2KBABY x Marshmello - Like This (Official Music Video)

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2KBABY x Marshmello - Like This (Official Music Video)
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Video Credits:
Director: Jon Primo
Executive Producer: Edgar Esteves
Production Company: Blank Square Productions⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Producer: Marquis Abrahams
DP: Joshua Hill
Editor: Cal Laird
Color Company: Company 3
Colorist: Bryan Smaller
#Marshmello #2KBaby #LikeThis


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Mar 6, 2021




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Comments 100
Marshmello Month ago
Stream/Download "Like This" ▶ 2KBABY.lnk.to/LikeThis
pp tea
pp tea 11 days ago
Caua Matocheski
Caua Matocheski 11 days ago
@Alexandra Medina uwu gegjs
No Friend
No Friend 16 days ago
Jose Romero Cardenas
Cenaka Shaw
Cenaka Shaw 26 days ago
@Chillin' with Rachel 💛 I'm a fan of marshmallow and 2kbaby
jessy chan tusa
Mr muero con la cancion🤭🤭
Ale Espinola
Ale Espinola Hour ago
Skander Pissou
Skander Pissou 3 hours ago
the best song in the world
Lucas y Hans Blanco Montero
Eres el mejor machemllo
Mans7 5 hours ago
Wow “Mello” this is amazing song I like it 😍❤️
Raquel Juárez
Raquel Juárez 7 hours ago
Raquel Juárez
Raquel Juárez 7 hours ago
jeremy riquelme
jeremy riquelme 7 hours ago
@Raquel Juárez si
Raquel Juárez
Raquel Juárez 7 hours ago
Uken Rai
Uken Rai 10 hours ago
big fab
Aparna Rao
Aparna Rao 10 hours ago
You are cute
Muhammad Zugibz
Muhammad Zugibz 10 hours ago
Best song
حسن حسن
حسن حسن 17 hours ago
Oh i like this song is so cool.
Uday Saxena
Uday Saxena 19 hours ago
wonderful i love you
ouattara Sita
I love clip 😍😍🥰🥰
Hello Marshmello im 1 fan end I❤️MARSHMELLO you is cool mi to mi yutuber @BRICKBOY
Kundan Editz
Kundan Editz Day ago
Marshmello x Kundan Editz But it's only my dream BTW love you Sir❣️❣️😉
Krish Medath
Krish Medath Day ago
No good marshello you gang
FP AYOUB Day ago
100Milion subscribe coming soon 💥
Jorge Sandavol
I love this song one of my favorites 🤩💖💗
Karen García Campos
Eres el mejor 😘
jeremy riquelme
jeremy riquelme 7 hours ago
confirmo si es el mejor X-X
Jothi Lakshmi
Jothi Lakshmi 2 days ago
Love this
Рома Ковалёв
Sunny Rae Bacus
Sunny Rae Bacus 2 days ago
Let's go this song is so nice bro 🙂🙂
Jaden Coley
Jaden Coley 2 days ago
2KBABY x Marshmello 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤
Ethan Lupas
Ethan Lupas 2 days ago
If only marshmello could heart this comment ❤️❤️❤️😔
Brett Boulerice
Brett Boulerice 2 days ago
A banger of 2021 💥
11_903C Mushfiqur Rahman
Lost my mind when he hit those high notes 🔥🥰
CD8tuner 2 days ago
Who else just press this random song and start to Jam to it
FLASH 3 days ago
Everyone love u
Abel Gilbert
Abel Gilbert 3 days ago
marshmello l heard that you saw a video of zeph and its about you and a dog!
ImPorky 3 days ago
Does anybody remember Cooking With MarshMello, man were those the days
Queeny 3 days ago
Esta buena la canción pa unos highlights
Niroshini Chandima
Sanjeev Bellisara
Bro how you became international D J pls tell me bro I am also making courier in that I seen you and I am doing Dj pls bro I beg you teach me DJ
Daniel Messana
Daniel Messana 3 days ago
Marshmello i'am fan i'am French
Dawid Machoń
Dawid Machoń 3 days ago
Dobra muza
Yoni Moreno Gordillo
la rompistes bro
Scantraxx Hard Dance Nation
Nice lol Sub to my channel guys nice play list electronic music too ;D
Dammak Walid
Dammak Walid 4 days ago
Dammak Walid
Dammak Walid 4 days ago
Sayee Sankar Sreenivas
Marshmello makin' upcomin' rappers famous
Frampol 4 days ago
May faworite is Marshmello
Cheeky pastel
Cheeky pastel 4 days ago
Did your friend say Pakistan Marshmello btw I'm a big fan of you
