29 Things That Exist Only in Japan

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There are a lot of countries that are famous all over the world for some peculiarities. Japan is, probably one of the most exotic ones. It is known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but it could also be called the Land of singing toilets, the country of the blue traffic light, or the country of vending machines.
Really, Japan is a unique country, different from the rest of the world. Japanese farmers grow square watermelons, people park and lock their umbrella before going inside a building and there’s a whole chain of restaurants all over the country where they serve only canned food. In short, there are so many things that make Japan a whole other world. Get ready to explore!
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Square watermelons 0:17
Ramen noodles bath 0:35
Bizzare flavors of Kit-kat 0:58
Fake food 1:17
Rabbit island 1:36
Purikura machines 1:53
People pushers 2:22
Umbrella parking lot 2:42
Millions of vending machines 3:00
Tokyo's biggest resident 3:23
Train delays make headlines 3:50
“Silent” Karaoke 4:16
Polite slurping 4:34
Face napkins 4:54
Water-saving sinks 5:13
Strange mayo 5:35
Naps at work 5:55
World’s shortest escalator 6:14
Canned food restaurant 6:32
Doll village 6:53
No 4’s 7:16
Blue traffic light 7:35
Cleaning classes 8:00
Footbath train 8:18
Futuristic toilets 8:41
Crazy ice-cream flavors 9:04
Space-saving parking lots 9:21
Robot-run hotel 9:33
Café companion 9:59
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- The Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone offers its guests the pretty unique experience of splashing around in a vat of pork soup and ramen noodles.
- Specialists make this kind of food from plastic or wax, and it looks just as delicious as the real one.
- Their photo booths, called purikura, allow you to edit photos right on the spot, adding different backgrounds, funny stickers, or writings.
- Japan has more than 5 million of them! Mostly because they save time for people who work late hours, which is a pretty common thing there.
- In 2015, Godzilla was granted citizenship in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward.
- Punctuality is a really big thing there, and train stations do everything possible to avoid a delay.
- While in many other countries slurping is considered rude, in Japan it’s a way to show your appreciation of the dish.
- Japanese people don't eat mayo with salads, meat, and sandwiches; in Japan, people usually use it as a topping for ice-cream or on pancakes.
- World’s shortest escalator is in the basement of More’s Department Store, which is located in the city of Kawasaki. The escalator has only 5 steps and is only 33 inches tall.
- The village of Nagoro used to have a population of 300 people, but less than 40 residents live there now. A local artist, Tsukimi Ayano, made over 300 life-size dolls, most of which look like former residents; and they’re located in various states of action.
- It’s common for Japanese culture to avoid the number 4 because it’s considered to be very unlucky.
- They use a blue color instead of green for traffic lights. The reason for that hides in their language: historically, there was only one word for both colors.
- Japanese kids learn how to clean in many schools because it’s a part of their education.
- Toilets in Japan are very high-tech. To use one, a person should know what all those buttons are for.
- Since Japan is a densely-populated country, they don’t like to waste space. That’s why their parking lots have a smart system. They’re designed like multi-level garages.
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Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you like to visit Japan or China?
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me japan!!!!!!!!!!!!! not
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China. I was born there
Moin Ashraf
Moin Ashraf Hour ago
when ever you make a video always consist square water melons haha
Dean Winchaster
Dean Winchaster 5 hours ago
Too many wrong in this vedio because I watched Japanese reactions on this vedio.
Ibrahim Allawati
Ibrahim Allawati 13 hours ago
mango kit cat
what. from GlitchTale Crew Discord
Bright side is kind of clickbaiting, they didn't put much research in this at all. smh
です。ジェフ 19 hours ago
World: Oxygen Japan: Helium Wait...That's Illegal!
