3 Things You Should NEVER DO With a THERMAL CAMERA

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FLIR ONE (iOS): amzn.to/2HAtHp1
FLIR ONE (Android): amzn.to/2CiCuIv
Bugaboo’s favorite cat toy: amzn.to/2F8IWUw
In 2015 we quit our lives in the city to buy bare land in the country and build a timber frame home from scratch with our bare hands, debt-free, with no prior experience. It’s been a wild ride of ups, downs, highs, lows, rain and rainbows, but we haven’t lost sight of our goals and have gotten further in three years than we thought we’d get in ten. Join us as we build our house, develop our rural property, practice traditional skills such as gardening and food preservation and go to even greater heights (literally) of exploring the world through aviation as a new private pilot!
Young couple builds their own dream home: bit.ly/2zvq9yp
The big reveal of our house plans: bit.ly/2OpTPm1
The big timber frame raising: bit.ly/2F5Xrua
The day we got our sawmill: bit.ly/2P9AQS1
How we made $1,000 in one day milling lumber: bit.ly/2P8Muwm
Why we built a hot tub before a house: bit.ly/2Ff605I
Living in an rv while building our house: bit.ly/2PFkXlL
Chronological order: bit.ly/2kGUf8E
House build from beginning: bit.ly/2SRTQCX
Foundation of home: bit.ly/2zuoSrr
ICF basement / garage: bit.ly/2ztLZCn
Timber frame workshop: bit.ly/2OsU67E
Structural insulated panel installation: bit.ly/2Qr0U7X
Metal roof installation: bit.ly/2AOsqGQ
Buildling a debt-free home strategy: bit.ly/2RACcBX
Aviation: bit.ly/2RBlkuT
Gardening / food preserving: bit.ly/2Ff5PY6
Editing video takes time, ya’ll, and we have a house to build! For our most up-do-date progress follow us on social media.
Instagram: bit.ly/2D6DErZ
Facebook: bit.ly/2zwL2tj
It takes us 40+ hours a week to document our journey on both our blog and our RUvid channel. If you enjoy watching our videos and want to help us to produce more of them, learn how you can help us without spending a dime! purelivingforlife.com/support/
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Favorite no-spill fuel pump: amzn.to/2Dq95OV
Favorite BBQ sauce: amzn.to/2PEZlGa
Jesse’s work shoes: amzn.to/2qwF0Vk
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Alyssa’s pocket knife: amzn.to/2PG9wdt
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Alyssa’s thermal top: amzn.to/2KAgdce
Alyssa’s thermal bottoms: amzn.to/2zvQaOS
Alyssa’s messy bun beanie: amzn.to/2QtFSp5
Alyssa’s scarf (matches messy bun beanie): amzn.to/2QR9S1E
Alyssa’s waterproof / insulated boots: amzn.to/2DZIisN
Favorite book on timber framing for beginners: amzn.to/2yR0xg0




13 мар 2019




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RootX 10 дней назад
USB-C provides a faster charge time and data transfer, thats why all the new androids phones are going that route..
Joseph Krug
Joseph Krug 10 дней назад
Even in the summer, bee removal people can use thermal cameras to find the bees in the walls. They are very useful "toys" :)
jason hullihen
jason hullihen 10 дней назад
come on bud your building a house... your building a super insulated engineered masterpiece of insulated dwelling if you will as much as those salesman charged you for these sips if they are not insulated i would use this video two prove this super insulated theory and if they lied two you make them pay for a hole brand new stick frame..
Swamp Rat
Swamp Rat 10 дней назад
300 US $ is about 405$CDN, too rich for my blood.
ehsnils 10 дней назад
Could have bought a CAT S61 instead. I have a CAT S60, and I'm satisfied with it and has given me some nice indications at least.
