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Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a crafty video, showing 3 ideas I came up with for using my new Posca Paint Pens. These are a little pricey, but if you love to craft, draw, decorate, I think they are definitely worth it! I decided to start with decorating some simple things that’s I have already done before since this is my first time using them. I tried out a little paper mache box that I picked up from the dollar store, a couple rocks (highly requested rock painting returns haha!), and some shrink plastic (shrink dinks) to make MORE diy pins.
*BTW THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. I paid for these on my own*
I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it gave you some ideas if you already have these paint pens, or if you don’t already have them, maybe now you’ll want them (sorry! lol). There are TONS more surfaces and projects you can do with these, so if you guys want me to do a second video with even more ideas, let me know.

Pros of posca pens:
-bold color, more convenient, faster, mess free and easy than traditional painting, can be used on tons of surfaces, can be layered, non-toxic
Cons of Posca pens:
-Pricey, can’t blend with them, limited to a set of colors
Posca Paint Pens:
Paper Mache Boxes:
Acrylic Gesso:
Glossy Mod Podge:
Shrink Plastic:

I think these projects are really great, easy crafts for kids, teens or adults to do when you're bored, or just to get in the creative spirit. Hope you try them yourself!

-What's up Next??-
Next Friday will be a Squishy Makeover (with a little twist!)

