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Child development and parenting are not easy tasks. However, we are here to help you with our cool ideas to help you! You can make a lot of cool crafts and turn every evening into the family fun evening!
First, come awesome glue gun hacks and crafts. A glue gun is not just meant for attaching things to one another and fixing broken stuff. In fact, you can use it as a 3D printer! Don't you believe me? Then, you have to check out our amazing Eiffel Tower idea! You can also use a glue gun for making jewelry. Check out our cute bracelet and make one for you. You can make something useful with a hot glue gun and make nail polish remover caps. You can even make a non-slippery shower mat!
You can make cute compositions for your indoor garden from some things that seem absolutely inappropriate. For example, you can make a cool elf home out of an empty detergent bottle! Use a couple of seashells and hot glue to make a beautiful waterfall!
There are many cool cement and concrete hacks in this video. You can make a lot of awesome things using our ideas. I really love out garden sculpture tutorial (spoiler: you'll need some old toys for that).
Watch this video up to the end and learn many unexpected flower crafts! One of the coolest ideas is using natural flowers to create a flower print on your scarf.
01:23 - Hot glue jewelry
02:23 - Hot glue shower mat
09:22 - Cement hacks
13:44 - Garden sculptures tutorial
14:55 - Floating flowers idea
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Feb 26, 2019




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5-Minute Crafts PLAY
5-Minute Crafts PLAY 11 months ago
👀 Look at these cushions! 10:08 • What do you feel? Mild 25 ADORABLE PAPER CRAFTS ruvid.net/video/video-LVMOWRdNuOg.html
gamergirl funtimes
gamergirl funtimes 10 days ago
Its Melania Gaming-Roblox
There amazing
陈伟 2 months ago
Febri Putri
Febri Putri 3 months ago
Waw yu my
Jack Tuner
Jack Tuner 3 months ago
3:38 Are you from Russia?
Marlucia Alves da Silva
Essas ideias são muito ruim
joshua logan
joshua logan 4 days ago
Stop wasting things, when you could be giving them to charity for kids to make kids happy.
Yass Queen
Yass Queen 4 days ago
12:41 the sign of loneliness
Yass Queen
Yass Queen 4 days ago
4:38 but how do you sharpen them
Abha Waghmare
Abha Waghmare 6 days ago
This channel is amazing
Eva Pritchard
Eva Pritchard 11 days ago
Candy corn Gacha life
They think we have the money to do this.In some states glue is not cheap.Plus some of them don’t work.Its just a waste of money and time.plus most people don’t have cement in there house.plus Cument is not cheap
MrsPrincess PL
MrsPrincess PL 16 days ago
Polski komentarz którego szukasz👋🏻👌🏻
Keira Jenkins
Keira Jenkins 17 days ago
Wow great crafts¡ I’ll be sure to try them out! 🤗
JcTorres Torres
JcTorres Torres 21 day ago
Lo de torre, esas la pueden comprar a $99centavos , creo que mas barato que todo el material
Vedanash Jaiswal
Vedanash Jaiswal 23 days ago
😃So good
Crayzgril213 27 days ago
What i wanna know...do u guys really use this £*$¥¥
Нина Февралева
Почему они такие жестокие? Сначала они преврати игрушку в статую, а потом били цветы молотком.😭
Rajashri Ghare
Rajashri Ghare Month ago
Nice video Mla pan shikayche aahe shikvalna?
SANTOSH Yadav Month ago
Very nice video
irene Evelyn
irene Evelyn 2 months ago
It is cool And beautifull 😍😍
Mummy Princess
Mummy Princess 2 months ago
13:59 *
Mummy Princess
Mummy Princess 2 months ago
At 1:59 the toy like no plz no I am useful plz don't noooooo goodbye cruel world Me:bruh😂
꧁La La꧂
꧁La La꧂ Month ago
ik i was crying
Mummy Princess
Mummy Princess 2 months ago
13:59 *
Fannynamino Tang
Fannynamino Tang 2 months ago
Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson 2 months ago
Fox: why are you doing this to me, by mommy I love you. 🦊+🗿=🦊💀
Tanusree Banerjee
Tanusree Banerjee 2 months ago
Hit the like button if yau watch 5 min crafts but never try them
The Mystery 7 Entertainments
13:56 - you killed that poor thing...
