21 Savage - Spiral (Official Music Video)

21 Savage
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21 Savage - Spiral (Official Music Video)

"Spiral" available at: 21Savage.lnk.to/Spiral_BookOfSaw

Spiral: From The Book Of Saw In Theaters May 14th

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(C) 2021 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment




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Comments 0
Jace Ramirez
Jace Ramirez 2 hours ago
Hakan Seymen
Hakan Seymen 6 hours ago
21 21 21
SuperJKing Gaming
SuperJKing Gaming 11 hours ago
This shit hard asf though.
Alrendius Frieson
Alrendius Frieson 12 hours ago
Whaaat my youngin got dem body's he still piss in the bed💯💯💯 21 snapped
desmo 12 hours ago
I hate mumble rappers because mumble rappers are worst but 21 savage isn't the worst for me
Josivan idalino de Moraes
21 21 21 🔥🇧🇷🙋🏽
Zed Kiba
Zed Kiba Day ago
21 let's go!!
Anthony Castro
Put on 0.75
Desmond Smith
fresh game
fresh game Day ago
I just watched the movie Spiral at the cinema It's a cool film
skrr Day ago
definitely i watched it 2 times at my house and it’s pretty good!
G Day ago
21 saw slaughter gang
Dorin Ceban
Dorin Ceban Day ago
Cool 💥🐷
fitz gerald
fitz gerald Day ago
The movie. Meh This song. King.
Muslim Jerry
Muslim Jerry Day ago
That shit creepy asf
Lil Wazy
Lil Wazy Day ago
This song feels illegal to listen to
Fenix 2 days ago
21 savage has the most songs in movies and htere fire
Vet Life
Vet Life 2 days ago
Jaydan the last: Chillbender
Bruh the movie studio calling 21 Savage had to be like Lions gate: Y o M a k e A R a n d o m R a p S o n g O u t O f T h e S a w T h e m e
vik4ou 2 days ago
when the song is better than the film
RIZKY CHANDRA 2 days ago
This shit deserve more views, slaughter gang 4L !
Pam Lyons
Pam Lyons 2 days ago
I love the godzilla music in this it goes with the lyrics perfectly
Adelia Catharina
Adelia Catharina 2 days ago
Christy Cook
Christy Cook 2 days ago
Like 3 times
Christy Cook
Christy Cook 2 days ago
I seen the movie
fear to come
fear to come 2 days ago
A good song
barry Franklin
barry Franklin 2 days ago
Smart beat. Love it
Shahaf EIsenstein
Finally we see great way to bring something modern to an “Old” Scary movie. Great trailer, great way for editing and making the posters of the movie with modern look, amazing editing and now this? It’s amazing! 21 did great job here and the remix is fire! Can’t wait to see the movie, because of COVID it’s coming in my country only at 21.7 can’t wait to see it!
Crystal 3 days ago
Bro you know how sick it would be to see John Kramer in this bitch, RIP man
Keara Gary
Keara Gary 3 days ago
This song fire 🔥
Dukefmyy 3 days ago
El comentario en español que buscas 🥺
Chris redfiel
Creí que no había nadie
Brandon Rodriguez
Song is dope but the movie was cringy asf with plotholes and the logic of some scenes, it did not live up to the Saw Franchise.
wavey will
wavey will 3 days ago
Song is fire / movie was trash tho. Fake saw ish
Jordan_23 3 days ago
21 savage didn’t featured 6ix9ine on this song, if 6ix9ine is in this song. It gonna be crazy bc one of his chain is jigsaw custom chain
Ludvig Alv
Ludvig Alv 3 days ago
Moh_7Dz 3 days ago
Well there something we can all agree about both the song and movie are 🔥
DERRICK BANKS 4 days ago
Diego Macias
Diego Macias 4 days ago
Je vais regarder le film juste pour entendre cette super chanson
Andreas Guerra
Andreas Guerra 4 days ago
yo i gotta see his fucking movie
Horror Emperor
Horror Emperor 3 days ago
It’s amazing I saw it last week
Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson 4 days ago
This is a major improvement from a lot and bank account. Don't get me wrong those songs are good but they have nothing on new 21.
Cooper Stewart
Cooper Stewart 4 days ago
I called the ending twist so I was so caught up with that bullshit, then I heard the theme and I was like oh shit wait a minute and then the beat dropped and I was like OH SHIT WAIT A MINUTE
Monique Garcia
Monique Garcia 4 days ago
Billy said this shit hard at 1:18 🤣🤣🤣 makes him wanna play a game 💀💀
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 4 days ago
If you like the theme of SAW you need to leasten "vald dernier retrait" the French rapper that uses it killed that
Rafael da Costa
Rafael da Costa 5 days ago
Cade os BR pra apreciar esta obra-prima?
Marel Óli Freysson
This shit slaps
Rose Go
Rose Go 5 days ago
Sina Nazari
Sina Nazari 5 days ago
one word: FIRE
Manzilbek Qarlibaev
21 Savage Uzumaki
Reedick Ivan Somido
The legendary bathroom
Thouna Saikhom
Thouna Saikhom 5 days ago
Savage got the heat Lyrics is lit af 🔥 This song should be underrated ❤️🔥
Refel Bustos
Refel Bustos 6 days ago
This song makes me wanna do the jigsaw dance 🎯🎯🎯
Ardiem3 6 days ago
This is a straight up banger. 👌🔥
Street Bred E.NT.
holmes 89
holmes 89 6 days ago
This shit slaps lol
Jace Ramirez
Jace Ramirez 6 days ago
Ama spin like a spiral
Krito 6 days ago
Srsly u doing this music of spiral😍 i dont expect this out 😂🔥
William McMillan
