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In this video, I show you some genius ideas that will make your camping a lot more fun. You can create your own useful crafts from things you already have to make your life easier in nature.
I show you how to make your own outdoor toilet using a plastic bucket, a plastic bag and then a toilet seat on top.
I show you how to make a water filter using carbon and layers of cotton pads. Just make sure you boil the water before drinking to get rid of all the bacteria.
For an easy and full-filling lunch, remove the inside of a potato, fill it up with eggs and season, then bake in some fire and Bon appetite.
Take a plastic bottle and cut it from the middle to make a toilet roll container. This will help you keep it dry and prevent it from being damaged.
To open a tin can simply rub it on the floor. The friction will lift the top part of the container and you can open it easily after that.
To keep your sandwiches and packed food fresh, place it in a resealable bag and then suck all the air out. You can keep it fresh for days.

0:22 - DIY hammock
2:20 - Delicious dinner idea
4:26 - Amazing camping tricks for beginners
7:17 - How to keep your food fresh
9:19 - DIY waterproof shoes
12:17 - No frying pan? Try this out
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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 80
LIX Gravity
LIX Gravity 5 days ago
Ok so my question is HOW the heck do you put a hole bucket and toilet seat in a backpack
spicy pickles
spicy pickles 8 days ago
If you hate taking a dump in the dirt then dont go camping
Toasty 10 days ago
Instructions unclear, I ate my dog
Hannah Darren
Hannah Darren 17 days ago
5:19 bruh this forest is fake lol
DaniellaSkatez 19 days ago
Its literally every day when im walking in the woods and suddenly have to go to the bathroom but i dont have a toilet so i find some wild buckets that are done growing and i put a wild walmart bag inside it and then attach a rare wild toilet seat to the top... 😂
Bruce F
Bruce F 26 days ago
You could just buy the regular stuff for no effort.
Bruce F
Bruce F 26 days ago
I never camped
Murarik Misike
Murarik Misike Month ago
2:21 You died Electric LOVE Potato 2.0
Jessica this whole time you spent all this money on junk you will only use once you coulda caught a taxi..
kakaroto tv
kakaroto tv Month ago
Pior canal do mundo Quem é que tem uma tampa de vaso na floresta.So coisa inútil
jeszon aquitania
It was poop in the morning and it was so nice
Texti Rash
Texti Rash Month ago
کوردی لێیە
Abdou Mama
Abdou Mama Month ago
افكار ناجحة هههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Asmita Bhattarai
Why not take the whole house in ur bag Except taking 6-7 bags of goods 🤯
Jj Ijj
Jj Ijj Month ago
wow wilri
Jacob ONeal
Jacob ONeal Month ago
It's great how they think you would bring a pillow case and not bring a pillow.
Zaara Ahmed
Zaara Ahmed Month ago
Loop and love By camilia
Where the frick would you get a toilet seat from see this is why five minute crafts make the dumbest stuff ever
Mega Games
Mega Games Month ago
Sisi Malengo
Sisi Malengo Month ago
1000 subscribers with no Video Challenge
You think we are supposed to have this laying around
weird arm
weird arm Month ago
these hacks are only 5 minute for u people but we dont know what were doing because yall dont explain anything
Megan Stacey
Megan Stacey Month ago
0:21 Looking very pleased with herself
littlefire824 !
littlefire824 ! Month ago
So you poo in public
Walt Green
Walt Green Month ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: 5 min crafts: LeT's UsE tOiLEt PaPeR fOr FiRE. Our toilet paper for qurintine I never had 1 like ever thanks for 3
Shem Shem
Shem Shem Month ago
Walt Green do you know what’s better? Let’s go camping! What do we bring? Oh I know! A toilet seat, hot glue gun, a homemade plastic compartment bag made by cutting it with a hot knife that clearly has multi use items inside but once we open it we can’t close it!
Liz Archibald
Liz Archibald Month ago
Walt Green true
jeszon aquitania
But I don't know
Arhab Muffazal
Arhab Muffazal Month ago
Eamon Grinsell
Eamon Grinsell Month ago
9:46 where your charger don’t worry I have a full cup of water and a leaf and I have a needle
Eamon Grinsell
Eamon Grinsell Month ago
No pillow but a ZIP ABLE pillow case
Jane Neal
Jane Neal Month ago
The girl in yellow isn't really peeing she's pretending to.😑.
Christy Cain
Christy Cain Month ago
wow, they were prepared for coronavirus
just subscribe for no reason GOD BLESS
Check this out guyzz.. ruvid.net/video/video-o-coih7eR4w.html
Cloudy Donut
Cloudy Donut Month ago
Did anyone notice the bug in her eggs in the "no frying pan" hack
Hacker-Gamer Month ago
The Woman:Lets take a bath in the woods. The whoolf:What is that smal? The whoolf 2:I dont know The woolf:OMG,its fresh meet. The woolf 2: Lats eat.
Rhiangamertv Month ago
But the thing is, the corona virus is here, why TF would we going camping?????
paig8270 paig8270
whos really gunna go to the bathroom like that out side ^0^
Nicole Dempsey
Nicole Dempsey Month ago
first off all WHO has a toilet seat going on a walk. A someone might see you!
Melinda Tolley
Melinda Tolley Month ago
CEO of using the same thing over and over.
Marcelo Correa
Marcelo Correa Month ago
MysticSomers Month ago
9:55 why would you have a magnetized needle but not an actual compass?
