25 Disney Movie Easter Eggs And Secret Connections

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Disney Hides Easter Eggs In Every Single Movie... Watch Closely!
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The animators that work for Disney have brought us some of the greatest animated movies of all time. Everyone has songs, characters, and stories that they love from the Mouse House. Aside from making quality family entertainment, our favorite animators also love throwing fun little easter eggs into their films. Some people just have too much fun at work. Not that we can blame them, though.
You might think that you know all of them, but you’d be wrong. Talented Disney scholars have studied every frame of Mickey’s finest looking for every single easter egg they can find. Some are small references to other films. Others are full-blown cameos that hint at a larger Disney universe. If nothing else, here’s a great excuse to rewatch some of your favorite movies like “Lilo & Stitch”, “The Princess And The Frog”, “Frozen”, “Tangled”, and more.
So let’s dive in! Here are 25 Disney Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain Sight.

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Aug 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Linda Metushi
Linda Metushi 15 hours ago
Do you know that in Tangled,it makes sense that mother Gothel locked Rapunzel in a tower ( quarantine ) and kept her away from the kingdom ( coronavirus )?
Linda Metushi
Linda Metushi 14 hours ago
3:34 you forgot Donald in the middle of Mickey and Goofy.
Linda Metushi
Linda Metushi 14 hours ago
13:59 Genie's hat looks like Goofy.
Julia Beezer
Julia Beezer Day ago
Also, there is also an Aladdin float behind King Triton at 10:03
Julia Beezer
Julia Beezer Day ago
Him: If only there were a real place that had a Disney themed Parade.. Me: BRUH! Disneyland and Disneyworld have Disney parades every night!
friendship's vlloggers
I'm sorry but she's not TIANA she is a visitor
Elise 3 days ago
6:12 one of the knifes the witch is holding looks like Maui's hook
zanab aslam
zanab aslam 6 days ago
doit maca movie
Zoe Cox
Zoe Cox 8 days ago
10:05 can anyone else see the jafar and the queen of hearts float just sayin
will kopp
will kopp 9 days ago
You might be surprised to see it but the entire song show you the world shows lots of hints flying to Egypt, Greece, China. So price of Egypt, Hercules, Mulan but I guess you are looking to hard.😁
Rebecca Berk
Rebecca Berk 10 days ago
And Kermit the frog is somewhere in the crowd where Mickey goofy and Donald r
Rebecca Berk
Rebecca Berk 10 days ago
There's a Incredibles poster or something in Coco
Mila Grace
Mila Grace 11 days ago
Jafar was in the parade!
Mila Grace
Mila Grace 11 days ago
Chip got the crack from being destroyed by jungle animals
Arshia Chhabra
Arshia Chhabra 13 days ago
The genie going to disney land seems too stretched, cuz he could be going anywhere, so how do we know it's orlando, or to be specific, disney world?
Jaleah Morgan
Jaleah Morgan 14 days ago
He tries to guess what the animal version of frozen is in zootopia but his question gets answered at 7:05
MADELYN OTWELL 15 days ago
Anna had a hard time finding her love life at first till she found Kristof then in frozen two they get married
Dorcas Shama
Dorcas Shama 17 days ago
I've been thinking, what if Mulan's dad actually had a son, and he could have joined the army. But nothing changes in Li Shang's world. At the end,would Li still.......
Malana Weese
Malana Weese 18 days ago
Thank you I watched other people who CLEARLY haven't watched frozen 2 yet
jananini 18 days ago
You don’t really know this stuff
Pingurocky 7
Pingurocky 7 19 days ago
I can't believe they missed Donald duck next to mickey and goofy in "the little mermaid" clip! he was IN BETWEEN THEM!
Yadira Pepikrankenitz
they can't make a movie with other disney charters with other charters from other movies that would just be weird
Brylee Lauvray
Brylee Lauvray 19 days ago
idk if u guys saw, but in number 13 before it changed to number 14, the sign that the frog said Rue Orleans.
Alexa Smith
Alexa Smith 21 day ago
Zazu did say Scar will be an excellent throw rug .
Alexandra Bender
Alexandra Bender 22 days ago
Donald is in between Mickey and goofy in little mermaid
Bts army kookie Kaur
Oh yh when they show finding Nemo buzz light year Is there anyone catch that???one like if u did not catch that
Bryan Van Fleet
Bryan Van Fleet 24 days ago
u missed everything
Ms Cmbd
Ms Cmbd 24 days ago
ًًّ ً
Andrea Sainz
Andrea Sainz 28 days ago
Do you have the references from the mickey cartoon from the minute 0:12? I've been looking this cartoon for so long!
Sarah Blott
Sarah Blott 28 days ago
Shannon Custer
Shannon Custer Month ago
Other princesses are not in the movie
Shannon Custer
Shannon Custer Month ago
Sorry there not
Ayda Assfour
Ayda Assfour Month ago
Ayda Assfour
Ayda Assfour Month ago
margo has lorax on her shirt in Gru
Carlos Velasco
Carlos Velasco Month ago
In 14:36 u could see Sullivan holding Jesse from Toy Story
Vito Honey
Vito Honey Month ago
Belle in the intro hunchback of notre dame
Ava Prestenbach
Ava Prestenbach Month ago
I live in Louisiana #25
SAD MEMES Month ago
When boo gave sully her finding Nemo doll she also gave him Jesse from you story
Scotty Mustard
Scotty Mustard Month ago
Theory: Jane is daughter of beauty and the beast
Erin Matheson
Erin Matheson Month ago
my mom does not believe me.
