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01:24 Reliable water bowl for a dogs
03:11 How to reuse old socks
03:39 DIY safe aquarium
05:06 How to remove a bad smell
05:59 DIY soft bed for a dog
07:08 Inexpensive cat house
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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 763
Nicki Bayly
Nicki Bayly 10 hours ago
This is how many pets they torchorad
Jaynthi Jaya
Jaynthi Jaya 11 hours ago
I love you
Thavish Rughoonauth
Thavish Rughoonauth 12 hours ago
You stole catch em all fish tank with pvp
pani Pani
pani Pani 17 hours ago
Kto z Polski
LEGION tech 21 hour ago
Your dogs is the best dog with the best paw
The fact that everyone in the chat payed more attention to the ex's t-shirt XD
Hola soy Mia11
5:18 you still have to wash it
Hola soy Mia11
4:17 He AtE PoOp
милашка няшка
Взяли лайфхаки с сливки шоу тупые
Wrong User Name
5-min-craft + 5-min-Magic
Nanci's Music
That’s already been invented the flash speed mop
Nanci's Music
Everyone has cement in their house right?
Rizza Dionaldo
ZZzZzZzZZGF BHGG J hbhhHJ hm bn
Angélica Mendoza
Exe’s shirt well I’m 9 and wat if your cat is to fat boi
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 2 days ago
Jesus there is a lot of paid actors and actresses in this video.
Mope Ioioioi
Mope Ioioioi 2 days ago
Hk Lalnunkimi
Hk Lalnunkimi 2 days ago
Gbolahan Onibuje
Gbolahan Onibuje 2 days ago
if i gave this to my dog he would eat it
Kiara Neina
Kiara Neina 3 days ago
2:34 I am afraid if i go to school and my fish jump out from that bridge😕
Jacie Samsill
Jacie Samsill 3 days ago
Those where the fakest paw prints 😂😂😂😂😂
ლАиек_ 28ლ
4:13 awww this tetra color is soo cute 😍❤️😍😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍❤️😍😍😍❤️😍
Dollspital 3 days ago
She was reading the secret do you know how serious this is?
Dollspital 3 days ago
That's not a life back that's just a swiffer!
Dollspital 3 days ago
Why the exes shirt, I thought it was supposed to be kid friendly
Madani fathema Madani
Madani fathima
candy pop
candy pop 3 days ago
Nobody: Not even a single soul: 5 minutes craft: your ex t-shirt
haikal azim
haikal azim Day ago
haikal azim
haikal azim Day ago
Donna Ring
Donna Ring 4 days ago
With the tubes they can go down in the legs and get stuck also when you use plastic bottles they give off harmful chemicals
6:00 your puppy was so comfy and you moved it so you could put your feet up? You have a bed you can sit on. And at 8:00 don’t do this to your poor cat.
Cafe Crew Mocha
Cafe Crew Mocha 4 days ago
Grass makes cats vomit 🙀
Julia Stoelwinder
They repeated the tshirt bed
Jorge Acevedo
Jorge Acevedo 4 days ago
Está mortalaso los dos últimos 👍👍😀 para mí perra🐕
taisha frey
taisha frey 4 days ago
ha your ex's shirt
Diamond Back
Diamond Back 4 days ago
3:37 that cat is annoyed/angry. It very much doesn’t want to be there, and probably hates you. I can tell because: a) that cat is giving the death glare b) the way it’s tail flicks shows signs of irritation, annoyance and anger. Please don’t do this to your cat
Bảo Châu Phạm Hoàng
Bảo Châu Phạm Hoàng
오오 오오 오오오 오오 오오 역시😮😮😮😮😮😮
Bảo Châu Phạm Hoàng
Debyani Sen
Debyani Sen 5 days ago
I guess oil isn't good for dogs
Rosy Arreguin
Rosy Arreguin 6 days ago
Kyla Lipin
Kyla Lipin 6 days ago
That fish will die because of the spray paint
aman deep
aman deep 6 days ago
They : Your ex 's t-shirts Me : i am still single so i took my brothers fav t-shirt , When he saw this t-shirt in such condition his reaction was soo satisfying for me, I think i took my all revenges on him that day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
francisca acedo herrera
Yo no le intiendo aeste idioma de los que están escribiento
Jane Sofie Thomsen
No fish was harmed what about the other animals?!
Jane Sofie Thomsen
I have never been in a relationship but I will just use my brother's t-shirt
xyrine Padilla
xyrine Padilla 6 days ago
TheLeonjane 6 days ago
Hi there I am going to be a good girl i
Leila Menezes
Leila Menezes 7 days ago
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph 7 days ago
Stop repeating the same thing over and over
Monica Navarrete
Monica Navarrete 7 days ago
2:18 please dont do this hack because after it dries thw fishies can still die because they can still smell it even tho they have no noses
Lily Belle Harris
Sajeena Rahman
Sajeena Rahman 7 days ago
Super creativedea how can you clean the water????
Jo 7 days ago
Stop making items for goldfish that cannot be filtered... fish need a filter and pump in a tank to survive,not some gimmicky item with stagnant water.Fish suffocate and die if there is no pump.
XxJessica WolfyxX
1:10 YES. YoUr ExEs T-sHiRt. Perfect.Beautiful.Muah. First time i smiled today. At 11:35pm
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez 7 days ago
4:10 that won't work because they need the filter for oxygen for then or they're going to die bc they can't breathe
Brianna Lucchesi
Brianna Lucchesi 7 days ago
I don't get why they never use a sewwing machine
Izabela Ninu
Izabela Ninu 8 days ago
So cool part 4:19 It really works😄😄😄
Илона Тедеева
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