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unknown man kolong
unknown man kolong 11 hours ago
Stupid judges
Manoj Roy
Manoj Roy Month ago
Stupid judge s .
Torregoshi Month ago
why are Ukrainians damn attractive?
Logean Camral
Logean Camral Month ago
Noob jugdes
bangla deshi
bangla deshi Month ago
Never judge a book by its cover This is the moral☺
Czymonette Claire Botengan
I cried the woman who made art😢like i you also
sisters for life Bilha and Vashty
That woman has a nice voice 💞💞
BlueFT 1039
BlueFT 1039 Month ago
The artist Girl Don't Care if She Wins she just wanna show her talent around the World I'm late 😅😅😆
Mariel Naife Soriano
She has a beautiful face and voice..aida
Laurent Frost
Laurent Frost Month ago
they didn't realize that art takes time, she even did it with two hands, and I'm like wutt
Death Bite
Death Bite Month ago
Im a professional artist and art is very hard to make and the judges are just...sooo stupid...i wanna see them painting and ill judge them
Victoria Inpayne
lmao they really cant believe a contestant would sing better than them lol But those judges who were impatient to wait until the end dont deserve to be there IM MAD.
darkning hornillos
she has an amazing voice. I like her.
Izen Urrutia
Izen Urrutia Month ago
Didn't they know that art takes time?
olmillo family
olmillo family Month ago
tangina nyo judgemental kayooooooooooooooo
Trisha Aquino
Trisha Aquino Month ago
Never judge a book by its cover. The only thing I can say at the judges
Angry Man
Angry Man Month ago
Painter is so so so ... ......genius
Davin Malcolm
Davin Malcolm Month ago
Batty bwoy
FR Bmp
FR Bmp Month ago
That female lady who buzzed off the painter was just jealous cause the painter was more talented and beautiful than her.
Dristi Shrestha
Dristi Shrestha Month ago
shame on you foolish judges.
Hanz Malino
Hanz Malino Month ago
I want to slap those judges on the last part. How come they didnt know if it's recording or not. If im on the position of that contestant I would show them my acapella and walk out after. They dont fckin deserve her.
Bianca Camille Fayloga
this is a really sad world, people are too quick to judge. I want to give the artist a hug! Girl, you're awesome!
jessvivan palabrica
3 X turn into yes ..judgemental
Everybody Is Unique
Judges should've waited till the end.
Anie joy Gomez
Anie joy Gomez Month ago
Wow nice voice my god.😍😍😍
сунод лама
Both lady make me cry 😢
Mike Florida
Mike Florida Month ago
i cried cause of the painter it was good
Joseph Sario
Joseph Sario Month ago
Tang ina palakpakan ang mga bakla eh hahahaha...BAKLA!
Judges who conclude too soon are not judges.
Diwash pradhan
Diwash pradhan Month ago
U se the public reaction. ..That's why don't judge quickly. .
RIAN Gaming
RIAN Gaming Month ago
Don't judge Quickly, Its a cover,
Praveen Geeshan
Praveen Geeshan Month ago
Idiots lol :)
Mae mae
Mae mae Month ago
😭😭😭😭the painters💔
I feel really had for the painter
Francis Archie
Francis Archie Month ago
"Don't Judge the book by their/each cover" From:Philippines
Savage Aj
Savage Aj Month ago
Judges are too impatient that’s why auditioning is very inconvenient.
Even the judges cant do that amazing paitn so they need to respect that girl....i felt really bad for the girl
Tallback Ajjela
Tallback Ajjela Month ago
rush judgements make more mistakes
Mariano Rego
Mariano Rego Month ago
Beautiful and Unique voice
eric ancheta
eric ancheta Month ago
Napaiyak aq sa painter
Dannyme Gelicame
8:12 shame on judge's
Dannyme Gelicame
I feel bad at the judge's 😢😭
mineo ichokwaan
mineo ichokwaan Month ago
I feel bad for those people
Xandy Ramos
Xandy Ramos Month ago
I love the ARTIST!!!
