25 Interior Design DIYs To Do While Stuck at Home

Mr. Kate
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Wake up your creativity while staying at home and DIY or decorate with one of these 25 easy and beautiful ideas! HUGE thanks to Ring for sponsoring today's episode. Get an amazing deal on the Ring welcome kit here: www.ring.com/mrkate/
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
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Apr 12, 2020




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Mae Bergstresser
Mae Bergstresser 6 months ago
Almost to 4 million subscribers!!!😃😁😁
Lena Month ago
Can’t believe they’re at 4 million now 😁😁 well their content is awesome so they definitely deserve it but I remember when they had very few subscribers
Maddie Ascher
Maddie Ascher 4 months ago
5/28/2020 - We’re there now!!!! 4.02 million! Great job Mr. Kate, Joey, and Moon! 🥳🥳🥳
Alivia Angelopoulos
Alivia Angelopoulos 4 months ago
Hey Mr. Kate! I’m a super big fan of you, I have recently re done my room, there is a few more things i need - where is a good place to shop and get them for not a lot of money?
Nessa Ravenclaw
Nessa Ravenclaw 5 months ago
Already there 🎉🎉
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Bb Broadus
Bb Broadus 9 days ago
Love the script wall
Gianna Gabrielle
Gianna Gabrielle 24 days ago
Who else loves how she said “featuring kids”
Gianna Gabrielle
Gianna Gabrielle 24 days ago
Madeleine Perkins
Madeleine Perkins 25 days ago
Firstly, I love your ideas. Secondly, you are tremendously talented and thirdly, you have a beautiful baby boy!
elizabeth brank
elizabeth brank 26 days ago
Can you get a TV deal?
Gianna Gabrielle
Gianna Gabrielle 27 days ago
My Sunday school teacher wanted to do an accent wall where the door was and I was like🙅🏿‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️no no no no no I need to fix this!!!!
The Rainbow Reindeer
8:37 Moriah Elizabeth is terrified
Paris Acklen
Paris Acklen Month ago
Hello does anyone know this answer- what is the video called where Mia and Miya get a room makeover? That room that is showed looks like my dream room
Rosie Samaann
Rosie Samaann Month ago
Mr. Kate, is there anything different you would do if you had popcorn walls? I personally don’t really dig them and I’m debating on what I should do to get the attention of the room away from the popcorn walls. Also, my dad put together this cool ikea desk which is drilled onto the wall, and my bed has no where to go except for this one wall and them I have a bookcase that goes on the wall that also has my closet doors; what I’m trying to say it: HELP, I HAVE WALL-ITIS BUT DONT HAVE MANY OPTIONS TO CHANGE THAT BECAUSE MY ROOM IS SMALL. I know you’re very busy so I’ll take anyone’s suggestions.
Ly Kri
Ly Kri Month ago
Twinkle lights do not last long. You're always replacing them.
Kathye Sargent
Kathye Sargent Month ago
Congratulations on 4 mil plus
Carmen Huff
Carmen Huff 2 months ago
Really loved 💕 all these ideas. Simple for anyone can do !!
Dawne Yekeen
Dawne Yekeen 2 months ago
Wow your hair & outfit matches perfectly! 🔥❤ IT!
Caylee Balcerzak
Caylee Balcerzak 2 months ago
Interior DECORATING. That's all.
fun time roblox mad
fun time roblox mad 2 months ago
Thanks for the ideas when I grow up I want to be an interior designer as you inspired me
Robyn Heynes
Robyn Heynes 2 months ago
Hi from me...all the way from Cape Town South Africa! I ❤ your channel so much. I love the idea of creativity, but some how the idea I have in my mind doesnt coordinate with with hands🙈 however, I'm gonna try the Lyric wall in my son's room...please tell me what brush size to purchase to lyric the wall as my first home diy project
Amber Roberts
Amber Roberts 2 months ago
Is it just me or does any one else hoard craft and diy stuff
Harvey Burridge
Harvey Burridge 2 months ago
Her amagination is the same as a rainbow .
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
The E N N !!!
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute 2 months ago
Slime with Rhia K you don’t have any subscribers...
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
At least I have a subscriber
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute 2 months ago
Slime with Rhia K girl shut up look at your username you’re like 9
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
Shh you
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute 2 months ago
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
No one is to old for the park
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
You are to old for the park
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
I do what I want
Dwight Shrute
Dwight Shrute 2 months ago
Slime with Rhia K girl stop saying hi to your own comment
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
What did you say
OMG Toys
OMG Toys 2 months ago
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
Go to the park
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How about we
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Why you are so boring
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With you
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Have FUN!!!!!!!!
