23andMe DNA Test (Tutorial + My Results)

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Get your test at: www.23andme.com/
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Mar 15, 2019




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Z's Mom
Z's Mom 3 days ago
Thanks to your video I ordered a kit to start my search. Eek. So excited!!! 😁
Shafa Uchiha
Shafa Uchiha 11 days ago
You’re a proud Canadian first and foremost
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies 13 days ago
what about the indigenous population of Australia and New Zealand
Joseph Fuzaylov
Joseph Fuzaylov 19 days ago
Why do the results not add up to 100%
Melanie Caruso
Melanie Caruso 21 day ago
NEVER!!!! I Friggin knew u would give the GOVERNMENT Access so.... NEVER! NEVER!! NEVER!!!
Nadia Beals
Nadia Beals Month ago
that little paper is to absorb anything that leaks ...... not to keep it fresh. I deal with a lot of bodily fluids.
noname Month ago
I was going to spit in this tube today... I told my mother that she should not touch the kit or should take care that no one touches it. When I came back to spit, I saw that the funnel was already closed before I spit... now I'm totally rested and didn't know what to do anymore. So I took some of that liquid in a Cup. The problem is that I didn't knew how much to spit. And the other problem is that I spilled some of the liquid... is that bad? I'm totally worried and desperate and is it bad that I spit before the liquid came? please helpppp! D:
UsefulCharts Month ago
Just ask them for a new kit. They'll send one for free.
Jan Kasza
Jan Kasza 2 months ago
Thank You for this information...This is confusing to me and your video really helps to understand these results!
Борис Отовић
Can you repeatedly look at your results whenever you wish?
Maximiliano Zuñixtli
I love 23andMe, I definitely consider it one of the most ACCURATE and UNIQUE Ancestry/DNA sites because it also offers your HEALTH & Genetic reports which others don't. And it's more inclusive and has a larger pool of people who aren't white.
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 2 months ago
The FBI and INTERPOL appreciate your contribution to their database.
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 2 months ago
Do you have to give out personal info when registering or at any other time? Could I buy it at Target with cash and have it mailed under a friends name to their address (friend is ok with it)?
UsefulCharts 2 months ago
Yeah, my wife used a fake name for hers.
Anglozion 76
Anglozion 76 2 months ago
Really thorough, well-explained video. I live in Israel so at the moment 23 and me is the only real option for this sort of test, so it's great how you broke it down. I hope that you are getting a commission. :)
T B 2 months ago
Only thing holding me back from doing this is what they do with my data.
Babli 2 months ago
How many haplogroup can a person have ?
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing video,this is the phylogenetic tree of your haplogroup : Z156/S264 * Z8160formed 4700 ybp, TMRCA 4200 ybp www.yfull.com/tree/R-S264/
Dylan Mayhew
Dylan Mayhew 3 months ago
I just finally ordered two of these because Amazon Prime Day, I was going to do it tonight. But I'll take your advice and just do it first thing when I wake up! I'm very much looking forward to the results, because I know I am very very mixed! Sadly makes it kinda hard to confirm things to my self. Since most of my knowledge is more vague. But for the people who do know what to expect, it's always been about that with a few surprises. What I am aware of, to my knowledge I'm: 25% British 25% German 18.75% Italian 18.75% African 12.5% Irish. Likely allot more I'd bet. Also my wife will be doing one as well. It's likely going to be closer to the latest expected time considering when I got mine. I'm sure they sold many kits on Prime Day.
J. F.
J. F. 3 months ago
Hi Matt, which DNA kit, is better/ best?
Preetty Goood
Preetty Goood 3 months ago
I don't want some corporation with close ties to Google having my dna on file, that shit's orwell to the 10th power
56ghostwriter 3 months ago
Have you ever used Family Search from the LDS church. THe one thing that really bugs me is that anyone can access your charts and make changes. Someone did to mine and I posted a please do not change this chart post. The Relative Finder is pretty cool though.
Both my father and I took a test from 23andme and it was interesting comparing our results (I got a bit of Japanese and he got some Italian. Both got Spanish and Native American. Almost all of his European was Spanish which makes sense given he is Latino). It also proved how inaccurate AncestryDNA. They think I am 62% Germanic European and only 6% Spanish. I can't say I really recommend Ancestry. It was also cool to learn about our haplogroups. My maternal haplogroup is H1a3 and his is B2. Since he took the test, his paternal haplogroup also shows up in my results now. It is J-L25. That was a was surprise as I was really expecting an R haplogroup. My mom's side said 22.6% German and French (really Dutch in my case as a great grandmother came from the Netherlands. I expected a bit; but not 62% ancestry said). 12.4% British and Irish and 4.4% Scandinavian. The rest were smaller traces.
