30 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don't Want You to Know

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Local dealers want you to bring your car to them to have it detailed. This is why they keep most of their detailing tips under wraps. Below are 30 car cleaning tricks local dealers don't want you to know.
Vaseline is great for cleaning your dashboard. Not only will it shine up the dashboard, but it will also repel dust and stains.
The vents in your car can be challenging to clean with a cloth. Instead, use a paint brush to get into the vents easily.
You can buy expensive products to shine your headlights; however, toothpaste works better. Just let it sit on the headlights for a few minutes and wipe it with a cloth. You will be amazed.
To clean your leather seat, you should use olive oil. First, wash the seat with soap. Next, pour some olive oil on a cloth and rub the seats down. This will shine up the seats.
Hair conditioner works better than car wax. If you apply it generously the way that you do with wax, it will give your car a much brighter shine.
It can be tough to get the tiny crevices on the doors and the dashboard clean. The bristles on a toothbrush will allow you to get into very narrow and small spaces.
Many people throw their trash on the floor promising to clean it up later. Instead, hang a decorative reusable grocery bag from the back of your seat. You will never have a messy car again.
If you are driving and a rock hits your windshield, it can quickly grow into a large crack. To keep this from happening, you should carry a bottle of clear nail polish in your car. You can brush it over the chip until you can have the windshield repaired by a professional. This will keep the chip from growing.
Certain part of the car can be challenging to clean. If you use slime that children play with, it will pick up all of the dust and dirt with ease.
If you don't have any car wash solution, you can make your own. Simply mix ¼ part liquid detergent and ¼ part baking soda in a bucket of water. It works better than the car wash solution that you buy in the store.
When it is time to put a new registration sticker on, you need to get your old one off. The easiest way to do this is with an old newspaper. Simply soak the newspaper in water and put it over the sticker. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. When you remove the newspaper, the sticker will come off quickly.
If your pet travels with you often and sheds in the car, it can easily be removed. Simply spray the seats with water and use a squeegee to remove the fur.
It isn't too difficult to clean your car mats. Mix some liquid detergent with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the mats and let it sit for a while. When you rinse the mats, the dirt will come right off.
If there are foul smells in your car, charcoal will work great. If you open up a bag of charcoal and put it under the seats, the odors will be removed. You can also sprinkle some charcoal under the seats.
If you buy a used car with bumper stickers that you hate, WD 40 spray will take them right off. Simply spray it over the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes before removing the sticker.
If you have sticky messes on your car interior, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will get them out with ease. You just need to wet the sponge a bit, and strenuous arm work won't be necessary.
If you don't want to use chemicals and artificial odors in your car to make it smell great, use essential oils. Simply soak a clothespin in the oil overnight and clip it to your vent. Your car will smell amazing, naturally.
If you just washed your car and there are spots of stubborn grim remaining, a bar of clay will work great. When the car is still wet, put the clay over the grime. After letting it sit for a while, the stubborn grime will be gone.
If you have rusty spots on your car, Coca-Cola will remove it quickly. Simply spray the soda on the rust and let it sit for a bit. When you scrub the soda off, the rust will come off as well.
Regardless of how neat you are, your cupholders can get dirty. Cleaning them can be a hassle, but fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Put cupcake papers in the cupholder, and you would just need to replace them when they get dirty.
Vodka can be used to clean the windshield. Mix eight parts Castile soap and one part vodka and clean the windshield. You will be amazed.
If essential oils and charcoal aren't getting the nasty smell from your car, try changing the filters. If you change them every month, your car should smell fresh.
If someone spills something on your car's upholstery, don't use a rag or a towel. Instead, use a diaper. Diapers have incredible absorbing powers, which will quickly clean up spills.
If you have done everything to remove grease or tar stains from your car, you should use motor oil. It actually works as a solvent. After removing the stain, be sure to wipe off the excess oil.