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
And ready to
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I’m back
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Is me
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
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OMG Toys 2 months ago
Avery Wenschlag
Avery Wenschlag 2 months ago
mr kate:look at those FOUR accent wall me:but theres only three
Rob Angel
Rob Angel 2 months ago
When she kept on showing examples of the rooms that they did for famous RUvidrs it really hit me. Like wow y'all worked on every RUvidrs rooms 😂😂😂
Marie Junia
Marie Junia 2 months ago
Thank you for your redecorating ideas. I have watched you sine you begin. I have a Selena. I hate clutter. All my house walls is white. I need help. To 1- Declutter. 2- make accent walls. I love 3 colors blue. Yellow and whites. I wonder what you could suggest if we can meet in a zoom then I can show you how boring my place feel. I do want to be creative but feels I need you. I really need your help to help make my life simpler and chic. Can we do both?
Jes CAMARILLO 2 months ago
Would love to see a goth or dark theme home aesthetic. Like goth farm house diy
Shirley Carter
Shirley Carter 2 months ago
Loving your hair longer, although your always cute.😘😘😘
Liina Ilves
Liina Ilves 2 months ago
You are honestly so talented! Your ideas are Impressive and artistic, thank you for sharing!
Maya Seligman
Maya Seligman 3 months ago
Thank you this has really inspired me!
Maya Seligman
Maya Seligman 3 months ago
I love that this was a trip down memory lane of how Kate's style has changed over the years!
Dayana Alvarado
Dayana Alvarado 3 months ago
Okay not gonna lie. I’m disappointed that this is all reused footage. I’ve seen it all.. 🤪
cat lover
cat lover 3 months ago
Can you come and do my room it is really small and I need help decorating
Martyna Kowalczyk
Martyna Kowalczyk 3 months ago
There is so many ideas, I don't know which one to use :O haha seriously
Katrina Simank
Katrina Simank 3 months ago
So many fun ideas and so much inspiration! I have to admit, though - I absolutely loathe “the karate chop.” I’m not even sure why - maybe I’d just rather have a pillow that’s actually fluffy instead of one that collapses?? Idk. But the visual of it just bugs me.
Makaela Ouellette
Makaela Ouellette 3 months ago
I wish you could do my room 🤧😥but I live in Canada 🇨🇦
Jubeda Koya
Jubeda Koya 3 months ago
Please check out cute zaiba 147 thanks for the hacks and tips it really helped
Colby Jones
Colby Jones 3 months ago
I have a light purple accent wall in my teal room
Taylor May Passow
Taylor May Passow 3 months ago
Is their kid named BOON or MOON?
Joey Sakura
Joey Sakura 3 months ago
How do people dislike videos? I swear sometimes I am generally confused.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas 3 months ago
Damn, her whole look is AMAZING in this video
Small Fabulous Home
Small Fabulous Home 3 months ago
Thank you for being such a great inspiration. I had to mention you in my video...❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cheisy Velasquez
Cheisy Velasquez 3 months ago
I love her so much so creative you go girl 😃😄🥰
Guadalupe Garcia
Guadalupe Garcia 3 months ago
I really want to be an interior designer and thats why im watching your vids and ima start by decorating my room
Sabiha Abdullah
Sabiha Abdullah 3 months ago
Daniel and Deborah Giles
loved vid
Daniel and Deborah Giles
april hassell
april hassell 4 months ago
When did Moon start crawling?
Kristi Woody
Kristi Woody 4 months ago
This is so much information, my head is spinning 😆So many great ideas!! Can't wait to utilize some of these when we buy a house someday!
HeyItz._.Jazzy 4 months ago
....and I thought I was creative
VDezign 4 months ago
great DIY ideas. Amazing
crzy pineapple
crzy pineapple 4 months ago
How can I makr a single bed look good?🤔
gracefabz 4 months ago
Good evening Mr. Kate I your subscriber here in Philippines 🇵🇭. I badly need your help on how to make my bedroom refreshing color. My room color now is yellow orange that's not the color I want when I got home here my room had a color already. Now I want to change it to make nice and refreshing. And I have built in cabinet closet besides my bed which is wood color only. And I would like to add study/working table also.
Vanessa Nogueira
Vanessa Nogueira 4 months ago
I did the half of the room one color and the other half in another and I love it! Granted, it was done before quarantine, but definitely inspired by you guys
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly 4 months ago
I love the black wall in your. I’m not very brave. My sofas are large one is a terracotta stripe and ons is a dark red/pink corner sofa. Would a black wall against a marble fireplace and the other three painted white sound right? Any help would be good. Thank you. X
Matt Salisbury
Matt Salisbury 4 months ago
thank you kate all of your videos really inspire me
Kajal Bhattad
Kajal Bhattad 4 months ago
Kate you are so adorable ❤️
You guys should definitely get a Netflix show at some point!!!