Texas Viking
Texas Viking 3 months ago
69% danish and Norwegian here! 👋
Cosmic 3 months ago
I got some banana in me. *DNA*
Horaţiu Mlendea
Horaţiu Mlendea 3 months ago
Well I certainly didn't expect to see Ubuntu. Nice!
MétéoMan 3 months ago
The problem with DNA tests is not all of your ancestors' DNA survives to the present. You only get 50% from each parent; the other 50%, which is lost, may contain unique information of a distant relative from an unknown region. However, your brother or sister may still have that information. I have been heavily involved in genealogy since 1994 and have over 25K people in my file. It has been a fascinating journey with many discoveries of historical personages. We are all cousins. I'm glad I discovered your channel, albeit a bit late. Subbed.
Laxus Razillah
Laxus Razillah 3 months ago
I love your work!
NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100
I have a question, I heard these tests only really grab the DNA of your mother's side? My mom already took the test, so I have a clear understanding of what my mom side of the family is, mainly English with like 5% Scottish. But it's my dad's side I'm not really sure about, my grandma on his side is native, and then my grandpa side of the family comes from Mexico, but just because They're from Monterrey Mexico that doesn't mean they are indigenous to Mexico if that makes sense. What would be the best way to go about this?
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 3 months ago
Thank you for your video. I'd now like to purchase a couple of kits for my parents
Robert Hardy
Robert Hardy 4 months ago
R u always short of breath?
UsefulCharts 4 months ago
Only when I'm anxious.
Reverse Beauty
Reverse Beauty 4 months ago
Iam from the Netherlands. I got the dna box but the return adres is to a Dutch adres and not to the United States. Is this normal?
Reverse Beauty
Reverse Beauty 4 months ago
Already found my answer amp.reddit.com/r/23andme/comments/8off9h/still_in_transit/e0el3l2/
Mich 4 months ago
I have so much to say on this. To put it bluntly, my mother's ancestry is inbred Melungeon from Appalachia. Based on my research of my very early American Colonial ancestors (pre-1700), I concluded I had some Jewish ancestry that originated some time in the 1500s due to the Portuguese/Jewish slave trade in the Americas and Africa. I naturally assumed my ancestors would be Sephardic because of the Portugal connection. Due to the would mostly be European. Du to the inbreeding of Melungeons, I had good reason to believe this Jewish ancestry would appear in DNA test results. In 2015, I was one of the first to take an Ancestral dna test from Familytreedna.com which is frankly the company I think is the most scientific. The test results were a small grayish hit centered in Israel/Palestine and then a slightly larger hit in modern day Turkey. 0% for any Jewish ancestry, whether Sephardi or Ashkenazi. As of today, the differentiation between Israel/Palestine and Turkey has disappeared. Now I'm just 5% Middle Eastern and my Iberian result vanished . Note: My dad is 97% European (0% Ashkenazi/Sephardi) and a peculiar 3% Turkish, which we think is from his German side. There is no reason to believe he has any meaningful Jewish ancestry. My mother's test has shed a lot more light. Originally, she had the Israel/Palestine result (a modest 2%) but one day that disappeared and that 2% has moved entirely into the Ashkenazi classification, which now exists within the European category. So now she has 0% Middle Eastern in her results. Yet, I have more Middle Eastern than my parents combined. Something not quite right! I don't know why but they can't distinguish that some of my "Middle Eastern" ancestry is Jewish. My takeaway from this is that either the participants in the original slave trade triangle (UK/Portugal/Africa/Caribbean/US) had actually very little to do with Sephardi and were actually Ashkenazi, or just maybe these DNA tests can't decide what to do with Jewish DNA. I wanted to share this because I have a unique insight into things due to the isolation of Appalachia, which meant certain bloodlines never died out even after a few hundred years.
Jürg Nobs
Jürg Nobs 4 months ago
Hey man, a few things about the percentages: we all get 50% of our genes from each of our parents. however, our sperms or eggs contain a random combination of the genes of those parents. they are not split 50:50 necessarily. so in most cases, you do not give the same amount of your fathers as of your mothers genes to your kids. one of them will usually be more than 50% of your "contribution" (so more than 25% of your childs DNA) while the other one will be a bit less. this means your 32% irish heritage might actually be just your grandma. it is a very common misconception that we all get equal shares from each of our ancestors. that is simply not correct. it is theoretically possible that someone has no genes in common with one of their grandparents (that can theoretically be the case if all of the genes in your sperm happen to be either from your fathers or mothers side).
Jürg Nobs
Jürg Nobs 4 months ago
as for the scandinavian part: well, a lot of british and irish people have a certain amount of scandinavian blood because of historic reasons.
siw_ 4 months ago
I did mine with MyHeritage. I heard ancestry and 23andme sell your dna..
