3 FROM HELL Official Trailer (2019) Rob Zombies, Horror Movie

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3 FROM HELL Official Trailer Movie in theatre Soon.
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 3 686
D F.
D F. Day ago
Zombie movie = Sherri Moon Movie
Blc ME
Blc ME Day ago
Who is the hero or valian here??
Rob zombie 👎😴
Clutch Player #2
Clutch Player #2 4 days ago
I'm Canadian. From Vancouver BC. Rob Zombie should do a spin off on the serial killer from Abbotsford. The pug farmer Robert Pickton. But do a original story based off that one. It's a fuckin disturbing story. Rip his victims but damn it make a good horror movie.
Lou Lou Hoskins
Lou Lou Hoskins 7 days ago
“ Hello America did you miss me ? “
Nicole J.
Nicole J. 7 days ago
I’m seeing a distinct lack of Captain Spaulding and I don’t like it
manga3040 4 days ago
Uh yea pretty significant reason for that.
pigfan x
pigfan x 9 days ago
retro vhs production
ho yes ! j'ai hâte que il sortent en françe !
nick tardif
nick tardif 10 days ago
zombie gotta stop using his wife in his films, shes old she cant act for shit and shes annoying
Grace Duff
Grace Duff 10 days ago
This movie was so so
Ph@tMantv 11 days ago
1. 2.. 3... *BELOW* !!
Candi S
Candi S 12 days ago
Rob Zombie failed in my eyes on this one (just one part)... The part where they say "Snitches Get Stitches" well that could have been great.It should have been Baby that took out the snitch at the end.. She should have stitched up his mouth and eyes and well you can take it from there for the torture but to have him just shot was a horrible replacement.. what a waste. But the rest of the movie was AMAZING.. I love Baby Just my opinion.. LOVING ME SOME BABY!!!!!!
Brittany 12 days ago
I'm so excited to watch this right now :)
Nisha Coley
Nisha Coley 13 days ago
They saved the best for last. I love every bit of the sadistic evil and gore put in tho this movie😩🙏🏾
Erica Jackson
Erica Jackson 13 days ago
Gonna miss watching Sid Haig. What a horror legend! The horror world, unfortunately, just got a little less sadistic. His performance in the devil's rejects was one of the best I've ever seen! If you disagree about what I said and have to read this twice, I just have one thing to say....." Did I stutter Bitch!"
Get Ur LIFE 14 days ago
How the fuck did they survive that shooting at the end of the devil rejects? 🤔RIP Captain Spaulding🙏🏾
Cherry_Bomb 14 days ago
I'm a star motherFuckers! ahahahahahahha
Charles Higgens
Charles Higgens 14 days ago
it's a good movie it's just that the girl tries too hard to look cute compared to the first movie where it was just natural. however every scene is unexpected so that's why i think it's good
Amelita Relly
Amelita Relly 14 days ago
Rob Zombie movies are b horror movies, and always the same people, and oh! the bad acting, oh well RIP Sid Haig
nobody else
nobody else 15 days ago
SPOILER. This is such a misleading trailer. It's nothing original like the first two. And Rob Zombie is trying to promote it by saying it was Sid Haigs last movie, even though he was only in it for about a minute and a half. Very disappointing. Silly Rob Zombie....he'll lose a few fans over this garbage. Pity.
Lisa Gentry
Lisa Gentry 15 days ago
My favorite Rob Zombie movie so far
kenchoso 17 days ago
Nadie les da su merecido a esos tres hijos de p.... hacen lo que les da la gana, asesinan a quien sea y nadie les da su merecido. Una mierda de pelicula.
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson 17 days ago
Phenomenal film.i will watch any film or song from rob zombie. I give it 7 out of 5. Brilliant.when was directing Halloween. he brought michael to life
Jerry S.
Jerry S. 18 days ago
Jerry S.
Jerry S. 18 days ago
Movie was weak sauce. House of a 1000 Corpses was way better. In no way should you give the firefly family fucking feelings ugh... seriously.
1234Colt 18 days ago
I dont even see myself as religious but one can clearly see that our loss of God only results in more and more fascination with destruction and madness. Im afraid certain ideals we once shared as a society are about to be gone.
nobody else
nobody else 15 days ago
They're long gone already which is why we will never unite in the fight against our enemy which is the government, Hollywood and the American goal to control the world
angelx 1992
angelx 1992 20 days ago
Good movie, but I don't like how they survived from the last movie. One or two survivors would have been ok, but all three ? My dvd was scratched so I missed the last 10 minutes. I'll have to watch again later, maybe. pft
Carcer City
Carcer City 22 days ago
Please tell me Otis dies, I fucking hate him
Thee Duke of Derp
Thee Duke of Derp 23 days ago
Movie fucking sucked rob needs to go back to making shitty music and stop putting his wife in all his damn movies LMAO 😂
zepps88 23 days ago
Man, what happened from the last movie? "Three From Hell" was garbage, and that's coming from someone who really enjoyed "The Devil's Rejects" and "House of 1000 Corpses". Sub-par acting with horrible timing, no character development, and the story had no direction or sense of purpose. I'm all for gore and violence for the sake of gore and violence, but you need to give the audience something to hold on to. "The Devil's Rejects" was written wonderfully with smooth, flowing dialogue. "Three From Hell" had a script that sounded like it was written by a troubled 16 year old.
L Franco
L Franco 23 days ago
A friend from work bought the Bluray set and gave me the DVD that comes with it for free. I am watching it and still feel ripped off for some reason.
Gavin Lybert
Gavin Lybert 23 days ago
I don’t know who’s more psycho The devils rejects Or The people who support them
Gavin Lybert
Gavin Lybert 23 days ago
These real people?
Jaime Zegpi
Jaime Zegpi 25 days ago
RIP Captain Spaulding - original is better - thi sis a Fantasy movie.
Brandon  Waggoner
Brandon Waggoner 25 days ago
Here's an idea for a forth movie. The trio Otis, Baby, & Foxy are looking for a new compound in Mexico, whilst not trying, but recruiting new family members. Otis, is now Spaulding (keep him himself, & not actually Spaulding character. Just like ranks) Baby is now Mother Firefly, Foxy is Charlie aka Wolf J. Flywheel. They're not trying to actually recruit members, just like how Baby was being very cool & straight & let loose, not really fucking with the midget. Just like that.
ming dang
ming dang 26 days ago
Rob zombie stop putting your wife in your movies... she’s fucking ugly🤮
TheJu05 Eh
TheJu05 Eh 28 days ago
normally i like rob zombie movies but it just more of the same from before nothing new if you've seen devil rejects you've seen this movie just a waste of time very disappointing
xdeadmeatx 28 days ago
Goddamn, lotta folks being nasty to Sherri. “Why is Rob still with her? Why didn’t he trade in for a newer model” Idk, why didn’t your dad? Think he would if he were rich? Most folks don’t tend to split up with long time partners if the relationship is going well. Go figure.
nobody else
nobody else 15 days ago
I have not seen a single comment like that....are you schizophrenic?
MetalSlayin Brotha
MetalSlayin Brotha 29 days ago
Kickass flick!😎
swright4twenty 29 days ago
I watched this last night and it's not the same without Spaulding. IMO it's too much of a regurgitation of the The Devil's Advocates. Like...just way too many similarities.
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