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17 окт 2018




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Комментарии 1 364
Hi_Ako_Si 49 минут назад
you cant rush greatness
My bias in twice is sana and i like 2yeon
I felt bad for the painter art takes time
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 4 часа назад
Are they fooling around
Danish Ansari
Danish Ansari 6 часов назад
5:45 that girl voice 😯
Vanessa Boodram
Vanessa Boodram 10 часов назад
Stupid judges 😠😠
h i
h i 13 часов назад
Im just watching the vedio and scrolling down the comment section to see people criticizing the judges and agreeing with them in my mind:)
Manuel M. Simoes
Manuel M. Simoes 13 часов назад
I felt so bad for that painter 😓😓😢
Ricfer Gacita
Ricfer Gacita День назад
Redick Sh
Redick Sh День назад
The Russian singer AidaNikolaychuk wasGod singer unbelievable omg she is the world biggest singer.
Last Christmas
Last Christmas День назад
They're too judgemental hahaha that's why they're called judges
Laslee Cassandra Lacia
Laslee Cassandra Lacia День назад
Why they didn't wait to finnish the girl to paint!!!
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar День назад
Got crushed watching the painter get judged in such a horrible way😢
Vasty Kom
Vasty Kom День назад
That Spanish girl voice's like an angel.
Melissa Algara
Melissa Algara День назад
Patience is a virtue.
Emilyo Aginaldz
Emilyo Aginaldz 2 дня назад
Way lami ang mga hurado..... Pataka rag pindot.....
farid ismail
farid ismail 2 дня назад
What name song last video. Thanks
Dur e Sameen
Dur e Sameen 2 дня назад
i can't blame judges for the last one...like her vooice....anyone can be in disbelief........... AMAZING
No surrender
No surrender 3 дня назад
Stupid judge
Felimon Amora
Felimon Amora 3 дня назад
Mga bobo!
Asphalt Leviathan
Asphalt Leviathan 3 дня назад
karma boii
Shiva Shakthi
Shiva Shakthi 3 дня назад
No patiance
Babu Giri
Babu Giri 4 дня назад
Angelo Culanag
Angelo Culanag 4 дня назад
the last in Video So Pretty Voice and Loud 😍😍😍😍
J .Lalhriatpuia
J .Lalhriatpuia 4 дня назад
The ending is more important than the beginning...
leviscolt dailan
leviscolt dailan 4 дня назад
The didnt realize that true art takes time
Pjay_ Official
Pjay_ Official 4 дня назад
they act as if they are themself very talented 😑😑😑fuckerz
chezkha maia limbo
chezkha maia limbo 5 дней назад
lydia hola
lydia hola 5 дней назад
for now, i just love the Asia Got Talent 💗
K S Rolhan
K S Rolhan 5 дней назад
The judges are the biggest fool of the world he cant understand the talent of rising star they think only they are the biggest star of the world
CBgamergirl xox
CBgamergirl xox 5 дней назад
I am disgusted by the Russian judges
Ashwani kumar pandey
Ashwani kumar pandey 5 дней назад
mc judges painting wale m wait to kr Lete ganduo
Bienmaris Estrada
Bienmaris Estrada 5 дней назад
Stupid and impatient judges who don't appreciate art. Fools.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 5 дней назад
It's how the world works these days everyone is to quick to judge n that goes for everyone and not just the judges... So everyone saying that its messed up for the judge to make a quick choice it was there job they have a time limit especially on t.v... Yes i agree that chick has amazing talent in art i hope she got to where she wanted...
anand Verma
anand Verma 5 дней назад
You know what's the fun part= the girl AIDA is now very successful and a model and also she won the competition
Rowda Cabdikarim
Rowda Cabdikarim 5 дней назад
I'm feeling very bad for the painter
Aleana Camat
Aleana Camat 6 дней назад
A true ART takes time.
Veil Plays
Veil Plays 6 дней назад
Be patient kasi
Debika Acharjee
Debika Acharjee 6 дней назад
they think themselves at a very high level isn't it? So, they should should be ashamed for their doing. and again having fun through the dance. Simon is good from heart, but he thinks his decision is the best one..
Joselito Dicla
Joselito Dicla 6 дней назад
That's why you don't judge too quickly
Monica Sathe
Monica Sathe 6 дней назад
Why do the buzzers even exist..it's not like they can't talk or give their opinions AFTER the performance is done??
Ari Mystic
Ari Mystic 6 дней назад
James Valor
James Valor 6 дней назад
Daw mgA tanga ang judges yakkkk mag mangu gid
Adalt Dating
Adalt Dating 6 дней назад
Amazing 😉
Naveendran Veen
Naveendran Veen 7 дней назад
But actually this all reality tv shows are scripted..am i right?
Naveendran Veen
Naveendran Veen 7 дней назад
Some of Arragont judges..they cant accept there is some others really talented than them in their own ways....
Hindi news world
Hindi news world 7 дней назад
Can anyone tell me this song name
Jammie 7 дней назад
They are so impatient 🙄🙄
ELECTRO GAMER 7 дней назад
Don't take judges who don't have any patience
Tapas Das
Tapas Das 7 дней назад
Unlikes are for judges
Amy Narak
Amy Narak 7 дней назад
I love David !! He is calm , always wait longer and give people a chance, love you !!! DAVID
DAKSHANT Freestyle
DAKSHANT Freestyle 7 дней назад
they are so stuped
Prakrit Sarki
Prakrit Sarki 8 дней назад
Don't judge a book by it's cover...👍👍✌
Mamang Khongsai
Mamang Khongsai 8 дней назад
Don't judge the book by it's cover
Jerome Lanz
Jerome Lanz 8 дней назад
Die vier doofen juroren von der CH !!!!