David Micheletti
David Micheletti 10 дней назад
Please do not tell us the gender of your child until she/he is born. Life has become so over come with technical advances that it often takes the gift of surprise away from us. We have two children, the first child was a boy and when the second child was in the process of being born I just thought we had another boy being born. You see there hadn’t been a girl born in my side of the family in twenty five years. To everyone surprise a wonderful little screaming girl came out. I was over joyed!!!!!! Because the hospital was so short handed at the time the doctor handed my daughter to me to take care of. I sat down in a chair and held her while I cried for an hour. That was the best surprise and gift I’ve ever gotten. If you can just wait til your child is born to determine their gender. You’ll love them just the same. You will teach them about the world the same way so just let this be your gift to yourself.
Atoyota 10 дней назад
I've had the SEEK thermal imager for my Iphone/pad for years
David Oyama
David Oyama 10 дней назад
Thanks for demonstrating your new thermo imaging cam ! It's pretty compact and looks like it works fairing great ! I am sure you both are going to have a lot of fun using it for many things in the future ! Thanks !
overkillaudioinc 10 дней назад
OMG Bugaboo got FAT!
Hood's Homestead
Hood's Homestead 10 дней назад
You two are so funny! This video was cute. :)
Pauli Paunonen
Pauli Paunonen 10 дней назад
USB-C has one main benefit compared USB-B/USB-A it supports 20V 5A charging where are the B and A only go up to 5V 2A.
daffymar 10 дней назад
The coolest video since you started this adventure! Love it!!
TheDuroProject 10 дней назад
Has to be done at night for accurate interpretation
I AM ONLY ME 10 дней назад
fantastic gadget to have fun with, thankfully all our phone charging cords are usb 'c' for the past 2 years thanks to having only android phones 😊
Karin Bernhart
Karin Bernhart 11 дней назад
Got her 🤗🤗 peanutbutter ! i can understand her👍🥴😘 🙋‍♀️greetings from Bavaria in Germany 🥨🍺
Mark Clark
Mark Clark 11 дней назад
Can you put it on your Drone?
JOHN.W.F. GRAY 11 дней назад
My son has a phone that is supplied by the company he works for that has IR, they use it for looking for hot spots on computers and electronic equipment. he came on a visit and I was amazed that when he pointed it at the chair I had been sitting in before he arrived showed the outline of my body and a hot spot on the floor where the cat had been laying.
Matti Virta
Matti Virta 11 дней назад
good can buy android too, because iphone,ibad,iOS have big scam and fail,super poor system. ower expensive and stupid peoples only buy iOS parts.
Cesar Espinoza
Cesar Espinoza 11 дней назад
Just solved the biggest issue for immigrants that try to cross the border and get caught with thermal cameras 😂
Seldoon Nemar
Seldoon Nemar 11 дней назад
Once you figure out the time-lapse you should record your breaker boxes. Breakers are thermal switches after all, so you can know now if circuits are getting uncomfortably warm
jimW133 11 дней назад
He's talking about conserving energy by turning off a monitor! (12:15) Motes and beams spring to mind. There are a million bigger issues in that house/lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, their house/money/lifestyle and, more importantly, regulatory environment. But prioritise guys. Garage doors and air leaks spring to mind.
jam jam's
jam jam's 11 дней назад
jessie I would hook up a hair dryer to your radiant and see if you can get it on that camera
mavos1211 11 дней назад
Stand out in the cold and get Alyssa to film you breaking wind 💨 it’s hilarious you can actually see the offending gas 😂
Robert Hockenjos
Robert Hockenjos 11 дней назад
You so need FLIR level 1 training , so much of what your saying and thinking is not correct, Don't point it at the SUN that will kill it.
Lab 11 дней назад
i just wanted you to know that ive been watching this series for like 2 years i started watching when you guys first started ur house and i ended up not following along anymore after i got butthurt cuz you guys took that break for winter and i didnt have any of ur videos for a few months and i totally forgot but i was just watching some other home development series and was reminded of ur chanel and so i spent the last hour scouring for ur channel and im so happy that i found it again and that you guys have an insane amount of new videos so im definitely gonna go find where i left off and catch up with you guys i just wanted to let you guys know and tell you that i hope you guys are doing well!
