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PINK SLIPS! Winner takes all as these two budget turbo cars go head to head in the final battle to see which is the ultimate FWD EVO. It's 2SEXY VS 2WISTD.
Shop: www.mightycarmods.com/collections/
Facebook: facebook.com/mightycarmods
Forum: forums.mightycarmods.com
Thanks to Luddenham Raceway for letting us use the race track!
Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.




20 фев 2019




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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods 26 дней назад
We put a heap of work into this final battle and proud to keep MCM mad and free on The RUvids! Please give the video a thumbs up and we hope you enjoy the battle!
Jordan Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez 2 дня назад
Nice diss on roadkill lolol
Wiebo Westerhof
Wiebo Westerhof 19 дней назад
+Aura Umbreon check out the next video, time to re-subscribe :)
aver6969 20 дней назад
Proton Putra
LERMA ANGELES 20 дней назад
Vtec mini and 2sexy
:o 21 день назад
Put the 2WISTD engine in 2SEXY
Mc_ Skyline
Mc_ Skyline 12 часов назад
lol am i the only dude that thought the orange car was subie?
Teo b
Teo b 2 дня назад
love marty smug face when he is about to take moog's car at 31:52
Harvin 9991
Harvin 9991 3 дня назад
Noo 2wisted 😱😰😨🤭🥺😕 😢
Bulik 3 дня назад
Please tell the track name at the end.
Henry Gunn
Henry Gunn 3 дня назад
Why is Australia so strict on its defect laws. In the UK were strict but we could totally drive Too Sexy on the road if it passed MOT.
CV T 3 дня назад
These cars are horrendously awful but these videos are so good!
merciah 4 дня назад
Meanwhile watching this, in the bottom corner, next video is titled, "The end of 2WISTD"
Jesse Gregory
Jesse Gregory 4 дня назад
Personally I doubt they crushed it, or at the least dp u really think those dirty bastard at the wreakers would have scrapped it? Nah they would have tried to find some 18yr old to rip off or parted it, also being honest it's not a evo anyway it's a shitty lancer that got turned into a evo and not evin a good looking one
Thir7een 5 дней назад
You guys should have tonnes more views & subs! One of my favorite car channels👌
alvin evangelista
alvin evangelista 5 дней назад
Very nice bell helmet...
EvRi GaMa
EvRi GaMa 6 дней назад
😭😭😭2WISTD bye....
Виктор Бамперист
Виктор Бамперист 6 дней назад
What is the name of the musical composition that plays at the end of the video?
Виктор Бамперист
GoogleLeaveMyNameAlone 4 дня назад
its the blue turd song from one of their really old videos
aires fagan
aires fagan 6 дней назад
Poor Moog and 2wisted such a sad ending
Nosok313 6 дней назад
Thomas DD
Thomas DD 6 дней назад
Are this olive trees at the back?
Austin Zappas
Austin Zappas 7 дней назад
Mihail Marinov
Mihail Marinov 7 дней назад
Bus stop's that way champ!
dinoreah2 7 дней назад
what evo isnt awd.
Bryan McKeithen
Bryan McKeithen 7 дней назад
What there ever any doubt that 2sexy would beat 2wisted? I mean the car is better suited for the track (and society in general) and Marty is basically The Stig compared to Moog when it comes to driving skill. Just messing with you Moog, if you're reading this. You're a great driver and a better electronic music artist.
MOC - LoL & Stellaris
MOC - LoL & Stellaris 7 дней назад
Is it possible they hate each other but have to deal with it for the sake of business?
Joshua McMurray
Joshua McMurray 7 дней назад
The Epic gameing bros
The Epic gameing bros 8 дней назад
6:51 bottom left corner lol
benzs cch
benzs cch 8 дней назад
Always pick the blue MMC. Looks tidy and less ricer. While the orange MMC not my taste.
[FPSGamer]taikatassu 9 дней назад
almost orgasm 2wisted turbo sound
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez 9 дней назад
Why destroy it. Make a give away to a local fan.
oxide9313 Gta5
oxide9313 Gta5 10 дней назад
awesome cars
H. Syr
H. Syr 10 дней назад
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley 11 дней назад
Instead of scrapping 2wisted you should just put the engine from it in 2sexy.
Jeff Yang
Jeff Yang 11 дней назад
2sexy looks kinda like a acura integra
Summer Cat of Wonder
Summer Cat of Wonder 11 дней назад
Damien Sledmister
Damien Sledmister 11 дней назад
Mekaniker Martin
Mekaniker Martin 12 дней назад
what blowoff is mountet on 2WISTED ?
