[2h30] Uplifting Psytrance - Neelix, Phaxe, Morten Granau, Astrix, Liquid Soul, Ritmo

Nano Ohm
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Hi again folks ! It's been a long time... I was practicing at home the other day and decided to record. It turned out quite nice aside from a few transitions. Here is the tracklist, peace and love friends:
Background image: clickwallpapers.com/1080p/trippy-mushroom-wallpaper-desktop-On-Wallpaper-1080p-HD-1.jpg
1 - 0:00 - Symphonix - Nobody Knows (Phaxe Remix)
2 - 6:20 - Protonica - Rocky & Ace Ventura - Serotonin Overdose (Protonica Remix)
3 - 12:30 - Phaxe & Morten Granau - Lost
4 - 19:30 - Symphonix & NOK - Feels Like
5 - 23:30 - Easy Riders & Symbolic - Flashback (Astrix Remix)
6 - 28:00 - Zyce - World Rebirth Party (Arhetip Remix)
7 - 33:00 - Liquid Soul - P.L.U.R. (Inner State Remix)
8 - 38:40 - Neelix - Dark Matter
9 - 43:00 - Neelix - Smoke & Mirrors
10 - 47:00 - Animato - Harmonize
11 - 53:00 - Zyce - Forbidden Fruit (Sonic Entity Remix)
12 - 58:06 - Captain Hook & Astrix - Bungee Jump (Protonica Remix)
13 - 1:02:30 - Laserkraft 3D - Nein Mann (Tristate & Aioaska Remix)
14 - 1:06:30 - Vini Vici & Astrix - Adhana
15 - 1:10:46 - Liquid Soul & Phanatic - Awakening Dreams
16 - 1:15:25 - Ritmo & Lifeforms - Orchid
17 - 1:20:48 - Animato & Gaudium - Heart Beat
18 - 1:27:16 - Audiotec - Future Memories (Antinomy Remix)
19 - 1:31:24 - AudioFire - Beat Of The Drum
20 - 1:36:47 - Audiomatic & Phaxe - Pineapple X-Press (Ranji Remix)
21 - 1:42:13 - Neelix - Coloured Light
22 - 1:49:21 - Freaked Frequency & Tropical Bleyage - Mathemagical
23 - 1:54:54 - Fatali - Sleep On
24 - 1:59:53 - AudioFire - A Billion Neurons
25 - 2:06:58 - Earthling - Beans of Light (K.i.M. Remix)
26 - 2:12:47 - Bitkit - Blissful Solitude
27 - 2:18:41 - Parasect - Electrofun
28 - 2:24:00 - 1200 Micrograms - Speed Freak


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Mar 25, 2019




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Comments 100
Katarina Love
Good music
Frieder Morneweg
Frieder Morneweg 3 days ago
Great set! I think this track belongs onto your next set :) ruvid.net/video/video-CNl8R2YFb30.html
xsuperLoudx 7 days ago
Sorry neighbor its 5 o'clock in the morning.
anna .
anna . 8 days ago
why are there so many damn ads
Remember Me
Remember Me 12 days ago
Roger H
Roger H 13 days ago
There are mixes that loses it's energy in the middle. This one keeps you tuned in throughout.
ॐ Hans ॐ Dampf ॐ
voller werbung ne alter....
Para 17 days ago
unfortunately it doesnt help at work :D
letheo gamer
letheo gamer 17 days ago
Buenísima!! Nice song
What is the cool music!!! Like!!!!!!!!
Boy_Of_The_Surf _
Boy_Of_The_Surf _ 23 days ago
Nikolaj Hansen
Nikolaj Hansen 23 days ago
James Edwards
James Edwards 25 days ago
mmmmmmmmmm my adhd likes this ,its allowing my brain to start hyper focusing on mundaine task around the house!
aquamoon 19 days ago
Kayla Sky
Kayla Sky 26 days ago
23:48 got me rocking out! Liked, subbed, and added to my fave playlist!
rjac001 26 days ago
This is gonna be epic on my next long run...!!
