25 Simpsons Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

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Was Marge the ones who actually shot Mr. Burns?? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
With over 30 years of content, the world of The Simpsons has SO MUCH to go through. As timelines get crazy, plots get crazier, and we see into the family even more -- we realize one thing -- there are a TON of theories about the famous yellow family.
Like many shows, you can find theories about time travel, comas, and dream episodes. These ones mainly focus on Homer’s crazy world and his conversations with God. Does The Simpsons actually connect with a Nickelodeon show?! We’ve seen it connect with shows like Family Guy and Futurama -- so this one doesn’t sound too far fetched. One of the biggest Simpsons mysteries involved the shooting of Mr. Burns, but what if Maggie didn’t do it all along?! Was it Marge Simpson who actually shot Mr. Burns?! Of course, Bart Simpson is involved with several of these theories -- including ones involving other classmates like Nelson and Martin. And Nelson is a troublemaker -- but was someone sent to the past to help him out?!
Mr. Burns runs a tight ship over at the power plant -- but why does he keep Homer employed when he’s clearly bad at his job? We have the answer for you! With 30 seasons, some crazy stories, and a whole lot of content to sift through -- The Simpsons fanbase has come up with some pretty crazy theories over the years -- from time-traveling to revealing dark secrets -- buckle up and join us on a wild monorail ride through Springfield as we unload these crazy ideas about Homer and his family!
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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 467
angela barth
angela barth 4 hours ago
that image was in season 1 episode 5 when Bart day-dreams about Nelson bullying him
elise marie stoffel
elise marie stoffel 11 hours ago
👏 creepypastas 👏 are 👏 not 👏 theories 👏they're 👏 fan-made 👏stories literally everyone who reads creepypastas based on cartoons/tv shows knows there's no way they're true. they're just fans being creative and thinking of what could've been
Minecraft Legends of the Heros
Drew Stacey
Drew Stacey 3 days ago
Don’t forget your here forever He can’t get fired
PurpleDrank 3 days ago
Nummburr Twentee Fiev...... bArT hAs ThE biG GAY.....
budder bro13
budder bro13 3 days ago
Okay, but the Simpsons live in Oregon.
MarioNate64 3 days ago
The Simpsons live in Oregon
Will Whitaker
Will Whitaker 3 days ago
Childhood destroyed
Sean Shogun
Sean Shogun 5 days ago
Two words film theory
Earl Winn
Earl Winn 8 days ago
I like the episode where is Moe's tavern asking for icy weiner. Or the one where are bark collars and Moe's tavern ask him for Seymour butz.
Quoth The Raven Nevermore
They live in Oregon
gatchy watchy entertainment bieber brothers
Why can’t we all agree it was maggy?
Arrie Potter
Arrie Potter 20 days ago
I Came up with this: Bart grew up to be Matt Groening and I think he grew up in the last episode and made the simpsons he Creates the first episode of the show so it means the end of the show ends with the Christmas special. 🤯🤯🤯🤯
dollores 20 days ago
Ehhh it's a calendar not a wanted poster.
Josh Fraser
Josh Fraser 25 days ago
Is that the fake driving lesson song in the background? Haha
Soup Punk
Soup Punk 25 days ago
Point_Blank 26 days ago
I like the theory that the simsons are in Oregon
The mindlessidiots
I have a idea for the second movie. I like the theory about him in a coma. So maybe the movie could be him waking up from the coma, and having amnesia. He would go around trying to remember his old life going to old places, which would make alot of the movie a callback for everyone who watched the old episodes. Maybe it could even be the end of the series, but just a thought.
I'll bet Grandpa Simpson will become a Korean War veteran when the last WW2 veteran dies around 2040.
troy sons
troy sons Month ago
Bart being gay is a big stretch would be super cute tho edit. Bart is also a kid I don't think kids can be gay yet. 😖
Sharla Mcintosh
Sharla Mcintosh Month ago
This video is 11:11 Long
Daniel Ruiz
Daniel Ruiz Month ago
I'm going to stop giving this channel a chance....