Dilanka Silva
Dilanka Silva 12 дней назад
damnnnnnnn........ :P
B B 12 дней назад
Top work guys!
Michel Oliveira
Michel Oliveira 13 дней назад
Too Wasted
supradrift1000 13 дней назад
Stay off he race track guys
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 13 дней назад
Bro I freaking love you guys. I remember being 10 years old and staying up on a school night watching all your videos. Without you guys my passion for cars would’ve faded ten years ago
Вадим Ткаченко
Вадим Ткаченко 13 дней назад
Greetings from Russia, Most of the people who are watching you in Russia, are not watching your channel, but the channel of a small BMIRUSSIAN team, this is a team of enthusiasts who transfer your videos specifically for us, since in Russia everything is bad with English in schools. I would like to thank you for what you are doing, good luck.
Kraken Roadkill
Kraken Roadkill 14 дней назад
That S14 in the back tho 32:53
Andrew ROIT
Andrew ROIT 14 дней назад
Ship 2wistd to the states, I'll baby it 😂
Donathan Leon
Donathan Leon 14 дней назад
:o 14 дней назад
What's the difference between the Mitsubishi Mirage and Mitsubishi Lancer CC???
The Real Dodson
The Real Dodson 14 дней назад
300 to the tires? I love it lol.
Gabriel Ascenso Tomas
Gabriel Ascenso Tomas 15 дней назад
What are the names of the cars?
Vega Gaming
Vega Gaming 15 дней назад
I wanna see those go against a supra XD not a stock one though
Karl Benson
Karl Benson 16 дней назад
Marty ya face looks so pudgy in a open face helmet, AAAw bless.
ahmad nabil
ahmad nabil 16 дней назад
in malaysia the orange one is proton putra
Gusti Widyanta Setyaki
Gusti Widyanta Setyaki 16 дней назад
2sxy for lyfe
steby123 16 дней назад
The bedding compartments on my US Navy ship at sea was at 95 dBa's
Herman Cronje
Herman Cronje 16 дней назад
I feel kinda bad for 2wisted but it is a crappy car. The only thing i liked about it was the aftermarket lights, intercooler and turbo noise... But a deal was made and if the final race had gone the other way around I'm sure that 2sexy would've had the same fate....
KevinKayotic 16 дней назад
Make an AWD overland monster out of a hyundai elantra!
Claude Gable
Claude Gable 16 дней назад
Come on guys are you serious? Sure fun is important and a little of the stupid show fits the times from the Sexpack area. BUT: Why you didn't dyno both cars at the same day and showed us the complete scene in the battle? So everyone, nearly everyone, just saw the Dyno pulls days ago... Plus, if you want to figure out what is the better track car, just do some hot laps alone on the track and don't show us such a fake race with an accident on purpose at the last corner. Just compare the hit (which you just showed on board) and the damage after it. A big hit and just a few scratches? Come on are you kidding me? And no need for the poor and embarrassing soap opera in this and the video after this. If this is the MCM 2019 where you are showing content for little stupid 15 year old boys - than good night MCM. Btw. I'm no hater, I literally saw nearly every Video from you guys and I enjoyed it, but if you compare the 2Sexy vs. Twisted thing with the 2Sexy vs. Wasabi, then you will see that the Wasabi battle and the whole making of it is so much more better than this crap. Sorry guys, just my 2 cents.
Luis Sime
Luis Sime 17 дней назад
Moof the only way to come back to DESTROY 2sexy is by its enemy........ SUBARU.
UnderClap YT
UnderClap YT 17 дней назад
I feel sad for him
Unknown quantity Slowly searching reality
After watching this and hundreds of your other RUvid videos I’m gutted that this is the END of such an awesome car- this should be donated to a UK Viewer and used to promote your channel in the UK, we don’t seem to have any modifications available to us and something like this could really start off a new trend 👍👍👍
ol-studio 17 дней назад
Anthony Tasso
Anthony Tasso 17 дней назад
As car ppl ur supposed to support ur friends and their cars not destroy them so he should be kicked off the channel for life
Anthony Tasso
Anthony Tasso 17 дней назад
You would be knocked out cold if u towed my car to a scrap yard even if it was a challenge that’s scumbag at the greatest you lost a subscriber and follower will also let all my friends know to stop watching your channel RIP 2WISTED
Philip Geleta
Philip Geleta 17 дней назад
wtf kinda drag race was that lol take it to a legit track atleast like that first race was dumb
GAME BOYY 17 дней назад
Man i want to have 2 sexy
ultimate shine86
ultimate shine86 18 дней назад
I’m not crying you are
Mithun 4 Tech
Mithun 4 Tech 18 дней назад
Cliff P
Cliff P 18 дней назад
Love ya Marty!!
