24 hours + of pure black screen in HD!

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Hello I'm back with a black screen, 14 hours and 1 minute and 25 seconds longer than my last one but it is in HD like many of you asked. Have a nice day and thanks for the ad revenue!
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This took me more than 2 days to render and upload so I hope you're happy.
I also made 48 hours of pure black screen:
Shorter version:

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Aug 10, 2017




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Comments 80
milk 6 hours ago
use this to pretend you turned off the ipad ;))
Michael Shumacher
Michael Shumacher 7 hours ago
amazing quality
dixrygguk 8 hours ago
24 hours + of pure black screen in HD! 6.6m people : hmm iNtErEsTiNg
DerekInCanada 8 hours ago
12:38:45 My favorite part of the video
Lucas Barela
Lucas Barela 10 hours ago
You can watch it on VR! Just close your eyes and look around, been having some fun for the last 14 hours
Abraham A Kuri
Abraham A Kuri 10 hours ago
Just reported it for terrorism let’s see if the people at RUvid watch it all
Lunar M0on
Lunar M0on 10 hours ago
I use this as my mirror
Thebe_stone 10 hours ago
this is the funniest video on youtube!
AXEL - Brawl Stars
AXEL - Brawl Stars 14 hours ago
I like the part where the screen was black
Anime Guy
Anime Guy 18 hours ago
Close your eyes for ultimate full screen
Rina Magalona
Rina Magalona 18 hours ago
I like the part when it turns black
João Bernardo
João Bernardo 19 hours ago
If u chance the speed to 2x at 9:56 the screen looks black
Mateo Rodríguez Morín
Daniel: 24 hours nothing The cooler Daniel:
Laxer Gregg
Laxer Gregg 20 hours ago
The Cooler Daniel
Peces Curauma
Peces Curauma 21 hour ago
Good for cleaning my tablet
vhai russell
vhai russell 22 hours ago
close eyes for fullscreen.
Hashim Sethi
Hashim Sethi Day ago
me using this so my mum thinks the cmputer is off
ReViX Day ago
I use this video to see the dirt on my screen and clean it lol
Tai Hung
Tai Hung Day ago
This is good for my mental well being. 🕊️
bmatrang Day ago
Best video I’ve ever fully watched :-)
Leonardo Irti
Close the eyes for the VR
Channel Day ago
Good thing it's HD!
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen Day ago
This was so dark it made me blind
Crystal Shpat
me wonderng if the video starded
venroky Day ago
The people who disliked are blind
ImJustCursed Jennifer
I just wasted 24 hours of my life the 30th time
KLOC Live Day ago
KLOC Live Day ago
Alex fnm
Alex fnm Day ago
Anybody else still waiting for the video to load
Pure One
Pure One Day ago
Who else searched this up to look at their reflection
Octavio Hernandez
5:50 wow
(Knight) Phanathorn Chuenjumlong
i used it to prank my friend that the computer was closed and when he went I logged onto the game straight away very helpful thanks. :)
rayanrocks1234 2 days ago
My sister set a password for the computer. She went to work. So if I shut the computer down, I can't login again as idk the pass for the com. My mom forced me to shut down the com as I was playing too much, and I was like oh noooo.... Then I used this to make her think I actually shut it down.
NGK 7 8 hours ago
that's wholesome man
This quality is so high!
TheYoungPanda 2 days ago
Anybody here to keep their computer on while downloading huge files?
Blinky the Ghost
Blinky the Ghost 2 days ago
Me: Sees These Types Of Videos Also Me: *i JuSt WaNt To Be FrEeEeE*
rxuvben 2 days ago
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Peaches and Pardon
