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01:24 Reliable water bowl for a dogs
03:11 How to reuse old socks
03:39 DIY safe aquarium
05:06 How to remove a bad smell
05:59 DIY soft bed for a dog
07:08 Inexpensive cat house
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Jan 21, 2020




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Dheny Lovelya A.
Dheny Lovelya A. 5 hours ago
rośliny martyny
rośliny martyny 11 hours ago
Meadow Cookie
Meadow Cookie 14 hours ago
bianca p
bianca p 16 hours ago
Please check us out
saikat hasan
saikat hasan 17 hours ago
This isn't fair. What about pet birds?
Isabela Veirano
Isabela Veirano 20 hours ago
i reited
Sasmita Subudhi
Your so sweet and cute pets 🐻🦁🐯🐱🐶🐺🐷🐼🦊🐨🦡🐰🐰🐭🐹🐽🐗🦓🦄🐴🐮🦛🐸🦌🐇
sonia aparecida ortega
Girish Mohan Das
How to make a orignial robot?
stranger girl OMG
What is meow mrr 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Misha GUEYE 2 days ago
So funny 1:10
Iman Abd Alrahman
2:0 😠
Firewing 2 days ago
* 2:34 ** Imagine one of the fish jumps and falls out of the water and noone has no idea ;[*
Catherine Paci
Catherine Paci 3 days ago
These channels are content farms, I am going to stop watching them all.
Carlos Alberto de Jesús xochicale
Que lindo😍😇🐺🐈
Kyra Lingreen
Kyra Lingreen 4 days ago
This is good
samira pabon
samira pabon 4 days ago
Que dicen de mi opinion
samira pabon
samira pabon 4 days ago
Me gusto pero desperdicio y no entiendo las letras aun que algunas si porque todas estaban en ingles pero se hablar en ingles pero algunas palabras no
samira pabon
samira pabon 4 days ago
Que dicen amigos
siddesh hiremat
siddesh hiremat 5 days ago
Ellison Kaszynski
5 minute crafts: no fish were harmed me: but dogs were
Ellison Kaszynski
where do they even put all the junk stuff?
Zoey OGara
Zoey OGara 7 days ago
I hate 5 minute crafts
Lila faidlh
Lila faidlh 8 days ago
Lila faidlh
Lila faidlh 8 days ago
Maycee Belle
Maycee Belle 8 days ago
Is it me or does 5 minute crafts tries to kill fish
Maria Alves
Maria Alves 8 days ago
Clrte clote zed
Wolf Lord
Wolf Lord 9 days ago
You asume we have an wx
Wolf Lord
Wolf Lord 9 days ago
Constantin Harjau
Constantin Harjau 10 days ago
Constantin Harjau
Constantin Harjau 10 days ago
I like your crafts for pets
really slow slowpoke
Is It just me or does 5 minute craps hate pets? Mostly FISHES!!
Jeanine Boes
Jeanine Boes 10 days ago
Praat Nederlandd
Badrul Gaming
Badrul Gaming 10 days ago
Irman Rahmansyah
Irman Rahmansyah 10 days ago
Cecilia Gamboa
Cecilia Gamboa 10 days ago
Is it just me or is there a bunch of videos with the EXACT SAME hacks just put in a different order?
Iman Damia
Iman Damia 11 days ago
the so cute
Iman Damia
Iman Damia 11 days ago
i love it
Iman Damia
Iman Damia 11 days ago
hi my name is iman i'm from malaysia
D. Soko
D. Soko 11 days ago
me having a lizard and wanting hacks for him
A Pokemon With Internet
4:27 umm thats not a hack thats common sense
planeta da anita
planeta da anita 11 days ago
Gatinhos não merecem uma porcaria de roupa do ex e sim uma nova
Elisabetta Trussi
Elisabetta Trussi 11 days ago
mr.spammer 12 days ago
Plots twist.... U need ex to watch this vedeo😂 Wtf somany socks🤔😑😂
cheesewithcrabs 2
cheesewithcrabs 2 12 days ago
2:22 I don’t think it’s safe for my fishes..