MysticSomers Month ago
5:30 that is a massive waste of matches
Pineapple Playz
Pineapple Playz Month ago
Her: 14:33 grabs toilet paper* Me: OMG!!😟😟🥵🥵🥵 What is she...No she isn’t!! Her: Ruins perfectly fine toilet paper * Me: AHHH! Does she not realize she NEEDS that right now!
Sonicsaiyan Month ago
11:45 this is worthy of that old meme named Troll science
Hanna Trzaska
Hanna Trzaska 2 months ago
I like 5 minute Craft
raif ranjha
raif ranjha 2 months ago
Tipvaree Pirunsan
Tipvaree Pirunsan 2 months ago
Rebecca Sampson
Rebecca Sampson 2 months ago
I love 5 minute crafts
Craft or Mine Trains
“Focus the Sunlight” What if there’s no sun?
Abdullah Omar _الهواري شخصيا
antony fernandus
antony fernandus 2 months ago
The life between these creatives are special to everybody
antony fernandus
antony fernandus 2 months ago
Nice i like 5minutes craft Iam roussel his daughter
Erick Escobedo
Erick Escobedo 2 months ago
anju ramjutton
anju ramjutton 2 months ago
If you have so trouble why do you stay in the forest
anju ramjutton
anju ramjutton 2 months ago
And dont think it is a woman its a girl 9 yrs
anju ramjutton
anju ramjutton 2 months ago
If you are in a forest where do you get so many things
Akram Ali
Akram Ali 2 months ago
at 1:30 from where we are suppose to get a hot gluegun🤔in the jungle 🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔 mistake 🤭😸😸🖕🖕🖕
Nimasha Fernando
Nimasha Fernando 2 months ago
This is how many times 5minute craft has repeat their hacks👇👇
myracle robinson
myracle robinson 2 months ago
they showing all this stuff but not how we gone charge our phone!!!! 😒
Holland Thompson
Holland Thompson 2 months ago
Who goes camping in the winter if you are going to go camping do it in he summer Still love 5minute crafts
TÆYY NBUSSABA 2 months ago
5:13 Girl 1: "Don't forget to pack a knife" Girl 2: "Ok" *grabs thread*
dhananjay kumar
dhananjay kumar 2 months ago
there is a man and channel name triggered Insaan he is he is making fun of your videos and saying that your videos are not useful
MatiSlav Mapping
MatiSlav Mapping 2 months ago
3:01 why you burning money?
the cool
the cool 2 months ago
who's watching this during coronavirus time where you literally can't even go outside
Juliet Penley
Juliet Penley Month ago
You can go outside!! Just only when you need to get stuff and wear a mask 😷
Галина Копитчак
Yes wot are you doing for the coronavirus????
Stella Ames
Stella Ames Month ago
Bish we can go outside just not public places
GH0STLY Month ago
Nestuki masks don’t work
GH0STLY Month ago
Holland Thompson Shouldn’t
Sasha Hands
Sasha Hands 2 months ago
6:10 won't the bags just burst
dennis yang
dennis yang 2 months ago
Galaxy_Sam 2 months ago
At 6:15 , If you look super carefully at the pillow and her face, you can see the air coming out and her head starts sinking slowly. Like if any of you notice xD
Bharat Chuhan
Bharat Chuhan 2 months ago
Please summer care hacks
Lanal Clausen
Lanal Clausen 2 months ago
This channel....
not famous
not famous 2 months ago
Did you mean to leave caps lock on
JohoJack 2 months ago
Jimmy van craenenbroeck
The muts it fake
The_Brithersz_ Ty & Rawiri
the last camping people the background is fake it's a wallpaper
Aoi cherryblossom
Aoi cherryblossom 2 months ago
7:50 Clouds dont move that fast
Aoi cherryblossom
Aoi cherryblossom 2 months ago
8:50 you can see the poop in the bag omg I laughed so hard
Jenean Young
Jenean Young 2 months ago
Silver Starz
Silver Starz 2 months ago
the only thing I'm wondering is WHERE DID SHE GET THE TOILET PAPER?!?!?? 😨😭 😂😂😁
Miguel Luiz
Miguel Luiz 2 months ago
nn cmcmmcnxbxnrk l chcjcudytysggghzgdyydyyzyrrzyyzYY5ggghfhfhyyddydyydyxuuxuuxuudxuxyuxxuuxuxxuxyyxy6jxjhdhrhhhdaadhtuuduxnfvbdcvvxbhhhhdhhdhxyxyģgxggdgdhdhhhuyycģyccyhfhjfjdjhzhhfxhxhdh
ambreen kashif
ambreen kashif 2 months ago
The girl who bath she covered her from front not back
Catch360 2 months ago
Super .i like your channel very much i will not miss one hacks very good.iam rakshitha
MR. BREAZY 2 months ago
She burned toilet paper. Toilet paper = cash
Anwar Nash
Anwar Nash 2 months ago
We won't be getting out of our house any sooner U know Corona
Neptune Wonder
Neptune Wonder 2 months ago
6:03 . 5-Minute Crafts: No pillow ? Fill a pillow case with plastic bags! Me: you have a pillow case but not a pillow?! It’s like having a hair tie and you’re bald 👨‍🦲!🤨. Also, 9:32 : 5-Minute Crafts: leave under scorching 🥵 sun. Me: I live in England 😢😭
Shem Shem
Shem Shem Month ago
Don’t forget that those plastic bags don’t seal with a simple knot! So you will have to refill them every two minutes
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