William McMillan 6 days ago
This shit dope
Megan Renee
Megan Renee 7 days ago
how the fuck has a song not been made with hello zepp under it before now
Jane Marry
Jane Marry 7 days ago
Letting you know the evil bible is from Hell and his followers lol
Jane Marry
Jane Marry 7 days ago
god looks like a white circle above the head
Jane Marry
Jane Marry 7 days ago
God is the only name of maker i know. rest are fallen names like jesus/lord/light I'm not willing to experiment with
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 7 days ago
I’m sorry but the words “corny niggaz don’t impress me” are gonna be stuck with me forever 🙌
Junior Mints
Junior Mints 7 days ago
The curvy grade occasionally form because thursday informally support atop a nutty run. ragged, friendly wrench
Guillermo Seco palacios
Lest go gamer ✌️👽✌️
Dunno whats more savage, the girl sawing off her own chastity belt or the pigs head vibing to the beat
Mark Navartes
Mark Navartes 7 days ago
Both Song and Movie are Fucking Mastapieces.
Tryangely Gaming
Tryangely Gaming 7 days ago
This song is a bop
Indigo Xd40
Indigo Xd40 8 days ago
Ian Arias
Ian Arias 8 days ago
Daaammn this rap is hard to rhyme
Cassidy Wilk
Cassidy Wilk 8 days ago
Alicia and Kym just casually almost burning there damn hands of with those saws and looking bad ass while doing it! Go Cherry Bombs!
Little Cesar
Little Cesar 8 days ago
This Guy 21 Savage Done Dropped A Hard ass Album For This Movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥
K1T 8 days ago
That pig puppet had some smooth moves
R4inha De Copas
R4inha De Copas 8 days ago
A única coisa boa, desse filme é essa música
Svmi 8 days ago
Movie was trash, but at least this song is a banger
David Wright
David Wright 8 days ago
nah bruh movie was good
Kelvin Swanepoel
Kelvin Swanepoel 8 days ago
John Cramer doing the billy bounce😂
CandieLand's Sweet Adventures
Omg. The puppet vibing to the song is killing me. 😂😂 and why did I just listen to this song 3 times in a row?!
2400 9 days ago
Demon 9 days ago
Seriously this movie hits hard
Anna Anna Momanna, Bobanna
1:18 jigsaw going hard lol
Swoak Teddy [Voomz]
it’s billy no ?
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose 9 days ago
Cameron Saunders
Cameron Saunders 9 days ago
21 bro⚡⚡⚡⚡
Boring Plays
Boring Plays 9 days ago
John kramer dancing in the coffin
WNY Auto Sales LLC
This song made me steal money from my wifes purse
TheReal Ermês
TheReal Ermês 9 days ago
Saucy Kie
Saucy Kie 9 days ago
Check out YFDNETO freestyle below ruvid.net/video/video-Bh7DZdUK6R0.html
Sinnermax 9 days ago
Clicked as soon as i 'saw' 👀
Igxr Divz
Igxr Divz 9 days ago
Mid ass movie but got a great soundtrack
Satisfying Ceylon
Whose came here after watched spiral movie ♥️👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻
Arturo Gonzales
Arturo Gonzales 9 days ago
I think John Kramer dead vibin😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
יונתן גבע
I feel like savage is one of those guys that'll try fuck others up in a "game" even when they supposed to work wit each other to get out
Gabriel Davila
Gabriel Davila 10 days ago
Soon as the movie ended and this started playing 🕺 🔥 🔪 🌀
TwinsOfMercury 10 days ago
21 deserves way more credit for how hard he killed this beat
BurnedToast 10 days ago
Jigsaw been quiet since this dropped 😳
igor henrique
igor henrique 10 days ago
A única coisa boa do filme 😂😂
igor henrique
igor henrique 9 days ago
@Pedro Lucas Não sei aonde KKK...fora a Atuação do Cris Rock que só me fez dar Risada
Pedro Lucas
Pedro Lucas 9 days ago
filme foi sensacional
Fordelune 10 days ago
Nice man Remix
TwinsOfMercury 10 days ago
straight bodied this beat 😭😭
Itzz Nino
Itzz Nino 10 days ago
21 the hardest in TRAP period.
LUIS Lopez
LUIS Lopez 10 days ago
This is the only saw movie without a plot twist in the end
Corpseplower 3 days ago
@LUIS Lopez The revelation made toward Schenk being alive and having masterminded the murders. The revelation of he and Zeke Banks actually having met without Zeke realizing it prior to the partnership, at the pivotal moment that would be the crux of Schenk's crusade against the corrupt police. The revelation of Marcus Banks turning a blind eye toward how corrupt his precinct was becoming because it led to results and citizens feeling safer.
LUIS Lopez
LUIS Lopez 3 days ago
@Corpseplower like what
Corpseplower 4 days ago
@LUIS Lopez There's multiple plot twists in the last act of Spiral.
LUIS Lopez
LUIS Lopez 9 days ago
@Breezy Bad Zeke from the 1st movie? I am mean from last few minutes there a Always a plot twist
Breezy Bad
Breezy Bad 9 days ago
Um yes there was! The plot twist was zekes partner ended up being the killer 🥴 ???
Destin Hanson
Destin Hanson 10 days ago
Well thank you for ruining a classic horror movie theme
Evie Moore
Evie Moore 11 days ago
lesss goooo that was fireee
Bowen 11 days ago
This is so hard the lyrics are genius
tuskegee fno
tuskegee fno 11 days ago
Shit slap for a movie soundtrack
Saw V
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