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00:07 Marble phone case
01:21 Emoji phone case
02:30 How to recycle plastic straws
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 2 295
Foxy_Freak219 11 hours ago
When u made the Coca-Cola one and took it out off ur bag I saw the phone was upside down hahahah
Lauren Hollins
Lauren Hollins 15 hours ago
I love 5 min crafts
ayesha mazhar
I like 5 minute craft ideas
Andrej Milevski
Andrej Milevski 2 days ago
Au pa sine ti se bodes
Ayub Din
Ayub Din 4 days ago
I don't wanna baby on my phone case thankyou
GARy Liam
GARy Liam 4 days ago
Chick McNugget
Chick McNugget 5 days ago
And what is this they show the same thing over and over like making a pop socket but they use different things. It really makes me mad
Chick McNugget
Chick McNugget 5 days ago
Why not put this crap on the case not the damn phone.these people really want a broken phone
Jessi Barria
Jessi Barria 6 days ago
Jessi Barria
Jessi Barria 6 days ago
Miss Mukta
Miss Mukta 7 days ago
How many Indians are watching this
Seneca Kiss
Seneca Kiss 7 days ago
5:35 her phone is upside down 🤣
Riya Karna
Riya Karna 7 days ago
The fluffy one was a faile
Marghoob Zaidi
Marghoob Zaidi 8 days ago
faveepic 8 days ago
0:48 god tier phone case 3:02 good because I love pollution 6:19 so helpful will probably not fall at all 12:40 If I was in public with this I would get bullied 9:01 god tier ugly
X Tron gaming
X Tron gaming 7 days ago
ballet perfect
ballet perfect 8 days ago
Me, Myself, and PIE!
Where tf do I get those Starbucks cups they look so cute!
*hotslut.ru* 4:34
Manoj kumar pandey
Manoj kumar pandey 11 days ago
You guys upload the same video again and again
Iftikhar Ahmad
Iftikhar Ahmad 12 days ago
F37dw663b2iver7 Hahahahaa
Hanna Eng
Hanna Eng 12 days ago
are u joking
Taylor Uhlman
Taylor Uhlman 13 days ago
Repeats? On five minute crafts? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you 😐
Just Me
Just Me 14 days ago
Dumbest thing I’ve see yet
Adriana Rmb
Adriana Rmb 14 days ago
Mio 521
Mio 521 15 days ago
3:00 save the turtles
Bassano ASSENTE 15 days ago
Mohan P
Mohan P 16 days ago
Kristian Ruthér
Kristian Ruthér 16 days ago
anilerol aner
anilerol aner 17 days ago
www.yourmobilecase.com try me
Lizette Jackson
Lizette Jackson 17 days ago
Yep it’s totally not creepy to have a creepy baby on ur phone💀
Jyotsna patri
Jyotsna patri 17 days ago
0:35 when you did not do your home work your mom:
mundo da gabi
mundo da gabi 17 days ago
Narwhal XD
Narwhal XD 18 days ago
Why would u stick makeup on the back of ur phone because u forgot it once?!
Lord Tachungus Fan
Lord Tachungus Fan 19 days ago
It's funny how when they got a call for the necklace phone she didn't awnser she just talked
Lord Tachungus Fan
Lord Tachungus Fan 19 days ago
Nobody: Not a single soul: 5 minute crafts: puts baby on phone case Also lovely phone case ideas there's a decapitated baby on a phone case
SANTIRAM SINHA 19 days ago
Lisa Frater
Lisa Frater 19 days ago
Did anybody realise that at 5:36 that the phone is actually upside down 🤣
Mari 20 days ago
ok the starbucks ice one was really cool tbh
Antoinette Chahine
Antoinette Chahine 20 days ago
Get the coolest phone cases here!!! amzn.to/3b8FNSA
matt d
matt d 20 days ago
Who saw she hot glued her finger
علی ع
علی ع 21 day ago
Ella Hodges
Ella Hodges 21 day ago
it is the same hacks
Alexa Reyes
Alexa Reyes 22 days ago
Se dieron cuenta q el bebé no era el mismo. 1 es un demonio 2 o solamente se aburrió Dale lile
Alexa Reyes
Alexa Reyes 22 days ago
Ups perdón like
Zenia Tubiano
Zenia Tubiano 22 days ago
4:10 the phone will just fall of. I keep on seeing the same things in these vids. I need some more ideas!
Can Jimin sii get subs! ARMY
Awful hacks
Roblox_vlog_**kbox200 /kalea
Not the doll house the doll on the phone was creepy
Roblox_vlog_**kbox200 /kalea
The doll house n the phone was creepy
Shilan Mohammed
Shilan Mohammed 23 days ago
Anita 2134
Anita 2134 23 days ago
Se dieron cuenta de que la cara del bebé cambio
Luana Bellusci
Luana Bellusci 23 days ago
Элина зайчик
Как так можно издеватся над игрушками
Patricia Ozan
Patricia Ozan 24 days ago
Me encantan sus vídeos y las fundas que hacen
rehana rana
rehana rana 25 days ago
How are you all?
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