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May 7, 2019

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Youtube User
Youtube User 13 hours ago
How about rubbing coconut oil on leather seats? Have anyone tired this to condition dried leather seats?
Sir Doug Sahm
Use all these tips to make sure you have to bring it in to be professionally detailed @ 130 dollars starting price.
Johanna S
Johanna S 2 days ago
Chewing GUM to stop a leak?!?! Christ on a cracker.
Anthony Rodriguez
Bruh said use a diaper 😂
ElvishJumpSuit 3 days ago
Remove foul odours!!! 3:37 What....like the smell of olive oil and Vaseline? ;-)
sane man
sane man 5 days ago
Only wankers use Vaseline.
Marilyn Charest
Marilyn Charest 5 days ago
Vaseline no way
Juppreet Bakshi
Juppreet Bakshi 6 days ago
Hey! I need some tips to take care of my car exterior. I do not drive my car daily & Its like once in a week. So should i wash and clean my car daily or i can wash and clean it once or twice in a week? ( i park my car under the roof). Secondly, should i wash my car daily during monsoon season?
Josefa Divino
Josefa Divino 7 days ago
You forgot to mention how to clean the carpet of the car.
Steven Faults
Steven Faults 8 days ago
I stopped at Chewing gum. lol
Toofast4fleas 8 days ago
Some tips are ok, most I wouldn't use!
zzubuzz 9 days ago
Use pancake syrup on the steering wheel, it will keep you from using your cell phone while you drive so you don't have an accident or get a ticket. Lock cat's up in your car overnight for the fresh smell of cat urine.
Rachel Benavides
Rachel Benavides 9 days ago
I don't know why you say you have classes when you don't.
Peter Donner
Peter Donner 9 days ago
Steve douglas
Steve douglas 9 days ago
Well,,,, I'd think it would be less expensive, and better all around if you bought window cleaner, than using vodka.
andrew Badgerow
andrew Badgerow 9 days ago
Use air compressor to get into crack's. Spray cleaner on dash board or anywhere that has tight cracks wipe off, Then use air to tight area's u will be amazed.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown 5 days ago
Tried it on my wife. didn't work
Rodney Rambo
Rodney Rambo 9 days ago
Any tip how to remove semen from the seat? maybe orange juice?
MEXCAN FUN 10 days ago
Minimalist 10 days ago
zedmadeamps 10 days ago
Now... I am still going to watch, but after the very first tip I would be tempted to call BS on everything. Because Vaseline is petroleum and what do people put on foam air filters and K&N air filters to attract and trap dirt? Oil...which is a petroleum product. Unless someone else can explain to me why I am wrong. Oh wait I’m sure some will.. Lol 😂
Myloh Smith
Myloh Smith 10 days ago
There is no way that using Vaseline is going to repel dust😐
Alyson V
Alyson V 3 days ago
you're absolutely right... it will attract it!
Steve douglas
Steve douglas 9 days ago
Thank you!
Will 10 days ago
there should be a law that if you post a fucking retarded video on RUvid you should be shot in the fucking head. you fucking morons are unbelievable, do you realize that almost every single thing you place this video it's either useless or damaging to a vehicle but yet you still put it on RUvid because you're useless and defective. to the person who made this video it's definitely time for you to return to the puzzle factory where they are waiting for you and don't forget to stop at the pharmacy and get your lunch you fucking jerk off
Jerry Armour
Jerry Armour 10 days ago
what moron put this video up on youtube? Some things should be check before they are allowed on youtube one that are just wrong and will destroy your car!
Zigfried Dieter
Zigfried Dieter 11 days ago
Olive oil, household detergent,slime, my god no way!
You Big Dummy
You Big Dummy 11 days ago
Some of this stuff is genuine bullshit! OMG!
Randall Cook
Randall Cook 11 days ago
What a crock of horse shit!! STUPID!
gt homer
gt homer 11 days ago
Vaseline on a dashboard ,no way
chevy691 11 days ago
Very funny ,but I wouldn't be laughing if I actually tried any of these. I don't know how a wet newspaper will remove a registration sticker when a year of driving in rain and snow won't do it.
shawn gee
shawn gee 11 days ago
Im going to say this I worked in dealerships for 20 years I have 30 years as a professional detailer and i would never use ANY of these tricks except the paint brush on the vents.
bottle doo
bottle doo 12 days ago
Just an FYI this is all bull shit! SPAM
sendtorich 12 days ago
#21 they forgot to mention that you can also leave some cake batter in there in the summer and have fresh cupcakes when you return to your car
Hien Le
Hien Le 12 days ago
Thanks for sharing your ideas
cynthia gay
cynthia gay 12 days ago
I get black spots on my car and I take a wet magic eraser and they come right off.
Darcicus Tan
Darcicus Tan 12 days ago
fuck dude posting rubbish here. get loss dude
Harold Brown
Harold Brown 13 days ago
this has to be a troll
Buzz 13 days ago
✨This is rubbish✨🤪👎
Peter Bertuglia
Peter Bertuglia 13 days ago
geez what a putz
Lyle Grandersom
Lyle Grandersom 13 days ago
Just let the clay bar sit for a while? wtf brah
M K 13 days ago
Olive oil to clean your seat??! I’m done!
Ezio Pichierri
Ezio Pichierri 14 days ago
Alsi i see a lot of the negative comments here these are the tricks of car dealers there only in it to cheaply sell the vehicle. They will do anything cheap to make the car look flawless.
screeningmimi 13 days ago
I may not know a lot about what to look for under the hood and under the car, but I'll sure be looking for chewing gum in odd places.
Ezio Pichierri
Ezio Pichierri 14 days ago
I didnt watch the whole video as i write this but to let everyone know as my years of a detailor i use to use the powerwasher to clean the vehicles and then let it dry out
ij f
ij f 14 days ago
Who the hell came up with this crap !?!?!?!
Karen Pennington
Karen Pennington 15 days ago
Change your car air filter,if it stinks.
Junkman2000 16 days ago
Best advice this video gave. NONE. Run away people, run away!
Lefty Hara
Lefty Hara 17 days ago
WOW do I really not agree with a lot of these... for instance, shine does is not always the most desirable finish,
Vince Janeczko
Vince Janeczko 17 days ago
Clickbait meets horrible advice. Toothpaste? olive oil? No one in their right mind would do any of these.
Junkman2000 16 days ago
But there are people who are still plugged into the paint Matrix who don't know any better. You have to help me unplug these poor souls!
telemetryz 17 days ago
Do not use Olive Pil on your leather seats for crying out loud. What a dummy. You wont be able to sit in them because you'll slide around, and it will leech out into your clothing. Holy mother.
Tom Fontaine
Tom Fontaine 17 days ago
Thank you Facts Verse
Kevin Wilburn
Kevin Wilburn 17 days ago
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Dominic Monahan
Dominic Monahan 19 days ago
I don't understand how this channel has so many subscribers. As soon as I here that voice I know it's gonna be some b.s.
Junkman2000 16 days ago
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