2021 Ford Bronco: First Look Review

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Ford is bringing back the Bronco for 2021. The NEW Ford Bronco packs some amazing features and takes the fight to the Jeep Wrangler.
Presented by Chris Paukert
Written by Chris Paukert
Produced by Nick Miotke
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Shadi Manasrah
Shadi Manasrah 12 hours ago
you are borrrrrring 👎
William Collins
William Collins 6 days ago
Damn I should have waited to buy my Kia soul....
Luis Pacheco Hernandez
Ok I’ll buy a jeep thanks
Frank Ballz
Frank Ballz 9 days ago
I'm an old man. Been around awhile. I don't remember anyone ever thinking of the Bronco as an ICON LOL. The most people ever spoke of the Bronco was in 1995 with OJ. I do like this one though!!
Caleb Rodriguez
Caleb Rodriguez 14 days ago
Ford dont be morons!!!!!! Put the 302 in now! Do you want to compete or beat? 302 with the granny gear manual. Stop holding out. Make what the enthusiasts want!
Hermes Trismagistos
I'm in love with this Bronco!👍
ZSСАR 17 days ago
In my opinion, 95% of the sold Ford Bronco will never make it to the battlefield, but it's good to know that this car has such skills.
L. S.
L. S. 18 days ago
Way better than the Wrangler IMO
analogaudio rules
analogaudio rules 20 days ago
no v8? fric that....
James Furlong
James Furlong 23 days ago
Diesel all the way
dave punchur
dave punchur 24 days ago
fleetwood mac
TT AA 25 days ago
it is painful to see and not able to own this :(
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario 26 days ago
I’m gonna need a used two door bronco ASAP.
Jay Weaver
Jay Weaver 26 days ago
system of a down
Dario Milardovic
Bronco copy Japanese Suzuki jimny. Bronco looks funny. Looks like made for kids.
BJ JA Month ago
This is a home run for Ford!!!!
Joe Wind
Joe Wind Month ago
“Far from a copy cat”? this is a straight rip off of a 1970s scout. Just like they did with the first bronco when they copied international scout. This dude doesn’t know Anything about cars
Louis Ferdinand
Louis Ferdinand Month ago
I kept getting Distracted, thinking Reviewer looks like Javier Bardem from "No Country For Old Men" or a james bond film lol
Patrick Jensen
Patrick Jensen Month ago
No roof rack though? I'm going to want to mount my RTT to this...
Adam Osborn
Adam Osborn Month ago
Mansa Agarwal
Mansa Agarwal Month ago
Bronco 😍😍
VAN DANG Month ago
Not a huge Ford fan, but how can I resist this thing of beauty...!
Anne Lena
Anne Lena Month ago
fairy tail
Daniel H
Daniel H Month ago
It is like a Jeep knocked up a Toyota FJ Cruiser and they raised the child that became a bangin fine ass model that is a UFC fighter... the Bronco.
john norris
john norris Month ago
Love it. But no V8? :/
Anthony Joseph
Anthony Joseph Month ago
I want one so bad, I’m in love bro
Shtwaeven Freamayne
Fucking unreal
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia Month ago
Poor man’s Anton Chigurh
C Month ago
Honestly looks amazing. I had a JK and hated it, felt cheap in every way. This beast seems like the real deal. I'm not a rock crawler so I don't need to be bare bones while picking up groceries.
ekosari Month ago
Lucious Mani
Lucious Mani Month ago
Swiping left. Absolute rubbish. . PFFFFT. It's A Ford. . .FOUND ON ROAD DEAD Definitely ain't No Toyota 4runner
G Hollis
G Hollis Month ago
Sorry...looks like crap. Probably made like crap too.
Graham Month ago
Ford did what Landrover completely stuffed up.
Jill Breedin
Jill Breedin Month ago
Prefer my FJ
real 4x4s have solid axles not go kart front ends
kevin key
kevin key Month ago
it is NOT a bronco it is a yuppy version of bronco II which failed and this will go the bronco IIs way, give me a full size 1996 w a 351
Dante F
Dante F Month ago
Why is Pablo Escobar reviewing cars now?
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno Month ago
Ugly 🤮🤢 I’ll stay with my Jeep Wrangler
Movie Community College
Can't wait to get one!
Meth Bear
Meth Bear Month ago
Can I buy it used in a few years?
محمد الحامد
Good video!!
Lokeni Siuta
Lokeni Siuta Month ago
Who cares about your rule hahahaha
Space Cowboy 45
Space Cowboy 45 Month ago
This thing is absolutely sick, anyone who says otherwise is either blind, an idiot, or both.
Poty Poty
Poty Poty Month ago
Im trading my cherokee in for the 2 door bronco asap. All I want 35” tires with black rims. In yellow & manual transmission of course. 😃
akaredcrossbow 2 months ago
The Bronco reminds me of my 06 Jeep Commander, but so much better than any Jeep! I want this Bronco, but wait what are the prices$$$$$
KRISTEN CLARK 2 months ago
So cutee
Brice Graham
Brice Graham 2 months ago
I speak for all people when I say.... Put a V8 in there. Like a 5.0 or those 6.2s that are in the F-250s.
sarah mae congson
sarah mae congson 2 months ago
So cutee
Smith Calvin
Smith Calvin 2 months ago
Sweet can't wait
Johnny M Ritchie
Johnny M Ritchie 2 months ago
I hate when these guys call these SUVs trucks...
Johnny M Ritchie
Johnny M Ritchie 2 months ago
Guess what? NO V8.....lame
Britron Izzo
Britron Izzo 2 months ago
I have a 1990 bronco lol
Jory Wells
Jory Wells 2 months ago
Isn't ford kinda new in this crawling bussiness?