GG Wo 5 months ago
Google appreciates your contribution to their data collection.
GG Wo 3 months ago
OC Beezilla Ignorance is bliss in your case, I suppose. If you actually read into the owners of the company you would see their ties to Google leadership, in addition to Google’s multi-million dollar investment into the company when it was first founded. This is not hidden information.
OC Beezilla
OC Beezilla 3 months ago
GG Wo Wow what a genius over here, how about YOU look up who owns 23andme before you leave ignorant responses to my comment. It’s a privately owned company.
GG Wo 3 months ago
OC Beezilla Dude, look up who owns 23 and Me before you respond with ignorant comments.
OC Beezilla
OC Beezilla 3 months ago
GG Wo ? It’s 23 and me that has the DNA, google doesn’t get this sold to them
Pup314 5 months ago
FYI there is now strong evidence to show that female mitochondria can be influenced by the male genetivs. Itis possible this comes from functional hermaphroditic humans who are both male and female and gave birth to children, though this is not definitive as yet, just speculation. So the end result is that Female haplo groups are not singularly female to female in origin and can have male influence.
Sandra jennings
Sandra jennings 5 months ago
Can you register on your cell phone
UsefulCharts 5 months ago
J.M. Gray
J.M. Gray 5 months ago
Hey buddy, I have two DNA results, one from Ancestry and one from Nat Geo. I want you to study these findings to understand hoe i could be related to Ramesses II, King Tut, Hapsburgs, Bonaparte's , Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, HM Victoria, ect...
Ruthanne D'Antuono
Ruthanne D'Antuono 5 months ago
Nice! Thanks!
norm 5 months ago
thanks lol almost fucked up on this
Creatif Etudes
Creatif Etudes 5 months ago
46 Weeks !!!!😲🤨
UsefulCharts 5 months ago
4 to 6 weeks
L Haviland
L Haviland 5 months ago
My best guess would be: 40% German. 30% British/ Irish. 15% Swedish. 12% French. ~3% Native American.
The Last Remaining Moderate
Not to be a wet blanket, but I'd like to add a few caveats to this video. These companies make a big deal about the so-called "ethnicity" or "ancestry composition" reports. But as far as actual genealogy is concerned, they are rather useless. The cannot identify individuals, only trace populations. What good is it to be told your lineage is 40% Irish when you already know that from researching your family tree? (You have researched your tree, haven't you? Otherwise these tests are a total waste of time and money). But what was your gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather's name and where and when was he born? This test can't tell you that, and that's what's important. People ask about accuracy. Do you mean "accuracy" or do you mean "precision"? Two different things. Saying "French/German" can be total accurate, but it's extremely imprecise. As far as which company is more "accurate" (or precise), it depends. They have different reference databases and use different algorithms. One might do better with northern Europeans and another may do better with Middle Eastern. And there's no way to know in advance. Of the "Big 3" (Ancestry.com, 23andMe and FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA)), I'd characterize them thusly: 23andMe is, and always has been, mainly interested in health related issues; ancestry is more of a sideline with them. You cannot directly view any information regarding your matches. They have no trees. You must make contact directly and ask, and the messaging system isn't the most intuitive. FTDNA is the best for researching the nuts and bolts of DNA. They do allow users to publish their family trees, although not a lot do. They also publish users actual email addresses so you can communicate directly. And they do offer a few other services, but those mainly have to do with mtDNA and YDNA (the maternal and paternal haplogroups referred to in the video). For actual genealogical use, though, Ancestry.com is far and away the best. The DNA system is integrated with the family trees and it's fairly easy to find connections. They also have almost 10 times the number of users as either of the others. Unfortunately, their messaging system is also a bit wonky at times, and far too many users take the DNA test just for the "ethnicity" and don't have any real interest in actual genealogy. All personal opinions, of course, but based on 10 years of working with this stuff. As always, your mileage may vary.
Kira Kitty
Kira Kitty 5 months ago
Big thanks for the tutorial!👍
Maureen Mullen
Maureen Mullen 5 months ago
Hi Matt, So will the results only show the ethnicities for my mother and her female ancestors, which will probably be Irish and possibly Scottish or English ? Through my mother's father there will be German and through my father parents Irish, possibly English and Scottish. I gather that the results will not show anything about my genetics from them. Is that right? Also is there a DNA test that breaks results down into Irish or English or Scottish - instead of lumping them together? Thank you for your helpful video and future reply.
Maureen Mullen
Maureen Mullen 5 months ago
So even though I am a female it will show ethnicity on both sides of my family. Thank you for the info! @UsefulCharts
UsefulCharts 5 months ago
The main results will show your ethnic breakdown based on both your father's and mother's sides of the family. It is only your haplogroup that is based on your mother.
