2021 Ford Bronco | First Look

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The Bronco is back with a vengeance and Ford is aiming for heavy-hitting off-road royalty the Jeep Wrangler and luxury Land Rover Defender

The exterior looks as rugged as we’d hoped.
Overall it’s a mass of boxy squareness that hints back to the Bronco’s heritage.

We absolutely love the headlights, the grille, the vintage badging. I love that the front end maintains the boxiness that the new Defender lost.
Like the Wrangler, Bronco gets hard or soft-top options, and drivers can remove door panels and the roof both of which are stowable onboard. I dig the proportions of the body with the greenhouse. It’s got side-hinged tailgate with good storage in the back. This thing looks great, full stop, and ready for whatever you throw at it.
Inside, Ford takes the less-is-more approach inspired by the first-generation Bronco. A touchscreen is implemented for infotainment purposes, but there are some knobs and buttons for climate and audio functions. A digital gauge screen comes as an option as well.

The auxiliary toggle switches on the roof might be my favorite feature. There’s even an optional GoPro mount on the dash for those interested in recording their adventures.

Speaking of, let’s get into those powertrain details. The base Bronco gets Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. (270 hp/310 lb-ft torque - projected numbers). There’s also the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 option (310 hp/400 lb-ft torque - projected numbers) if you’re looking for more buck.
A 7-speed manual is available on the 4-cylinder only. But that transmission is a special one. It gets six gears and a special crawler gear for some serious dirt chewing. The 4-banger and the V6 can also come with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

Two transfer case options are available, one an electronic shift on the fly the other an electromechanical transfer case.

The crawl ratio on a Bronco equipped with that upgraded transfer case and the manual transmission with its special crawl gear is a brain exploding 94.75:1. As my good friend Emme said, that thing will basically drive itself.

Capability wise, the Bronco looks stellar. When properly spec’ed, approach, departure, and breakover angles best the Rubicon and keep in step with Land Rover’s new ultra-capable Defender.

Step up with your cash and front and rear lockers and a front disconnecting stabilization bar are available as well.

The new Bronco gets an independent front suspension with coil-overs. The rear set up is a solid five-link axle also with coils. Buyers can opt for heavy-duty long-travel Bilstein shocks if they want them.

There is off-road tech galore that we can’t wait to test, including up to seven drive modes, off-road mapping technology, an off-road cruise control called Trail Control, torque vectoring assist on tight off-road turns and one-pedal acceleration or braking for rock crawling precision.

Ford’s offering a bunch of different trim levels with various finish and wheel and tire packages. On the base model, expect a 30-inch all-season tire. The Sasquatch Package, yes, that’s correct, Sasquatch is as beefed up as you can get with 35-inch mud tires. That package is available on one of seven cool-sounding trims including Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands.

So, not only is Ford busting out the Bronco, but the 2021 Bronco Sport’s exploding out of the corral at the same time. The Bronco Sport finally fills Ford’s slightly-larger-than-sub-compact crossover space with something that, at least at first blush, seems worthy of the badge.
Room for five, a base 1.5-liter turbo 3-cylinder engine (181 hp/190 lb-ft torque) or a bigger 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder (245 hp/275 lb-ft torque), independent front and rear suspension, and all-terrain 29-inch tires depending on which trim level you choose.
Higher trim levels will offer a twin-clutch rear-drive system with a mechanical locking rear diff and a terrain management system including a rock crawl mode. We’re looking forward to seeing how rugged this thing actually gets.

This little thing looks absolutely great, dare I say pretty similar to the Defender in the front end. As much as we’re excited for the Bronco, we’re very happy to see the Bronco Sport ready to light up this segment.
Deliveries start in the Spring of 2021, but you can reserve a Bronco now online for $100. The base price on the two-door Bronco starts at $29,995 including a $1495 destination fee. Gunning for the Wrangler for sure. The Bronco Sport will start at a lower asking price, $28,155, and arrives later this year.

You know there’s going to be a lot more to talk about, look at and driver over when it comes to both the Bronco and Bronco Sport, so stay tuned. I know we’re sure going to.

