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How to create your own phone case
Hey guys, I know how important it is to keep your phone protected, but why not do it in style using items you already have in your own home?
- When you go for a run, to keep your phone protected, you can place your phonecase on the inside of your shirt and then attach your phone to it on the outside of the shirt.
- You can attach a toy to a suction cup and use it as a stand for your phone or tablet.
- If you don't have a pocket in your trousers, you can attach a clothing pin on your phone case, and then attach all of it on your trousers.
- I show you how to decorate a plain white phone case using a black marker and some pure alcohol and give it an awesome marble look.
- I show you how to create a cute Starbucks coffee phone case using epoxy glue and mini Starbucks coffee decorations.
- I show you how to use resin in order to create your own phone case
0:07 - DIY wallet phone case
1:14 - DIY phone stand
2:17 - How to turn a coca-cola label into a phone case
3:25 - Cool and funny phone cases
3:58 - DIY polymer clay noodle case
6:21 - Awesome phone case for your headphones
8:18 - Color-changing phone case
8:49 - DIY phone case using resin and feathers
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Aug 11, 2019




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There’s something called air pods most people don’t use head phones
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You can even make the pompom like a holder where you con hold on
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First of all why did you ruin a perfectly bed side table just to hold a phone second of all you know you can go buy another phone case
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Daniel Baaij
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Like als je Nederlands bent en dit kijkt soms ook stiekem 😁😁
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You'd have to put your phone upside down for the necklace one
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ali ibnouhassan
ali ibnouhassan 15 days ago
Good ideas thanks. www.redbubble.com/fr/people/aliibnouhassan/works/44718074-strates-de-marbre-aux-teintes-bleut-es?asc=u&p=iphone-case&rel=carousel
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6:32 wasted a good case
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Maissa Drine
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Everything would be better if more people were like you!
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