maria btsarmy
maria btsarmy Month ago
Yup...they are wrong
Rio Vanessa
Rio Vanessa Month ago
Merlita Melgar
Merlita Melgar Month ago
Don't judge the book by it's cover
iAmSp Striker
iAmSp Striker Month ago
Who made them judges...they hav no patience..... chutiye sale😂
Akep Muhd
Akep Muhd Month ago
the most dumb judges
dhina bermudez Corona
lol judges
octagon studio
octagon studio Month ago
Give it up for david
shivani nayak
shivani nayak Month ago
If anybody knows that painter's name then please mention it. I really got touched
Mary Liwanag
Mary Liwanag Month ago
The jury should watch the performer until the end dont judge anyone if you did not what is the result
HeathLee Brown
HeathLee Brown Month ago
The lady wow wow wow I felt something beautiful with her voice. It was golden. She has a purpose
Surendra Singh
Surendra Singh Month ago
7:28 incridble voice 🌟👌
Vaishali Oza
Vaishali Oza Month ago
I am crying for the painter her talent was amazing can't the judges wait a minute more 😭😭
Check Lover
Check Lover Month ago
That girl singer, her voice too good makes judges like we know believe in miracles.
Andrea Mendoza
Andrea Mendoza Month ago
you need to think before you do it
Leo Vlog
Leo Vlog Month ago
Actually those judges are gold diggers
Brian De Bradzinar
Leave away the painting that voice though its💗💗💗👌👌👌🔥🔥
VenomX Official
VenomX Official Month ago
Hes soo artist in the world i wish next talent hes will win im soo very proud of her
sadaqat ali
sadaqat ali Month ago
i also sadia sab
christine joy gari
When judges were judgemental 😢
Satendar Singh
Satendar Singh Month ago
👞 👞 in judges face
My god her voice😶💜
Gerlie Poliquin
Gerlie Poliquin Month ago
im crying😢
Sanjay Parihar
Sanjay Parihar Month ago
Yes you are
Nightcore Muzik
Nightcore Muzik Month ago
The girls voice in the 3rd video was so good it's like the goddess oh my ghad it makes my heart warm. 🤭If u really listen to the song that she's singing
Jose Chun
Jose Chun Month ago
Omg russians.....russians....
Lizzie's World
Lizzie's World Month ago
That's why judges... *watch 'till the end ok*
Ame Lyn
Ame Lyn Month ago
Ame Lyn
Ame Lyn Month ago
😲😲😲😲wow Amazing shes talented....😢😭
Ame Lyn
Ame Lyn Month ago
mnga tropsz
mnga tropsz Month ago
so SO, sad 5:18
Mose Loau
Mose Loau Month ago
Babby Peras
Babby Peras Month ago
Aida so dammm
kim gamanay
kim gamanay Month ago
Aida is giving me chills😱 Her voice was facinating!😍
HENRII Thang Month ago
Best Judge ??????????
Squishu Pop
Squishu Pop Month ago
WAh I cRieD
Infinity GamerX
Infinity GamerX Month ago
Just bacause the beginning part of the audision is boring doesn't meen the while audision will be boring
Margarette Urbano
Ang panget
Ar Gus
Ar Gus Month ago
that girl last one is a goddess voice
Ze Lil Dabber xD
If a Got Talent act has heels on you know something’s about to go down xD
syadiah hazimin
syadiah hazimin Month ago
This all judges are impatienttttt but the are still goooooddd
And they are the failures of school times that's why.... They dont know that hardwork pays off everytime..... Bad judgments who made them judges😒😒😒😒
MY name is Luca LOL
TheRedTographer YT
Thats why ye dont rush art -toy story 2
Luz Delicana
Luz Delicana Month ago
Ambobo ng nag judge don sa art ng babae
Betina Grace Lat
ignorante jurado
Kai Ngullie
Kai Ngullie Month ago
I respect you all😃😃😍😍
Luciano Scappaticci
hope Judges have learned lesson... :-) For the next time, at least... ;-) Bye, bye from Tuscany...
It's not funny why are there laughing
Aswaan Aswaan
Aswaan Aswaan Month ago
we most chance all why do that
princess Ashley han
Its funny
Ato Manarang
Ato Manarang Month ago
Dont judge the book by its cover......
Shiellan Brañanola
Nakakainis Yung mga judge
jay flores
jay flores Month ago
The painter
Jon Olitan
Jon Olitan Month ago
I love Aida Nikolaychuk voice its like angel is singing
Debra Abbondola
Debra Abbondola Month ago
Last one was really good
cj paras
cj paras Month ago
Judges is very O.A
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