2021 Ford Bronco | First Look

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The Bronco is back with a vengeance and Ford is aiming for heavy-hitting off-road royalty the Jeep Wrangler and luxury Land Rover Defender

The exterior looks as rugged as we’d hoped.
Overall it’s a mass of boxy squareness that hints back to the Bronco’s heritage.

We absolutely love the headlights, the grille, the vintage badging. I love that the front end maintains the boxiness that the new Defender lost.
Like the Wrangler, Bronco gets hard or soft-top options, and drivers can remove door panels and the roof both of which are stowable onboard. I dig the proportions of the body with the greenhouse. It’s got side-hinged tailgate with good storage in the back. This thing looks great, full stop, and ready for whatever you throw at it.
Inside, Ford takes the less-is-more approach inspired by the first-generation Bronco. A touchscreen is implemented for infotainment purposes, but there are some knobs and buttons for climate and audio functions. A digital gauge screen comes as an option as well.

The auxiliary toggle switches on the roof might be my favorite feature. There’s even an optional GoPro mount on the dash for those interested in recording their adventures.

Speaking of, let’s get into those powertrain details. The base Bronco gets Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. (270 hp/310 lb-ft torque - projected numbers). There’s also the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 option (310 hp/400 lb-ft torque - projected numbers) if you’re looking for more buck.
A 7-speed manual is available on the 4-cylinder only. But that transmission is a special one. It gets six gears and a special crawler gear for some serious dirt chewing. The 4-banger and the V6 can also come with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

Two transfer case options are available, one an electronic shift on the fly the other an electromechanical transfer case.

The crawl ratio on a Bronco equipped with that upgraded transfer case and the manual transmission with its special crawl gear is a brain exploding 94.75:1. As my good friend Emme said, that thing will basically drive itself.

Capability wise, the Bronco looks stellar. When properly spec’ed, approach, departure, and breakover angles best the Rubicon and keep in step with Land Rover’s new ultra-capable Defender.

Step up with your cash and front and rear lockers and a front disconnecting stabilization bar are available as well.

The new Bronco gets an independent front suspension with coil-overs. The rear set up is a solid five-link axle also with coils. Buyers can opt for heavy-duty long-travel Bilstein shocks if they want them.

There is off-road tech galore that we can’t wait to test, including up to seven drive modes, off-road mapping technology, an off-road cruise control called Trail Control, torque vectoring assist on tight off-road turns and one-pedal acceleration or braking for rock crawling precision.

Ford’s offering a bunch of different trim levels with various finish and wheel and tire packages. On the base model, expect a 30-inch all-season tire. The Sasquatch Package, yes, that’s correct, Sasquatch is as beefed up as you can get with 35-inch mud tires. That package is available on one of seven cool-sounding trims including Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands.

So, not only is Ford busting out the Bronco, but the 2021 Bronco Sport’s exploding out of the corral at the same time. The Bronco Sport finally fills Ford’s slightly-larger-than-sub-compact crossover space with something that, at least at first blush, seems worthy of the badge.
Room for five, a base 1.5-liter turbo 3-cylinder engine (181 hp/190 lb-ft torque) or a bigger 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder (245 hp/275 lb-ft torque), independent front and rear suspension, and all-terrain 29-inch tires depending on which trim level you choose.
Higher trim levels will offer a twin-clutch rear-drive system with a mechanical locking rear diff and a terrain management system including a rock crawl mode. We’re looking forward to seeing how rugged this thing actually gets.

This little thing looks absolutely great, dare I say pretty similar to the Defender in the front end. As much as we’re excited for the Bronco, we’re very happy to see the Bronco Sport ready to light up this segment.
Deliveries start in the Spring of 2021, but you can reserve a Bronco now online for $100. The base price on the two-door Bronco starts at $29,995 including a $1495 destination fee. Gunning for the Wrangler for sure. The Bronco Sport will start at a lower asking price, $28,155, and arrives later this year.

You know there’s going to be a lot more to talk about, look at and driver over when it comes to both the Bronco and Bronco Sport, so stay tuned. I know we’re sure going to.

