23andMe DNA Test (Tutorial + My Results)

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Get your test at: www.23andme.com/
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Mar 15, 2019




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UsefulCharts Year ago
Sorry for the mouse pointer on my forehead. Didn't realize it was on the video until after I put it all together :/
Unfiltered Voice
Unfiltered Voice 29 days ago
This test is all bull. I got one about 2 years ago. Got the results, I told everyone my ancestry breakdown, but three months later when I checked my results again, they changed the breakdown into something different. Even the timeline was now changed. I reached out to supposedly 2nd cousin and we found out that we don't share the same relatives. My assumption is that 23 and Me uses 3rd party data about you to fill in holes in the results. Not worth the $100, it's all margin. Don't take the results seriously.
Deina Ristic
Deina Ristic Month ago
Thank you for the video, this was great!!
chaosgoettin 6 months ago
@Luigi Warning well, either that or you missed 2 things: first: the instructions are mentioned in the video. second: who on earth would someone pay ~90 bucks to purposly mess up a test that the person honestly bought to conduct their heritage? Who on earth would pay ~90 bucks and IGNORE all the instructions? Who. Oh, wait: I bet YOU would.
Luigi Warning
Luigi Warning 6 months ago
@chaosgoettin incorrect
chaosgoettin 6 months ago
@Luigi Warning you....have no idea how this works, do you?
ो Willi 8 क
❗️❗️❗️❕❕❕The text below has been translated because I'm French, so the meaning of the text can be weird.❗️❗️❗️❕❕❕ Great video. Really, thank you. I just have a question : I ask myself the question, because I read several articles talking about test reserved for men. Since I am a woman if I get tested, could I have a paternal genetic tree? And so maybe be able to find thanks to the correspondences the unknown father of my grandfather. I would be really delighted if someone answers me. Thank you in advance. Super vidéo. Vraiment merci. J’ai juste une question : Je me pose la question, car j'ai lu plusieurs articles parlant de test réserver aux hommes. Vu que je suis une femme si je me fais tester, est-ce que je pourrais avoir un arbre génétique paternel ? Et donc peut-être pouvoir trouver grâce aux correspondances le père inconnu de mon grand-père. Je serrais vraiment ravis si quelqu’un me répond. Merci d’avance. Cordialement.
Jessica Trier
Jessica Trier 2 days ago
How much of this test goes to government and pharm labs?
C 7 days ago
Instructions also say to shake sample container for 5 seconds after funnel is removed AND new smaller cap securely screwed on.
Butter Skywalker
Butter Skywalker 7 days ago
That mouse is bugging me
Dear Claude
Dear Claude 13 days ago
Love the intro tune
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 16 days ago
Why is 23andMe asking if I am Hispanic and then asks what race am I. Aren’t they supposed to be figuring that out?
troop210 21 day ago
Ed Seaver Vinuesa
It's was 100% accurate. I took it to confirm my Family's tree which goes back to ancestors, Vinuesa, 1560. From Spain to the New World!
Thought Challenger
Thought Challenger 22 days ago
Don't give away your DNA.
LLL 23 days ago
Britopia 23 days ago
You should have chosen AncestryDNA. We can’t all be perfect I suppose 😉
Electra Lewis
Electra Lewis 25 days ago
You definitely should do more of these. It’s helpful to compare opinions. Thank you for posting this
Unfiltered Voice
Unfiltered Voice 29 days ago
This test is all bull. I got one about 2 years ago. Got the results, I told everyone my ancestry breakdown, but three months later when I checked my results again, they changed the breakdown into something different. Even the timeline was now changed. I just felt betrayed by myself for falling into their trap. I told everyone when I got the results and I had to recorect it. I woke up sleeping thinking I was something else, then suddenly I'm not that person. It gets worse, I reached out to a supposedly 2nd cousin and we found out that we don't share the same relatives. My assumption is that 23andMe uses 3rd party data about you to fill in holes in the results. Not worth the $100, it's all margin. And possibly a ploy to sell your DNA and health data to many companies.