Melody 5 months ago
You are giving up your rights to your own genetic information,also you could become a victim of organ theft ! Not a joke !
F 5 months ago
didnt take a dna-test but we must be related pretty good bc i live near frankfurt (germany)
Julian M
Julian M 5 months ago
You may have wanted to let your viewers know that these tests are for entertainment purposes only. Also you didn’t mention the default 50% accuracy/confidence slider at the bottom. Turn that up to see it’s all just “best guess from available samples”.
The Banana Gamer
The Banana Gamer 6 months ago
Ik this is a comment to a month old video but I got this test and it was really cool to find some family and find out my % of different things, it was really interesting
The Banana Gamer
The Banana Gamer 5 months ago
Thanks for the ❤️!
yoholo ho
yoholo ho 6 months ago
Interesting, a mistake though, your 1% Spanish/Portuguese is Not Sephardic Jewish. If it was, it would show as "Sephardic Jewish". Also your map would show Northern Africa included, if there was Sephardic Jewish in there. Cheers
Sheila S
Sheila S 6 months ago
So,unless I have a male in my family who is alive,I won’t learn about my dad’s side of the family?
UsefulCharts 6 months ago
Your main DNA results will still show your ethnic breakdown based on the genes you received from both your father and your mother. The only thing you won't get is your Y haplogroup, which tells you where your dad's dad's dad's dad's dad's, etc. came from.
Heliogabalus Roses
Heliogabalus Roses 6 months ago
100% european, congrats man
Lindsay Somer
Lindsay Somer 6 months ago
Why don't the girls get the paternol side I don't think that it is fair the the boys get mother and father side. And the girls only get to see there mothers, mothers, mother.
Robert Heal
Robert Heal 5 months ago
The reason is, they are looking at particular genes on the Y chromosome, which only males have.
Anna133199 5 months ago
@Wouter van de Burgt 'Nowadays'? I'm pretty sure people aren't becoming dumber on average. Lindsay's asking a question. That's a good thing. She wants to learn new things. Also, I think Lindsay is a child. She looks young. Don't be an asshole to children. @Lindsay Somer Here you'll find the answer: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup You'll find it in the last paragraph of the summary.
Wouter van de Burgt
Wouter van de Burgt 6 months ago
Are you kidding me? People are so dumb nowadays
Ziki Rebel
Ziki Rebel 6 months ago
Fare warning 32 and me sold his client's DNA to third party farmaceutical company. ...and doing this test you give up your right on it....
Guppy Guy
Guppy Guy 2 months ago
Thank goodness I did 23andMe instead
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 2 months ago
What if you buy it at Target with cash and use a friends name and address? How would they know who the DNA actually belongs to?
Jackson B
Jackson B 3 months ago
Anna133199 it’d be kinder if he learnt how to spell. People will take less caution on a warning with errors in the explanation
Anna133199 5 months ago
@Briar Elyse We all know what zrinka bunic meant to say. So, don't be a bitch. It's kind of zrinka to warn us all.
Briar Elyse
Briar Elyse 5 months ago
Your warning might have more weight to it if you spelt it correctly. Dictionary.com 💁
Gitte Van de velde
Gitte Van de velde 6 months ago
If I would do this test it would be incredibly boring. 100% northwestern European, possibly. Perhaps a touch of spanish. As far as I know, all of my ancestors are just from....Here. Flanders. My sister is quite tan though (at least compared to cooked pasta-coloured me) and my brother has curly hair, so there could be somethign more 'southern' in there. And perhaps some scandinavian or British isles, which is also northwestern European. Nothing to spectacular.
Lord Frax
Lord Frax 6 months ago
Yeah I thought the same about my own result but there is like 0.2% Sub Saharan African and quite a lot of other surprises, like the English stuff that doesn't fit in the family tree that we know. See, isn't this gene thing fun ;)
XaK 6 months ago
I have 2 rare haplo groups J-L243 and W6. What do I do in that case
C De V
C De V 6 months ago
Had a test like this lying arround for some weeks and was hesitating,. Like, what surprising result could I get anyway? You are probably like 80% german or something like that. So I sent the test in. And the result was surpriningly, I'm 65% english.what also explains a lot I guess...
miss marti
miss marti 6 months ago
I enjoy your videos. You have a nice voice and a handsome face
tom kent
tom kent 6 months ago
80% of human DNA is shared with the humble banana. Not a lot of people know that!
Perla Gil
Perla Gil 3 months ago
Lowlsqwid 5 months ago
I swear that said human banana
Another 90 days to change this
*Cue onision's "I'm a banana" song*
Maximiliano Zuñixtli
I love 23AndMe! It's the best one for minorties, considering others tend to be focused more on the specifics of European ancestry which is overwhelmingly white people...
SirPP 6 months ago
too confusing. not enough charts.
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