Zqnz 13
Zqnz 13 20 hours ago
I need that blue traffic light ahahaha I’m red greed color blind and keep getting frustrated when the road is clear but I’m still kinda far and I see the light in either red or green then I need to slow down no matter what 😂 don’t want to cross a red traffic light
Charity Mathes
I liked and subscribed
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Japan 🇯🇵
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so foxyyy Day ago
Pray for me japan is my dream county i want to leaving there with my Parents
I like the kitkat. And the flavor that i want is watermelon
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Zivkovic Marko 2 days ago
Like i im gonna say,!!!
Aiko likes the word Làtom
My mom is thai half japan and she met my chinese dad in japan.. soo am i a weeb since weebs are foreigners who like Japan but what about me? Im a half foreigner soo OML WHAT DO I DO?
menslady125 2 days ago
Aw, man! Japan gets to have all the fun!
Aqil Anwar
Aqil Anwar 3 days ago
Square watermelon ..........they played too much mimecraft
Monika Svincakova
baconisback810 3 days ago
minecraft watermelon
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The Kit Kat I would try is Japan
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Is my is my mother goose club out
the ofiical one
AsmoBread 4 days ago
Lol i came here from a japanese youtuber who debunks most of these lies
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Its incredible how inaccurate this video is in some areas.
ThatOneIntrovert 4 days ago
Stereotypical Asian music.
Beth Bucky
Beth Bucky 4 days ago
I freakin miss how many vending machines their were in Japan. Me and my mom used to get drinks really really close to our house.
Music Wolf
Music Wolf 4 days ago
For the kit-kat flavours I would like to try the green tea, mango and salted watermalon kit- kat O○O Japan has so much cool and diffrent stuff and places
FelixFelicis 5 days ago
Salt watermelon
Maria Carina Silaya
I like straw berry :3
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China long time I go
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The country of Japan is inspires a lot of hardwork. 👍👍👍
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Japan is the best. 😎😎😎 yeah But I am not a Japanese 😅😅😅
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I hope to visit before my existence ends.
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I like the durian flavor xD
3k subs to prove my brother wrong
Who else loves Japanese but are non japanese here
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Danielle Fisher 6 days ago
Ezra Dante
Ezra Dante 6 days ago
robots already replace human
Tomoko Hamilton
Tomoko Hamilton 6 days ago
BTW its purikura
Banself 7 days ago
video: about Japan Puts Chinese song Jeez
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World Japan? America vs Japan we arent superior you know
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Im going to japan. reason why? IM A GIANT FAN OF GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!
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Creepermyeeper 7 days ago
I want to try green tea kit kats
Vani Jay
Vani Jay 7 days ago
This really makes me miss Japan. I lived there for years! I just moved to the states last year and there's so many things I miss that I wish we had here!
Amar Alhasan
Amar Alhasan 8 days ago
So many rare things in japan...
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My fav is japan 🇯🇵 m from India
South Will Rise Again
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3:00 yea it's true I buy sodas there
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Bruno Sousa 8 days ago
Are we really liking this over exaggerated stereotypical video?
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I wanted the Green Tea flavor.
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Soumya Pradhan 9 days ago
Can you make a video of singing toilet 🚽 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽pls
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I love Japan from 🇵🇭 😎
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Lol there’s a lot of false information in this video
Henrik Sylow
Henrik Sylow 10 days ago
Kyoka Naka
Kyoka Naka 10 days ago
50 subs with no video challenge
3:23 he deserves it after 61 years of destruction
森近彗 10 days ago
Some of these aren’t true at all
Begbie 10 days ago
7:31 This illustration is not in Japan. Obviously a Chinese meal.
Yes its chinese ☺️..also the music 🤦‍♀️
GamingWithCZ 10 days ago
Tell the Japanese to make a square apple
GamingWithCZ 10 days ago
The biggening of Minecraft in real life I'll call RealCraft
Quentin Upshaw
Quentin Upshaw 10 days ago
Came here to leave a dislike for the poor research.
