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00:04 Smart hacks for any occasion
00:57 Easy way to get french manicure nails
03:04 Hangers life hacks everyone should know
03:49 How to organize your wardrobe
06:07 Genius soap hacks to make your life easier
07:06 DIY lavender soap
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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 944
kosmas 6359
kosmas 6359 13 hours ago
ειστε μαλακες
Gabriel Sequeira TM
Gabriel Sequeira TM 20 hours ago
vai toma no cu
Samuel Herrera
Samuel Herrera 23 hours ago
tbh this is the most useful video i've ever seen of this channel and also the less pathetic
Leah Garner
Leah Garner Day ago
cesar connor cecp
Gracias me has salvado de la harina
samer refie
samer refie 2 days ago
now this tital saeys genius life hakes thies are stuped life haks like when you need to fell up youre water i don't need to do that mutch to fell my water i can just but the bottel infront of the senk you idiot
Elias 911
Elias 911 3 days ago
los de colgadores de ropa son una bazofia
Nathan alberto Ganzarolli
Che problemi?
ZYMOR93 3 days ago
Good job
Nicolas Di Virgilio
es una mierda tu video
Konstantinos Kampanis
This life hacks destroyed my life 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Logan J Bolton
Logan J Bolton 5 days ago
These may be good life has but you need to see these dumb ones. miniurl.pw/h2I1PK
angela Giron Gomez
qe ideas tan tontas
Rhodri Lloyd
Rhodri Lloyd 6 days ago
Life hacks I’ll never do: Nothing. Me: Screen record I must.
Yuri Maruishi
Yuri Maruishi 6 days ago
vai se fuder.
guks 7 days ago
Pendeja minuto 11:60
guks 7 days ago
No sé si cepas pero existen caminadoras No mames
Chris Kobold
Chris Kobold 7 days ago
Das erste ist besonders gut für das ladekabel. Und beim dritten. Habt ihr schonmal ne Kehrschaufel gesehen 🙄
Zack Nokia
Zack Nokia 8 days ago
iPhone Xs Max is too weight to hanging in its cable idiot 😬
tomotow 9 days ago
teens and this is what they think also the slingshot says safe for kids...
Sonized CZ
Sonized CZ 9 days ago
5:10 Is very good when you crash
Forten 2150
Forten 2150 9 days ago
What the fuck is wrong with this dumbass channel
Jesuss Osbaldo
Jesuss Osbaldo 9 days ago
Mara *gacha
Mara *gacha 9 days ago
N entendo porque o felipe neto fala mal de vcs .... oh meu deus uma tampa de latinha num sabonete ... e se pegar virado se corta toda `~`
Carlos Guijarro
Carlos Guijarro 10 days ago
Do not try life hacks for every day at home. Yeah, well done
Elvin Nguyen
Elvin Nguyen 10 days ago
Imagine seeing a girl who has bag then she literally transforms it into a jacket Me:oh dude can I put my bottle in your bag My friend:oh it’s actually jacket Me:🤨
Tenshi 10 days ago
fui furar a saboneteira e tropiquei no pau deo meu amigo sem querer, e agora?
Trash_deluxe123 11 days ago
This music sucks ASSSSSSSSS
Some Guy
Some Guy 12 days ago
Such bullshit
trda broadcasting service
0:32 here’s a great idea: PUT THE BUCKET OVER A TAP
Lenny czech
Lenny czech 13 days ago
11:30 BUY NEW CLEANER 4000 !
Lenny czech
Lenny czech 13 days ago
8:16 Why did She Have a real flower in the shower i realy want to know it.
5 : no tiene sentido
4: haslo normal flojo
3: puedes levantarlo
2: existen percheras
1: te jode el cargador
Lost x ShinNok
Lost x ShinNok 13 days ago
Legal! Não vou usar nenhuma dessas coisas.
Nando Machado
Nando Machado 13 days ago
michael vaquera
michael vaquera 13 days ago
They don't serve like hacs
Kadek Dung
Kadek Dung 14 days ago
Yu are sllep maey beby is do mot yu asv tem
Hacker YT
Hacker YT 14 days ago
U torture hangers
un_plato_de milanesa
Autismo oh yhea 😎😎😎😎👌👌👌👌👌🤫🤫🤫🤫🙏🙏👋👋
un_plato_de milanesa
bernd Bananebauer
bernd Bananebauer 14 days ago
Jeder, der die Klopapierrolle so rum aufhängt wie ihr in eurem Video ist ein Agent der Nation von Exenmenschen !! Schänt euch etwas !
dylan oliva
dylan oliva 14 days ago
And you ready,okay left GO!!!!
A Fish
A Fish 15 days ago
First the coat hangers then the soap what's next, the BABYS...when will it end
Tuto el tilin :v
Tuto el tilin :v 15 days ago
Like si vienes aqui por misa :v
oh yeah that is happening every time
leon prima
leon prima 15 days ago
Gli spaghetti con le polpettine non si possono guardare.... Neanche il wiskas...
JuulTJE THE Walker B
1:02 : Vsco Girls: 😡🤯🤬
Jiahong Liu
Jiahong Liu 16 days ago
here is a life hack open a bottle to drink it
Cedxer Gaming
Cedxer Gaming 16 days ago
2020 im here
xXzackXx 18 days ago
thanks for showing me how to suicide, without you... i cannot resolve my life, thanks for that deathhack
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez 18 days ago
0:31.... You can just put the bucket under the sink 😑
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez 16 days ago
@Pavel Dirda it will it doesn't require exact measurement to know that it will fit
Pavel Dirda
Pavel Dirda 16 days ago
And what if it doesn't fit ?
Pinged MILESS 19 days ago
Sanomarb YT
Sanomarb YT 19 days ago
Math GSD
Math GSD 19 days ago
trop b1 la videoo
hannita 02
hannita 02 20 days ago
Voy a gastar todos los ganchos de mi caasa
The Commenter Version
When you want to impress your boyfriend but don’t have the nails to do it: PuT pAiNt On ThEm!
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