Tina Radi
Tina Radi 4 months ago
What video is the 70s rainbow paint from? Around 9:05 TIA
K.N Faulkner
K.N Faulkner 4 months ago
What do we do if we want u to do our room
Nerderer J
Nerderer J 4 months ago
I used to have a similar stuffed animal headboard and that thing used to give me nightmares!!
Amber Feddema
Amber Feddema 4 months ago
Ahhh this video gives me so much inspiration as I'm planning to redo my room! Where do you get you rugs from?
Beth Adams
Beth Adams 5 months ago
In college, I decoupaged a table with black and white photographs of Golden Era Movie stars and other celebrities, that I tour out of magazines. I decoupaged the top, using modpodge, and then I planned to paint the brown wooden table legs as well as underneath black, but I never did. I never finished it. And when I put my coffee cup on it later, thinking the modpodge (as advertised) shellacked it enough to preserve the decoupage, it left a ring that pulled up some of the magazine paper, and ripped it. BTW, is there a product that you can spray or paint like modpodge over paper/magazine, that will enable a person to place a coffee cup on the table, and not need a coaster?
Devika Deshpande
Devika Deshpande 5 months ago
so much to learn and soooo much to watch!! Thanks a ton!
GG 5 months ago
Joeys hair is so long🤣
kaylani Kay
kaylani Kay 5 months ago
I just got caught karate chopping 12 throw pillows. - "I'm okay, I don't need anger management classes."
Jyiah Osborne’s
Jyiah Osborne’s 5 months ago
I dropped my phone in a bucket of paint while watching this video 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Ps it’s ok tho
Alanna Heinrichs
Alanna Heinrichs 5 months ago
Can someone please tell me where I can find that 70s apartment makeover?? The one with the rainbow mural (time stamp 9:05). I have searched their entire channel and have no clue which video it is...
amelia jamison
amelia jamison 5 months ago
4 milll
kuldeep rathore
kuldeep rathore 5 months ago
I always have to think a lot about what should I do to decorate the opposite wall of the accent wall. Can you please help me. It would mean a lot for me.
mushrooms yeah
mushrooms yeah 5 months ago
uhhh i painted a mural and its a dragon on my wall :)
T H 5 months ago
This was an emotional video for me thank you it really inspired me as an artist and reminded me that’s it’s okay to express myself again... thank you Mr. Kate 💜
Karim Ali
Karim Ali 5 months ago
Alisha Vial
Alisha Vial 5 months ago
Has anyone else had trouble with ‘wall safe’ mounting tape and hooks? Literally every time I have used it no matter how carefully I follow the instructions it damages the wall when you take it off. I know quite a few people who also have had the same issue. It sucks because so many renter friendly styling tips use it, but I’m scared to try it again after all my bad experience! I do live in Australia and we probably get less variety in brands and quality here, which maybe could be the problem? I don’t know. Any aussies out there who have had success with certain brand? Or any hacks or tips for taking it off? We’re moving into a new place this week and I really want to make it a home cause our last rental never felt homey, but I feel like a key part of that is decorating the walls you know?
Katharina Will
Katharina Will 5 months ago
This is EXACTLY what I needed! 😍
Ally McGuffee
Ally McGuffee 5 months ago
hon i just want a regular headbored
bri rose
bri rose 5 months ago
the baby is so cuuute.
Dana Begody
Dana Begody 5 months ago
This would make a killer drinking game video. Take a shot every time u hear the word "MOMENT!" Did anyone count how times she says moment in this video? Holy Moly. Love u Mr Kate but ur Mr Moments are a lil overwhelming.. lol
0 Asselin
0 Asselin 5 months ago
Heyyyy I’m also a creative weirdo
Sarah Favre
Sarah Favre 5 months ago
Mr. Kate, could you please do a video where you just show us what you have done with the airstream so far even if it's not finished.
mandeep kaur
mandeep kaur 5 months ago
Do more of these please
Kathryn Burnett
Kathryn Burnett 5 months ago
Where is the couch from?
Elisa Englert Bentim
best video ever
Charmaine Mangaiagalli
Kate the subscribe is not by the subscribe although the bell is there. What is RUvid doing
Erin Blunden
Erin Blunden 5 months ago
Moon has the coolest parents
Lizzy Watkis
Lizzy Watkis 5 months ago
Me: literally karate chopping every pillow in my house Mom: What is she doing to my pillows!🤦🏾‍♀️
Memphis B
Memphis B 4 months ago
My mom does that too!😆
iishaken 5 months ago
this is the most vsco thing i’ve ever seen
Ana-Beth Raena Ramsaran
cant wait to see what Mr Moon's bday party decor looks like quaranteam style!
PrincessAlexaLaboy 5 months ago
You look so beautiful! It makes me want to have another baby! 😩😝👍🏼
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