Mad Blood
Mad Blood 26 days ago
a travel
macronencer 27 days ago
1:03:30 Reminds me of Lola Rennt. I love the sound of German!
misterek M.
misterek M. 28 days ago
12:30 - Phaxe & Morten Granau - Lost omfg ! its so fcking good
Martynas Pliopa
Martynas Pliopa 28 days ago
very nice
Юра Неман
Юра Неман 28 days ago
Самая охринитительная кислота)))
Juan Carlos Marquez
Woo. Psytrance..pnaxe. norten....
Juan Carlos Marquez
The nice music forever....
Rodrigo Maciel
Rodrigo Maciel 29 days ago
PowerTo ThePeaceful
nice Rick & Morty cover image! Unmistakable
Sascha Haber
Sascha Haber Month ago
Great songs, but you need to learn to read the tunes man...so many dissonant out of tunes mixes in two hours....wow....more important than beat syncing is harmonic matching....the one at 27:00 for example...autsch ;)
DeepLiquidDNB 29 days ago
Great mix, not scientifically perfect enough for #1 world DJ Sascha Haber. But I thought it was dope. Keep flying high bro
Merieult Ghislaine
what shoes you wearing
Евгений Глебов
ohhh very good set. tyvm bro
Евгений Глебов
AleX Month ago
its cooooool
Max Planck
Max Planck Month ago
Ni siquiera salir a buscar cobre y me encontre Vibranium.
Yoshimizu Month ago
Andrés Polo
Andrés Polo Month ago
14:08 ...
Patrick Linden
Patrick Linden Month ago
The part 15:58 with the man talking is incredibly evocative.
goran hrncic
goran hrncic 7 days ago
listening,, glanced through comments, so I checked yours, remember that part, cause had a little problem with tears started collecting in the eyes. quite right
invasiohm 10 days ago
Patrick confere meu novo set 👌 ruvid.net/video/video-eqCPi2sTDcQ.html
Veno Echs
Veno Echs 27 days ago
evocalive, noted^^
Veno Echs
Veno Echs 27 days ago
F*ck Yes!
MoleculeEduCat Month ago
Nice music but not my style while trying to kick good vibes
Roger H
Roger H Month ago
Attn all programmers- Ready, set, debug!
marc ojeda
marc ojeda Month ago
Great mix, mate. Took some tabs that I thought weren’t hitting........ never mind
babedont Month ago
Know the feeling lol
WorkFreeWizard Month ago
This music gets me pumped. Feel like I can do anything!
Vamos Tamos
Vamos Tamos 15 days ago
Do it!
Kamtchatka 17 days ago
i have the same feeling... but only when i take some LSD lmao
Kamui 17 days ago
I came here for this
Stefan Lange
Stefan Lange 20 days ago
You can do anything, all you have to do is start.
Volkan Orhon
Volkan Orhon Month ago
KrisBowman1992 Month ago
That artwork is incredible!
Killu47 Month ago
Which hallucinogen do you usually take on such beautiful music?
Loic BE
Loic BE Month ago
1:09:46 get me out of my body
Stavi Month ago
Dark Matter
Pascal Groß
Pascal Groß Month ago
hell yeah, the transition from pineapple express to colored light is just smooth as fuck . great work
Nano Ohm
Nano Ohm Month ago
Thanks for noticing !
monono Month ago
your mixing skills are fucking amazing. coming from a producer. godly.
orion9k Month ago
Commercial ruined my trip...
André Palmejam Sousa
Sem palavras para está imagem, algo extraordinário! TOP!
Rafael Ramos
Rafael Ramos 24 days ago
Sabes que isto para alem de uma imagem tem musica né ? 🤣😂
Simon Richmond
Simon Richmond Month ago
more adverts than polish TV
maria ekman
maria ekman Month ago
Tybudz Month ago
15:52 Story of my life
James Simpson
James Simpson Month ago
Did a good job I just bought some digital turntables so I'll be right behind you lol no shit been off the decks for 20 years 🤕
lucky rawat
lucky rawat Month ago
Is this image moving, or im the only one who is experiencing this
Veno Echs
Veno Echs 27 days ago
@Hasenmafia awesome
Richard Wicklum
Richard Wicklum Month ago
if you stare at one spot, it does move... at least for me... I blame 15+ years of raving lol
Hasenmafia Month ago
Its not. but there are a lot of pictures. just google "moving pictures" . example: cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/130/590x/secondary/optical-illusion-illusions-pictures-visual-best-moving-1389316.jpg?r=1533628508135
Enoch 13th
Enoch 13th Month ago
It's just the acid kicking in.
