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wouldn't want to spend 24 hours handcuffed to anyone else ❤️😂

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Jun 18, 2019




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Comments 1 306
TGA Happs
TGA Happs 20 days ago
Go to 8:30 just when they start lunch, and watch how their arms magically separate...was it already over...LOL
Tristan Cross
Tristan Cross 24 days ago
Just here lookin bacc at memory’s🤣🤣
Ayo Squad
Ayo Squad 27 days ago
Who’s here after there break up 💔
Nesquik Döll
Nesquik Döll 28 days ago
7:33" that's abuse"...
Neo Sitole
Neo Sitole 29 days ago
Thank you
Juel Clemons
Juel Clemons 29 days ago
9:12 ''i dont use soap i use water'' Me: you dirty lmao Just kidding love yalll btw
Juel Clemons
Juel Clemons 29 days ago
Why does he looks like juice wrld with a afro lowkey tell me lmao
Itss.nayaaa Month ago
They are so cute😍😍
t and s gang
t and s gang Month ago
you should prank him and say you got jumped by 3 girls and 1 boy
Hafi Bangz
Hafi Bangz Month ago
Lmfao awww
thatlovegirl12 Month ago
Target restrooms are actually gender neutral.
AretPies Du
AretPies Du Month ago
Your a realy cute couple ahhhhh
Tamara Vincent
Tamara Vincent Month ago
I love the intro omfgggggg
Tan Bell
Tan Bell Month ago
Eat red foods for 24 hours
SnowyGrinds Month ago
If This Is Blue Your A OG dymomdsflawless $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)
Steven  Metayer
Steven Metayer Month ago
12:33 almost had em
Ijeoma Nwankwo
Ijeoma Nwankwo Month ago
You guys are so cute together 🥺
famousindia Month ago
they was watching duck tales lmfaoo
Lavish Life With PxSo
People usually do it for a couple of hours but ya did a whole day that’s fire🔥🚫🧢
Teniyah Lanell
Teniyah Lanell 2 months ago
The real question is if this video is the only reason they have these handcuffs👀👀😇❤😶😏
King B
King B 2 months ago
CID is so damn fine 😍😍😍😍😍
Wynter English
Wynter English 2 months ago
What kind of shower is that ?
LiLNickEntertaining 2 months ago
Anyone notice how much times dymond say bruh
Lakevia Washington
Lakevia Washington 2 months ago
Hey I love u so much
Selfmade_YT 2 months ago
Wait ur eyes r silver?? There cute for Real!
Bakari Stover
Bakari Stover 2 months ago
U and cid have the same amount of subs
Deja Curry
Deja Curry 2 months ago
I use soap
876Michie 2 months ago
Cid rather used his left hand to drive. The hand cuff was already on his right hand, locked unto Dy'mond's left hand. It is a left hand drive vehicle. How would Dymond be able to drive?
cece cece
cece cece 2 months ago
I love yall
Unikitty47_love_ chassytt
Can you guys plz record more videos together
Ma Labady
Ma Labady 3 months ago
BAbYy FaCeYaNnA 3 months ago
the kid laugh at target 😭💀💀 “ hehehe”
Zoeboy. mog
Zoeboy. mog 3 months ago
I wonder what other reasons they used the hand cuffs for😏😂
Zoeboy. mog
Zoeboy. mog 3 months ago
Aye oh shit it’s yo boi king cid Nd I’m back with another video.........................I said I’m back with another video
Pogo Man
Pogo Man 3 months ago
Chipotle , bathroom, handcuffed dont mix well😂😂
Gothic 3 months ago
i love dymonds pissed off face when Jason interrupts her 😂😂
Zaza Fam
Zaza Fam 3 months ago
This was hilarious Ik I’m sorry I’m late I just found your Chanel not to long ago 😭❤️love y’all
Peanut_YoungJAZ 3 months ago
Yooo I really I fuck with yall. Yall cute AF #couplegoals But low key I was wondering when did u go get ur brother to be camera man ??
Wavy Vickyy
Wavy Vickyy 3 months ago
Omg Jason 😭😭when dymond was taking a shit😭
Wavy Vickyy
Wavy Vickyy 3 months ago
Talking Spanish to dymond for 24 hrs
striker tv
striker tv 3 months ago
Imagine dymond with no brows
Jenny Escobar
Jenny Escobar 3 months ago
y’all would be a cute couple ❤️😶📌.
Delainey F.
Delainey F. 3 months ago
“We’re going to the eyebrow place first then we can go eat” WHAAAT??
Treasure Jones
Treasure Jones 3 months ago
Hey...mommy said....holly justice.....Age knocking?!? Need her registration....back door....smile...No!!!!j/k!!!!
Treasure Jones
Treasure Jones 3 months ago
Class of slim thug....shirt 2!?!? Wash away my Gucci sandals...win when my contacts....might help...!!!!got Suzy q....sunny d=lit!!!!
Spicy Sports
Spicy Sports 3 months ago
her nipples was hard when they was in the me restroom
Temi Saliu
Temi Saliu 3 months ago
Y’all intro 😂😂
Erika Howard
Erika Howard 3 months ago
Do a no hands challenge but you can not touch each other while you kiss
Betty Adesiyan
Betty Adesiyan 3 months ago
wait are those her real eyes?
Abigail Ella
Abigail Ella 3 months ago
You're digusting if you don't use soap 😷
Sibongumusa Mazibuko
he highkey holding the key 👀
Candace Issioffia
Candace Issioffia 3 months ago
Yes lemonade and sweet tea is so good
Tyler Jackson
Tyler Jackson 3 months ago
I don’t
Lovel Jk
Lovel Jk 3 months ago
I love dymonds laugh
Jayda Rose
Jayda Rose 3 months ago
When they were in target that was goals
Saniya Young
Saniya Young 3 months ago
Wym if u lose it yall stuck together ? Yall stuck together regardless!👌🏽 PERIODT! Love You Guys💕
Ashlynn Brendlinger
Ashlynn Brendlinger 3 months ago
6:16 Awe so cute!- kid
Ashlynn Brendlinger
Ashlynn Brendlinger 3 months ago
Trinity Thurmond
Trinity Thurmond 3 months ago
Why you watching duck tales
V&I Squad
V&I Squad 3 months ago
Support me and my Bsf channel 👇🏽
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