30 Minute Exercise Routine To Lose Belly Fat

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Losing stubborn fat around your belly can be a difficult task. But if you follow a balanced diet and include exercise everyday in your routine, you'll have a good chance of getting a slimmer, sexier body and dropping off the belly fat!
If you want to start blasting off the fat from your belly and start seeing more visible abs, you may want to try today's workout video. This is a 30-minute at-home workout that will make your lower body work hard to create a well-toned midsection.
No equipment needed for this workout. It all depends on your strength and body weight!
Good luck and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more workout videos daily!
Let's begin!!❤️💪


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Feb 26, 2019




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Comments 80
ThEe UzU
ThEe UzU 2 hours ago
When i saw this i thought it was easy 😪 i guess i spoke to soon 😅 but hey am on day 2 so guess i haven't gave up 😎
Pragnya P G
Pragnya P G 8 hours ago
I like : 3 days no junk food
Hades Twerj
Hades Twerj 9 hours ago
Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma 10 hours ago
I am doing workout for one hour daily but can't lose weight what should I do
Laura yeet
Laura yeet 14 hours ago
I keep forgetting that’s not a real person doing the exercise
Nakul Jain
Nakul Jain 20 hours ago
How much calories does this workout burn in 30 Mins?
Tarenla Imchen
Tarenla Imchen 21 hour ago
Got six packs🔥🔥
Anushka Das
Anushka Das 21 hour ago
It's really reduce belly fat in one week..?🥺
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 21 hour ago
Anushka, you're going to have to do it to find out for yourself. Results differ depending on things like your current weight, height, age, gender, metabolism, and how hard you train. But you would also need to watch your diet--avoid grains, sugar, and junk foods. Good luck and I hope you do exercise!❤️💪
Kavita Singh
Kavita Singh 22 hours ago
Plz plz make a vdo on fat burning only 5 exercises plz
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 20 hours ago
You can check our channel, Kavita. We have tons of these videos in our channel so I'm quite sure you'll find something in there that you'd enjoy doing. Good luck and keep hustling!!❤️💪
Sreejita Mukherjee
Sreejita Mukherjee 23 hours ago
You are an outstanding trainer
Sreejita Mukherjee
Sreejita Mukherjee 2 minutes ago
I am doing it for my monthly menstruation . The doctors said I should loose weight It is not happening for 6 months
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 19 hours ago
Thanks so much for the appreciation, Sreejita! Good luck and keep exercising!❤️💪
Floof Day ago
At the end of quarantine, you have 2 choices To stay thick, or be slick
Goma Bijay
Goma Bijay Day ago
Is this exercise beneficial for women who have just delivered 2 month ago???
Drenusha Neziri
While doing the split jums i injured my foot so badly:(
Ruhi Jamwal
Ruhi Jamwal 2 days ago
I tried to not eat junk food for 1 week and do this and i sucess
Lavanya Ghosh
Lavanya Ghosh 2 days ago
So bad
Chukwudi Praise
Chukwudi Praise 2 days ago
I'm so sweaty... Huhhh!😅😅😅. Thanks Roberta
Nieca Don
Nieca Don 3 days ago
I did this for like 2 weeks straight, 2 hours after eating lunch. In the morning, I do dumbells and to this on the afternoon. Im seeing best results. Still doing this
Maalak Ahmed
Maalak Ahmed 3 days ago
I’m 10 0000000 body fat
Maalak Ahmed
Maalak Ahmed 3 days ago
I’m soooooo fat
Madison youtuber
Madison youtuber 3 days ago
i cant im so sweety
GamerGirl S123
GamerGirl S123 3 days ago
When my family saw me doing this they all joined with me even my dog
Chloe Case
Chloe Case 3 days ago
So I’m 11 and 125 pounds... I’m don’t look very large but I am heavy and I don’t like it so I’m going to do this everyday. Day 1: completed twice and drank plenty of water during the rests. Day 2: completed once
Lewis Quinns
Lewis Quinns 3 days ago
Doctors do this 3-4 times a week to loose 2 pounds me does it six times a day every day for a week and looses 15 pounds
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 3 days ago
Good luck and keep going, Lewis! Take it easy if it get's too much.❤️💪
Annabelle Frances
Kenji Ambrocio
Kenji Ambrocio 4 days ago
This is awesome you really drain my energy😅
Michael Alovera
Michael Alovera 4 days ago
i start this home exercise last few months but i stop.ill do it again.
John Sofia T.
John Sofia T. 4 days ago
I love you 😘❤️💕
LILMISOSOUP 4 days ago
Has anyone done this for 2 weeks straight seeing any improvement ?
ggoohi boy
ggoohi boy 4 days ago
I have allergies on many foods and It is hard for me to find a diet that doesn't include particular foods. Then my friend sent me link to the website called *Next Level Diet* where I can get personalized meal plan only with food I select. My fitness journey has just started, what about you?
10 likes = a week no junk food :3
Riva Bhetwal
Riva Bhetwal 4 days ago
Its works actually but you need to maintain your diet😊
rajesh Katwal
rajesh Katwal 4 days ago
How to know which one to follow?there are so many videos?I'm confused!
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 4 days ago