RM S Month ago
Okay is anyone going to talk about how in Cinderella the enchanted rose shows up and in Oliver and company the poor guys watch (I forgot his name ) has Mickey mouse on it
Eva Vulpix
Eva Vulpix Month ago
in zootopia there was something else too, the rat that was selling movies about our movies just in rat version.
Morgan Bonner
Morgan Bonner Month ago
frozen 2
Tyson Bradford
Tyson Bradford Month ago
no, but maybe frozen 3
michelle broadwater
When you sell Rapunzel there in Frozen I saw that even my mother
Anna Bass
Anna Bass Month ago
At 10:50,U can see a Jafar float in the background
Queen Asiah
Queen Asiah Month ago
The float behind King Tridons was I think Jafar from Aladdin if you didn’t recognise the building on the float just like the buildings in Aladdin.
Tracy Hardesty
Tracy Hardesty Month ago
Girl:where's green dress to Elsa's coronation The binger:TIANA!!!
Peter Anthony Wong
3:35 look closely at the left side of the crowd of triton
Linda Metushi
Linda Metushi 5 days ago
What there's nothing
Lisa Smiley
Lisa Smiley Month ago
I saw in frozen 2 a big hero six charicter
Bumblebee Month ago
Bumblebee Month ago
Donald Duck is also there
Melissa Land
Melissa Land Month ago
Wait, but Frozen was made by the same creators of Tangled so maybe that was was on purpose.
Sara Janelli
Sara Janelli Month ago
I love it!
Stefania Russo
Stefania Russo Month ago
Wow, there are a lot of Disney connections where did they come from? How is that possible?💗😉😕
Kavita Ghai
Kavita Ghai Month ago
Nice one video
Darryl Herman
Darryl Herman Month ago
R.I.P. Stan 😭
Lynneth Floresy
Lynneth Floresy Month ago
and i saw everything!!
Lynneth Floresy
Lynneth Floresy Month ago
in frozen 2 i saw baymax
Nora Eidsaa-Larsen
In the begining of Moana you can see the magical carpet ;)
jennifer tran
jennifer tran Month ago
This Easter eggs are mind blowing Tangled parents were on The way to Elsa coronation because you see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider when Anna came to greet the guests ♥️ The king and queen of Erindale didn’t die of the shipwreck the washed up on the shore of Africa And had a boy and the parents got eaten by a cheater and the orphan boy got raise by Gorillaz if that is the case then Tarzan is Anna and Elsa long lost brother And Ariel finds the ship that sunk belonging to the king and queen of arandale
Lucy kelly
Lucy kelly Month ago
You mist in big hero 6 when hans face is at the police station so is fin riders on the left
CARLPLEX Month ago
bell is jane's great great grandmother that why she have the pots
Rachelle oshea TV
one of the coconuts have a similar face to baymax
Abby Cho
Abby Cho Month ago
9:52 you can see a float with a pirate ship and that pirate ship looks a lot like the flying ship in Peter Pan
ThE mAn BeHiNd ThE sLaUgHtEr
“If only there was time to watch all your favorite classics〜” Me: OH WOW WHAT A _COINCIDENCE_
Iceowl 111
Iceowl 111 Month ago
They forgot about the scene in "UP" in the little girls bedroom and scenes in "CARS"
Itz ya girl Jaiya
in princess and the frog during the masquerade ball you can see two people dressed as little Bo-Beep and her sheep from toy story
U G Official
U G Official Month ago
Brave is still one of the best Disney movies if not the best in my opinion. And it's so underrated. It needs to be continued.
Grace Reid
Grace Reid Month ago
Fun fact not only did boo give suly Nemo she also gave him the ball from toy story and Jessie
Brandon Felts
Brandon Felts Month ago
You missed where Maui also turns into Nemo from finding Nemo
Trulea Bennett
Trulea Bennett Month ago
Jane could be Belle from beauty and the beast
Adriona petersen
It almost looks like there is a wanted poster from tangled in big hero 6
Saaya Accapadi
Saaya Accapadi Month ago
There is one in Toy Story 4! You can see Boo in Bonnie's classroom.
Cody Jenks
Cody Jenks Month ago
When you said there was toy story stuffed animals were in coco there also is monsters inc ones too
Marco Bitar
Marco Bitar Month ago
Just to let you know, BRAVE WAS A AWFUL MOVIE
Jenna Month ago
What do you mean “justice served at the end of frozen” did you even watch it? He got punched off of a boat and got locked up!
Tracy Germer
Tracy Germer Month ago
this is soooo cool
CyanDash Month ago
not every kid likes frozenl
gacha player
gacha player Month ago
baymax is also in frozen
Damaris Coronado
When boo found nemo u forgot Jessie
Christie Hetherington
btw it was not just nemo that was on monsters inc it was also jessie from toy story
Agnieszka Popiela
it wasen't only mickey and goofy it was all so donald he was in the middel of mickey and goofy
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