29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

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There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ones. It is known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it could also be called the Land of singing toilets, the country of the blue traffic light, or the country of vending machines.
Really, Japan is a unique country, different from the rest of the world. Japanese farmers grow square watermelons, people park and lock their umbrella before going inside a building and there’s a whole chain of restaurants all over the country where they serve only canned food. In short, there are so many things that make Japan a whole other world. Get ready to explore!
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Square watermelons 0:17
Ramen noodles bath 0:35
Bizzare flavors of Kit-kat 0:58
Fake food 1:17
Rabbit island 1:36
Purikura machines 1:53
People pushers 2:22
Umbrella parking lot 2:42
Millions of vending machines 3:00
Tokyo's biggest resident 3:23
Train delays make headlines 3:50
“Silent” Karaoke 4:16
Polite slurping 4:34
Face napkins 4:54
Water-saving sinks 5:13
Strange mayo 5:35
Naps at work 5:55
World’s shortest escalator 6:14
Canned food restaurant 6:32
Doll village 6:53
No 4’s 7:16
Blue traffic light 7:35
Cleaning classes 8:00
Footbath train 8:18
Futuristic toilets 8:41
Crazy ice-cream flavors 9:04
Space-saving parking lots 9:21
Robot-run hotel 9:33
Café companion 9:59
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- The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone offers its guests the pretty unique experience of splashing around in a vat of pork soup and ramen noodles.
- Specialists make this kind of food from plastic or wax, and it looks just as delicious as the real one.
- Their photo booths, called purikura, allow you to edit photos right on the spot, adding different backgrounds, funny stickers, or writings.
- Japan has more than 5 million of them! Mostly because they save time for people who work late hours, which is a pretty common thing there.
- In 2015, Godzilla was granted citizenship in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward.
- Punctuality is a really big thing there, and train stations do everything possible to avoid a delay.
- While in many other countries slurping is considered rude, in Japan it’s a way to show your appreciation of the dish.
- Japanese people don't eat mayo with salads, meat, and sandwiches; in Japan, people usually use it as a topping for ice-cream or on pancakes.
- World’s shortest escalator is in the basement of More’s Department Store, which is located in the city of Kawasaki. The escalator has only 5 steps and is only 33 inches tall.
- The village of Nagoro used to have a population of 300 people, but less than 40 residents live there now. A local artist, Tsukimi Ayano, made over 300 life-size dolls, most of which look like former residents; and they’re located in various states of action.
- It’s common for Japanese culture to avoid the number 4 because it’s considered to be very unlucky.
- They use a blue color instead of green for traffic lights. The reason for that hides in their language: historically, there was only one word for both colors.
- Japanese kids learn how to clean in many schools because it’s a part of their education.
- Toilets in Japan are very high-tech. To use one, a person should know what all those buttons are for.
- Since Japan is a densely-populated country, they don’t like to waste space. That’s why their parking lots have a smart system. They’re designed like multi-level garages.
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BRIGHT SIDE 4 months ago
Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you like to visit Japan or China?
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Cute paw LPS Month ago
Japan 100% I just feel like China isn't a safe or comfortable place for me
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Rhian Dela pena Month ago
Japan 🇯🇵
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Gacha Kyouko 2 months ago
my country japan of course!
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Kimberly De la Vega 2 months ago
Japap cause i love anime!!!!!!
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@James Davis Jr rly dude
Zou Chuangyong
Singing toilets 🚽
Hertinenmama Day ago
I would like to go to JAPAN
NiCO Day ago
in switzerland we also have umbrella stands so that the floor doesn't gets wet.
令和元年 Day ago
i'm japanese but this movie says things i don't know
Khải Quân
Khải Quân Day ago
Viet Nam student also clean their slassroom too
Karan Malhotra
last one was the cutest
Says fake food but they look exactly the same as the dish that they serve you, and the real fake food are the burgers on McDonald’s ads
Anamul Victor
Hello bro i need your help anout Japan..please
Naima Thomas
Naima Thomas 2 days ago
I would like all of the KitKat
Rustin Reed
Rustin Reed 2 days ago
BGMは日本ではなく中国ですね アジア=中国というイメージが根強いのかな
Timothy Manzano
Timothy Manzano 2 days ago
I loved can food
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 2 days ago
Me japan
rui jie kang
rui jie kang 3 days ago
Japan and China are actually very close together. Also, squatting toilets are only seen in eastern countries like Thailand, Japan, and China.
