3 Scary True Vacation Stories (Vol. 3)

Mr. Nightmare
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Here is the third installment of vacation horror stories.
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If you want to send a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it through email: mrnightmareinbox@gmail.com
Anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar will not be read, so please just make them neat and understandable. Please also state how you would like your name to be credited in a video.


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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 80
S Of Jesus
S Of Jesus Hour ago
Taken 4.
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia 7 hours ago
I would simp for the girl with the knife as long as she is hot idc what I have to do even if she is insane because creepy girls are hot as well
Alexa Otto
Alexa Otto 20 hours ago
For some reason the entire second story I kept thinking it took place in France no matter how many times he said London and I was confused the whole time about why all these French people spoke English the entire time
Tina Barnes
Tina Barnes Day ago
The equivalent to 911 in London is 999.
LG Day ago
U don't call 911 in london tho😂😂😂 it's 999 goodness me! is this story even true?
Goose 1302
Goose 1302 Day ago
The girls in the 2nd story are...to be honest...quite stupid
Llama Salas
Llama Salas 2 days ago
Never trust stranger no matter how charming they are is a good moral
R V 3 days ago
Excellent idea to go to a strangers apartment in a foreign country! It's always legit and ends well and you make friends for life! Said no one ever!!!
The Spleadle
The Spleadle 4 days ago
In the third story I would just ask for the knife and say I will cut myself. Then I would stab her in the eye and scream. It is all about justice
Levi Dobson
Levi Dobson 4 days ago
She called 911 in London ?
Chandler Hess Von Bayer
OMG, why am I watching this...lol...I'm a grown man and have all the lights on during the day...lol
Vyas Karishma
Vyas Karishma 4 days ago
Victoria PD
Victoria PD 4 days ago
i'd pull some shit like the last story only to scare some normies lol but i guess you never know when it's for real
threestrong03 4 days ago
Lord of Cheese And sausages.
A party at 11 pm I’m already asleep by then
PARK Jimin
PARK Jimin 5 days ago
2nd Story: Aren’t you in London THo? 911 is for Usa
cck cck
cck cck 5 days ago
Vacation Horror Stories, our cruise was cancelled!!!😂😂
Mark Fox
Mark Fox 5 days ago
911 in London???? Lol
RB M 5 days ago
Dial 999 in the UK but the emergency systemin in any mobile redirects you to it and vice versa
Rose Alexandria.
Rose Alexandria. 6 days ago
No ones going to talk about how two 18 year old girls dads paid for them to go to London and stay at a Marriott for an entire week...yeah, what could go wrong 😬
neonhell 6 days ago
The story starting at 13:00 sounds like Alyssa Bustamonte. She killed a 9 year old girl with a knife in the woods at age 15. She definitely would have killed the boy in the story had the father not intervened. She was from St. Martins Missouri. I just checked on line & they have a ton of old family resorts everywhere around the lakeside but a very small population. If this is where they were vacationing then I’m pretty sure he barely escaped with his life. Wheeew
TheApexPredator _
In the 3rd story, that 14 year old guy itself thought evil in his mind while going to his room 😂
TheApexPredator _
In the 2nd story, even in London, the phone number of cops is 911?
pizzaslayer187 7 days ago
Welcome to the comment section your safe here we provide blanket and hit chocolate
George Morales
George Morales 7 days ago
The third story made me feel a proud introvert
Marica Bellan
Marica Bellan 7 days ago
Doesn’t matter how drunk you are you just don’t hang out with strangers tf
infinity8636 7 days ago
The moment you mentioned Honda Civic in Colorado, chills went down my spine. I knew this is going to be real horror.
Green-Canis 8 days ago
The first story I already heard but another version , about a roommate , these stories are made up 😅
Green-Canis 7 days ago
@ᏴᏌᏴᏴᏞY_ᎾNᎬ ಥ_ಥ they already told this story in another video , but instead of a couple going on a holiday , it was a guy renting a room and the landlord pretended to be he's roommate and hid in the closet and the guy called him and found him with he's phone ringing two times just like in this video
You can’t know that..
HarleyDaveason 8 days ago
The first guy who got arrested is just a straight *Creep*
liddy bug
liddy bug 9 days ago
Story 1 so dude is deep in the closet with your girlfriend's panties? Ok then lol
The Voice ASMR
The Voice ASMR 9 days ago
That’s exactly why I don’t condone air B&B thank God for luxury hotels.
starz0120 9 days ago
That was scary!
Only Me
Only Me 10 days ago
Dialled 911, really?? Surely you could but more accurate details Into these stories so they feel more realistic. For future reference, uk emergency number is 999!!!
Sam Blake
Sam Blake 10 days ago
Deffo ended up in Brixton in the second storty
nicely done
nicely done 10 days ago
The English call it "The clock tower at Westminster Abby." Not "Big Ben". Of course in the story telling, he said "Big Ben" and then went on to explain what it was.
aubrizzle 10 days ago
I can’t with those American girls in London like c’monnnnnnnn y’all 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ why would u ever go to a strangers apartment in a foreign country 🤦‍♀️
Erin Redfern
Erin Redfern 10 days ago
First story... everyone needs a man like that to protectttt
Deer Haven
Deer Haven 10 days ago
I BELIEVE ALL THESE STORIES ARE FAKE Story #1...car rental companies don't use Hondas...Story #2...you don't dial 911 in the UK for the police, it's 999....Story #3...the police would've found the goth girl as it was in a small/rural area.
SJJ 11 days ago
The beginning of story two sounds like the beginning of Taken 2.