maui ryder
maui ryder 4 days ago
Bruv about time 2k blowwww upp bruh my niggha listen to the single one it’s pre fresh
I like a song and marshmello
AboFlah 4 days ago
bro ❤
Veronica. Matus
Veronica. Matus 5 days ago
extraño al marshmello de antes :(
Ashyr Baccus
Ashyr Baccus 5 days ago
wow marshmello is awsom! i thout he quit but I was wrong :)
Ashyr Baccus
Ashyr Baccus 4 days ago
yeah boya
Alex roblox YT
Alex roblox YT 5 days ago
I love You marshmello i love
Pedro Servan
Pedro Servan 5 days ago
wena cancion mashmello y 2kbaby
Michael Garvey
Michael Garvey 5 days ago
I love your songs marshmello I can't stop listening to this one that says I can stop live like this
Ale Espinola
Ale Espinola 5 days ago
Like this
Gunveer Singh
Gunveer Singh 5 days ago
Here after diljit dosanjh's insta reel on this song.. 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Necomedあ 5 days ago
DEKAW 5 days ago
from league of legends LEC week song
I love you
kill it j
kill it j 5 days ago
this mad me cry
Michał & Paulina
Do It
Do It 5 days ago
If you take out the hook, you could legitimately convince me this was a kid laroi song
Yung Brand
Yung Brand 5 days ago
fr fr
Jack Lew kee22
Jack Lew kee22 5 days ago
Love this song
jorgeruben contreras
eres faz
Turbo Mafija
Turbo Mafija 6 days ago
I like this
Arthur Ensina&Aprende
Algum brasileiro revendo em Abril?
Midnight_ Plays
Midnight_ Plays 6 days ago
This is like so good I can’t rip 🪦
Dammak Walid
Dammak Walid 6 days ago
Billy tan BS
Billy tan BS 6 days ago
Melissa McCue
Melissa McCue 6 days ago
I wish I could spend a day with Marshmello 😀😍😀😍😀😍😀😍😀🥰🥰
The Batman
The Batman 6 days ago
Samuel Cruz
Samuel Cruz 6 days ago
sick music
Minter Playz
Minter Playz 6 days ago
Marshmellow is thick not like me
Darren Memba
Darren Memba 6 days ago
I am going to be making a light
Darren Memba
Darren Memba 6 days ago
Have my own RUvid channel
Anthony George
Anthony George 6 days ago
First version was better !!
Geeta 6 days ago
I discovered it in Spotify
tank_armi 0_0
tank_armi 0_0 6 days ago
karol sienkiewicz
Jle subuw!!!!!! Xd 😯😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😎
Ikonikpro The gamer
Muhdisul khoirul Ihsan
the song for the game is perfect
Slushii Monster
Slushii Monster 6 days ago
Marshmello and Lil Nas X Collab when👀
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 6 days ago
im here cause i searched marshmello n played alone. this was the first suggestion
عبدالله المطيري
Mariano Leiva 2 B
Stephani Ramírez García
you are the best your songs are parents 💗💗💗💗💗😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Salva Tore
Salva Tore 7 days ago
Fell in love ❤
Robert Barnett
Robert Barnett 7 days ago
I like your song I listen to your songs almost every day
RJay Ams
RJay Ams 7 days ago
RJay Ams
RJay Ams 7 days ago
Asaaoi asha aqe
Bicycle channel
Bicycle channel 7 days ago
:Like This;
Fariha Afroz Tahia
You are so cool😎
iigløry_ 7 days ago
This is my favorite song
isuauiai jsjjsjsjsk
Matuê kkkk
SINISTER 7 days ago
Marshmello sounds like NAV in this song
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas 7 days ago
I LIKE THIS song (get it?)
NOT 13
NOT 13 7 days ago
This song will be nostalgic one day . Remember I said this
Orange Jam
Orange Jam Day ago
C u in the future
Ally Manson
Ally Manson 3 days ago
Fax 🔥
Alexander Slider
Alexander Slider 4 days ago
I will see you in 9 years.
VW Towtruck coordinator
JOE-FOXTROT 4 days ago
c u in 7 years
Nina Haugan
Nina Haugan 7 days ago
Twins Brothers
Twins Brothers 7 days ago
High quality is the only
Antonio Simoes
Antonio Simoes 7 days ago
Marshmello music 2kbaby
Levi Pittman
Levi Pittman 8 days ago
Marshmello Sanctuary Mix
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