Hewwo Fans
Hewwo Fans Month ago
They live in orlan 8:51
skull Gamer
skull Gamer Month ago
People who watches film theory knows that he did a explanation where the Simpsons live. so if you didn't know here's your info
Tyranid Sid
Tyranid Sid Month ago
*Steamed hams*
Ashton Yoshi
Ashton Yoshi Month ago
U misses all of em lol. Well hey Arnold one was kool but than way off.
Ace Phoenix Core
The " creeppypasta" is not true I hav seen the episode before what happens is Lisa makes cupcakes and nelsons two goons try to steal them from Lisa but Bart saves the cupcakes but nelson kills Bart and as gratitude Lisa puts a cupcake on his heas
Grace Deakin
Grace Deakin Month ago
Film Theory has already proven that Springfield is located in Oregon due to its climate and landscape as well as the fact that Groening himself grew up in Portland and named Quimby, Lovejoy and Flanders after streets near his childhood home on Evergreen Terrace.
John Eicker
John Eicker Month ago
Always figured Nelson was Mayor Quimby's illegitimate son
Thoranzalar Vhazen
Like every single one of these is so wrong it's insulting.... Even right down to the first one - how could Marge be the one who really shot burns if she was ON SCREEN while the gunshot was fired. My GOD. What's worse is the scumbag fan theories that try to bring some kind of deep meaning to cartoon logic or anti-logic. Like the fact all the characters are immortal minus for future or time travel or flashback episodes, because technology progresses and modernizes in ways that don't chronologically make sense while being in Maggie's babyhood or what have you - like GET OFFFF, get OFF. That doesn't mean it's canon that the simpsons exist in some kind of limbo where everyone's like secretly a ghost or something, GET OFF. Get BACK with that bullshit. Get OFF. Screw anyone who faps around with this baseless nonsense. I don't have to TAKE these WILD allegations!
Zack The Eletric
Actually, the Simpsons are in the state OR Springfield
Emma_becool 123
Emma_becool 123 Month ago
i nearly cried when bleeding gums died.
Tiger da cat
Tiger da cat Month ago
The simpsons!..
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett Month ago
Krusty is homer
Fire Feather
Fire Feather Month ago
Hey now, we know the state, in the one episode where it was behind the laughter it says either tennessee or kentucky.
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 2 months ago
the theory of Springfield Elementary basement
Румен Кънчев
What the hell are you talking about? The show is in it's 30th season...
Nermiachaos 2 months ago
Uhh they basically aready confirmed #16 Bart being the creator with his comic turned internet animation show “Angry Dad”
Dolanus Caesar
Dolanus Caesar 2 months ago
I am glad Rowling didnt write Simpsons.
cute creaper
cute creaper 2 months ago
If you look at the simpsons movie mole man is at the dountut shop and then the toxic lake
Shockwave 2 months ago
Bart is probably not gay since in the future he got married and got 2 kids so I would give 60-80% not gay
troy sons
troy sons Month ago
I give it 95%
troy sons
troy sons Month ago
@Carlos Ribeiro huh? That don't make sense to me friend.
Carlos Ribeiro
Carlos Ribeiro Month ago
Everyone can be gay if they're brave enough. on a more serious note: Being married with kids doesn't automatically mean you're not gay
PAC mAN rap game ain't tha same
How do u people think are technology is soo good aliens 😣
_potatopower 2 months ago
When it said about there being a missing episode I don’t think it’s true as the dead Bart is from the imagination of Bart after Nelson starts to bully him after Bart causes his nose to bleed after nelsons two friends steal Lisa’s cupcakes for her teacher.
The Ease .S
The Ease .S 2 months ago
Dead Bart is from Bart the General when Bart fantasies about Nelson killing him
Andy Revell
Andy Revell 2 months ago
Errrrr, the "dead Bart" image is from Bart The General. I know it's hard to remember a time when The Simpsons wasn't unwatchable dreck, but do a little leg work, eh guys?