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Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book 6 months ago
So, how many Bronco reveal videos do you plan to watch? 20? 30?
Aint1S 5 months ago
Just enough videos to sort out where I can cut that piece of junk IFS and slip a Dana 60 in its place. Why in the world do they choose IFS on a vehicle that's going to be crawling?! Otherwise, it looks good, but why in the world would they choose another piece of junk electric transfer case. Just going to burn it up and put an Atlas II into it, if I decide to forgo the pain in that rear... Not happy with that front IFS axle, the likely Ford 8.8 rear axle, and the electric transfer case.
Hasz, Marcus
Hasz, Marcus 5 months ago
Mauser304 5 months ago
Every last one, twice!
Ramona Jolly
Ramona Jolly 5 months ago
I’m at 100
maximillionare1 5 months ago
Basically whatever gets posted goes through me first lol
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 11 hours ago
The new Ford Bronco.... BUCKING AWESOME!
donatospoony 2 days ago
May be my expectations are too high, but I only like the pimped up version with the big wheels. It would almost seem pointless to get a regular Bronco with no plans of modifying it. But , I really like this Bronco.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 5 days ago
Add toyota or Honda reliability and people would pay top dollar for these types of vehicles as well as trucks etc.
Tom Nekuda
Tom Nekuda 19 days ago
I can't understand why they only put a stick shift on the 4-cylinder. I always tend toward a stick shift.
Andrew Leis
Andrew Leis 24 days ago
Still can’t get passed the “saucesquatch” 😂
Stéphane Gagnon
Stéphane Gagnon 25 days ago
frankie sparacio
Nick Gore
Nick Gore Month ago
Strange narration.
Miguelina Ramírez
I have a Jeep Wrangler but now I want the bronco 4 doors 🤓
PingPongBall Z
PingPongBall Z Month ago
OJ will always have a killer Bronco
drsnowmon Month ago
I like my sport sedans but man this truck is gorgeous
Brandon Ragsdale
Check this out!! a mini bronco sasquatch RC www.ebay.com/itm/New-Bright-Ford-Bronco-2-door-1-10-RC-Truck-BODY-ONLY-WITH-FULL-INTERIOR/293856934289?hash=item446b3cf991:g:rJgAAOSwy0lfv240
Mike Hike
Mike Hike Month ago
They should of called it Ford Donkey! It's still Ford CRAP!
Fento L
Fento L Month ago
rip polaris and canam
San Miguel
San Miguel 2 months ago
Yeah I’m leasing this for sure.. 2 years, all black. 350 per month plus 250 full coverage insurance.
ZSСАR 2 months ago
I don't go off-road, but this Bronco makes me want to. "do you drive off-road?
ZSСАR 2 months ago
Finally, a non-super marketing enthusiast walkthrough with some real detail and concerns looked into for the real-world use. Thank you!
Cynthia May
Cynthia May 2 months ago
I wish I had the cash, I would buy one for me and 2 as gifts! Anyone want a camping buddy? ;)
berryfairy68 2 months ago
I was so looking forward to this car ... What a shame they are so overpriced 😣
TimOT Patrick
TimOT Patrick 2 months ago
Who knew? People who buy trucks and suv's, actually want them to look like trucks and suv's.
500hardcore 2 months ago
No front solid axle? JUNK
INCOMING SHELL 2 months ago
#MAGA !!!
PROFESSOR LEGO 2 months ago
It looks like the Hummer ev
John Behneman
John Behneman 2 months ago
Great video and a great education. Thanks for sharing.
Alfredo Moon
Alfredo Moon 3 months ago
Safe and sound
BroncoStoked 3 months ago
Dang son!
CBC News
CBC News 3 months ago
Jeff CMO
Jeff CMO 3 months ago
Not going to miss a V-8 with this V-6 are the words of no one ever. Yes 4 bangers are better than they used to be Yes V-6 are better than they used to be And yes V-8 are better than they used to be! They should should release a Bustin Bronco for $ 70,000 that is the Raptor Equivalent.
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen 3 months ago
1:25 So funny
shmedwinardo 3 months ago
Pretty darn disappointed with the manual transmission options.
baten kaitos
baten kaitos 3 months ago
I'm taking this and jumping every volcano with it
DB Cooper
DB Cooper 3 months ago
I'm going with the Bronco OJ White Limited Edition with a secret compartment to hide "stuff" in, probably some leather gloves that dont fit, and more horse power that will, as the slogan said: "Leave squad cars in your wake."
R L M 3 months ago
