25 Simpsons Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

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Was Marge the ones who actually shot Mr. Burns?? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
With over 30 years of content, the world of The Simpsons has SO MUCH to go through. As timelines get crazy, plots get crazier, and we see into the family even more -- we realize one thing -- there are a TON of theories about the famous yellow family.
Like many shows, you can find theories about time travel, comas, and dream episodes. These ones mainly focus on Homer’s crazy world and his conversations with God. Does The Simpsons actually connect with a Nickelodeon show?! We’ve seen it connect with shows like Family Guy and Futurama -- so this one doesn’t sound too far fetched. One of the biggest Simpsons mysteries involved the shooting of Mr. Burns, but what if Maggie didn’t do it all along?! Was it Marge Simpson who actually shot Mr. Burns?! Of course, Bart Simpson is involved with several of these theories -- including ones involving other classmates like Nelson and Martin. And Nelson is a troublemaker -- but was someone sent to the past to help him out?!
Mr. Burns runs a tight ship over at the power plant -- but why does he keep Homer employed when he’s clearly bad at his job? We have the answer for you! With 30 seasons, some crazy stories, and a whole lot of content to sift through -- The Simpsons fanbase has come up with some pretty crazy theories over the years -- from time-traveling to revealing dark secrets -- buckle up and join us on a wild monorail ride through Springfield as we unload these crazy ideas about Homer and his family!
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 616
Derb corn
Derb corn 7 days ago
Bleeding gums Murphy died of hear disease. He alluded to having gum disease which is a warning sign of heart disease.
Actually the bart Simpson in a casket scene happened in an earlier episode when He thought Nelson was going to kill him. Later, Nelson punches him in his casket and says “How about one more for the road?”
Bradley Wood
Bradley Wood 11 days ago
Bart being gay? No way
The Derpy Squid
The Derpy Squid 16 days ago
30% of my views are from the suggested area on this specific video
Gemma Roy
Gemma Roy 17 days ago
Bart being gay is probably not true but I kinda want it to be
Lee Chloe Dingfield
TITLE 25 Simpsons Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True Actual theories: Why did Skinner burn the roast?
OmAr LiVeS
OmAr LiVeS 23 days ago
"It doesnt say Die Bart Die. Its french for Thee Bart, Thee." - SIDESHOW BOB Lmaoooo
A77Q 28 days ago
In number 14 you say that Homer KNOWS he's a cartoon, but in the simpsons game they eventually realise they are just a game, and God even says they are like a minigame in his bigger game "earth"
Buggs Justice
Buggs Justice 29 days ago
More like season 100
sociallyawkard 567
The whole Bart is gay is incorrect due to his children in other episodes
Dillan Barry
Dillan Barry Month ago
Theory 1: Smithers was honestly more believable to have shot Mr. Burns, as in that cut ending. Theory 2: Marge gave up on Math after she rode a dune buggy with Homer in high school, but Bart only took a few hours to learn French and Spanish in earlier episodes. Theory 3: The Time Paradox seems pretty likely, as The Simpsons goes through pretty strange stuff. Theory 4: The final episode containing scenes from the first episode, which aired on December 7th, 1989, seems like a pretty good homage to the series' history. Theory 5: Nelson and Barney look and act pretty similar, so it's possible. Theory 6: Smithers could be a chameleon... To Be Continued...
Jeff Bates
Jeff Bates Month ago
The theory of where they live is Origan US
familyguy rules
familyguy rules Month ago
It wasnt marge because there was a bang where she was and she wetent holding no gun
Doriantheninja Month ago
Come on we are talking about mr burns we had his lawyers right s sorry from the heart note to mr splitters when he left
Zachary Power
Zachary Power Month ago
You say the simpsons producer hinting at the simpsons ending with clips from the first episode was almost as compelling as the several times the simpsons creator has explicitly said thats how he intends to end it.
Paul Zurbrugg
Paul Zurbrugg Month ago
Marge definitely was not the shooter. In the episode it is mentioned that "Simpson DNA" was found on the gun - meaning it is narrowed down to Homer, Grandpa, or one of the 3 Simpson children.
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Month ago
the springfield is in oregon
Greebo 1969
Greebo 1969 Month ago
Actually the Simpsons live in Oregon
RBEO22 Month ago
Should have been cancelled a long time ago.
Johnny Irish
Johnny Irish 2 months ago
If they had kept up with their ages, Bart would be 42. The Simpsons first appeared on The Tracy Ullman Show in 1987. Bart is perpetually 10. If Bart was 10 in 87, he would've been born in 77, making him as old as I am. ( At the moment, it's 2019.)
Benito di Gantenbrink
Hahaha I love that Barney-is-Nelson-theory :D :D
Gabriel Acevedo
Gabriel Acevedo 2 months ago
Bart is gay
Joe Mullin
Joe Mullin 2 months ago
I remember seeing the episode where bart dies with the cupcake
Chuck Pryde
Chuck Pryde 2 months ago
Man I miss seeing Futurama on tv
Blake B.
Blake B. 2 months ago
*S T E A M E D H A M S*
Xaniss 2 months ago
I remember the episode with that dead bart scene... huh
Austin Dovel
Austin Dovel 2 months ago
5:48 what episode is this?
I only Comment
I only Comment 2 months ago
I disagree with the coma theory if he was there would be no show only nothing
Marcus Pearl
Marcus Pearl 2 months ago
The “Bart dies” footage is a dream sequence from the episode Bart the General
Jordan Jaquette
Jordan Jaquette 2 months ago
The one about bart being gay is wrong and marge is really sad loner
o parisbethethurth
o parisbethethurth 2 months ago
Badger Goodger
Badger Goodger 2 months ago
5:04 Steamed Hams but it's a Screen Rant video
50000 subscribers with no videos
5:15 that’s not that crazy
Rusty Campbell
Rusty Campbell 2 months ago
Number 7 the scene with bart in the funeral is from an actual episode its from Bart the general and it was a dream scene when he dreams that Nelson kills him that's not a conspricey
TBustah 2 months ago
I don’t think Bart’s gay. In most of the hypothetical futures of his that we’ve seen, he has either a girlfriend or an ex-wife, and none of the other futures really hint at it one way or the other. The same goes for Nelson, for that matter. I think that “Brokeback Mountain” parody was just making comedic comparisons between being the good girl/bad boy trope and falling in with the wrong crowd.
Kurt Williams
Kurt Williams 2 months ago
Well the Marge shooting burns can't be, how can he be stumbling away and run into her
Liquified Water
Liquified Water 2 months ago
How is 24 a theory? You just said marge has no friends
The Millenium Man
The Millenium Man 2 months ago
They did show an underground lair of molemen you idiots
Brikbrak123 2 months ago
It’s in Oregon. In Springfield, Oregon. You can see the mountains, drive to the ocean or dessert or tundra. Plus, he’s from Oregon...So
empire 80
empire 80 2 months ago
I just got into the Simpsons in July, but pretty much every scene they show here were episodes I watched and I watch 5 a week
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