Erin 2 months ago
In the episode revenge is a dish best served three Homer says I’m pinning revenge on the baby like i did when I shot mr burns so I think that Homer actually shot mr burns
Joe 2 months ago
Wait i think Mr burns is letting Homer keep his job so he can kill Homer and have marge to himself
ebonvoid777 2 months ago
Plus the coffin pic is from an earlier episode that DID air
Carl Giuliano
Carl Giuliano 2 months ago
What ever happened to Bart’s mind reading abilities?
Haddin s
Haddin s 2 months ago
No because Barney grew up with homer
Skyantha Bladedancer
22 Uh wait didn't they already show that in one episode when Homer jumped off a tall building, he went through a manhole opening with Otto...(who had been bungee jumping off that same rooftop)
BoneCity 2 months ago
'The Simpsons' live in northern Kentucky.
Joe Elliot. Def lepperd
I. Love Simpsons
Euric Suba
Euric Suba 2 months ago
So is it grening or groening
Fugal Muffin
Fugal Muffin 2 months ago
The dead Bart was a real episode
FootballForever 2 months ago
You missed the theory that Homer is actually Krusty
Michael 1980
Michael 1980 2 months ago
I disagree bart is not gay
Spurgeon Boothe
Spurgeon Boothe 2 months ago
The state one is funny because they basically showed Springfield is in a state of it’s own in the Simpson’s movie when Ned and Bart go to the mountain and see the four states that touch it
The Uncle Trio
The Uncle Trio 2 months ago
You've already done some of these theories btw I see a LOT of flawed
Florian D.
Florian D. 2 months ago
Nope, they actually live in Oregon. There is an answer.
The Uncle Trio
The Uncle Trio 2 months ago
The Uncle Trio
The Uncle Trio 2 months ago
I don't want to sound like a smart Allen but it's film theory
Florian D.
Florian D. 2 months ago
@The Uncle Trio oh, yeah. I messed that up. It has been a long time since I watched the Film Theory on where Springfield is.
The Uncle Trio
The Uncle Trio 2 months ago
Florian D. No, Matt Groening said they live in Oregon.
Sam Farmer
Sam Farmer 2 months ago
Steamed Hams
Tę å
Tę å 2 months ago
Bart is ten Does he need a sexuality? He’s a ten year old boy
Shane 17 days ago
Init?! Wtf is wrong with people.
MyNameDanny 2 months ago
bart might be gay because theres that episode where homer takes him hunting and that gay guy saves him
El Alacrán
El Alacrán 2 months ago
I don't think we need a reveal for handsome pete. MG is laughing at you because of how obvious that is.
nothing 2 months ago
Is there any videos about the characters sexualities? I can't find any was hoping it would be in here but still found it interesting! :>
Diego Davila
Diego Davila 2 months ago
Hey on the episoded futurerama and this crossover it is in new york because it happens and the dog is on it to when they are in there
aimee Bramwell
aimee Bramwell 2 months ago
0:03 seconds in that scene is the game
Epicness Lord
Epicness Lord 2 months ago
Theory 13, this is wrong as one episode Cleary states that Homer is "here forever"
Campbell Animation
Campbell Animation 2 months ago
I like the continual loop idea but I feel that it will never truly end, I think there will always be a network or Netflix willing to pick it up for more series
Lucas Layton
Lucas Layton 2 months ago
Barney went to school with Homer so no.
RainTheZangoose 2 months ago
Bart be bi/pan, let's be real if anything.
pepOnshow 2 months ago
The dead bart picture you guys showed if from an actual episode, early season 1 ep 5 actually, barney is homer's high school best friend was sober and he became a drunken addict when homer and barney started drinking
Bill Barrett
Bill Barrett 2 months ago
Dafuq is a "cran?"
Steven Mooney
Steven Mooney 2 months ago
Marge did too, have a friend, RUTH POWERS!!!