CTMcollin Gaming
A distant (I think French) relative sailed to the us around 1750!
Justinian I
Justinian I Month ago
I found out I'm not 100% white which was interesting. Also some European I didn't know I had my family line is a complete mess from what I know
Roz Hector
Roz Hector Month ago
So it appears that 23andme has sold our DNA to GlaxoSmithKline (or what ever they are called now) For millions
Azra Nur
Azra Nur Month ago
Lmao I’m from that region in Germany
r. ridderbusch
r. ridderbusch Month ago
@Azra Nur My only grandchild was born there. (American, though.) It's beautiful! :-)
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 2 months ago
Hmm how come there is no Jewish ancestry considering your ancestor is Moses Levy
ziv0 2 months ago
Coffee and Books
Coffee and Books 3 months ago
Thanks for creating this video. Well put together, simple, and helpful.
Piotr Teclaw
Piotr Teclaw 3 months ago
My brother is Scandinavian 1,1 % Germany and France 7,9%,And Poland and Petersburg(Russia) 84,1. I m from Poland. And now i m gonna do the test 😁
Jason Pruitt
Jason Pruitt 3 months ago
I always think of the movie GATTACA when I see this kind of stuff.
Wanderer Strannik
Wanderer Strannik 3 months ago
can translate into Russian?
Lee Hunter
Lee Hunter 3 months ago
Jiraha Awol
Jiraha Awol 3 months ago
Lols, haplogroup proves there are only TWO genders
traitor joseph
traitor joseph 2 months ago
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 4 months ago
imagine his son takes the test and doesn’t show up as a relative
ll.ollis 4 months ago
O Baden Württemberg. Nice. I live in Stuttgart. Greetings from old Homeland 👍👍👍
Bitebo Numbere
Bitebo Numbere 5 months ago
I'm a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Please how can I benefit from this service?
TheGaming Hobo
TheGaming Hobo 4 months ago
Bitebo Numbere It could tell you if you have any likelihood of illness such as Alzheimer’s. It’s not really beneficial, just cool I guess.
Nicholas Bélanger
Nicholas Bélanger 5 months ago
Hi Matt 👋👋👋
UsefulCharts 5 months ago
Hi Nick 😀😀😀
Lorchan Gaming
Lorchan Gaming 5 months ago
What happens if you mix dnas?
parisrunway 5 months ago
Nice review!
zammygod21 5 months ago
What if you are a smoker, would that affect the saliva?
UsefulCharts 5 months ago
I don't think so. I don't remember seeing any warning in the instructions about that.
Canaan Atkinson
Canaan Atkinson 5 months ago
Why someone would need this..i wouldn't really know.
Canaan Atkinson
Canaan Atkinson 5 months ago
How weird.
Tom Dockery
Tom Dockery 5 months ago
"Obama" should be required to take one to keep his ss detail.The results will show him to be 100 per cent Indonesian.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 5 months ago
It should be called 23 and a bunch of dumb asses sharing their DNA with governments while paying for it.
traitor joseph
traitor joseph 2 months ago
Pretty sure "they" been done had it b4 any of us were of voting age lol
Bird of Wood Art
Bird of Wood Art 5 months ago
The huge flaw with the 23&Me results is stating that any human is 100% Euro
traitor joseph
traitor joseph 2 months ago
The did find the oldest DNA from the Balkans most recently so its prob up to date as far as technology. The human genome project, you should Google it...
AvidReaderForLife 5 months ago
Yes please do an ancestry dna test too
Jorge Siles
Jorge Siles 5 months ago
Nice work FBI!!
Kim Husbands
Kim Husbands 5 months ago
It is so amazing that all human maternal lines and yours, start off as originally 95% African human genes. Those genes can make any type of 5% phenotype worldwide (over time).
M. S.
M. S. 6 months ago
Sure, at your expense give big pharma and the insurance companies your dna profile so they can raise your premiums for having a higher probability of heart disease et cetera...