It's actually totally up to you, Rajesh. Any workout will do. In short, you're going to have to do it to find out for yourself. Results differ depending on things like your current weight, height, age, gender, metabolism, and how hard you train. But you would also need to watch your diet--avoid grains, sugar, and junk foods. Good luck and I hope you do exercise!❤️💪
Zamiah Allen
Zamiah Allen 5 days ago
I did this work out for 3 weeks straight and all my belly fat is gone I have the nice body I wanted❤️
lilianham 5 days ago
My brother eats sushi by the end of the week TwT ~Jolin
lilianham 5 days ago
one like=my brother having no sushi for a week(I using my mother account) ~Jolin
I tried this but theres no improvement in my body
Coleen Joyce Gura
Finished this workout video today 🤩
Devi Korada
Devi Korada 5 days ago
Can a 11years girl do this exercises
Farhin Sanadi
Farhin Sanadi 5 days ago
Can I do this workout at evening plz reply roberta
omotola Akinde
omotola Akinde 5 days ago
Hello, pls I only want to lose belly fat o.
Susan Mendoza
Susan Mendoza 6 days ago
Who else did the whole thing
Susan Mendoza
Susan Mendoza 6 days ago
Who else is the kind to love working out but lacks the motivation in the way that you always need someone to tell you what to do
Susan Mendoza
Susan Mendoza 6 days ago
So thankful!!! I really needed this!!
Keerthana K
Keerthana K 6 days ago
How many calories are burnt?!
ggmods 83
ggmods 83 6 days ago
Me want to get skinny like my comment for one day less to eat junk food
Jay Jays World
Jay Jays World 6 days ago
I am not giving up intil I am scinny
Jay Jays World
Jay Jays World 6 days ago
Jay Jays World
Jay Jays World 6 days ago
Elisabeth Martinez
I like I, my daughters and I we are enjoying so much
April Davis
April Davis 6 days ago
Who's doing this bc they want to glow up during corntine
Leena Khurana
Leena Khurana 6 days ago
Does it work??????
Hhumair un Nisa Humair
Violine Uushona
Violine Uushona 6 days ago
I'm trying to lose weight. I'm good on the exercise but the eating, like idk what i should not eat. Someone please help
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 6 days ago
I don't believe in strict diets, Violine. Instead, you should have a balanced nutrition that will help your body stay healthy and strong! But do stay away from grains, sugar, and junk foods. Good luck! 💪❤️
Camila Tacuba
Camila Tacuba 7 days ago
I’m just here to lose weight bc I haven’t had time to workout BC of school and when I go back to school I want to go back with the body that I dreamed of having and this corona thing probably won’t end soon and Ik I’m only 10 but I am very insecure and I weigh the amount of a grown lady😞🥺☹️
Viterbo Marivic
Viterbo Marivic 7 days ago
How long b4 i get a flat tummy i make this for a week ago
Anisha Torofdar
Anisha Torofdar 7 days ago
trying to work out cuz I have nothing to do during quarantine
prehistoric animations
*laughs in 1.5 speed*
cute 0413 claveria
I need this because my tummy is so much big
Pricilla Klu
Pricilla Klu 7 days ago
I did all it wasn't it at all but this covid 19 have help me to lose weight thanks
Hashem Balobaid
Hashem Balobaid 7 days ago
Ok tell me what is the worst and baddest exercise experience like the comment plz
Rocio sanchez
Rocio sanchez 7 days ago
I made it to 27 minutes
luvie 8 days ago
i did it
Helenah Matlou
Helenah Matlou 8 days ago
I successfully completed the work out 💃💃
Gacha Libbie
Gacha Libbie 8 days ago
Is it just me or I did everyone of these over 100 times ;-;
Arianaa Arianna
Arianaa Arianna 8 days ago
If you are thinking about doing this workout, DO IT! It's really working out for me so i def recommend it:)
Tilly is great
Tilly is great 8 days ago
Here for gaining alot of weight during lock down
Aarthi raja
Aarthi raja 8 days ago
Today is my first day I completed 😨😨😥so tried I am swimming in my sweat 😂😂😂😂
Roberta's Gym
Roberta's Gym 8 days ago
That's a good sign, Aarthi!! You're doing great! Good luck and keep going!❤️💪
Jayashree Subramani
Thank you somuch for this video...i always wanted to exercise but your video made me do it
Parivish Kanwar
Parivish Kanwar 9 days ago
Im gonna start doing this I'll give you an update in 2 weeks. Im currently 120lbs
Alissa Ntumba
Alissa Ntumba 9 days ago
Day i: i’m so sore and tired
Bianca Aquino
Bianca Aquino 9 days ago
i badly want to loose belly fat but i see “3 ingredient chocolate cake” poping on my recommendation like how am i suppose to glow up and have nice body if those are tempting me to make themm ughh (sorry for the bad english)
jaya hyundai
jaya hyundai 9 days ago
Oh my god I'm sweting
Zain Elessawy
Zain Elessawy 10 days ago
U have more time to doit at home
jane wambugu
jane wambugu 10 days ago
Great enjoying
Meena Thakur
Meena Thakur 10 days ago
Whose durning covid-19
Meena Thakur
Meena Thakur 10 days ago
Now hard part healtheir
Meena Thakur
Meena Thakur 10 days ago
I like side bands
Iza Clyde
Iza Clyde 10 days ago
Who’s here checking the belly after completing this exercise one time and thought had lost the weight ?
Rolande Pokam
Rolande Pokam 10 days ago
Rolande Pokam
Rolande Pokam 10 days ago
It’s so hard but I’m gonna continue
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