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These incredibly handy life hacks will help you open almost anything around you!
Cans, tight lids on the jars, wine corks, beer bottles, and not to mention opening of the handcuffs and locks without using a key!
You're gonna be surprised as much as delighted, let's give these awesome hacks a try! ;)
I had no idea you can open a beer bottle with paper! Now I'll share this secret hack with you! Or you can open glass bottle with another bottle, plastic one.
And if you're struggling with opening tight preservation lids I know how to help:
4. Heat it first with a hair dryer or hot water
3. Use scotch tape
2. Use rubber band and glove
1. Hit it with kitchen spatula and then open up.
I'll teach you how to open a can with a silver spoon and make cookie cutters from soda cans. It's gonna be fun! ;)
0:14 How to dublicate a key
1:00 Lost your key?
1:38 Save your nails
3:06 Sweet escape
4:38 Using a kife to open stuff
5:57 Tight lids hacks
7:07 Do it right

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Jul 10, 2018

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Comments 3 556
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 5 hours ago
thanks a lot to hacker chung who helped me out on how to hack my locked door and also if you lost the key to your door you can contact him and he will help you get it unlocked...you can contact hacker chung on whatsapp +1 937-612-1109 his reliable and fast
Sticky Water777
Sticky Water777 2 days ago
i reported this because now robbers are more smart. It went from breaking glass to making keys
Zay Holly
Zay Holly 4 days ago
The oreo helping will now help me xd, I kept dipping I never thought of that
Dark Death
Dark Death 6 days ago
How to become the perfect thief in 5 min
Sajwar Amjad
Sajwar Amjad 7 days ago
1:18 Secure your home's with super Lock's if thieves and criminals are also watching this video
Steven Ionel Richard
3 Super Stars
3 Super Stars 9 days ago
Julia Szantyr
Julia Szantyr 10 days ago
OMG,is 58 000 000 mln!!!!
Raichelyn vejar
Raichelyn vejar 10 days ago
And that my friends is why you will be robbed
Icicle Blunda
Icicle Blunda 11 days ago
8:47 lemme just open my sandwich by cutting what I put on it
Nitin Gaur
Nitin Gaur 11 days ago
Plz delete this vdo it's wrongly address if you want to do good work
Taylor Richardson
Taylor Richardson 12 days ago
Not all good hacks at all.
Autumn Rae Warren
Autumn Rae Warren 12 days ago
Your showing people how to break an entrey
pretheep kumar
pretheep kumar 13 days ago
it's loly!
it's loly! 13 days ago
This is what you 5 minute craft meant! *how to go to jail 101*
Sofia Werndly
Sofia Werndly 13 days ago
It says anything why isn’t my sisters door knob one of the hacks
Valerie Okemow
Valerie Okemow 14 days ago
My mom tells me to open jars and wine bottles in only a kid and i use my bare hands to open jars and wine bottles
Tiny Adventures
Tiny Adventures 15 days ago
You're basically teaching us how to break into a house😂
Virgiawan Virgi
Virgiawan Virgi 16 days ago
subcriber nya aluar biasa amazing
Virgiawan Virgi
Virgiawan Virgi 16 days ago
subcriber nya aluar biasa amazing
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S. M. Hossain Mahmud Mosharraf
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Nadir Ajans
Nadir Ajans 18 days ago
1:05 I think it's for the black locks because the silver ones are like more solid metal so I think you'll break it a little harder
Jokūbas G.
Jokūbas G. 20 days ago
Why you help to the criminals ?
styx quinn
styx quinn 20 days ago
2:46 .. wut?!
Monse Montoya
Monse Montoya 20 days ago
I know
All In One
All In One 21 day ago
4:00 is best for the prisons in jail
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan 23 days ago
Please subbscribe to me🙏🙏🙏🙏🗣🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ксения Швец
PRO BASH 24 days ago
well 90% people here are to learn how to misuse others locks😅
Rido 123
Rido 123 24 days ago
Owen Schnell
Owen Schnell 25 days ago
Click bate
Abdiaziz Mohamed
Abdiaziz Mohamed 25 days ago
making work easier for the thieves #using spanners😂😂😂
Happy verma
Happy verma 25 days ago
Ek type ke vedio Ko Baar Baar dalte ho.. aur vedio ka time Baad jata hai.. Hate it😏😒
Habiba Begum
Habiba Begum 23 days ago
Zane Afne bengali ni?
happy channel
happy channel 25 days ago
Б Л О К 1
Б Л О К 1 25 days ago
Б Л О К 1 канал
i am evil girl but lovely
I should be careful because we dont know that stranger do it too
Master of Swords
Master of Swords 25 days ago
Can I get 1k likes 😊😎 Because I love 5 minutes crafts!
MontrousDreams 25 days ago
1:09 if you was locked outside your house would you think that we would get to wrenches from
Master of Swords
Master of Swords 25 days ago
Then you should carry wrenches everywhere you go outside locking the door.
Karlish Ternida
Karlish Ternida 25 days ago
She is a fake
Azdin 26 days ago
mucha repeticion
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 27 days ago
Thanks now I will go rob uncle Tom Jk 😂
The DEAD MAN 27 days ago
You are helping thieves
Anjan Anjan
Anjan Anjan 27 days ago
lanja antha solle repear chesi dengav sollaga thuu video thuuu
Indung Purwita Jati
6:01 same thing from the beginning 🤨
KURO MITCH 28 days ago
thank you now I can rob someone...
Isobell Martin
Isobell Martin 28 days ago
Basically showing pple how to break into youre house
John Sopesor
John Sopesor 28 days ago
MacGyverism... 😎😎😎
GEMING 78 28 days ago
Aly Vivacious
Aly Vivacious 29 days ago
5 minute crafts out here helping criminals
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