Aaron Kelley
Aaron Kelley Month ago
dope tracks
Dave Markovich
Dave Markovich Month ago
you liars!! The title says this video is 2:30:00 hours long when in reality this is a 2:29:45 hours long!!! Oh the humanity!!! Oh sweet lordddddddd whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson Month ago
Psyclectic Sheep
Had an amazing journey to this. perfect mix for mushies
Jose Carlos Gonzales Vigil
MInute 16 track, pls ?
Armasya Month ago
heroic dose and this?
Ivan Klyuev
Ivan Klyuev Month ago
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Ludivine B.
Ludivine B. Month ago
Perfect mix 👌👌👌
Zsolt Bárdi
Zsolt Bárdi Month ago
orion9k Month ago
9:00 + gave me goosebumps
bruno miranda
bruno miranda Month ago
q hermosa compilacion 8-D
Nico Kohs
Nico Kohs Month ago
Good Sound!!! Nice
Rex Rioch
Rex Rioch Month ago
smooth n flowing... Excellent!
Christoffer Jensen
Trippin´balls amazing my man!
Preston Wilson
Preston Wilson Month ago
Can never have enough ads lmao
bebop hunter
bebop hunter 26 days ago
what ads?
Dani Boariu
Dani Boariu Month ago
Massive psy experience, huge mix! Keep going, congrats!
Reni Schner
Reni Schner Month ago
nice job bro
Hecki Vice
Hecki Vice Month ago
Amazing work bro!!!! It motivates me to organize the first after corona rave :D thanks man
Mariano Nicolas Perez
Uplifting no? psytrance, progrepsy, yes.
Francois van der Walt
Ir et est, ruvid.net/video/video-sLcbfF9ypmM.html
art LAB Pictures
uplifting my ass!!!! this shit is prog to full on LOL
Mateus Alves
Mateus Alves Month ago
GMS Produções Productions
I miss the low-end. NOT cool man.
Alejandro Ghersinich
Que buena música la gran putaaaaa!!!!!! Abrazos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina!!! =)
paulochar3 Month ago
the best songs are here
TheStrober Month ago
Lost, what a song! RIght in the feels...
Paul Förster
Paul Förster Month ago
Chloe Broughall
Chloe Broughall Month ago
is something changing inside
Trench Month ago
this is some shit dude
Eyal Hadid
Eyal Hadid Month ago
great album i like it ,mix of best dj's make the sound .
Anne Li
Anne Li Month ago
Really like the Neelix - Coloured Light @1:42:13 - dont know why.
Roman Sventuh
Roman Sventuh 2 months ago
Sebastian Guła
Sebastian Guła 2 months ago
1:45:35 Ageism :-(
Konstantin Dmitriev
Konstantin Dmitriev 2 months ago
Почему многие думают,что такую музыку слушают только наркоманы???
MARGUSS 2 months ago
jebale te reklame
dan lembergier
dan lembergier 2 months ago
mate are you on itunes? need this
Hyper Hektor
Hyper Hektor 2 months ago
2:25:25 haha great transition from Psytrance to Drum'n'Bass ! 2 of my favorite music styles
Nico Kohs
Nico Kohs 2 months ago
Good Sound!!!
Amilton punk
Amilton punk 2 months ago
🖖 👽🌈
jake Sovis
jake Sovis 2 months ago
What an awesome compose. Love it.
Rallu Dany
Rallu Dany 2 months ago
Gotyatrippin 2 months ago
Man adds packed in this mix :-( can we buy this mix from somewhere?
alexandr alexandr
alexandr alexandr 2 months ago
Next videos