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Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book 22 days ago
So, how many Bronco reveal videos do you plan to watch? 20? 30?
maximillionare1 7 days ago
Basically whatever gets posted goes through me first lol
FORD now stands for Found On Road DESTROYING!!!👍👍👍👊👊👊
momo 11 days ago
This is my 28th n counting...
Jarrett Vasco
Jarrett Vasco 11 days ago
How much are these things going for?
Joshua Rutter
Joshua Rutter 12 days ago
ABSV /a beautiful sunset vlog I almost financed a Rav-4 last year. I went back to the dealer over & over to test drive and something get saying no in my gut. It was slow and loud and I didn’t like the infotainment screen tacked on. I’m so glad I didn’t make a rush decision. I found another suv that I test drove for 10 minutes and loved it. And I financed that. I do generally know that Toyota products are reliable, hope you get out of yours if you want.
Mike West
Mike West 39 minutes ago
I hope it's not made in Mexico.
Red Face
Red Face 13 hours ago
It looks like my Jeep jl rubi
EUFAULA REDMUD 17 hours ago
I’m going to get this bronco, move to Colorado, put a surfboard on top and smoke weed every day.
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol 20 hours ago
This slaps.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 23 hours ago
OJ Simpson has entered the chat.
Cäsper The cat
This jeep is no doubt a perfect zombie slaying vehicle.
Joey Smith
Joey Smith 2 days ago
A copy cat version of a Jeep why isn't any one calling this "new" Bronco what it is? B.S. Might as well call it a JEEP knock off made by sub intelligent, unoriginal, thieves who should be forced to stop production for brand and intellectual rights infringements. Speaking of unoriginal knock offs What's with these RUvid reviewers all putting out THE EXACT SAME CONTENT it's pathetic. Same Bronco Ford issued propaganda footage, same comparisons....your...not worth anymore of my time...idiots
Benjamin Hoff
Benjamin Hoff 2 days ago
Why can't ford just give us bigger naturally aspirated engines. The new Ridgeline makes 280 hp naturally aspirated. No twin turbo crap.
Brandon Rennick
Brandon Rennick 2 days ago
Beautiful truck.. but why such bitchy engine options?? 3 cy in the sport LOL
serpantseed08 3 days ago
can't wait to lease one for 2-3 yrs. that's about their life span anyway.
Mike West
Mike West 40 minutes ago
Allen Parsens
Allen Parsens 3 days ago
I just hope i can afford it.
HTB83 5 days ago
I'm not ford guy but this thing i would buy it over a jeep
Stephanie Talamantes
I was looking into getting a Rubicon Recon but this has me double thinking my decision. I didn’t have the best experience with Ford in the past. However this looks like a major change especially compared to what they offered in 2019. I wonder if it’s going to be a long lasting car and hold some value like the Wranglers? 🤔
8Jallin 5 days ago
about god damn time Ford.
kamikazemind327 6 days ago
I love the boxy style of it!
Jaelyn Brose
Jaelyn Brose 6 days ago
As long as it doesn't have the Stop/Start system, and no CVT transmission, then I'll keep it on my list, because I'm window shopping.
Jason Halloway
Jason Halloway 7 days ago
That gray interior reminds me of an old Nintendo lol
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear 7 days ago
I have a semi right now omg... take my money!!!
LJ C 7 days ago
DoesJeep make this for Ford?
Yung Sentará
Yung Sentará 7 days ago
Uggghhh Idk now. I like the 4Runner but the 4 door Bronco is beautiful
chikidd24 7 days ago
That bronco is 🔥 🔥 🔥 I feel sorry for fiat oh I meant jeep 😭
Araris Valerian
Araris Valerian 7 days ago
chng.it/vnw5vzFrbp Sign the petition so Ford understands that people want the interior saddle color they've advertised. Otherwise, it won't exist.
ADAM 7 days ago
