2HYPE Eats 60,000 Calories in 24 HOURS Challenge

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This week 2HYPE vlogs themselves trying to eat 10,000 calories each in 24 hours.
This video was inspired by The Sidemen: ruvid.net/video/video-fuVS2H6AYWE.html
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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 143
Thot King
Thot King Month ago
Do more videos like these this be interestingly funny
Sus camper
Sus camper Month ago
How to die challenge
Geyser Flyer
Geyser Flyer Month ago
My stomach hurts after watching this😂😭
Marco Chen
Marco Chen Month ago
dont think cash drank the egg at all...
Matthew Ong
Matthew Ong Month ago
wheres the peptobismol
Promeldi Tsangala
mom: remember to brush your teeth twice a day 2hype: 60,000 calories in 24 hours
Justin Brown
Justin Brown Month ago
We need a new episode of Chef O’Nasty
frosty -
frosty - Month ago
Lmao. “I looked pregnant for 2 days” 😂😂
Mohammad Elhajjmoussa
This isnt a challenge i can easily do this
Jeff Alerte
Jeff Alerte Month ago
O no 200 pound machine
BARR Month ago
Bruh this challange is 🤢
Makai Judge
Makai Judge Month ago
This video makes me hungry
Albert Petrella
Albert Petrella Month ago
mopi did a size comparison of the cheesecake to the size of his head if he did it to his body height it would have been at least 25% of him
TJ 1073
TJ 1073 Month ago
Poor Jesse
Jeff Paul
Jeff Paul Month ago
Cash: so yea
James Medford
James Medford Month ago
*Matt Stonie has entered the chat*
Chris Santner
Chris Santner Month ago
Cash really did the best here
Rubo Savage
Rubo Savage Month ago
LSK Is A Beast But I Also Wanna Kno That Outro Tho That Beat Is Dope
Landen Sparks
Landen Sparks Month ago
Of course jezzer finished first
Michael Turner
Michael Turner Month ago
Is this video sponsored by Cheesecake Factory?
Johnathan Capano
I’m actually impressed
Callum Smith
Callum Smith Month ago
James is happy with himself
OAWL Wiffle Ball
Why did Cash say Sal-mon
jovan joseph
jovan joseph Month ago
Matt Stonie has entered the chat
YaBoi Zach
YaBoi Zach Month ago
i’d die if i ate that much. i’m 14, 5’7” 133lbs😂
Riceboy908 Month ago
Oh my I felt like throwing up watching this video
Kristopher London
Don’t think I can look at another Cheesecake for awhile 🤢
Epic.popsickle Month ago
Cash dumb af he’s eating healthy food means less calories
Jackson Estey
Jackson Estey Month ago
Just drink 10 porotein shaies
The Basketball God
Bruh I would've just chugged olive oil that shit is loaded with calories
Grayson Zurn
Grayson Zurn Month ago
i appreciate cash actually eating well
Drew Giunta
Drew Giunta Month ago
Mopi’s hairline said ----_________
Christian Candler
Cheesecake Factory clutch af
Daion Crews Harris
Who else got hungry watching this😂
Vxv. Marie’e
Vxv. Marie’e Month ago
Wow nice video
Logan 100
Logan 100 Month ago
420 cash yeeee
Kyaz Nimo
Kyaz Nimo Month ago
This video made me hella hungry
Jori Month ago
After I saw that Jesser had a lemonade and a shake, I knew he was gonna throw up. Dairy and juice (non - dairy drinks) don't mix.
Ammar Khan
Ammar Khan Month ago
2Hype should be sponsored by Cheesecake Factory! 🤣🤣
CashNasty Month ago
Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman Month ago
Brandon Hildreth
Jesser gonna become 230 pound machine
chiweta 62
chiweta 62 Month ago
Kris got a double chin
jaxson MULLEDY
jaxson MULLEDY Month ago
Lsk😂😂😂 seems so fat but hes not
Marcelo Gabriel Roslin
2hype paintball next
Mopi Month ago
Cheesecake isn’t the same for me now
Julian 7
Julian 7 Month ago
Mopi ahahahaha
Jay the cool dude
Lebron 6
Lebron 6 Month ago
Bruh im hungry now tf bro
Matthew House
Matthew House Month ago
Watching grown men eat like that just makes me sick
BlazePlayZ Month ago
3:57 When you don’t know how to speak 😂🤪
ReseDaGoat Month ago
Jidels math is terrible 😂🤣
Lynxin Gaming
Lynxin Gaming Month ago
Jackson Ingvoldstad
Your guys’ videos make me so happy and you make my day thx
George Textor
George Textor Month ago
Intro James is low key lit
Tucker Mingus
Tucker Mingus Month ago
My mouth is watering watching this! 2hype has found a way not only to make me subscribe to all of them, but also make me happy about my weight. Thanks guys!
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Month ago
🔥 video
I Spy Sports
I Spy Sports Month ago
New chopped please
NBA Live
NBA Live Month ago
2hype us the one of the best squads on RUvid like if u agreee
EXA_Ghost55 Month ago
Zach those glasses tho
CallMe3 Month ago
Should’ve just made a swole😂
Young Putin
Young Putin Month ago
That's a lot of calories
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