25 Simpsons Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

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Was Marge the ones who actually shot Mr. Burns?? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
With over 30 years of content, the world of The Simpsons has SO MUCH to go through. As timelines get crazy, plots get crazier, and we see into the family even more -- we realize one thing -- there are a TON of theories about the famous yellow family.
Like many shows, you can find theories about time travel, comas, and dream episodes. These ones mainly focus on Homer’s crazy world and his conversations with God. Does The Simpsons actually connect with a Nickelodeon show?! We’ve seen it connect with shows like Family Guy and Futurama -- so this one doesn’t sound too far fetched. One of the biggest Simpsons mysteries involved the shooting of Mr. Burns, but what if Maggie didn’t do it all along?! Was it Marge Simpson who actually shot Mr. Burns?! Of course, Bart Simpson is involved with several of these theories -- including ones involving other classmates like Nelson and Martin. And Nelson is a troublemaker -- but was someone sent to the past to help him out?!
Mr. Burns runs a tight ship over at the power plant -- but why does he keep Homer employed when he’s clearly bad at his job? We have the answer for you! With 30 seasons, some crazy stories, and a whole lot of content to sift through -- The Simpsons fanbase has come up with some pretty crazy theories over the years -- from time-traveling to revealing dark secrets -- buckle up and join us on a wild monorail ride through Springfield as we unload these crazy ideas about Homer and his family!
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8 фев 2019

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Комментарии 273
Argentum autre
Argentum autre 21 час назад
this video is full of wrong info
Argentum autre
Argentum autre 21 час назад
Bart the General is the episode from 3:20 where he is in a casquet with cupcake Bart daydreams in class again... It's his funeral. Open casket. (Bart has his lunchbox tucked under his arm.) Marge and Maggie bid Bart farewell. Lisa holds a cupcake. ``I can't help but think if I had just given it to you in the first place, this whole horrible tragedy could have been avoided.'' She leaves it on his forehead. Nelson comes up and takes the cupcake. ``Hey, look! They've got food at this thing!'' He then gives Bart a parting punch.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump День назад
Hank Scorpio GAVE homer the Denver Broncos. He didn’t buy them
Onder Mete
Onder Mete День назад
Marge shot Mr.Burns? Isn’t she the one person we saw when the gun went off
Javier Carbajal
Javier Carbajal День назад
Bro you got to many ads man come on
Michael Carey
Michael Carey День назад
Wait.. Since when was Mr Burns in love with Marge!?
Rolando Topete
Rolando Topete 2 дня назад
Bart has 40
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson 2 дня назад
They have stated that Springfield is in Oregon
Nicolás Ferrari
Nicolás Ferrari 2 дня назад
i don't think season 10 onwards be canon
Amy Goldstein
Amy Goldstein 2 дня назад
Krusty does have a son. Way back in one of the very early seasons (2 or 3) there's an episode where Krusty is arriving at a public appearance, when a woman holding a baby comes up to him and demands to know why he won't regret run her calls, or come see their son. The baby looks just like him with the makeup. He quickly and awkwardly excuses himself and pushes past her, and that's the last time it's mentioned.
Britt 2 дня назад
there's a lot wrong with this m8. Bleeding Gums Murphy has made a reappearance just for one
The Legendary Horse Man
The Legendary Horse Man 2 дня назад
This video is awfull
lil norf norf
lil norf norf 3 дня назад
1st theory is total bullshit, and theory 4 is also made by someone whos never watched futurama. They wouldn't finish 2 series the same way.
Saints United
Saints United 3 дня назад
Homer thought Bart was gay in one episode....zzzaaappp!
Fnord Fnordington
Fnord Fnordington 3 дня назад
the simpsons is a national treasure. shows that cater to the edgy hipsteres like rick and morty wont be remembered in 20 years but simpsons will go in the national archives.
she thicc
she thicc 3 дня назад
Accually, homer has a partner that does all the work
Karim Michelle Negron Santiago
Karim Michelle Negron Santiago 3 дня назад
I actually remember seeing that episode of Bart being dead in the Spanish version of the show
SuperSonic Colton
SuperSonic Colton 4 дня назад
Did you know that the Simpsons live in Oregon
iron dude2005
iron dude2005 4 дня назад
Bart is not gay
Broken Sparrow
Broken Sparrow 4 дня назад
9:40 Didnt they shorta show an underground society of Molemen in one episode?