i put this on when i upload videos so my laptop doesn't turn off so far I've watched 19 hours : )
Allan Morrison
Allan Morrison 2 days ago
The best part is 18:49:09
mistixx 2 days ago
me looking at my face the whole time like : 👁👄👁
Ricardo 2 days ago
my favourite part was at 13:55:34
G. Smith
G. Smith 2 days ago
I'm so glad I FINALLY found an HD version! Got so tired of the standrard def black.
Bobo Gaming
Bobo Gaming 2 days ago
Close your eyes for full screen:)
Mexovic 3 days ago
Video quality was too low, the video was laggy and the gameplay was not the best. 1 out of 10, not recommended.
Piotr G
Piotr G 3 days ago
Good it is HD!
_drawing.com_ 3 days ago
Thanks! my computer always turns off and I can't see if I get any notifications so I keep this on when I go to sleep :D
minista365 3 days ago
minista365 3 days ago
Ezekiel Morgan
Ezekiel Morgan 3 days ago
Why waste your time looking at a black screen on RUvid when you can turn off your phone and look at the screen.
Halo AJ
Halo AJ 3 days ago
Mimi lol
Mimi lol 3 days ago
i love how this has 6 millions views
playlists and poptarts
I like when he said " "
abc_42 3 days ago
U̸s̶e̵l̷e̸s̵s̴ content
Ultra Weeb
Ultra Weeb 3 days ago
with a black screen even 144p is full HD
indo A•S•M•R
Closed ur eyes for full screnn
кто-то 3 days ago
Это видео просмотрели 6.5 лямов людей🤦🏻‍♀️
playlists and poptarts
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Legit Lady
Legit Lady 4 days ago
I honestly just put this screen on so my mom could think I was asleep 😂. Now I dont have to sleep in complete darkness lol
RED raven 2
RED raven 2 4 days ago
I reported this video as sexual content so the RUvid staff watch all of it
class 6s` 6s
class 6s` 6s 4 days ago
Why would anyone want this? I don’t get it
Alex 2 days ago
afking on a game/letting an game update/too lazy to turn off tv/monitor....etc
Jeishani's gacha
Jeishani's gacha 4 days ago
my cousin rlly said go search blackscreen and like when i searched it he said click this video and zoom and like after that he said thats my life without u '-'
Albert productions
Close your eyes for full screen
Τ e Λ
Τ e Λ 4 days ago
LAS OPR3 4 days ago
Three hours in and I give up
Mehmet Ali EDİS
Mehmet Ali EDİS 4 days ago
Aradığın türk yorumuyum :)
Aivan Cajucom
Aivan Cajucom 4 days ago
This kinda help me troll
aa adadad
aa adadad 4 days ago
killing part 10:23:45
RUvid:they will watch anything during Quarantine
Lany Fox
Lany Fox 5 days ago
Me just watching my shimeji characters fly across my screen
ZoomerDoggo 5 days ago
I was legit WAITING for it to start and I was a minute in😒😒
The Dark Lycanoc
The Dark Lycanoc 5 days ago
Please make a whole week
shohan shihab
shohan shihab 5 days ago
people who dislikes this video are racist.
Colortv 5 days ago
lets flag it so that youtube needs to watch it
PixxBittGamer 5 days ago
stare at a wall close up for theater mode!
bo traver
bo traver 5 days ago
3:45:14 pice of shit jump scare
Anthony Di-Perini
Rk my baby 👶
Luke Minor
Luke Minor 5 days ago
close your eyes for full screen
RS Jason DB
RS Jason DB 5 days ago
This is for when your mom changes your password for your tablet so put this on and she thinks that you closed you iPad so you can watch your iPad for a day
RS Jason DB
RS Jason DB 5 days ago
When she leaves
Aiden Reuter
Aiden Reuter 5 days ago
The book is better
XxGh0stxX XxPl8yrxX
Mom: it’s time to sleep hurry up! Me an intelligent: ok mom 1sec. iPad:⬛️
SpringyPlush64 2 days ago
Abel falcon Oterto
This is my mind rn no stress and stuff
dino_envyッ 5 days ago
It's so bright
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