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Jan 18, 2019




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Juanita Potgieter
Juanita Potgieter 59 minutes ago
L,m means like Moraihas vids
Juanita Potgieter
Team Blue
Team Blue 2 hours ago
Am I the only one whose white poscas are like... clear? They look like watered down milk.
The random sisters!!
Practice makes perfect wait no practice makes *improvement*
nat nat diy
nat nat diy 12 hours ago
Is it SAFE to Draw with sharpies on rocks ?? Like to say yes
Potato Effect
Potato Effect 16 hours ago
I NEED...shrinky dinks (it sounds super weird to say..)
Crazy fox TV
Crazy fox TV 18 hours ago
I just got my own create this book and I’m so excited to start it!
Killer_ Waffle1208
Killer_ Waffle1208 20 hours ago
Why does the box look like puzzle/PaInt something...Idk....
Sophie Matthews
Sophie Matthews 21 hour ago
U should try asmr
Lil’ Alligator
Lil’ Alligator 23 hours ago
"Practice makes.......improvement..." Moriah Elizabeth 1/18/19
Lulu S
Lulu S Day ago
Chip Vlogz
Chip Vlogz Day ago
I really wish this pens wearnt so expensive they are amazing!! ❤👍
Sarah Nash
Sarah Nash Day ago
Her nails mached the rocks lol
Shaylee Anderson
Ok so I got posca pens today and I didnt know how to get them started but then I remembered that Moriah had a vid about them. So thank you💕💚💜
E. Betzen
E. Betzen Day ago
Those monster designs were so good! I loved the little green one.
Mandi Rosenbaum
The Box is like colorful camo
Mandi Rosenbaum
And you can use the rocks for the beach and put the sheet on the sand and use the rocks as the holder thing to keep it still
Uni Sisters
Uni Sisters Day ago
Moriah= Positive Open Squishes Creative Amazing Paint Enthusiastic New Stylish Or Modern Optimistic Ready Important Awesome Helpful Energetic Loved Inspiring Zen Artist Books Even Touch-ups Heartfelt RUvidr Someone did something like this and I was inspired I didn't copy them I was inspired by them If Moriah herself or the person I was inspired by reads this, I just want to thank you. I love art but lately I haven't been inspired. People like you inspire me to be more creative with create this book 1 and 2. It's people like you who inspire and help make ideas, great ideas, pop into people's head. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the 🌎 especially people like you guys who are reading this. Have a nice day, a nice life, and always stay positive
Melanie Kirkby
Hi Mary Myer Elizabeth my middle name is Elizabeth and I’ve made three crates box and I finished and I’m making a fourth one right now I do want our you repeat every day five of four pages today that’s why I can’t do it not for three years only spending on one boxout I started two weeks ago doing at the great Facebook no three weeks ago sorry and I’m up to my voice and because I finished the book and only one week I’m so proud of myself by and I love your Vids
Reese McDaniels
puppy love
puppy love Day ago
You should use the rocks for a jewelry holder
Mikayla Petersen
I like it
Chris Kornegay
Moriah:a new toy Me:but they are pens
JC strawberry Bat
*when you have a hard time lining it up* 5:33
Tara Hays
Tara Hays 2 days ago
Jenny Johnson-Kitchel
Me neither l can't make a straight line to save my life and I'm co co crasy and I think you are great 😎
Trần Văn Cường
He looks like pickles
Lileeann Olson
Lileeann Olson 2 days ago
Practice makes progress Moriah!
Coconut Cupcakez
Coconut Cupcakez 2 days ago
7:19 “WhAt Do YoU tHiNk?” ( my holosexuals where you at?)
John Nicholls
John Nicholls 2 days ago
L Lo Lov Love
Lindon Clough
Lindon Clough 2 days ago
How do you write with your left hand
Lyla Bo Romero
Lyla Bo Romero 2 days ago
It's art okay she says in a dark voice 😂😂
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 2 days ago
Things I hate 1)Edited comments 2)lists 3)probably you 4) liking your own comment 5)comments 6)commenting on comments
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 2 days ago
K K 2 days ago
Just to make sure all those colours are POPPIN’ *disco music plays*
Mac Mein
Mac Mein 2 days ago
those rocks are so cool like this comment if you agree
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 2 days ago
Like ur own comment biiiiish
Galaxy wolf Games
*~pulls out rainbow shotgun~* *PREPARE TO DIE SUCKERS* *Suckers: oof ~Le dead~* *Hehehehe HAHHAHAHA HUHUHHUHUUHU Dieee they DIAREA* *suckers: ~does diarea~ waaaaaaa* Like if you you had a gun pulled on you or you had diarea! Like if you love posca 👇
Lee Perreault
Lee Perreault 2 days ago
I love you can you please give me your address name please I have a box for you
Stella Tézsla
Stella Tézsla 3 days ago
Subscube to marya Elizabeth’s canal
Alvaro Reyes
Alvaro Reyes 3 days ago
My school has dose markers to
dipak kumar b.k.
dipak kumar b.k. 3 days ago
I think you are kindda like billie eilish
Emma Jones
Emma Jones 3 days ago
You like all the perple ones
Lutfi Omar
Lutfi Omar 3 days ago
The shrinky dink art you drew are super cuteeeeeee
Anja Kurtic
Anja Kurtic 3 days ago
Moriah: i Love Shrinky Dinks Shrinky Dinks:HeLp 🤣Sorry xD i ♡ your Videos 🤗
XxHuskyPugLovexX X
*Box Asmr*
Jezrah Palma
Jezrah Palma 3 days ago
How about Trying galaxy colors?
Strawberry Cuties
random person-*YOU SAID YOU WERE USING POSCA! YOUR A LIER Moriah-*ignores it* *this is not for hate (which I don’t know why some one might think it is ;-;*
Xx Minecraft Frost xX
Practice makes improvement-Moriah
Siera Knight
Siera Knight 3 days ago
At 8:40 Moriyah: DONT ask me what to do with them Me: sooo.... what do you do with them Sorry I just thought that was funny🤷🏽‍♀️
Wätër melon
Wätër melon 3 days ago
Posca pens huh ? Ok guess it's time for pizza pens 2020 here we come
Addy G
Addy G 3 days ago
