21 Years Old: I Have NO Friends

Myra West
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In this video I give a quick timeline of my life since childhood, and how I have never had friends. Now I'm 21, trying desperately to make friends and it's just not working out.
I'm sure there are people who can relate.

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Aug 11, 2019




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Myra West
Myra West 2 months ago
Hey everyone, thank you all for all the love and support, it means a lot!! ♡♡♡ I wish I could reply to every single one of you! And for a while, I tried! (I nearly got carpal tunnel syndrome from being on my phone answering comments and messages, my hands are still injured a month and a half later). Just a fun fact: I recorded this when I had around 9 subscribers. And for the first 9 months or so this video garnered around 300 veiws. the algorithm picked it up and bam! I never expected this would happen, and in a way I wish this video didnt go viral because it is possibly the most vulnerable of all of them. So judgement and cristism stings a little extra
Injinga 3 days ago
I wish I could somehow contact you and get to know you as a friend, as I share all the same struggles you talk about in this video. It's curious how people from different parts of the world can be so far and yet so "near" and so similar in their life experiences. I am very indipendent and reliable, and I've noticed that I don't often reach out for people (I can say probably never), because I am scared to be invasive or many other things, and I'm also an introvert, it seems to everybody else that I just don't care about them, so people respond the same way and don't reach out for me too. (So wrong and so sad as I am actually full of sensibility, interest, passion for learning, love and friendship to give). Anyway, whenever you decide to come to Italy (or even if you don't), you have a human here who is willing to know you and, with time, be your friend :). I wish you find all that you are looking for, I really do, and I wish it to myself too! All the best, Ciao
Truth never changes
Become a Muslim and you will have many friends
Pizza... with mushrooms, onions and black olives
Flora Lemmens
Flora Lemmens Month ago
Sean Aaron
Sean Aaron Month ago
I've been all over the country and really dont have friends
Helena Cristina Aguiar
Helena Cristina Aguiar 11 minutes ago
Maria Celeste Alemán
Maria Celeste Alemán 18 minutes ago
KrheaKap 22 minutes ago
Rain Summer
Rain Summer 57 minutes ago
Struggles of being an INFP/INFJ
Bastard Ferret
me: -only child* -atheist household -public school and i've not had many friends, either. so, not to be a jerk, but maybe it's not the world. maybe it's us. maybe it's us... IT'S PROBABLY US! But let's look at this from a different angle. Who the hell says you need friends? Corporate propaganda. Don't fall for the ruse that you need to be out clubbing with the girls or some crap. And if you agree with me, maybe that's why you don't have friends. And that's a good thing. Now... try getting a husband, and children. And if you try telling me that you can't find THAT, I'm going to tell you, yes, you're stuck up. You probably have a heightened sense of expectations. You're 21 and fairly attractive (at least in this video). I simply won't believe you if you tell me decent men, and yes, I'm sure a great many non-decent men, have approached you. So marriage is more than possible. And if all that isolation kept you a virgin, that would help you in a way that men aren't allowed to admit to (because it's not politically correct for men to admit they want that - but they do). But time's tickin. In 9 years it's the wall. So don't tarry too long, and for God's sake don't "play the field." Anyway, on behalf generation x; welcome to the real world. Ps. Your parents did the right thing in homeschooling you and taking you to church. As well as moving you to a city that probably isn't burning down. Sounds suspiciously like some institution of "higher learning" has convinced you otherwise. But it is not so. Weird that even describing highschool as a depressing hell which you were wildly successfully popular and you would still somehow think that your issues are from being home schooled. Homeschooling is so effective in both teaching AND socialization that marxist professors have actually proposed banning it to make it "more fair to minorities." *well... three older siblings, but they were out of the house almost before i was in grade school. so i was the youngest... BY FAR, so i essentially grew up as an only child. combine that with always traveling, and there's a reason why my distantly living relatives knew me as the kid who always played Nintendo.
Mary Ann Wolf-Redmond
If this makes you feel any better you should know that 99% of people are assholes
moonwalker things
I was not socialized either.