Alan Matthews
Alan Matthews 12 days ago
There's nothing about guinea pigs it's all about dogs ,cats and fish .I would really appreciate it if you could do a video about guinea pigs thanks.
Jason valaydon
Jason valaydon 12 days ago
5 minutes crafts, you are abusing fish. Fish need an appropriate space to live or else they will be stress and get sick and also a goldfish need at least 100L to grow properly.
ELLA SWARTZ 12 days ago
she acted like it was adorable when her cat peed 5:12
The FamAquino
The FamAquino 12 days ago
Just buy a fish tank geez
Santos Ancco Bolaños
Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson 13 days ago
yep pvc pipe and spray paint for your fish. toxic . WTG
Annalise Watkins
Annalise Watkins 13 days ago
You realize fish needs filters to be healthy
galaxy moonlight gamer Yt gamer
cute puppys !!!!😊😊😊😊😊
Oksana Greidane
Oksana Greidane 13 days ago
Who has that much old socks. 3:35
Edwin Villanueva
Edwin Villanueva 14 days ago
Pobres peces 😥
Eva Medellin
Eva Medellin 14 days ago
Dilan Mateo Verduguez Bascope
Minute 3:03 fake
Casey Woodruff
Casey Woodruff 15 days ago
How are the fish going to breath ith out a airtube I gave glo fish and hey need a air tube to breath made u going to replace fish every hour or something because they die that table is not a good idea you need special things for fish to breath
Sándor Joób
Sándor Joób 15 days ago
1:18 I'll do this hack💜
Roko Tadic
Roko Tadic 15 days ago
did you add bacteria to the table
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 16 days ago
Accomplisment Achieved: *You killed you pet using these hacks*
Lucy & Sav
Lucy & Sav 16 days ago
i loved that cat pouch
Lucy & Sav
Lucy & Sav 16 days ago
her: shoo shoo get off the dog: ~what i was here first~
Lucy & Sav
Lucy & Sav 16 days ago
they fight for a shoe the dog wins!! lol
Lucy & Sav
Lucy & Sav 16 days ago
who has that much old socks
Ella Prible
Ella Prible 16 days ago
If someone knocked that fish table over it would not be good.
Aesthetic 101
Aesthetic 101 17 days ago
There were no hacks for Bunnies 🥺
Noelle Zagorski
Noelle Zagorski 17 days ago
How is the grass going to grow in the sock
Chris Reid
Chris Reid 17 days ago
4:36 Killed me.
Chris Reid
Chris Reid 17 days ago
1:10 Pfft...
spider neon
spider neon 17 days ago
cool y gracioso haha
Lesli Dingee
Lesli Dingee 17 days ago
FC 9989
FC 9989 17 days ago
I own like 60 fish and not one of them would like your stupid idea! Your channel is so dumb and useless just quit RUvid altogether!
Susan Hennigan
Susan Hennigan 17 days ago
Me: *Is An Animal lover Animal cruelty sirens: AAAAHHHH!!!!!!
FC 9989
FC 9989 17 days ago
Don’t know about you but I don’t have a ex.I am only 9.
Jyotsana More
Jyotsana More 17 days ago
Have lot socks to make carpet for kitty😆
Furqan Bong
Furqan Bong 17 days ago
Is best and many ideas for a fish aquarium
Charlie Cai
Charlie Cai 18 days ago
Most perfect dog prints ever
gacha 18 days ago
Quel genre de poisson
Carmel Paul
Carmel Paul 18 days ago
everybody knows how to mop that was supid to do that
muhammad rehan
muhammad rehan 18 days ago
Why is there no hamster hacks :(
Lusine Simonyan
Lusine Simonyan 19 days ago
So um How do u feed the fish exactly...?
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