Again with the window switch dumbassery. If the doors aren’t attached to the car, why would you need the window switches 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
hotdaddy 1592
hotdaddy 1592 7 days ago
No doors? 🛂
MegaMma4life 8 days ago
Everyone wants a v8
Toya Girl
Toya Girl 8 days ago
I been wanting a wrangler for years, but this looks good and it's not 50k
Trigger xX
Trigger xX 8 days ago
Selling my mustang for this
Sean Narag
Sean Narag 8 days ago
Just got a land rover ad before this lol.
Kicks For life
Kicks For life 8 days ago
Range Rover sucks now because the Chinese make cars look and make them worse
Van Frassen
Van Frassen 8 days ago
Ford is already changing the price for the First Edition. When reserved, they advertised starting price at $32,660. Now they advertise $38,500. I’m glad I took a screenshot when I reserved mine.
Bendmac Manufacturing
it seems to bounce a lot in the video's like there's no articulation !!!
Bendmac Manufacturing
it's time for a full review down and dirty !!!
JJ JJ 8 days ago
Not even if it was given to me free of charge. Turbo boost plastic garbage. You will see 5.0 swaps like mad.
Victor 9 days ago
I'm waiting for OJ edition
sailguy0321 9 days ago
People on RUvid: New Ford Bronco coming soon, "yeah, I'm go going to buy one", while they're about to be evicted from their home. Lol
Marcus Randall
Marcus Randall 9 days ago
I dont get it. Why are people talking so muh about this?
ofi hop
ofi hop 9 days ago
Suzanne Ramirez
Suzanne Ramirez 9 days ago
This will be my graduation gift 🤤
Trevor Paul
Trevor Paul 9 days ago
Too little, too late. This should have been made 10 years ago. Gasoline vehicles are done. And this thing still needs a LS swap.
rep toob
rep toob 9 days ago
I want mine in O.J. white
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 9 days ago
I’ll stick with my 1988 f150 🤠✌️
T.C. Obichang
T.C. Obichang 10 days ago
This makes me want to get a cheeseburger with fries while wearing an American flag gaiter with the Eagles ‘Hotel California’ playing on repeat
lorenzo rosales
lorenzo rosales 10 days ago
Nothing like a lady talking about car parts 😃😃😃😃 lol 😏😏😏
Grant Lowman
Grant Lowman 10 days ago
What is the color shown at 2:45 is that Area 51 or Cactus Grey?
B Veezy
B Veezy 10 days ago
Man I hate that front end
MasterMind 10 days ago
Chick 🐔 voice sucks for guy stuff. I don't need another girl in my boy stuff. Go play with your barbies & talk about that to little girls.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 10 days ago
Ford Jeep
Dean Pahl
Dean Pahl 10 days ago
What their not telling is the O.J. edition will only do 35mph.
Jon Begz
Jon Begz 10 days ago
we need v8 in thoses bad boys
skezus 10 days ago
Anybody else think it looks like an Fj and a Honda Element had a baby?
apexerman1 9 days ago
There are similarities, but Ford designers deftly incorporated the original Bronco in this reinterpretation. If the FJ and Element had a baby, the old Bronco and Scout were its grandparents.
Tsunade Payton
Tsunade Payton 10 days ago
I need this
OddBall 10 days ago
Who is going to risk or able to be buying these junk boxes on wheels when the economy has taken a dump worse then ever having 45 million people lost their jobs & have not been able to pay their monthly rent or mortgages?.. America is in for a serious rude awakening of much worser things to come they surely need to focus on having money put away rather then spending it on this garbage...
22 Services
22 Services 10 days ago
i actually really like the car, it gives off some sort of vibe
Musa Deferrari
Musa Deferrari 11 days ago
I never thought I'd want a Ford. This I'm buying.
bmxmann 11 days ago
the bronco vs fj cruiser?
Wannabe jeep
Joshua Wolfe
Joshua Wolfe 11 days ago
What color is this 4 door? kind of looks like oxford white but maybe its the cactus?
Raymond Galvan
Raymond Galvan 11 days ago
You know OJ Simpson hot his shii reserved ⁉️
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