Alexis 5
Alexis 5 2 hours ago
Alguien de latinoamerica
sachin kumar
sachin kumar 3 hours ago
Hii Finding any good friend not so easy Same I am also quite leasing and some time live it alone at school at corner , no need of more friends in surrounding best thing is love your self is better that I learn and happy
Clary M
Clary M 3 hours ago
Pizza ♡. Try to reach out to people as well, they might be in the same position as you, and if not at least that's a way to show your interest in being friends with them :)
Keyo 3 hours ago
Davee Matthew
Davee Matthew 3 hours ago
The problem is most likely that you used to overthink around people and act overly nice or quiet as a result. People can intuitively sense when other people have walls and often times either take advantage of your put on niceness by routinely disrespecting you or keep an emotional distance as a show of respect to your established border of sincerity. You have to be bold enough to be your real self without the fear of rejection. Once you can try to practice being your self, giving your honest opinions about everything often... then you can make real connections with like minded people. Many kids learn this at a young age through socialisation but it seems you were deprived of that at an early age and started over analysing all your interactions henceforth
Stress Phree
Stress Phree 3 hours ago
Pizza 💕🤗
Thiago64 3 hours ago
E M 4 hours ago
You seem to be Authentic, horrible to say but..... most people don't want Real. I'm in the same boat. Nothing is wrong with you, it's the ones you are meeting, the majority of people are like this.... and this is true in any age group. They will " act" as if they are bonding with you, talk for hours, make promises, compliment you, then dissappear. Stay strong.
Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin 4 hours ago
A pizza
Gabriela Sanchez
Gabriela Sanchez 4 hours ago
Bigtime Ando
Bigtime Ando 4 hours ago
Mike Mecklenborg
Mike Mecklenborg 4 hours ago
PIZZA!! Hi Myra. I did watch your whole video. You are not alone there are other people like yourself and I was one of them growing up. I of course am a man but growing up I did not care to have friends and I'm not sure why. I was number 6 of 9 kids in my family. I was never close to any of my siblings and I still am not. I have nothing bad to say about them like I was never abused or anything but I still am not close to any of them. I have five sisters and three brothers. The three youngest are sisters who are 4 years or more younger than me and the brother next to me is 4 years older and we never did anything together growing up so I was pretty much alone. I will keep this short for now but just wanted to let you know there are other people a lot like you. I live on Whidbey Island in Washington State but I am lot older than you of course. I have no fiends now but I still like myself and I am always nice to people but I do enjoy my time alone but not always. I'm actually more of an extrovert at work but more of an Introvert outside of work. I have no metal related problem and I actually like myself. I hope you can find that one friend that will make you feel differently about yourself. P.S. I never saw anyone I knew after high school which of course for me was a long time ago. Take Care Mike
Clare Sutton
Clare Sutton 5 hours ago
Wow, a confluence of factors have made it tough for you to make friends, Miss Myra. Loneliness is a difficult card to be dealt. I would love to be friends with such a thoughtful, sweet and interesting lady! I am much older than you, and I live in Australia, but I would love to be friends online, if you like? Hugs to you! xo
Samual 5 hours ago
Fastcloud 5 hours ago
Sandra I. Figueroa Ruiz
🍕 pizza
stratocaster 1962
stratocaster 1962 5 hours ago
when you finish high school; maybe..just MAYBE you will remain friends with the people you go to school with; perhaps you one or two; but thats hard.
A Hidalgo
A Hidalgo 6 hours ago
Pizza 🍕
Cheryl Sarginson
Cheryl Sarginson 6 hours ago
Sounds very similar to my situation😐 I honestly don't like a lot of people enough to want to hang out with them and I wonder all the time if that means there's something wrong with me...I do have aspergers, so there's that. I have plenty of people who like me, but I just don't find the company of those people to be intellectually stimulating enough I suppose...around them I still feel lonely 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wish I was normal 😔
Uriel the little Mermaid
Pizza. I’m 22, live on Maui and i feel we have similar stories, I’d love to be your friend.
ירין גולדשטיין
i love you sister !