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Laura Rojas 11 days ago
Shin gorjia i think
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who came her because they love anime only me? wait i like my comment
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jahahahhah found my homie
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Me too :3 i adoreeeee animee
dimensional gladiator
hey minecraft
The Power
The Power 11 days ago
First thing the toilet is not true
tinottt1 12 days ago
1/2 of these examples are exaggerated. Mayo on icecream is totally untrue.
neelofer panjwani
neelofer panjwani 12 days ago
Ughhhhramen noodle bath u work smeel meaty😂😂😂😂
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Cristian Soler 12 days ago
# 15 is great
•Jaida Salem•
•Jaida Salem• 12 days ago
No one: Not even a single soul: Me: wHo hAs WiFi iN tHeIr tOiLeT?!
Jess Kookie
Jess Kookie 12 days ago
Dude, what even? May I ask where you get the 'information', because not everything is correct, and it can really anger the Japanese culture.
Amal Osman
Amal Osman 12 days ago
Who whatching while texting
Amal Osman
Amal Osman 12 days ago
Me pz9 chad wild clay
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i like it
Felix 13 days ago
Poke ants kay
Poke ants kay 13 days ago
You got lots of facts wrong and said lots of stuff wrong
Please Subscribe Me
I like matcha flavor of kit kat
metal stream
metal stream 13 days ago
a LOT of this information is FALSE. SHUNchan, a real japanese, talks about this video. And its so sad this comment is just gonna be deleted or lost, this video has so much views and ppl still getting facts wrong, its just sad
Lego Lover 313
Lego Lover 313 14 days ago
There is no such thing as four rules in japan.....
Lego Lover 313
Lego Lover 313 14 days ago
The mayo is super wrong.
Lego Lover 313
Lego Lover 313 14 days ago
The background nusic is chinese and NOT japanese.
montaramike 14 days ago
There are a lot of Japanese who disagree with a bunch of the "info" in this video. Wish they did their research before posting BS
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier 13 days ago
Research is a waste of time when lies rake in the big views
Victor Camacho
Victor Camacho 15 days ago
Don’t forget cat island
skfoxjrxzz 15 days ago
7:30 that’s Chinese
anonymous 15 days ago
next time do a more in depth research, u r just making a clown of urself
라모알렉스 아키코
ワオ -wow
Diego Batres
Diego Batres 16 days ago
I would try Japan kitkat
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Joy Nkwocha 16 days ago
i want to visit japan one day
Thomas Xavier
Thomas Xavier 13 days ago
Lukas Mihara
Lukas Mihara 16 days ago
You hoped we learned something..? Seriously? How can you be that confident but spread such bullsh't as if they were facts or true? Disgusting. Here's an actual true fact: Watching _Bright Side_ doesn't make you bright, but rather the opposite. It only gives you badly researched "facts" and exaggerations and unfortunately no actual useful information. Pathetic channel... spreading ignorant stuff like this shouldn't even be allowed.
KIEL Official
KIEL Official 16 days ago
I love japan so much bcoz the culture and technology is so rich.
M Hassan
M Hassan 16 days ago
I would eat every flavor of kit Kat
ranganayakulu A V
ranganayakulu A V 16 days ago
But I love japan for shin Chan, Pokemon, Doraemon
Jyoti Malviya
Jyoti Malviya 16 days ago
I did no theses facts about japan.🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tai Pao
Tai Pao 16 days ago
Everyone watching this watch Japanese SHUNchan react to this. He's ACTUALLY Japanese and point out all the things this video misunderstood or lied about.
Music Wolf
Music Wolf 4 days ago
Corona Cure
Corona Cure 6 days ago
Devashish Kourav
Devashish Kourav 14 days ago
Yep, most of this channel videos are like this they do not do the research and put made up facts. this channel really gives alot of misinformation.
Madison George Bangad
Lizzianna Salmon
Lizzianna Salmon 16 days ago
hi uall ]
Follower of the Korone Cult
This channel is a fraud, so many lies about Japan here. And most of them they don't even show the picture of the actual things. Look up "Japanese Reacts to THINGS THAT ONLY EXIST IN JAPAN " for a debunking of these lies.
WhAtDiDuSaY 17 days ago
Yooooo Japan made The Square Melons because of Minecraft
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