Stephan Cote
Stephan Cote 11 дней назад
Pretty sure I heard Linus from Linus Tech Tips say USB C charges faster
keli Surfs
keli Surfs 11 дней назад
Maurice Helbig
Maurice Helbig 11 дней назад
Peanut butter in the fridge was a hard lesson for me trying to spread it on bread for a sandwich, it destroyed the bread.
Ryan Friedrich
Ryan Friedrich 11 дней назад
Awesome love the gadgets
Mike Sandberg
Mike Sandberg 11 дней назад
Forward Looking lnfra Red. FLIR.
Annie Gaddis
Annie Gaddis 11 дней назад
With the grand solar minimum arriving, you're finishing your home just in time.
kesselrunner 11 дней назад
It's either the Universe or it's the Google advertizing algorithm. ;-)
jz422 11 дней назад
IR cameras are a must have when drilling into concrete floors with radiant heat ( Disclaimer for that one person out there: After the boiler is installed and fired up ;-) . Sorry been training too many new people at work.
Matthew 11 дней назад
Bugaboo says, you’re invading his privacy. Careful, you might just see ghosts sharing the homestead ... Woot Woot 🙃🙃🙃
Vance McCarthy
Vance McCarthy 11 дней назад
I put in Early Thermal Image Cameras and first picture in the list was a 1969 version alongside a 2015 Flir One. What a difference - in parts and power.
Matthew Groff
Matthew Groff 11 дней назад
There are different IR Cameras available, some that Fire Fighters use to look through Smoke to see "Hot Spots", Victims trapped in a burning structure, also some that rescue personnel use to look for lost people either on land and/or on water.
Mamdouh Bekheet
Mamdouh Bekheet 11 дней назад
it is time to build a shelter for the big machinery you lift in the open
Boundary Condition
Boundary Condition 11 дней назад
Shame that's going to be oblete when Apple go USB-C on their phones (this? year). FLIR should have made swappable adapters for it.
Curtis Horn
Curtis Horn 11 дней назад
I remember commenting on one of these, glad to see you have one now. your right about the garage doors. Another thing to learn about is thermal radiative heat transfer and how it works. lean about the emissivity of different objects (there is a setting in the FLIR on that). It will help you figure out how to interpret. One thing to inspect is the breaker box. It's good to take a pic and you can compare it upon future inspections. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emissivity
Stu Pettigrew
Stu Pettigrew 11 дней назад
Find your in floor heating tubes..... no more drill and hope
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 11 дней назад
Genius!!! Flir + drone= search and rescue dream come true!!
Jackson Cupp
Jackson Cupp 11 дней назад
USB type C offers several advantages. One is that it is much more robust than USB micro b. It also allows for faster charging and faster data transfer.
Z. Roan
Z. Roan 11 дней назад
Don't forget that our military uses flir night vision to navigate in the dark so they don't have to use light that gives away their position. Our military has been using it since before it was available to the public.
Charles Gordon
Charles Gordon 11 дней назад
Why can't you hunt with it? I used to sell/carry thermal optics where I worked.
B C 11 дней назад
5:04 LOL at the fingerprint covering up the IR sensor.
Keith Radunz
Keith Radunz 11 дней назад
Lol. Funny ending. Thats an interest tool. Very nice of Bruce. Another nice vid. Thank you 2 7/8 and Bugaboo too. Be safe.
Michael Neal
Michael Neal 11 дней назад
The USB c is the new standard. It sooms to be taking over everything including Apple.
Tim 11 дней назад
It uses USB-C because that's the best, most reliable connector available!