Unlimited Stone9
Unlimited Stone9 2 months ago
3:17 I remember this vividly, it's literally just a scene from season 1 episode 5 'Bart General'
OOF MEH 2 months ago
5:03 you know what he’s talkin bout
dj osearth
dj osearth 2 months ago
"sideshow bob's trademark yellow skin" ?.. *what the fnck?!!! THEY ALL ARE YELLOW!!!!*
Kain Chapa
Kain Chapa 2 months ago
Anybody else remember the Simpson game ☺️
QuesoCFH 11 days ago
...there were a bunch of them
blockhead420420 2 months ago
The one about the family being geniuses we see early on that Bart had a hard time learning in class and a he cried because he failed at a history test that he claimed that he studied a long time and without knowing he gave some correct answers to give him A barely passing grade and then in one episode he had ADHD so not a genius
Max Callewaert
Max Callewaert 2 months ago
When they talk about Bart dying at 3:18 that screenshot was from an early episode of the Simpson’s when Bart was getting terrorized by Nelson. The thing in his head is a cupcake that had been shown throughout the episode. I didn’t even the know about the lost episode theory but this is definitely not the right screenshot.
dont be this guy
dont be this guy 2 months ago
Homer Simpson shot mr. Burns he admitted to it in a later episode
Rowen Sabatka
Rowen Sabatka 2 months ago
We have bart the general on DVD and it does show that scene
Ian Linn
Ian Linn 2 months ago
Matt Groening and Craig Bartlet of Hey Arnold also went to the same college. Maybe they knew each other.
The-Nina-Beans 2 months ago
Ian Linn well they definitely know each other now...
Rory Drummond
Rory Drummond 2 months ago
That dead Bart episode is real he is supposed to fight Nelson and dreams his funeral
Bow man
Bow man 2 months ago
13 gets explained in one of the later episode
Maestro Classico
Maestro Classico 2 months ago
Aren't there like 7 states with a Springfield in them?
Maestro Classico
Maestro Classico 2 months ago
Bart is not gay.
Antoine Williams
Antoine Williams 2 months ago
Seymour the house is on fire!
Antoine Williams
Antoine Williams 2 months ago
@John Dukehart Help! Heeeeelp!
John Dukehart
John Dukehart 2 months ago
No, Mother, it's just the Northern Lights.
Yoshito Kaguya
Yoshito Kaguya 2 months ago
That picture of dead Bart is from the episode called "Bart the General".
Jeff Lawhorn
Jeff Lawhorn 2 months ago
Family guy next
Juan Spears
Juan Spears 2 months ago
handsome Pete is fukkin creepy asf
Lanwarder 2 months ago
Bleeding Gum Murphy is in the hospital because he's sick. You don't overdose, go to the hospital, feel okay enough to play a little bit of Saxophone and then die. He would have to overdose while already being in the hospital......but why be in the hospital in the first place then? Are you sure you didnt just made some of this "theories" up yourself?
Lanwarder 2 months ago
The picture of Bart in a coffin comes from the first season's fifth episode "Bart The General" where Bart imagine himself as dead because he's being repeatedly beaten up by Nelson until he gets the help of Abe Simpsons and Herman (the guy with one arm) to build an "army" of kids that ends up throwing a bunch of water balloons at Nelson.
Nuclear Tomato 1212
Nuclear Tomato 1212 2 months ago
3:17 This is from an episode where Bart is bullied and is having a fantasy that Nelson ends up killing him and everyone is at his funeral
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup 2 months ago
Mmmmmmmmm stem hams
Brandon Guerrero
Brandon Guerrero 2 months ago
The marge one made me sad. She does have no friends, lovejoy is a bitch to her :(
Lil SSET XL 2 months ago
The steamed hams episode was played on tv on my birthday 🎂Best birthday ever
The Hardcore Orange
The Hardcore Orange 2 months ago
uziXwraith 2 months ago
how any power plant owners/bosses have used idiots as safety workers in their facilities due to this show? iBet tons
JLock17 2 months ago
Steamed hams, but it's in a list of fan theories.
The Hardcore Orange
The Hardcore Orange 2 months ago
Mmmm,steamed hams
Evan Moya
Evan Moya 2 months ago
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