Police Officer Fan Club
The girls in story #2. are nuts. My mind was blown to be honest. It's amazing that they still had enough brain cells AFTER HAVING ALCOHOL to realize it was a sketchy situation and got out alive. Otherwise, it would have been the most stereotypical missing and murdered women's story ever!
Carol Schlick
Carol Schlick 11 days ago
Freaking CREEEEEEPY!!!!!
Julie Wright
Julie Wright 11 days ago
i live in colorado ✌🏻
Slinkylabcat 11 days ago
So much hearsay, so little time.
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez 11 days ago
I'M REALIZING HOW FAKE THESE STORIES ARE, .... Story #2 says they are in London, yet she signals her friend to call 911 ..... come on guys 😣🙄🙄🙄😒
Yu Jin
Yu Jin 11 days ago
second story didn't tell parents because they'd probably stop them travelling again, and yet, those girls are so unintelligent they really shouldn't be travelling.
Valerie Foster
Valerie Foster 11 days ago
911 in London? BS
SJ 11 days ago
Dialing 911 won't get you anywhere in the UK
Frik Smith
Frik Smith 11 days ago
You have a magnetic way of attacking strange people 🤣🙈
Kelhi Macmillan
Kelhi Macmillan 11 days ago
Story 2.."I dialled 911"... In London?? I know its been said never to let the truth get in the way of a good story but FFS, you dial 999 for EMS anywhere in the UK!! Pile of Bollocks!!!
Jalynn K
Jalynn K 12 days ago
ofc i listen to this when i’m about to go on vacation 🥰
DunderHead 5000
DunderHead 5000 12 days ago
Dead Island?
Elaura Riemer
Elaura Riemer 12 days ago
*Story 3* At 16:24 *It Also Had Its Own Door To The Hall* Me: And That's When He Realized She Still Had His Key Card. Edit: OMG I GUESSED RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elaura Riemer
Elaura Riemer 12 days ago
*story 3* Alisa: *let's go for a walk in the woods by the river* Me: And the police will never find his body
Amir Butt
Amir Butt 12 days ago
they drank alcohol vodka but they were 18, not 21 and not only that but also at 6:49 I see a restaurant and there is a door which ays under 21 and thats when it hit me
Josh Mcd
Josh Mcd 10 days ago
Doesn’t matter no matter where you come from it’s 18 in uk
Amir Butt
Amir Butt 10 days ago
@Josh Mcd but they were originally from America but ok
Josh Mcd
Josh Mcd 10 days ago
Amir Butt the drinking age is 18 in England
John Milovich
John Milovich 12 days ago
Narrated stupidity with still photography. YAAAAAAWN.....
Leanne Blake
Leanne Blake 12 days ago
I believe that Air B&B one . I would never stay in someone's secluded place. People put cameras everywhere. There was a case of a man who had rental properties had camera's in the showers , near the Toilet's & bedrooms. Perverts & Paedophiles are everywhere. Only Trust a Place with 5 Stars.
Marissa D
Marissa D 13 days ago
You know what they should invent? Being able to text 911 so if you can't talk because you're hiding you can still get help
Curtis Maize
Curtis Maize 13 days ago
how did he get in his room if she still had his keycard?
dionne 11 days ago
Curtis Maize parents
Shaz bot
Shaz bot 13 days ago
The girls in the second story 😑 🤦‍♀️ Duuurrrrrrr
Poppomatic 13 days ago
The guy told his gf to chill, scariest part of the video
Ali Kovacs
Ali Kovacs 13 days ago
Thanks so much I love scary things
Jennifer Vanderhoof
I’m just starting and I’m already scared
Sophia Young
Sophia Young 13 days ago
I can't believe these are true stories..........I just can't believe it
AmandaJay 13 days ago
The 14 year old kid is smart..
Jo Arnold
Jo Arnold 13 days ago
No it's not, Big Ben is the bell not the clock, tut tut.
mas _15
mas _15 14 days ago
2020 anyone?
king of cool
king of cool 14 days ago
Big Ben is NOT the tower it's the BELL
ROGUE X94 14 days ago
"Don't trust strangers no matter what they look like" You don't say?
Alivia Sanders
Alivia Sanders 14 days ago
The fuck why would go with a man u just met he'll no glad they got out. But come on cant be that trusting
William Snow
William Snow 14 days ago
I hope you rubes don't believe any of this horseshit
Ryan Jr
Ryan Jr 15 days ago
10:00 calling 911 in London would be pointless... fake story alert
Ethan Arakawa
Ethan Arakawa 15 days ago
That first one happens all the time though.
Laura Andrew
Laura Andrew 15 days ago
The girls in London called 911 and got the police??
Jeliza Rose
Jeliza Rose 16 days ago
Story 2. Lying to the police is always a good idea. Lot's of smart decisions. Their advice is don't trust strangers, no matter what they look like. My advice is don't travel with stupid Amercican girls who are hot to meet rich foreigners. Also, maybe lay off the vodka.
D Garcia
D Garcia 16 days ago
I don't think 911 is a thing in London
Elena Barajas
Elena Barajas 16 days ago
I feel like the second story was just a stupid decision. No matter what, you shouldn’t trust anyone unless you know them
Betsy allen-ault
Betsy allen-ault 16 days ago
These are labeled as “true stories”.. If they really are, there should be names, dates, links to police reports, news articles. Something we can go to and see solid proof that it’s not all bs. True crime is at least researchable. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ hashtag old wives tales being retold by millennials
Coley B
Coley B 17 days ago
Omg the guy in the log cabin cupboard!!! I bet they were so freaked out!
Garry Ramsden
Garry Ramsden 17 days ago
Story 2 - I call bullshit!!
Jennifer Barrios
Jennifer Barrios 17 days ago
How scary , I would think twice about staying on some cabin in the woods!
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