Ava Thibault
Ava Thibault 4 дня назад
Homer says in one of the treehouse of horror shorts “This one should be called.......” hinting to the name of the short and what it should be called. Therefore , he knows he is in a cartoon.
ltkg 5 дней назад
At 3:20, this is from an actual episode, I believe it's "Bart of the General" in season 2. Bart is getting bullied by Nelson so much that he envisions himself dead and when his family would say at the funeral.
Arron Stones
Arron Stones 5 дней назад
Hers a theory what if it's a TV show about a cartoon family
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 5 дней назад
It is a mystery how Homer keeps his job as a safety inspector, even though Mr. Burns fired and rehired him again.
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 5 дней назад
Why did Smithers even have different colors in the first place?
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 5 дней назад
Characters only age when it's written in the script.
Ronnie Yates
Ronnie Yates 5 дней назад
Some are just speculation. Film Speculation!
Melissa Tumbach
Melissa Tumbach 5 дней назад
Homer is actually god.
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes 5 дней назад
That dead Bart Simpson still is from the episode where he stands up for Lisa. I am sure Nelson was stealing the muffins she made or something like that, he stands up for her and Nelson is then after him, waiting on school finishing to beat him up. That still is from Bart's mind when he is thinking about it. Something like that anyway.
Blitz Gaming
Blitz Gaming 6 дней назад
The dead Bart Simpson was in a vision from himself when nelson was bullying him
Night Strike
Night Strike 6 дней назад
Springfield is probably in Massachusetts!
Skippy Skip
Skippy Skip 6 дней назад
That footage of Bart in a casket is from the first season. Remember the episode where Bart was getting beat up by Nelson? The casket was from a dream sequence Bart had where he actually got killed. It was later removed from the episode. I remember because when I was little, we used to tape The Simpsons, and I saw that episode several times.
Paul Compston
Paul Compston 6 дней назад
Marge shot Burns? That makes sense, if you disregard we see her when we hear the gunshot and she's definitely not shoot anyone.
David Dyer
David Dyer 6 дней назад
Now all we need is a wacky Matt Groening movie, depicting his childhood and adulthood and the origin story of him creating Life In Hell and the Simpsons/Futurama. See how he got the idea for Krusty from watching Bozo the Clown and stuff...
Caleb Matros
Caleb Matros 6 дней назад
That picture of bart being dead is from a dream bart had in season 1 episode "Bart the General"
Sweet Seduction
Sweet Seduction 6 дней назад
that pic of Bart in the coffin is from His daydream in the early episode where He fights Nelson :/ "oh wow this thing's catered? here's one for the road, Dude!" *punch punch* .....or is this a Mandela effect thang? :/
hollohan 7 дней назад
You forgot the theory of Ralph actually being Lou's son. Google it
rukiagirl666 8 дней назад
The bart one is wrong. Because if you watched the show when they went into the future bart has 2 children with a women named Jenda
Noah Kinnett
Noah Kinnett 8 дней назад
Number 5 and the flashbacks to Homer and Barney in highschool are...
Harley Kemp
Harley Kemp 8 дней назад
Bart is a poofter. Nelson - "HAHAA"
Matthew Peyton
Matthew Peyton 9 дней назад
Ignoring the fact that Treehouse of Horror episodes are not canon............
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos 9 дней назад
Now you are projecting your own gayness on Bart. Shame on you :)
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos 9 дней назад
Crusty was modeled after Bozo the clown. A clown from a child show from the 50's. You surely need to do a better research before posting a video.
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos 9 дней назад
You are wrong about the Barney Time Travel Theory. One one episode we learn that Barney was was Homer roommate at school and a Super Genius. All fell apart when Homer Brought some contraband beer. Barney became addicted to alcohol ever since. And, If I remember correctly, Nelson ends up being a rock Super Star.
LOLS4LIFE 9 дней назад
Simpson’s live in Oregon
Oregon Basketball
Oregon Basketball 9 дней назад
Actually it’s been mostly proven that its Springfield Oregon. The creator is from Springfield Oregon, and although he took it back later, at one point he admitted it was Oregon.
WillowStar 208
WillowStar 208 10 дней назад
Well when eneyone with a comma and everyone will say there still dead or in a comma
Marauder Gaming
Marauder Gaming 10 дней назад
There’s a Springfield IRL
Zaeem Nasarullah
Zaeem Nasarullah 11 дней назад
I guess 13 would also explain why Mr. Krause hasn't done anything about the numerous health violations at the Krusty Karbala.
Zaeem Nasarullah
Zaeem Nasarullah 11 дней назад
Krabs* Krab* Damn autocorrect.