The Ballas
The Ballas 3 days ago
Cactus On A Hill Gaming
Who else have had a orange creamsicle
Sarah Rueda
Sarah Rueda 4 days ago
This is Awesome
Vihaan Chakrabarty
I have seen fake food in Singapore too.
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Inori Scarlet 4 days ago
Did I not hear anything about anime?.......
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Chunhua Du 4 days ago
I’m Asian
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Gabriel Ries 5 days ago
Go Godzilla 。🦖
Mely Rivera
Mely Rivera 5 days ago
green tea
Megan Williams
Megan Williams 6 days ago
i would love to try a mango kit kat
MechaNox 6 days ago
Toilet part: says heating and highlights "washing strength" "weak" and "strong" buttons.
Amit Bajaj
Amit Bajaj 6 days ago
So fast...u didnt show all the things Might have just written it
Pybro 6 days ago
KitKat biryani
Maria Teresa Mendoza
8076669172 S
8076669172 S 7 days ago
The ice cream was a bit....ewww..
Anak ni Park Chimmy
8:03 we do it in the philippines too
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 8 days ago
This is a really good video
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan 8 days ago
I love you
Wellington Santos
My family can’t go to japan because i have a family of 4
Nigamananda Mohapatra
Strawberry or banana flavors yumm
Abdulla Harmoudi
Abdulla Harmoudi 9 days ago
you forgot coronavirus
King Werey
King Werey 9 days ago
Japan want to be public at every flags
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Jhya & Jhyra 9 days ago
ive tasted the kitkat wasabi and its taste is like wasabi of course
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I just watched a ad about Japan before watching this🤣🤣🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
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I like godzilla u must say kingahdorah
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Momis are from finland
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Me:Wat are those?!
Leland and Jax
Leland and Jax 10 days ago
Jessica Lin
Jessica Lin 10 days ago
1:14 the normal one
Ymma noelle Balquin
I try kit Kat wasabi
Ymma noelle Balquin
I try kit Kat wasabi
Janhavi Mishra
Janhavi Mishra 10 days ago
9:30 dude that happens in my country India too
CrazyGamezz YT
CrazyGamezz YT 10 days ago
World : my planets my rules Japan : my country my rules
Foreversisters 711
Foreversisters 711 10 days ago
Hey I'm from Japan 🇯🇵 I love all the foods, the kit Kats and everything
Brett Copple
Brett Copple 10 days ago
Kids in America should take cleaning classes that why they'd have more respect for the school and the people who clean it
Goku Agario
Goku Agario 11 days ago
7:31 and the chinese music fr? Smh..
Vexs 11 days ago
I will go to Japan.
Yash Shantaram Gaikwad
I love japan for best anime of sinchan,😍😘😘
Asaly Yuen
Asaly Yuen 11 days ago
I tried green tea kit kat
Dr. Kris
Dr. Kris 11 days ago
Japan is only country where cities are named after motorcycles. City of Kawasaki.
Nobuhiro Masuda
Nobuhiro Masuda 11 days ago
No 4 is also in china
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez 12 days ago
Almost everything to me is new
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez 12 days ago
I want wasabi kit kat
Rumah Aydin
Rumah Aydin 12 days ago
Will they avoid April because if it is the 1st of April on 2019 then... 01/04(wait...四??)/2019? THAT HAS A FOUR!!!!!! And what if it is the 四 of January 2019? 四/01/2019 Uh oh... FOUR No four's!
Rumah Aydin
Rumah Aydin 12 days ago
What if there is four chairs? Or what if there is 四 seats on a car?
Rumah Aydin
Rumah Aydin 12 days ago
四 means 4
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