Willie Klassen
Willie Klassen 11 дней назад
I like how you could see the cat in the bed at 8:30
fjeinca 11 дней назад
“I see exciting possibilities for your entire family as colorful animated thermal image puppets,” the latest craze, lol. ;)
scott Smith
scott Smith 11 дней назад
Hey Jessie hey Alyssa another good video
Butterfly kisses
Butterfly kisses 11 дней назад
Good to take hiking Incase you get caught out in the cold you can find a hot spot to lay in to stay warm lol
Curt Anderson
Curt Anderson 11 дней назад
You can use thermal to hunt coyotes. Perfectly legal
Travis Otto
Travis Otto 11 дней назад
Totally off subject, but as an organic farmer I want to thank you for choosing to buy organic products!
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 11 дней назад
The reason for USB C is its "Universal" and superior to Lightning in every way. Apple needs to get off its proprietary high horse and join the rest of the world and stop gouging/forcing its customers to use proprietary connectors. Its obvious why they do it though... Good for business. Smart company. Glad FLIR recognized that and adopted USB C for power port. 100W capability and has the potential to use power delivery. Smart of FLIR.
Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson 11 дней назад
they actually do sell hunting scopes with built in flir technology. They use them a lot especially for hog hunting down south.
ralph milburn
ralph milburn 11 дней назад
isn't there a thermal image setting on the ipad or is that something different??
Ashurii 11 дней назад
Flir runs a monopoly on infared imaging camera's, they still cost 400 to 600 dollars for their dedicated camera units. And I looked up this Flir gadget for phones, and they range between 200 to 400 dollars. I don't consider that anywhere near affordable to someone on a low income. We need more companies making thermal imaging camera's for a much more affordable price. I consider 50 bucks for a thermal imaging camera to be affordable, but thats never going to happen as long as Flir holds the monopoly.
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 11 дней назад
Usb C supports turbo charging....its faster...and don't harm the battery... Motorola been using usb C and turbo charging for about 5 years, give or take
Zegarac Robert
Zegarac Robert 11 дней назад
Lowest resolution (80x60 thermal) it is a joke, you get what you pay for, but with Flir you get less... (have Flir i7, and Seek themal Black UW-AAA, worked with half a dozen cameras made by Flir and other manufacturers up to 640/480 thermal) , played with lepton module (same thing as in this Flir one)...
HoppersLab 11 дней назад
shiny objects will not give an accurate temp reading, you need to use dull tape or a flat paint to get a better reading. it's called emissivity.
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 11 дней назад
To bad apple products really suck....
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum 11 дней назад
Forward looking infrared,. Technically not just thermal imaging it's forward-looking....
Vitaliki Z
Vitaliki Z 11 дней назад
Glass will hide also
Marguerite Sigafus
Marguerite Sigafus 11 дней назад
You could find where the pileated woodpecker roosts at night.
Barbara Von Eitzen
Barbara Von Eitzen 11 дней назад
Why jail for hunting with it
Stephen Mast
Stephen Mast 11 дней назад
I used to use a Flir back in the early 00's when it was on the anti aircraft vehicle to search for enemy aircraft engines.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 11 дней назад
The USB C port is the industry standard charging port. Apple uses a proprietary port cause they are apple and they only have 13% of the market...
Robert Rockwell
Robert Rockwell 11 дней назад
put it on the drone.
HOWARD WILLIAMS 11 дней назад
What was floating around your head at 13:23
Gary Bowers
Gary Bowers 11 дней назад
Another good use: Faulty, failing, or overloaded circuit breakers
Akkhon369 11 дней назад
Looks really fun and useful like our pup sneaks out of the fence and we could possibly track his foot prints
JDS Lawncare & Landscape
JDS Lawncare & Landscape 11 дней назад
I'm buying this camera to find out where I'm losing heat in my apt
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 11 дней назад
TheCoolaidboy 11 дней назад
i watch u build this house
Bobby D
Bobby D 11 дней назад
Wow that screen had a lot of stutter....I would certainly hope that you did not pay full asking price, because that thing behaved poorly, and that is how it behaves there is no way I could see recommending this device to anyone..... ever. I bought a perfect prime IR0001 unit for diagnosing misfires on vehicles for around the same price as the FLIR One, and the performance destroys what I have just witnessed. Thanks for the demo.