B Sharp
B Sharp 11 дней назад
I love these theories and it's quite possible that they're all wrong. But, hey, it's fun to imagine "Super Nintendo Chalmers".
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets 11 дней назад
Am I the only one who noticed they just reposted there old Simpsons video
Shaun Taylor
Shaun Taylor 11 дней назад
Fbyounwonderong about batts sexuality just look at the colour of the walls in his bedroom
NewCoastRadio 12 дней назад
Nr. 5 makes no sense since Homer already knew Barney during his Highschool (?) years when he wasn´t a alcoholic but actually kind of an good student.
Alicia Jackson-Hall
Alicia Jackson-Hall 12 дней назад
They live in Maine
Vortektor 12 дней назад
Ah not clickable I see
Rot Z
Rot Z 12 дней назад
Why are you doing this video? You've already covered most of it.
slade-joseph- Wilson
slade-joseph- Wilson 12 дней назад
I always hoped they would reveal homer to be krusty the clown
Paycho girl
Paycho girl 12 дней назад
Bart lies in a casket.. that's an episode... Where he gets beat up by Nelson multiple times
Exam Dad
Exam Dad 12 дней назад
*i was with you up until the BART is gay thing*
DarkoDynamite 12 дней назад
A cran?
Golgotha_Mythos69 12 дней назад
WTF?! Hang on a minute, interwebs! I've been watching the Simpsons since the 80s and that "mysterious shot" of dead Bart w/a cupcake on his head is from an early episode where he imagines Nelson killing him. Nelson actually punches the corpse, in his dream sequence! Don't know if that one ever got syndicated, but it happened.
Mr. Skittles
Mr. Skittles 12 дней назад
I don't believe the who shot Mr. Burns one is right. You can see in this video that right after he's shot he walks past Marge on his way to falling. How can she be in the dark alley area where he was shot but then also be in a totally different spot 1 sec later? I always thought it was Smithers growing up.
Cid Vallo
Cid Vallo 12 дней назад
Watch film theory for you know were they are
studinthemaking 12 дней назад
Barney G went to high school with Homer. Unless he went back in time and turned into as a child. So he NOT Nelson.
phenomenal one
phenomenal one 12 дней назад
the simpsons aren't funny no more and need to end it's gone on way to far
Pete Zahjutt
Pete Zahjutt 12 дней назад
These theories are so baaaaaad
jb888888888 12 дней назад
1:29 Apu & Manjula's octuplets aged from newborns to (approximately) toddlers, even though Maggie is still a baby. They all still live in Springfield.
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
Handsome Pete isn't Krusty's kid, that guy was actually an adult not a kid
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
Homer actually has his job because he does care about safety, at the beginning he cared so much that Mr Burns had to rehire him to get him to shut up about the plant, Homer was actually leading a successful protest against Burns to the point where nobody wanted to work unless Homer deemed it safe again
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
The Krusty Show is just a kids clown show as it stands today, sure the Klassic Krusty Show was a variety and talk show at some point but today it's just children's entertainment, also just cause adults watch it doesn't mean it's something different, it's just nostalgia for them and that's why he's so respected by kids and adults alike
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
Why does the internet love comas so much, if it was up to y'all all of television would end with comas, 1,000,000,000,000 shows all about Comas cause we accept the fact that an episode was bad or the start of the downfall of something great
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
All time travels are true except with Nelson, Barney's father is very different from Nelson's father and that's the reason for me 😂 😂
DreBone1986 12 дней назад
The family might be the smartest in Springfield, even the kids emotionally are more mature than the city and don't get me started on the baby
Bie Gacha
Bie Gacha 13 дней назад
Happy Tree Friends theory Like if you agree
Joshua Oana
Joshua Oana 13 дней назад
Dumbest theories I've heard. Especially 14.
Fernando Rengifo
Fernando Rengifo 13 дней назад
5:03 steamed hams
swift 13 дней назад
I have been waiting for homer to finally kill bart in the season finale...
- ICE - 125 -
- ICE - 125 - 13 дней назад
least likely barney time travel most likely moe knows it's bart
Defewatch 20
Defewatch 20 13 дней назад
TheRapper10000 13 дней назад
the Stevens Kids
the Stevens Kids 13 дней назад
Theory!! The Simpson’s is bad!!