Sympathy 543
Sympathy 543 8 дней назад
I wanna stab a knife on the Russian judges especially that blonde witch 😤
Cassy Saima
Cassy Saima 8 дней назад
Husga Kasi agad😢
Susan Joy
Susan Joy 8 дней назад
David enjoys every bit of everything 😂😂😂😂
facto shala
facto shala 8 дней назад
When I will grow up I will marry that 3rd girl 😍😍
Jagannath Francisco
Jagannath Francisco 8 дней назад
People are judgemental they laugh hard Me *show me your talent guyz!*
Rida Zainab
Rida Zainab 9 дней назад
Aida n the painter was amazing
Salina Hussin
Salina Hussin 9 дней назад
david williams are positif judges
Dyna Gamutan
Dyna Gamutan 9 дней назад
Vivek Balan
Vivek Balan 9 дней назад
Girl painter is a true winner for me😘😘
Surav Nanop
Surav Nanop 9 дней назад
Napa iyak ako dito maganda subra ung drawing nya
Titan Team
Titan Team 9 дней назад
Girl voice is incredible😵
Invincible power
Invincible power 9 дней назад
What a voice of that girls aumsome.... Guys
Invincible power
Invincible power 9 дней назад
That girl who sing is awesome..... 🙂 Why they did that.....
Invincible power
Invincible power 9 дней назад
Girl's painting was awesome............ 🙂
Mr Reactorz Zone
Mr Reactorz Zone 9 дней назад
Dont judge people so quickly
Manali Tyagi
Manali Tyagi 9 дней назад
I feel so sad for painter...😭😭😭😭
Yogashree Kumar
Yogashree Kumar 9 дней назад
Awesome painting
Paul Lap
Paul Lap 10 дней назад
don't judge a book by its cover
PJ gaming
PJ gaming 10 дней назад
Russian girl I do not know understand but voice super she is super singer I like ot
Atul Beard
Atul Beard 10 дней назад
The judge's know only thing to do Only sit in the chair and warm the sitt
Lisa Manoban
Lisa Manoban 10 дней назад
Im dissapointed to the judges im so sorry for the painter :(
Sagar Gamkak
Sagar Gamkak 10 дней назад
These judges are not experience enough
Praveen Arul
Praveen Arul 10 дней назад
How is Aida not an international singer .. why is she performing here .. she brought a tank to a knife fight ....
jay r castro
jay r castro 10 дней назад
this what they called. judges who judge quickly. co'z they don't entertain at the beggining. and like what a said. ..judging quickly.
jay r castro
jay r castro 10 дней назад
even the last one. the girl singing. like what??? auditioning but lipsync? how come they let those auditioners sing a lipsync with singing reality competition. hahah wth
Wonder Webshie
Wonder Webshie 10 дней назад
Lesson Learned: ''Don't judge the book by its cover.''
Ayah ku
Ayah ku 10 дней назад
[[ waifu ]]
[[ waifu ]] 11 дней назад
The Russian and Ukrainian judges just embarrassed themselves💀 Btw, can I kill that impatient blonde witch
prince pawan
prince pawan 3 дня назад
i feel the same
eleazer dacayanan
eleazer dacayanan 11 дней назад
russian jdges idiots
Gilbert Glenn Tura
Gilbert Glenn Tura 11 дней назад
Person nowadays dont appreciate simple talents which turns out to be the greatest ones.
Edith Ortencio
Edith Ortencio 11 дней назад
dont judge a book by it's cover betches
Janie Janie
Janie Janie 11 дней назад
me too
evans thiongo
evans thiongo 11 дней назад
In Simon we trust.
SakuraHatake 11 дней назад
Zero775 11 дней назад
moral lesson:don't be judgemental
Joyce-Anne Palete
Joyce-Anne Palete 12 дней назад
Woooooh😲😲😲😲😲 amazing voice my god.😲💕💕💕
mzpreholic jr
mzpreholic jr 12 дней назад
The female jury from Ukraine has no heart ... She provoked another jury to agree with her ... When the painter showed extraordinary results. She remains shameless. Sorry from Google translate 😂
Daeny danny
Daeny danny 12 дней назад
That Russian girl singing like its on studio.. OMG
Jaidapuram Prathyusha
Jaidapuram Prathyusha 12 дней назад
When I study during holidays my mom reaction 1:02
Chareese The Greatest
Chareese The Greatest 12 дней назад
*Judges cant wait,also i really feel bad for the painter they didint realize her effort*
Georgenia Bong
Georgenia Bong 12 дней назад
4:37 OA ? :'(
BCPO IDM 13 дней назад
the girlw ith an art moved me... her tears are pure
Katie Horton
Katie Horton 13 дней назад
If I was a judge I would wait for the end of basically every act.
shan nair
shan nair 13 дней назад
Why they can't wait😠😡😠😡
Joel Balagot
Joel Balagot 13 дней назад
Its the bigbigbig misstake....
Mr X
Mr X 14 дней назад
Singer name is aida nikolaychuk 😍😍
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