer ;-; 2 months ago
At first I thought he was gonna grate the earrings…
Echa Plavixa
Echa Plavixa 2 months ago
Good luck
iiAesthetics 2 months ago
1:you want to make the thumbnail 2:you can’t find it ( even though it’s there UvU) 4:u did not realize I missed step 3 5:you checked 6:even you did not realize I spelled “you’ with “u” 7: you checked didn’t you? 8:you stop reading this comment 9:I dunno. 10:you read number 10 to waste your time
Monika Pillai
Monika Pillai 2 months ago
Thank you these video macking
Monika Pillai
Monika Pillai 2 months ago
I love it these video very amazing thise ideas
Fernanda Mandujano Ruiz
Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
What was that first clip about? Also why do you have so many rusty utensils do you guys have any rusty utensils?
Mosharraf Hossain
Mosharraf Hossain 2 months ago
AloneSun Crazy kr.
AloneSun Crazy kr. 2 months ago
Marlee Duncan
Marlee Duncan 2 months ago
13:41 is cool
Marlee Duncan
Marlee Duncan 2 months ago
12:49 is weird
Anjali Carl
Anjali Carl 2 months ago
4:33- because that's what cheese graters are meant to do..
Anjali Carl
Anjali Carl 2 months ago
Why..... It doesn't serve as a bean bag...
Anjali Carl
Anjali Carl 2 months ago
Because you can't buy a cement table with gold legs..... Right... -_-
Kashvi Sriramaneni
Kashvi Sriramaneni 2 months ago
Who else clicked on this for the thumbnail
Giulia Sindoni
Giulia Sindoni 2 months ago
5:43 that's scooby doo
Scorching Warrior
Scorching Warrior 2 months ago
I'm gonna go cook an egg because seeing that toy oven sink burner thing I'm going to use the real one and also I'm 10 if ya don't know
Saila Mirza
Saila Mirza 2 months ago
1:10 when you legos in a bag and they fall out just clean a table
Emma Tan
Emma Tan 2 months ago
I love it 😍😍🥰🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩🥰😘😉😉😇😇😇🥺👋🥰😍🐰❄️❄️🥳🐶
ROS HNI 2 months ago
3:35 Dumbest people ever😂😂
soumi banerjee
soumi banerjee 2 months ago
How is putting cement on your table and ruining it having any match with falling of a bean bag... It also made me laugh when the man picked up the drawer and tried to throw it in the trash! ( someone say him it won’t fit)... Hit a like if u agree!
guru siva
guru siva 2 months ago
Your westing things at alk
Driftraid3r 2 months ago
Thumbnail seems like clickbait but idk lol
Isa's Adventure
Isa's Adventure 2 months ago
8:27 I don't mean to be one of those rude comments but you could also just use the screwdriver..
Legit Memes
Legit Memes 2 months ago
2:41 when you can make it with something cheaper (boxes) use something expensive maybe a FRICKEN NIGHTSTAND
Legit Memes
Legit Memes 2 months ago
0:9 so if people don’t let you sit on a beanbag chair then ruin a table with cement
That One Moment
That One Moment 2 months ago
ok but why tf did that girl have a binder clip in her hair
Elisabeth Hermiller
Elisabeth Hermiller 2 months ago
just stop being lazy
Elisabeth Hermiller
Elisabeth Hermiller 2 months ago
oh my sooo dumb
Tu Diversión Inflables
I like it
omriken 2 months ago
C merchant Le Goss t ecrit je tm et toi Allezon le peint
omriken 2 months ago
Likes si vois etes ok😛👧
Panagiwths Giats
Panagiwths Giats 2 months ago
Cool video 👍😎 5- minute crafts
Rachael's Slime Lab
Rachael's Slime Lab 2 months ago
Is your cabinet door not working!!??? Well then just redo the whole thing THEN fix it!!
PRINCESS La. 2 months ago
Its very nice
Hari Krishna Sahu
Hari Krishna Sahu 2 months ago
Wow ... #HariKrishnaSahu
Nuha van den berg
Nuha van den berg 2 months ago
Use a grater to hang jewelry, it's not like u will cut your fingers everytime you try and get something off. Also just put a bow on it to make it less obvious it's a grater. 🤣🤣
SORAIA SIMEON 2 months ago
1:35 , she could've painted the bottom too!
Dunja Obradovic
Dunja Obradovic 2 months ago
that's very nice.
Riahmees Tariq
Riahmees Tariq 2 months ago
Y u r putting your 👟on the bed
Alex Russo
Alex Russo 2 months ago
10:44 love how they show u how it broke lol
Anusha Kothakota
Anusha Kothakota 2 months ago
Who doesnt have 1 drilling machine 2 hot glue 3 spray paint 4 cutting tool 5 time Like here👇👇
Youcef Islam
Youcef Islam 2 months ago
cheak out my channel i do desgin tutorials
Amalia Richtarikova
Amalia Richtarikova 2 months ago
Think i'm gonna make a real stove like that ... 2:52
lucas Zeiler
lucas Zeiler 2 months ago
Letting cement dry on a table after you fail to sit on a bean bag will take away more than 5 minutes
Jen Kor
Jen Kor 2 months ago
What did she put on the mattress to hold the sheet? (I use fitted sheets) And don't take that make up plastic baggie thing to the airport..............TSA will think it is a bomb
sara pallares
sara pallares 2 months ago
Si ,en mi mundo la gente pone muebles en un tachito de basura, admiro la inteligencia humana xd
Μαριος Λιτης
Hardik Khandelwal
Hardik Khandelwal 2 months ago
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