Max Spots
Max Spots 13 дней назад
Travis Ray
Travis Ray 13 дней назад
8:38 @FilmTheroy already solved that mysterio
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 13 дней назад
They're in Oregon guys
Afik Diner
Afik Diner 13 дней назад
Pls make a captain marvel trailers pitch meeting
Rylee O'neail
Rylee O'neail 13 дней назад
Homer aged he was 36 but now 39
Jed Hutchins
Jed Hutchins 13 дней назад
It most certainly wasn’t Marge who shot Mr Burns, Marge was nowhere near it she hear the gun shot. I believe it was definitely Homer who shot Burns cuz when attacked him when he was still in hospital threatening to shoot him dead if he told anyone that he was the one that shot him also so Homer didn’t end up going back to jail
Richard Shutt
Richard Shutt 13 дней назад
I'm seen the episode where Bart is dead in the coffin with the muffin on his head, it had something to do with Lisa baking muffins and Bart wanted one i think it also as something to do with Nelson bulling, its been years since i have seen it all i know i was a kid when i sow it so can't remember much.
Jack Stamper
Jack Stamper 13 дней назад
Thing with the Steamed Hams one is, it is implied Skinnder purposely gave him the wrong directions. Maybe it's more likely, Chalmers called him repeatedly to get better directions, and while doing this he forgot the roast? The Marge is the Shooter-Theory is pretty much impossible, seeing as we see her in plain view, as the shot was heard, and Burns was moving away from the scene of the incident, but in her direction after the shot
Jason Peavey
Jason Peavey 13 дней назад
these are all terrible
Andrew Purcell
Andrew Purcell 13 дней назад
Actually, the Barney/Nelson theory is wrong because in another episode we see that Barney was actually a super-smart person before homer ruined his life by giving him an alcoholic drink.
ParaVet 4 дня назад
They've actually already shown Nelson's dad in earlier seasons. He was the football coach when bart and lisa played.
BenJamin 4 дня назад
@Garth Davis Are you saying that men can't knock women up unless they're married? If Barney isn't a virgin than there's still a chance he got someone knocked up, resulting in Nelson.
mr piggy business
mr piggy business 5 дней назад
+Garth Davis nelson
mr piggy business
mr piggy business 5 дней назад
+Garth Davis stil memorylose maybe
Garth Davis
Garth Davis 5 дней назад
+mr piggy business No. Barney never married, and therefore has no family.
Dean 13 дней назад
The dead bart Simpson in a casket is from season 1 episode 5 bart the general (the one we’re grandpa and the 1 armed man help Bart and the other kids attack nelson and the other two bully’s who have been bullying him the whole episode) this image is when he’s imagining him self dead because of the bully’s and Skinner Otto Milhouse and Lisa all say goodbye to him EDIT it’s Lisa that leaves that cupcake on his head
MattBC89DC День назад
+Sam Prizeman same dude lol best series
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman 2 дня назад
MattBC89DC lol i must have watched that tape 100’s of times
PootraPusa _
PootraPusa _ 2 дня назад
MattBC89DC 2 дня назад
+Sam Prizeman Dude, I had the same tape lol
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman 2 дня назад
Thanks dude. I was gonna basically say what you said, know the episode like f cos i had it on vcr/vhs as a kid. Along with the family therapy episode. But didn’t know the series and episode numbers
Spetsnaz 101
Spetsnaz 101 13 дней назад
What? ---- is it mat grening, is it mat groaning or is it mat graining?
IcedFate 6 дней назад
i have always heard it pronounced “graining” so it rhymes with “raining”. listening to the way these people say it, makes me cringe.
C J 13 дней назад
Originally it’s neither. It’s a Nordic name spelled Gröning, which is pronounced quite differently and means “a larger green area”.
Ravatos the pro
Ravatos the pro 13 дней назад
5:03 steamed hams
ObiWan Kenobi
ObiWan Kenobi 13 дней назад
1:24 it’s like in the lion king when simba and narla get older and no one else looks the tiniest bit different
ObiWan Kenobi
ObiWan Kenobi 9 дней назад
Yh I can’t spell 😂😂
Kyle Davenport
Kyle Davenport 9 дней назад
ObiWan Kenobi who tf is 'Narla'? Did yo If mean 'Nala'?
Tyrant-Den 13 дней назад
Coma-theory: thumbs down.
Sans_man-Sub to meh and i will sub to you haha
See mole man well I think that he has a colony underground as seen in one of the episodes they were going underground and it showed us a lot of the mole man and he also keeps on dying so I think they are sending more of them up to spy on the people
Itchytuft 13 дней назад
The episode with the cupcake is Bart the general
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez 13 дней назад
All of them dumbass
Punk N Stein
Punk N Stein 13 дней назад
Why does Apus family age
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