Callie Hicks
Callie Hicks 2 months ago
Love this video
carlos morales
carlos morales 2 months ago
Hahae so good
stimul8 2 months ago
Been waiting for this truck to make a comeback for years. It's finally here, and it comes in 4- and 6-cylinder engine options. Pfft. So disappointed no V8 option. Give me a naturally-aspirated V8, instead of a mouse on crack ready to have a heart attack. They should've named this the Gallop, not Bronco.
Wade 2 months ago
4-cylinder on bigger vehicles is bad idea especially when you plan to run it heard 4-wheeling. The 2.3 and 2.7 are junk engines. DO NOT BUY with these engines. I worked at Ford and a proud Ford owner and I'm telling you all we talked about was how bad these engines are. You will not get 60k out if them with out major issues
Noah Ksiazkiewicz
Noah Ksiazkiewicz 2 months ago
Lol no, it was appreciated THUS it was reborn. Not what u said
Charolynn Elise Higgin
O j Simpson looking like 👀👍🏾
brutallyHonest !
brutallyHonest ! 2 months ago
hello gorgeous 😍
Doug S
Doug S 2 months ago
The IFS was a big mistake IMO. Nothing beats a solid axle off road. It looks great but for off road use Jeep is still king. These should sell like hot cakes, it's a good looking vehicle with great features.
Yvette Nemenzo
Yvette Nemenzo 2 months ago
Safe and sound
Angel Urena
Angel Urena 2 months ago
Just take my money already! God dammit!!!
lgmisfit10 2 months ago
That 12in screen is going to be 😍
Mr. D
Mr. D 2 months ago
Ford punk’d us all. Does a reveal in summer 2020, builds an exclusive ‘owners’ group and posts videos showing off flawless off roading. Then makes us wait until June 2021 to own it.
breadfan9 2 months ago
Only comes with a 2.3L? W T F??????????????????
Ydrone 2 months ago
how many backup cameras are going to be broken with that spare tire lmfao
rh1507 2 months ago
I hope that the resurrection of the Bronco goes well for Ford. I bet it will. OK though I was born in a Ford family though so I might be a little prejudice.
BoberMcBoberson 2 months ago
Am I wrong for wanting Lincoln to build a G Wagon killer on this platform?
Colin Clement
Colin Clement 2 months ago
This is so much better then the new Blazer...Chevy brought it back just to make it another POS uni-body crossover
DavyDave1313 2 months ago
No V8? Nope. No thank you
MURR DOG 2 months ago
Tipical fraud business plan, spend 3times more on sales marketing.. then RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT cheap recall CRONIES...DETROIT
Nadir Ali
Nadir Ali 2 months ago
Javier Bardem is that u ?
sidnegel 2 months ago
I was looking forward to but no NA v8 option is very disappointing
lino octavio ramirez
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Journeyman Bubble Mage
Hahae so good
Financial Scrap
Financial Scrap 2 months ago
Did they make it orange 🍊 for OJ ?
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell 2 months ago
Looks like a rip off of hummer
Najerea 2 months ago
C 2 months ago
Husker Nation
Husker Nation 2 months ago
Well I can say for once that ford came out swinging. Wonder how Jeep will respond...
redheadwolfy 2001
redheadwolfy 2001 2 months ago
Hope a 4 door will come
Travis Guy
Travis Guy 2 months ago
Lookout jeep lol I freeking love it. I told my fiance I had just been thinking why doesn't ford bring the old Broncos bk now I saw this and had heard nothing about it before hand omg I love it. Not really sure about what color id pick there both tough...
Warrior King
Warrior King 2 months ago
Bronco appears Jeep: Tucks tail between the legs and run away!
Den V.
Den V. 2 months ago
They didnt let him test drive cause they already broken 🤷‍♂️
AMICUSFxnzy 2 months ago
Wellllll new Jeep Wagoneer is kinda better
Enemy Fleet
Enemy Fleet 2 months ago
I pre-ordered. And if they come with a pair of those porn glasses, I'll never regret my pre-order
Fento L
Fento L 2 months ago
i thought he was the asian dude in the hangover series lmao
Peyton Brimmer
Peyton Brimmer 2 months ago
Imagine if they had a coyote bronco.
WysteriaGuitar 2 months ago
At 4:13, I did not know Javier Bardem did car reviews...
David Peters
David Peters 2 months ago
COVID 19 joke how insensitive
Nik Muegge
Nik Muegge 2 months ago
people talking about how there’s a war between the two but ford has already taken the 👑. they already won and we can’t even buy the broncos yet
Yahir Perez
Yahir Perez 2 months ago
Mom can we get a Jeep we have a Jeep at home already
Mailman Rod
Mailman Rod 2 months ago
can't wait to see the old vs the new... DAMM...!! that's the only way to make sure they stayed true to the classic. climb a tree already!!
Joseph Menna
Joseph Menna 2 months ago
I prefer this to a wrangler
Corrie Musich
Corrie Musich 2 months ago
Jay Cogan
Jay Cogan 2 months ago
First it needs the 5.0 with a manual transmission, then I’ll buy one. N/A engines only...
Bendmac Manufacturing
No more video's , I guess they are worried about spoiling the hype once the dealers get them !!!!
Zoran Manalang
Zoran Manalang 2 months ago
Did ford follow your rule? Who the hell cares in your feelings!
K R 2 months ago
looks like just as crappy of a car as those jeeps that people like so much. cant imagine daily driving such an inefficient boxy pos
Ian Bedford
Ian Bedford 2 months ago
It would be nice to get these in the UK
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