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 2 months ago
*Girl looks at roses* Aww there so beautiful let’s CUT THEM.
HUYỀN DIỆU 2 months ago
12:41:thế gắn = cái j
Roni Wood
Roni Wood 2 months ago
Ok the fox thing made me cry
Star Pink
Star Pink 2 months ago
savage yoongi
savage yoongi 2 months ago
holy- does that hurt? 0:01
Sandipagu Jhonson
Sandipagu Jhonson 2 months ago
Ur wasting cement
ur mom
ur mom 2 months ago
I like these but who has cement laying around
joshua logan
joshua logan 4 days ago
I know right
gamergirl funtimes
gamergirl funtimes 10 days ago
And who would shove a perfectly good fox plushie that could've made poor kids happy and shove into cement for a yard decoration when you can buy something just like that at the store. I know DIY and what not is *cool* but in this case just donate it to a kid
Paulownia 22
Paulownia 22 2 months ago
Precisely the point .
Millie The Cat
Millie The Cat 2 months ago
Jasmine Bennett
Jasmine Bennett 2 months ago
My best friend does the DIY roses and attaches a Bible verse to it then gives it to the teacher's
Alyssa/ &Cynthia
Alyssa/ &Cynthia 2 months ago
Aye why should u do that to the fox man 🖕
Jayesh Vaghela
Jayesh Vaghela 2 months ago
Who likes 5 minute craft👇👇
star pokemon life #savethegachacommuity
5:58 spongebob
derp cat
derp cat 2 months ago
14:03 the toy is like: *NOOOOOOOO*
sugar skeleton
sugar skeleton 2 months ago
My cousin gets bad ideas from all of your channels and they are not family friendly!😡🐺
sugar skeleton
sugar skeleton 2 months ago
Kids are not allowed to use hot glue guns 😏
PKBTRU Games 2 months ago
Why are you doing same things in all videos? Dude
Alliyah gaming
Alliyah gaming 2 months ago
If you are going to comment a joke none of them are funny I don't even grin and yes that doesn't mean its still funny please tell your dumb jokes to yourself. Thank you!
Sophia Moreno
Sophia Moreno 2 months ago
You do the same crafts
Riana the great
Riana the great 2 months ago
Beautiful DIY=moulding poor cute fox to death Animals sacrifice for our enjoyment
Kristen Martinson
Kristen Martinson 2 months ago
Where did you get tha cemented
Marcus Diaz
Marcus Diaz 3 months ago
Catherine Madigan
Catherine Madigan 3 months ago
Its sad ive seen all these hacks in videos titled differently. I'm getting tierd of it
666Spn 3 months ago
I liked those creepy necklaces
Benfica Basket
Benfica Basket 3 months ago
Pour fox...⚰️🦊
Ayesha Dantie
Ayesha Dantie 3 months ago
The video said beautiful hacks but that all goes at 02:03 no hate though
gcarlos273 3 months ago
3:28 the lady has a ring on her chest
StrangeShwoop o.0
StrangeShwoop o.0 3 months ago
You ever wonder how much hot glue they have to buy for the month...?
Maria Del Rosario Perez Diaz
Gut mornig
Risma Hilarabi
Risma Hilarabi 3 months ago
yang orang indonesia like ya .....
ElAustino 3 months ago
Cleonice Jesus lima
Cleonice Jesus lima 3 months ago
Enrico Aunzo
Enrico Aunzo 3 months ago
WOW rose i love it 🦄🦄🦄
Isabella Eaton
Isabella Eaton 3 months ago
No one : 5 Minute crafts : (Takes five hours to make) Me : FIVE HOUR CRAFTS 5 Minute Crafts : A witness.....IT MUST BE CRAFTED
Hera's Best Journal
Hera's Best Journal 3 months ago
Hi I am a hater of the channel but I am a lover of Troom Troom you always copied Troom Troom copy cat I hate this channel don’t you dare to comment on my comment if u say something I will say BLABLABLABLA
Jessica Lane
Jessica Lane 3 months ago
2:17 if THIS IS 5minute kids why do kids us matches?? =/
Monte's Misfits
Monte's Misfits 3 months ago
If this is kids, why is it mostly concrete?😂
Lara Per
Lara Per 3 months ago
Ful lepo ustvarja/ustvarjajo
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