2021 Ford Bronco: First Look Review

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Ford is bringing back the Bronco for 2021. The NEW Ford Bronco packs some amazing features and takes the fight to the Jeep Wrangler.
Presented by Chris Paukert
Written by Chris Paukert
Produced by Nick Miotke
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
Aric Goodman
Aric Goodman 24 minutes ago
All you ford haters get what you disereve, if the Chevy k5 comes out it will be very stupid.
John 6 hours ago
No. They definitely pissed away the icon. This thing looks gay af. Was hoping for one of the other concepts. Instead, we get what looks like a giant mini cooper. Thanks for the colossal let down Ford.
Becky Garner
Becky Garner 7 hours ago
off roadiam sounds stupid
Jim Olenchak
Jim Olenchak 10 hours ago
All this thing needs is a 5 L V8 !!! I dispise Turbo, Direct injection engines period !!!
iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel
1994: OJ, Why You’re Taking Me? 2020: I’m Back Fr9m The Dead.
Dustin Wyatt
Dustin Wyatt 22 hours ago
4 cylinder??? No thanks.
Shaun Frazzini
Just reserved my wildtrak!! 😍
Mauser304 Day ago
I drove an 81 Bronco for 20 years. I put 357 thousand miles on the thing as a daily driver, off road, hunting and I even logged with it. When I sold it, I watched it go out the driveway and knew I had made a mistake. I want one of these so bad I might wet myself.
outside the box
The "OJ spec models" statement and a short clip got my thumbs up!
Tracy Nine
Tracy Nine Day ago
Finally another domestic Off-roader to tackle on the Jeep.
Jerry D
Jerry D Day ago
That is one ugly looking bronco... Why cant they just build them exact same body style when first models came out in 60s..
Jacob Lindahl
Jacob Lindahl 2 days ago
Who else has paid for the reservation 😏
Cody Borak
Cody Borak 2 days ago
Is the top off consider a convertible
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 2 days ago
To much Hype means it will definitely be a POS.
Ryan Meredith
Ryan Meredith 2 days ago
98 Ford Explorer->04 Toyota 4Runner-> 21 Ford Bronco🤞
Bubeyes 2 days ago
Does it have a locking hood? Pity that wrangler don't.
Phoenix-King 77
Phoenix-King 77 2 days ago
I’m a guy and I’m not a car fan at all. But this. This might start it
L M 2 days ago
got my reservation made! cant wait for next year
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis 2 days ago
That's a Jeep bro lol and why would I want my mirrors to stay on my car and do a bunch of crazy outdoor things then I will break them and need to buy new ones to me this is just a bulky Jeep
Tom 2 days ago
Lada Niva meets Land Rover defender
Mara Onfire
Mara Onfire 2 days ago
I want this because I moved to a place that floods as soon as it rains and I cannot leave my neighborhood. 😒 I should have kept my Jeep if I have known I would be trapped.
Naif Salim
Naif Salim 2 days ago
Ford made it right where land rover failed with the new defender, they just lost the most iconic design and replaced it with something already exists.
Ricky harris
Ricky harris 3 days ago
This is going to be a big hit for ford. They are going to make quite a bit on this..
Rony Villeda
Rony Villeda 3 days ago
Manual transmission 🙏
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore 3 days ago
If they put a 4.0 v6 engine like the cologne or a cologne engine, or a 302 V8 both with upgraded racing grade flex plates the Bronco and explorer trucks they would be reliable and they would sell more of them.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 4 days ago
Who else got the Jeep ad with horses before the video started? Just shows you how intimidated Jeep is😂
J Meng
J Meng 5 days ago
I just bought Chevy Bolt last year. However, if Ford can build a hybrid or full electric on Bronco! I will be first in line to order one!!!!
Roelito Rios
Roelito Rios 5 days ago
looks like a jeep... wtfff????
yeah right...
yeah right... 6 days ago
presenter = if the guy from "no country for old men" were a complete puss
alaskankare 6 days ago
bummer I was hoping it would be a cheaper than the Jeep. they missed it there.
oz20 6 days ago
Nah I expected a lot more keep it a little classic smh Ford could have done better
Chris Ondrovic
Chris Ondrovic 6 days ago
I actually might buy my first Ford O.O
Legionnaire #5
Legionnaire #5 6 days ago
PLEASE everybody buy these, so I can afford to buy a used one in a few years 😂
dbc1dc 6 days ago
That's got to be the most trick looking 1965 international Scout. It looks just like the new Bronco.
Uprising Firearms
Have purchased and owned many many jeeps and so has my wife. Everything from CJ7s to Wagoneers to SEMA show 2 door cherokee. Put my $100 deposit and will be ordering my first new ford ever
Roberts Complete Auto Detailing RCAD
I actually thought at first this is literally a perfect vehicle this definitely killed Jeep for sure. However I realized eventually that I would get a Tesla cyber truck waaaay before this just saying I haven't forgot
Yung Sentará
Yung Sentará 7 days ago
Do the 4Runner vs the 21’ Bronco
Josh Eastham
Josh Eastham 7 days ago
I wanna know more about the doors with windows/holes in them
Reuben 7 days ago
FJ cruiser messed up cancelling heir lineup. Will be watching these closely
Cliff K
Cliff K 7 days ago
Awesome preview, my current lease is up at the end of 2021 let’s see what happens 😏
Charlie Chapon
Charlie Chapon 7 days ago
Gorgeous machine
Skip Rope
Skip Rope 7 days ago
Looks just like GM's Hummer3 in the 2000's. We all know how that worked out.
The Illegal Radio Show
not having a v8 in a new line of broncos is a sin
mikeysix3 7 days ago
I wouldn't buy a ford if my life depended on it , my 2009 Hyundai vera Cruz has 220,000 miles on it and still runs like a champ !
Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan 7 days ago
How does it handle protestors
Abel Najera
Abel Najera 7 days ago
A clone jeep. Ugly F;##!#&&ing truck
chikidd24 7 days ago
My friend's dad just got a jeep 2 months ago lets just say he is not happy right now🥴 he's in love with this bronco 😭
Kurt McKelvey
Kurt McKelvey 8 days ago
Any one want a good used Jeep !!!!! I'm getting a new Bronco !!!!!! Sorry jeep !!!!.😕 👍 😊 🇺🇸
Nick Moreno
Nick Moreno 8 days ago
Little concerned about the turbos on the engines - causes engines to wear out 10x faster
UpTownJack 8 days ago
Here cause of Oj chase
This guy looks like javier varden
AgentCorgi 8 days ago
Yo hit up OJ Simpson and let him test drive one of these bad boys
joits 8 days ago
If it doesn't say OJ White on the website when choosing colors...
Michael Noonan
Michael Noonan 8 days ago
Upscale Samurai Suzuki
Terry Burnham
Terry Burnham 8 days ago
Always been a fan of the bronco. Concerned how itll do though. Always bugs to work out when a vehicle rolls out after time off. Toughest competition is the jeep wrangler, which rocks no doubt
Matthew Shields
Matthew Shields 8 days ago
Honestly, even though I'd hesitate to buy a Ford if they were the last car brand in the world, they brought their A game with the Bronco.
mark gilley
mark gilley 8 days ago
Jeep has a solid front axle. I’ll take that everytime over the independent front suspension the bronco has.
sergio Lopez
sergio Lopez 8 days ago
wow cant believe it after so many years i had mine 1993 bronco eddie bower wasnt that good to me 🤷‍♂️but still its cool to see them again and i cant wait to see them on the street cool video thank you
Mac ****
Mac **** 8 days ago
Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un 8 days ago
O.J Simpson needs one
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