Cliff P
Cliff P 18 дней назад
What’s the name of that movie? Dazed and confused 31:00.
Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire 18 дней назад
The shifting hurts my heart
Mika Pesonen
Mika Pesonen 18 дней назад
lmao craaankwalked outta there life
Kevosohumble 18 дней назад
Should of just gave me the losing car lol
waclosh 18 дней назад
ok that horn must have been some real pain for producer's ears.
camndino 18 дней назад
Thank you guys. You have given me endless hours of learning about your cars and even cars in other nations. It really is a culture unto itself, this love of cars that we share. It crosses social and national and a hundred other things that divide us. Keep up the good works.
D. Mat.Zero6
D. Mat.Zero6 18 дней назад
Does David offer his services for females? Marty, Moog they can be difficult most times.
Mika 18 дней назад
2WISTD is way better than I thought it would be. Tbh, from the states I know nothing about Mitsubishis, and this almost makes me want to try and find a cheap one.
Socialus 18 дней назад
2sexy is just 4shadowing
Commando Ben
Commando Ben 18 дней назад
So, basically Marty won because he drove better. Not that I'm complaining.
Auvaa Casey Poila
Auvaa Casey Poila 18 дней назад
Hahaha 2wistd can’t drive 😭😭😭
Mishel Kostromin
Mishel Kostromin 18 дней назад
Заколебали болтать!
NayCart 18 дней назад
2sexy is probably the better car here. but i feel 2wistd has more soul and character
ewanok 18 дней назад
Lol, still calling it an Evo. POS needs to die.
Momo 18 дней назад
what happens when you put love and blood into your car. She never lets you down :)
Jrexfilms rrr
Jrexfilms rrr 18 дней назад
Cried at the end 😢
FrooXiE Gamer
FrooXiE Gamer 18 дней назад
I love how turbo is still fluttering while engine is shut down. :D
aarongentuk 19 дней назад
Every jump start should have been a point to 2SEXY :-P
Jonas Martinez
Jonas Martinez 19 дней назад
moog should have changed the diff on 2WISTD so it had a better chance of winning races that involved going around corners... last race showed why locked diffs on FWD cards do not win races.
Vade Nummela
Vade Nummela 19 дней назад
You guys should do a Skyline battle next. Marty can bring a GT4 R33 with tacked on turbos and keep telling himself its a GTR. And Moog should get an R32 GTR with an R34 Fascia, only the car is a beater.
Amadz Balboa
Amadz Balboa 19 дней назад
Putra? Is that you???
nibbzs15 19 дней назад
😂 these guys are still garbage actors
Lesliegiiir 19 дней назад
300 horsepower???? Thats all?? Thats like a regular used street. Is that ridonculous for you? Dont understand how is this show so big and the cars so underpowered or interesting. Dashboard falling of the thing for god sake. They are what we call a teenager car.
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 19 дней назад
12:04 I think he was about to deep throat the shifter but remembered he was on camera so he tried to play it off like he was smelling it.
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 19 дней назад
What kind of car is 2 sexy, a british civic?
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 19 дней назад
220kw=295hp incase anyone was wondering.
John Don
John Don 19 дней назад
just fix his car and give it back, or just give it back the pain is unreal
God Slime
God Slime 19 дней назад
Thank god i hated 2WISTED - such a shit song for a shit car as well
That Neon Channel
That Neon Channel 19 дней назад
U should have fix ur suspension and twisted would've destroyed 2sexy... 2sexy I'm pretty sure got suspension work
MatyPlus 19 дней назад
what cars are those, I can not even recognize them
Adam Steidl
Adam Steidl 19 дней назад
WTF, go the 1320, and get rid of the stupid "tests"
Adam Steidl
Adam Steidl 19 дней назад
Okay, fair show. At least that pile of shit went away. :D
Alex Quintero
Alex Quintero 19 дней назад
I love it for the blue turd
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 19 дней назад
Too soon junior!!!
William Nisbet
William Nisbet 19 дней назад
I’m so confused are these Mitsubishi’s??
The Real Bleach
The Real Bleach 19 дней назад
2SEXY is always my favorite
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 19 дней назад
It’s because those jumper cables were too heavy
Mr. PvE
Mr. PvE 19 дней назад
maybe its just me but it seems Moog did anything he could to lose that race. Sorry to say this but "FAKE NEWS" on MCM
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