Teddy Livingston
Teddy Livingston 6 hours ago
EIGHT kids? ! my lord. Was this a religious thing
Daniel Hozter
Daniel Hozter 6 hours ago
Girl, im from mexico🇲🇽 i got no friends since elementary school, things got worst when i graduate from high school, 4 years later im same like on school, so i delete social media (very toxic for our minds) i only have U tube for fun, i got many things to do in my life instead of be worried about have "friends" also i cant help you bc whe are the same, anyway Pizza🍕
hello there
hello there 6 hours ago
Hey! Hi. I have a classmate just like you. She is popular, but she dont have any close friends. I think the peoblem is that too many people like her, so she is with everybody and she isnt stuck eoth one or two. She cant make close friends when she sits always with somebody else. I think this is the problem. Find somebody that you can follow, one stable friend.
Spikecoil 6 hours ago
I may be 14 and alone but I'm not lonely I'm happiest I've ever been ever since I was a kid
Don Pablo
Don Pablo 6 hours ago
Fuck Friends. Family is there for you
Laila Shahin
Laila Shahin 6 hours ago
Pizza 🍕
Monica Toka
Monica Toka 7 hours ago
Pizza and your not alone because Jesus Christ is you friend
Steve Rennekamp
Steve Rennekamp 7 hours ago
Hell l'll go have coffee with ya!
Isaiah Gordillo
Isaiah Gordillo 7 hours ago
Pizza (I made it through the end Lol)
Yoi 7 hours ago
Get some hobbies or activities or some shit. I feel bad for you sure, but you're young and cute. Approach it like a dude would, work on your social skills. Get some hobbies. Put in some effort. It's like learning to swim, you just slowly learn. We deal with this type of shit all the time. Just find weirdos who are into the bizarre shit you like ;D, that's what I did!! Good luck though
Ryoken Kogami
Ryoken Kogami 8 hours ago
Beats Tunes
Beats Tunes 8 hours ago
HarunH Arts
HarunH Arts 8 hours ago
Alone doesn't mean you're lonely, being lonely doesn't meant you're alone.
prakriti gupta
prakriti gupta 8 hours ago
Pizza! I hope that by now you know that there are so many others like you out there and it's completely normal. Given your timeline, it makes sense that you never could make any close friends. Most people I know have only 1 or 2 close friends at any point in time, the rest are just acquaintances or people we are occasionally having fun with. Also, it's really hard to make friends in spaces where there's less shared commonality. Try to be part of groups where people are learning something, I made my best friends in groups I was most scared of being a part of. Anyways, you look like a lovely person and have your whole life ahead of you. You'll surely make some great friends!
Jenn Mitchell
Jenn Mitchell 8 hours ago
I think you're a beautiful soul and I would be honored to be your friend Myra. Pizza.
Roxanne HS
Roxanne HS 8 hours ago
S.M. Edwards
S.M. Edwards 8 hours ago
PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! God has you in the palm of His hand. To everything there is a purpose under heaven. Chin up
Ashley B
Ashley B 8 hours ago
Super Dupers Delight
Your fear of taking initiative in contacting those women you connected with at the Meetups and maintaining contact is the part youre playing in your situation. Change that. Good luck :)
rayandandrea 8 hours ago
Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth 9 hours ago
Ofentse Moremi
Ofentse Moremi 9 hours ago
kels bunnychick
kels bunnychick 9 hours ago
I feel like I completely relate! I was homeschooled for most of my childhood also. I agree, there is something about missing socializing for so long that makes it INCREDIBLY difficult for me to relate with anyone my age.
REM chan
REM chan 9 hours ago
You can be friend with me? I'm 29 so I'm kinda old :(.
Sue Davidson
Sue Davidson 9 hours ago
Henrietta 9 hours ago
Ok so I know I'm one year later, but here it goes: pizza :)
The bean
The bean 9 hours ago
Pizza. You are cool too, just as cool as these cool people that you like so don' t be scared to reach out to them after the first meeting. That' s my two cents. Peace
sharon ndunge
sharon ndunge 9 hours ago
I'm 30 and I have no friends and its okay 😁
doidinho da silva br
nesta 219
nesta 219 9 hours ago
Carrie M
Carrie M 10 hours ago
Hi! Your video really resonated with me. I have Asperger's syndrome but have only recently been diagnosed. I too had no friends growing up. I was very awkward, lol. I hope things get better for you. You have a lot to offer. Much love. ❤️❤️❤️🤗
Secret of my art
Secret of my art 10 hours ago
I admire you tremendously. Thank you for being so open and brave
dudu 10 hours ago
pizza ^^
Silentium 00
Silentium 00 11 hours ago
Scorpion Mortal Kombat
Your best friend is u not someone outside
fluffy chand
fluffy chand 11 hours ago
GregoryPaulSmithGPS 11 hours ago
PIZZA!!! 🍕
GregoryPaulSmithGPS 11 hours ago
I'm 39 & have no friends. At this point I fully expect to live the rest of this miserable existence alone and single.