Jim Long
Jim Long 11 дней назад
Cool 😎 tool.
Floyd Ferguson
Floyd Ferguson 11 дней назад
Great video!
Luke Pettit
Luke Pettit 11 дней назад
I had to fast forward much of it but just in case it wasn't mentioned "F orward L ooking I nfra R ed" = FLIR :-) I was looking at these a few years ago but too exxy for me and limited use I could put it to.
chadpm11 11 дней назад
You two should check out the DJI mavic 2 enterprise dual. Just received mine Monday and love it. It is a drone with the same setup and flir one but gives you a birds eye view and it is very helpful for exteriors walls and rooftops gardens ect...
jim never
jim never 11 дней назад
Too cool
dropchuck 11 дней назад
Just an fyi - FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared.
Grandpa Bill
Grandpa Bill 11 дней назад
I suggested that back when you were doing the roof insulation!!!!
Richard M
Richard M 11 дней назад
Cool new toy for Jesse to play with watch out Bugaboo he can find you Bugaboo 😊😊🐱🐱
Terry a
Terry a 11 дней назад
Do you drone at night with it !
Ken McCadden
Ken McCadden 11 дней назад
Check out your breaker box, really nice way to see if you have loose connections or overloads.
Arturs Mihelsons
Arturs Mihelsons 11 дней назад
Flir One was exciting when it comes out.. Price and quality amazed even us as sellers.. Then was so many requests for that camera, that factory can't supply needed quantity for all the world and customers waiting.. After time all went in normal rails.. Even i want that camera for myself but didn't buy - decided to wait few years.. :) For Android version - before buying, please verify compatibility and USB charging port direction for Your phone.. In market is phones with socket mounted upside down. Flir One works with these phones but Flir camera is pointing on display side, not phone back side.. God for thermal selfies only.. :D Some customers was disappointed about that.. iPhone version doesn't have that issue..
Tokin 11 дней назад
I think I've been here for three years.. 🤓🖖
building roots woodworking
building roots woodworking 11 дней назад
I own a flir f8 and at 10 times the price you do get 10 times the resolution. Unless your using every day, (which i am not , it's totally not worth it). Useful at times... but it's only as good as the thermographer using it. My f8 is for sale don't use it enough. :(
Gabriel G.
Gabriel G. 11 дней назад
Lol I love how the last bit of the video was an unplanned Organic Valley milk ad.
Arlin Sansome
Arlin Sansome 11 дней назад
Watch out for the objects emestisity.
Dave T.
Dave T. 11 дней назад
Canadian invention, eh? :-)
Michele Cox
Michele Cox 11 дней назад
Its called a Bugaboo :D
craneco1979 11 дней назад
Did I miss the video where you installed the garage door openers? I saw the wall buttons mounted by the outside door.
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 11 дней назад
Everyone has an opinion, I say good job as always Jessi, keep up the good work you and Aliyssa are doing well Love your vids!!!!
Gobuilditbetter 11 дней назад
As a builder we spend tons of money on the mandatory “Blower door Test”. If we fail we have to reschedule a test, down time waiting, and re-examine fee. During a failing test, they do bring out the FLIR to reveal areas of concern. To have a personal device to use at will during the build to prevent a failed test entirely justifies the cost of this device! IECC 2012 makes this make sense. Thermal bridging, air intrusion, where the insulation subcontractor took a vacation.........
GFN Gaming
GFN Gaming 11 дней назад
Been here since 50k 😂
How I Did It
How I Did It 11 дней назад
Kool, another fun gadget.
Patrick Horgan
Patrick Horgan 11 дней назад
Since I don't hunt I had to look up whether you were joking about going to jail for using a thermal camera. Man! Flir is REALLY popular with hunters! Apparently boars run really hot.
roger phoenix
roger phoenix 11 дней назад
your a man after my own heart sleeping with your tools right beside your bed keep up the good work
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