You should do seashell painting
Mimi Potter
Mimi Potter 3 days ago
The green one looks like pickle
Erin’s world
Erin’s world 3 days ago
The pink shopping looking thins is adorable
Isaac Flerchinger
I love it
Claudia De La Cruz
Can you make me one plz😄
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 2 days ago
She will. If you have money. NEVER! Ask an artist for free art is rude.
Lina Boshof
Lina Boshof 4 days ago
So gooood
K Rose
K Rose 4 days ago
Posca paint pens, I asked for them for my birthday I don’t know if I’ll get them but I hope I do. They look Beautiful! More beautiful than my cat! No! Nothing is more beautiful than my cat, his name is Leo.
Blawr Rawr
Blawr Rawr 4 days ago
Blawr Rawr
Blawr Rawr 2 days ago
@Abby Jackson maybe but you don’t need to know
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 2 days ago
Sophia Mango
Sophia Mango 4 days ago
awesome elena
awesome elena 4 days ago
I dare you to do not 1 rainbow thing in your next vid
Andri Demetriou
Andri Demetriou 4 days ago
Pasca pens: moriah Elizabeth why are you being mean to us? Moriah Elizabeth: im sorry but i love how you draw pasca pens! Me: i love your vids Moriah Elizabeth!
megan's random life
You could make the little monsters into keychains and put them on keys or purse ECT.
Death- Whisperer
Death- Whisperer 4 days ago
Moriah: I got this at the dollar store FO A DOLLA Me;LIZA KOSHI (Lol I cant spell)
Aida Diop
Aida Diop 4 days ago
Do sell squishy ?
Aida Diop
Aida Diop 4 days ago
And.... Key ring
Freya Evans
Freya Evans 4 days ago
Are those shapes inspired by the 'Create obscure shapes' page in Create this Book
GeekyBee 29
GeekyBee 29 4 days ago
She gave a great idea for a gift to give to my teacher...... Next year cause her birthday passed and I couldn't give her anything
patricia reign
patricia reign 4 days ago
5 4 3 2 1 The floor, bed, couch is lava Like if your too lazy to move plus comment moriah if you like moriah
patricia reign HA! I’m on the CHAIR whoop
Princess Syd
Princess Syd 4 days ago
Brooo I dropped my phone on face and I said ahhh like didn’t scream just said ahh
Tatayanna Washington
BenItoFPS 4 days ago
Had a competition for dance and we got 1st place !
WaterMelonGames 4 days ago
Do you mean JigglyPuff the pokèmon? Ya probably
Gåcha Cøøkie_Wølf
You could make your shrink plastic into squishies!
LetaMisty Unicorn
2:20 why?? (I can’t drink milk I am allergic to it)
Slime squishies and satisfying things Jones
You can also use the rocks to throw at people (I am very very very violent:)
νєlνєт яσѕєѕ
I love how you’re not one of those really cringy high pitched “Rainbowy”? Gurus that are always like “haha, I’m such a dork!” Like, stop.. you’re cringy.. Really tho, I love how you’re so relatable 🤣
Robin Elliot
Robin Elliot 5 days ago
I know there was a trend a while ago where you would paint a rock, put your home town on the bottom and leave them in random places, then people would take them, take pictures, then put them somewhere else, and you see how far your rock travels! I think it would be such a cool idea to do!
Emil Bremen
Emil Bremen 5 days ago
Scarlett Abbott
Scarlett Abbott 5 days ago
Who realized that the monsters are rainbow monsters
Jiya Panchal
Jiya Panchal 5 days ago
I would make those monster things into little charms for like a charm bracelet
Story Of my LIFE
Story Of my LIFE 5 days ago
10:39 its jiggly puff
SHEEP VIDS_yt 5 days ago
Things I don’t like about comments 1. W h e n t h e l e t t e r s a re n o t t o g e t h e r 2 w3hn thurs nu gramer 3. When they are edited 4. When they repeat the same sentence 4. When they repeat the same sentence 5. WhEn ThE LeTtErS ArE LiKe ThIs 6. When they ask for likes (gimme likes! Just kidding)
Malinda Maxim
Malinda Maxim 5 days ago
I watched this so many times butt it's To funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😂😆😂😆😭😂😆😆😂😆😂 😂😆😭 😹😹😹😹😆 Lol XD the funny part "Pull it off with your FINGERS!?!?!?!?" That was funny to me XD
Team Unicorn
Team Unicorn 5 days ago
Your nails and the rocks (before painted) was matching
MillieBear 5 days ago
*precious little bEaUtIEs* ~Moriah Elizabeth, 2019 (or 2018, idk)
K and D Gachaverse
Someone in the vid with high pitch voice:what is it supposed to be? Me:Wassilly Kandinsky abstract art Moriah in low pitch voice: ITS ART
Punifoxez Lol
Punifoxez Lol 5 days ago
2028 Autumn Kuznar
1:58 PLEASE DON'T KILL US!!!!!!!!!!!!
TokyoGhoulWolf 0806
1:48 Liza Koshy who?
Pattitra 123
Pattitra 123 5 days ago
*Practise makes... improvements...* Life lesson from Moriah Elizabeth
FluffyDog 5 days ago
gesso geHso *jEhSoH*
Pattitra 123
Pattitra 123 5 days ago
*Always bathe your rocks before painting* Top 10 life lessons from Moriah Elizabeth
FluffyDog 5 days ago
Oh please it’s 52 dollars
Monkey.Me.07 !!!
Monkey.Me.07 !!! 5 days ago
Moriah:"I'm not one of those precise people" Me : (remembering a past video) "Moriah has spacing issues 😂"
PiLa 07
PiLa 07 5 days ago
Draint or Praw? Comment!
Wolf gamer
Wolf gamer 5 days ago
This vid is my fave this is the 38th time I have watched this I want another vidio with the pens WHO AGREES???
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke 5 days ago
Jiggly puff
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke 5 days ago
It's abstract art
Lololozi 123
Lololozi 123 5 days ago
1:57 what was the knife she used called?
super art master
super art master 5 days ago
You could just use an exact o knife to cut them out to not crack the plastic
zenith Malik
zenith Malik 5 days ago
Can we draw with these on a paper??
Skylark 123
Skylark 123 5 days ago
My auntie paints rocks They are beautiful!
Salem's Corner
Salem's Corner 5 days ago
Hey people one time for my birthday I got a rock kit
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