Sie 11 hours ago
Bro i'm 21 and have no friends too youtube really knows me
Joniel Cruz
Joniel Cruz 11 hours ago
hi I can de your fend all can
253 Trixie
253 Trixie 11 hours ago
Katerina Katerinaki
Katerina Katerinaki 11 hours ago
pizza - hope something has changed and you feel better now :)
Jeca299 12 hours ago
Tom McCauley
Tom McCauley 12 hours ago
Pizza af
Michał Raczyński
Michał Raczyński 12 hours ago
Friends are Just Enemies that haven't striked yet. Learned it the hard way
Aaron Shaw PhD
Aaron Shaw PhD 12 hours ago
tlacops III
tlacops III 12 hours ago
jlk fate
jlk fate 12 hours ago
I know it's late but we can be friends 😄
Dunja Ljubinković
Dunja Ljubinković 12 hours ago
pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza
minaimi 12 hours ago
the “everyone’s nice to me but i still can’t make friends” really hits hard... most of time people would say that the right friends come to you naturally but idk, it’s just tough when you know you don’t ‘fit in’ with anyone. i can’t just ask others “do you want to be my friend?” like a little kid at this age... almost 20 years in, i still wonder what it’s like to have a best friend. anyways, pizza,,,
Christiano Xandero
Christiano Xandero 13 hours ago
humans are sociable animals and have to learn to socialize from the day they are born - most importantly during the first five years of their lives...
Aging 13 hours ago
Pizza! I can see your problem straight up. In fact, you said it at one point that you had a great time with one girl and talked for hours but you never contacted her because you thought she was too cool for you. Sounds like you do just enough and expect others to do their part. Doesn’t always work that way. YOU gotta follow up and stop thinking something is wrong with you. Something IS wrong with you if you believe it and other people pick up on that insecurity. My suggestion: find someone that you envy or think is outgoing and make it a point to act just like them and see what kind of results you get. If you’re too embarrassed, then try it out on a complete stranger because you may never see that person ever again anyway. If all else fails, move to Hawaii and contact me. The only reason why you’re alone is because subconsciously, you find that the most comfortable.
Marcia Wright
Marcia Wright 13 hours ago
bobbun 14 hours ago
Brissa Salinas
Brissa Salinas 14 hours ago
I think the key to having friends is being a friend yourself first. Showing personal interests for others. To give, to reach out. Trying to always see the good in others. I find that when Im the one that reaches out, the other person feels valued and gives out in return. I feel that you get back what you put out. Friends don't come out of the blue. All relationships are a product of hard work and effort. Being shy and not reaching out can lead others sometimes to feel that youre not really interested in their friendship or relationship. Its like what they say if you want love you have to give love. Girl you're video touched me a lot. I really hope that by now you have a support system and are not as lonely as when you recorded this video. We all need at least one good friend in life. You seem like a very genuine and lovely individual❤ please be careful out there. There's a lot of nasty people who could want to take advantage of you since you're alone. Something that has always helped me in cultivating friends is trying to reach out even when I feel its not worth it. I hope this helps anyone out there❤❤
IDeactive Archive
IDeactive Archive 14 hours ago
Well, finally youtube is recommending me relatable videos....