Avalon Indigo
Avalon Indigo 6 months ago
Awesome info. I ordered a kit for Xmas and can't wait!
The Şavior Ǿf Ỵour Łife
_Dude Im from Colombia, my DNA results would be American Indian, European, Subsaharan Africa even Middle eastern. I really really wanna make the DNA test_ 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Ivan Jorven
Ivan Jorven 6 months ago
Yeah... but the Chinese are going to clone you for food now. Not worth it.
Elena Williams
Elena Williams 6 months ago
I bought mine in the states but will be using it in England and having it posted back to England. Will it matter that I had purchased it in the states?
Jeffrey Adams
Jeffrey Adams 6 months ago
sit, watch some tv and spit!!!😁😁😁
ciociaro irrequiete
ciociaro irrequiete 6 months ago
man,i wanna try this but....im scared of what i might find out...must be shocking to find out youre not 100% of what you thought you were....
phasemediation 6 months ago
if you're european, then the majority of the americas should of lit up as well. also, how does a country define a race? the categories seem to confuse what a race is. aren't australians also "european", why weren't there any matches with australia?
BurtleCuber 6 months ago
I have similar results. My German part of my family left germany around 1700 aswell. we may be related in 6-10 generations!
Gry 0726
Gry 0726 6 months ago
2 years ago I did a dna test for my birthday. I got the FamilyTreeDNA one. Turns out I’m 93%british/Irish 2% broadly south Eastern European
ollie 20081
ollie 20081 6 months ago
Can you do one on ancestry please
Oskar Oskarowski
Oskar Oskarowski 6 months ago
Nothing interesting in it. Waste of money just to find out what percentage of what u r.
Nick Marinita
Nick Marinita 6 months ago
Thank you.
Mrs. Enys
Mrs. Enys 6 months ago
Mine is England, Scotland and Ireland; 56%. I recently ordered a test from Ancestry DNA. Can’t wait to see the comparison.
Britopia 23 days ago
Mrs. Enys I’m of the British Isles too 😊
D. Williams
D. Williams 6 months ago
I had taken the Ancestry Dna test a few years ago, just ordered this 23 and me test for health analysis report since ancestry doesnt have it. Having a few health issues needed to be resolved. Hope this helps me and my doctor.
Britopia 23 days ago
D. Williams What were you AncestryDNA results?
raidw 7 months ago
So I am Middle Eastern is that mean not to get detailed information like yours? Because I don’t think a lot of people did that test in the Middle East
Quick Fruits
Quick Fruits 7 months ago
I have a question. So if myself and one of my siblings (having same parents) take this test, would the result be the same?
Quick Fruits
Quick Fruits 7 months ago
UsefulCharts Ahh I see. Thank you! Always enjoy your great videos👍
UsefulCharts 7 months ago
Siblings only share 50% of the same DNA so although the results would be fairly similar, each child can inherit different DNA from each parent resulting in slightly different ancestry percentages. Identical twins, on the other hand, should have identical results.
u.s old glory
u.s old glory 7 months ago
German irish here from the states pennsylvania... Prost slainte 🍀🇩🇪🇺🇸
egoisnotadirtyword 7 months ago
Obviously, this is an ad for 23andMe. AncestryDNA DOES allow you to upload your raw data to other sites, so your assertion that they don't is patently untrue. I think people will find that Ancestry's ethnicity estimates are every bit as good as 23andMe's but MyHeritage and FTDNA leave a lot to be desired in that regard.
Will Brown
Will Brown 7 months ago
Would be awesome to do one of these if 23andme didn't sell everyone's DNA data to pharmaceutical companies.
Paul jordan stasney
Paul jordan stasney 7 months ago
Mine king herod
Z's Mom
Z's Mom 7 months ago
Thanks to your video I ordered a kit to start my search. Eek. So excited!!! 😁
Shafa Uchiha
Shafa Uchiha 8 months ago
You’re a proud Canadian first and foremost
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies 8 months ago
what about the indigenous population of Australia and New Zealand
Joseph Fuzaylov
Joseph Fuzaylov 8 months ago
Why do the results not add up to 100%
Melanie Caruso
Melanie Caruso 8 months ago
NEVER!!!! I Friggin knew u would give the GOVERNMENT Access so.... NEVER! NEVER!! NEVER!!!