Wow never thought I could relate to somebody so much, not the events or your upbringing in particular, but the way you think and the conclusions you've made from personal experience. I felt much like you did in the video and that wasn't so bad because even though I was alone and desperate for a deep and genuine everlasting connection with somebody I was still mentally strong and could depend on myself instead of others. Then I had a person in my life in whom I was very interested from the beginning and the more I got to know about them the more I felt I could relate to them, then at some point I felt like their toxicity is turning me into someone I'm not and asked them to stop being friends for a while as I felt bad when I hung out with them and they were very quick to stop any and all social interactions with me which I thought was because I basically told them they're not good enough to be my friend and up until that point I think they felt they were better than me and that It was me who wanted to be their friend and they liked me enough to let me not the other way around, so I think they were just offended that I was the one who wanted to get a break from being friends like I think it hurt their pride more and not so their feelings. Anyway after not having talked to them for some time I think I realized I still had the same problems even without them and they weren't the only thing that made me act in a way I didn't want to and I also felt even worse without them because whatever happened to me I wanted to talk to them about and I concluded I want them in my life even if that person doesn't bring out the best in me. At some point that person started to change more I felt more connected to them and I started to want something more than friendship, it took a lot to admit how I felt, but they just laughed and rejected me I was in a vulnerable place back then and having been completely honest about my feelings which I realized were maybe feelings I had from the start and got rejected with a laugh understanding they never even considered something like this kind of broke me and I became pretty resentful and depressed afterwards.. so after a long period of awkwardness between us I accepted that we could only ever be friends and I thought about it decided I do want that person in my life even if just as a friend, but ever after I admitted my feelings to them things were not the same and I felt like they literally hated me, they were ignoring me or randomly just telling me how flawed I am and even suggesting to just kill myself, I felt even worse, but I still thought some of it was justifiable because of their life experiences and the fact that I was the one who wanted to put our friendship on pause before, but slowly they got probably bored with me and just started pretending I don't exist and just ghosted me, I had sent them a bunch of messages which they read, but didn't respond to, so I decided if they don't wanna be friends no more there's nothing I can do except let them go and hope they'll come around.. so many months passed and they contacted me on a few occasions when they wanted something from me and I helped them then they didn't even say thanks for the help, but acted as if I was obliged to help them, so last time they called asking for help I just cut them off and although I wish we could be friends again I've come to realize they wanna be friends only when I'm of some use to them, but not when I'm down. I have seen them be terrible to some of their other friends and act as if they never were and I have told them about it, but I never thought they could be as terrible to me, turns out I was just like the other people with whom they pretended to be friends until they got bored or those people were no longer useful to them. So now I'm just trying to find some motivation to keep trying and not be afraid of having new meaningful connections(so far nothing and getting worse).
string pizza = "pizza"; do { print(pizza); } while(pizza == "pizza");
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu 14 hours ago
Pizza :)
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu 15 hours ago
I would’ve been your friend ❤️ this makes me cry
s o p h i a.
s o p h i a. 15 hours ago
In my primary school I had this girl who I was I guess you could call it close friend. She was one of the girls in my group that I would hang out with, and she was kind of like you. She was home schooled for years but she decided to go to Primary school. She was really quiet and she never really talked to anyone. She didn't have too many friends except the ones in our friend group. She went to a different highschool than me and I recently found out she is back to home schooling. I wish I could talk to her, but that's basically impossible since she does home schooling and I go to a normal highschool. and I feel like she is going to end up how you did. I don't really know how to help her which has been bugging me for a while.
Camila Santos
Camila Santos 16 hours ago
•Gxmmqbear• 16 hours ago
If I was there I'd be your friend 🍯💞
Saeed Ghaffari
Saeed Ghaffari 16 hours ago
Hi. Here a good friend 😂👋
Aurelija Anglickaitė
Try having a life coach, maybe that'll help you with interacting with people, going to collage and finding a job. Maybe a life coach would help you with finding more about yourself and what it is that it's difficult to make friends. Hopefully, you're doing good now
Sarvesh Verekar
Sarvesh Verekar 17 hours ago
Kira Völker
Kira Völker 18 hours ago
pizzaaaaaaaaaa. You can Do it ! reach out for a Hand :)
Salma S
Salma S 18 hours ago
I am in my early forties and I don’t have friends or an intimate relationship but guess what I have Jesus who is closer than a brother .
Jasmin Bo
Jasmin Bo 19 hours ago
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