Nadia Beals
Nadia Beals 8 months ago
that little paper is to absorb anything that leaks ...... not to keep it fresh. I deal with a lot of bodily fluids.
Jan Kasza
Jan Kasza 9 months ago
Thank You for this information...This is confusing to me and your video really helps to understand these results!
Maximiliano Zuñixtli
Maximiliano Zuñixtli 10 months ago
I love 23andMe, I definitely consider it one of the most ACCURATE and UNIQUE Ancestry/DNA sites because it also offers your HEALTH & Genetic reports which others don't. And it's more inclusive and has a larger pool of people who aren't white.
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 10 months ago
The FBI and INTERPOL appreciate your contribution to their database.
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 10 months ago
Do you have to give out personal info when registering or at any other time? Could I buy it at Target with cash and have it mailed under a friends name to their address (friend is ok with it)?
UsefulCharts 10 months ago
Yeah, my wife used a fake name for hers.
Anglozion 76
Anglozion 76 10 months ago
Really thorough, well-explained video. I live in Israel so at the moment 23 and me is the only real option for this sort of test, so it's great how you broke it down. I hope that you are getting a commission. :)
T B 10 months ago
Only thing holding me back from doing this is what they do with my data.
QSQI Exploits
QSQI Exploits 3 months ago
I believe that one of the women who founded 23andme is married to the founder of Google and the sister of the founder of 23andme is the RUvid founder. Google said they won't share data at the start, but now they sell your data to governments, bidders, etc.
Fabulous B
Fabulous B 4 months ago
T B it’s not that big of a deal they just know the countries your DNA/ youre from?
Federal State Of Austria
Lincoln Abernathy they only have 0.02% of your dna so they can’t quite clone you
Lincoln Abernathy
Lincoln Abernathy 5 months ago
they clone u and make ur clone a slave like in us. but thn they also digitize ur dna like in black mirror
Federal State Of Austria
Ryan Harmon really there is no good evidence that they sell your data but there really is not any good evidence that they don’t.
Babli 10 months ago
How many haplogroup can a person have ?
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca 10 months ago
Thanks for sharing video,this is the phylogenetic tree of your haplogroup : Z156/S264 * Z8160formed 4700 ybp, TMRCA 4200 ybp www.yfull.com/tree/R-S264/
Dylan Mayhew
Dylan Mayhew 10 months ago
I just finally ordered two of these because Amazon Prime Day, I was going to do it tonight. But I'll take your advice and just do it first thing when I wake up! I'm very much looking forward to the results, because I know I am very very mixed! Sadly makes it kinda hard to confirm things to my self. Since most of my knowledge is more vague. But for the people who do know what to expect, it's always been about that with a few surprises. What I am aware of, to my knowledge I'm: 25% British 25% German 18.75% Italian 18.75% African 12.5% Irish. Likely allot more I'd bet. Also my wife will be doing one as well. It's likely going to be closer to the latest expected time considering when I got mine. I'm sure they sold many kits on Prime Day.
J. Fletcher
J. Fletcher 11 months ago
Hi Matt, which DNA kit, is better/ best?
Britopia 23 days ago
J. Fletcher AncestryDNA is the best. I’ve done it myself and I highly recommend it!
Preetty Goood
Preetty Goood 11 months ago
I don't want some corporation with close ties to Google having my dna on file, that shit's orwell to the 10th power
Golden tirent
Golden tirent 4 months ago
You must register your biological property
56ghostwriter 11 months ago
Have you ever used Family Search from the LDS church. THe one thing that really bugs me is that anyone can access your charts and make changes. Someone did to mine and I posted a please do not change this chart post. The Relative Finder is pretty cool though.
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