TRUMP and BRONCO will make AMERICA great again. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Merica First
Merica First 3 months ago
What law firm is handling the class actions???
Mikey Mo
Mikey Mo 3 months ago
Wish Ford still made sedans and cars other than the Mustang
tomsriv 3 months ago
meh, I'd rather get the Explorer.
brian j
brian j 3 months ago
310 hp sheeesh .by by jeep
Al Johnson
Al Johnson 3 months ago
wow, very cool !
WarriorBear 3 months ago
-puts jeep up for sale-
Mateo Harter
Mateo Harter 3 months ago
It’s probably built like the raptor 😂 those tires look familiar
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17 3 months ago
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17 3 months ago
D. Lewis
D. Lewis 3 months ago
Thanks but, I'll stick with my "proven over the years" 4 runner.......
Khalid 3 months ago
They should have named the "bronco sport" something else. Not really worthy of the Bronco name IMO.
cheryl de guzman
cheryl de guzman 3 months ago
0:53 Love this moment
Jeremy Decker
Jeremy Decker 3 months ago
Safe and sound
Suavington 3 months ago
The Ford Bronco looks like an amazing vehicle. 👍👍
kemo saeyd
kemo saeyd 3 months ago
Safe and sound
Alexis Galarza
Alexis Galarza 3 months ago
A natureza é maravilhosa
ostreds 3 months ago
Wrangler doesn't have to worry.....
Dutchman 3 months ago
Ford: Lets compete against the Wrangler Also Ford: Lets give it IFS WTF were they thinking?
Fortnitebros3 Cheeks
Does any one notice at 4:16 the first addition it say Area 51
yellow spoon
yellow spoon 3 months ago
Wish it were electric ⚡️ Maybe they thought we couldn’t handle instant torque and that much horsepower
Sacit Koçer
Sacit Koçer 3 months ago
I think i just felt in love
James Lawson
James Lawson 4 months ago
Safe and sound
Molli Fauske
Molli Fauske 4 months ago
Anyone still watch this video?
Elpidio Espinoza
Elpidio Espinoza 4 months ago
Looks sweet though.
Bubeyes 4 months ago
Don't like the fact that jeep wranglers don't have a locking hood. I mean it has an alarm, but what good will that do if you're parked in a remote area. I mean FC couldn't run a simple cheap cable to the front of hood? Just silly.
JaColby James
JaColby James 4 months ago
So cutee
Coal Akida
Coal Akida 4 months ago
If there is wind noise , than its going to be a fail. If they beat the wind noise on the jeep its Over.
Joe Pierson
Joe Pierson 3 months ago
it's a brick it's going to have wind noise
Standupforyourself9 4 months ago
I bought a 2020 ford f150 sports it come with a super charger v6 I destroyed a muscle car v8 trying to race me this summer for a little fun. The gas consumption is retardly amazing it saves more gas then my old 4cyl Pontiac when I was a teen. Insane gas savings. Beautiful truck. I want one of these too
erie ho
erie ho 4 months ago
Chees!! plz take ma money Ford!!
Oskar Dirlewanger
Oskar Dirlewanger 4 months ago
Turbocharged motors suck and both the Bronco engines have them.
Jessika Garcia
Jessika Garcia 4 months ago
So cutee
Nien Tran
Nien Tran 4 months ago
Fredrick Slaughter
Fredrick Slaughter 4 months ago
Ford has definitely surprised me with this vehicle. I must add, if this vehicle can survive the Ford recall and/or failure to stay on the road, this will do very well. NOTE: Following year, do away with 3 cylinder engine, no one wants it.
didickcheeseburger 4 months ago
oj simpson single handedly killed the ford bronco market for the last 24 years
outbackeddie 4 months ago
Beautiful little truck, but the price (with the options most people want) gives me a heart attack.
mcatlow8 4 months ago
It better have a V-8
MP3 4 months ago
So happy about the 3 pedal version.
Daniel Wippler
Daniel Wippler 4 months ago
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Nordicrace 927
Nordicrace 927 4 months ago
No v8 I was done at that point!!!
Caloci76 4 months ago
Looks nice but it looks like a waste of money if you aren't going to go off road with it. But you know most will buy it and use it as an everyday driving vehicle.
Game Cop
Game Cop 4 months ago
Is it weird if I buy one just to drive around the city and commute to work? Lol I just love the look!
Joe Pierson
Joe Pierson 3 months ago
No there are no rules in buying a car buy what you like
Temmy 4 months ago
Fucking phenomenal
urod45 5 months ago
DID SHE SAY SUSquach or SAUCEquach lmfaoooo
Ares Nostradamus
Ares Nostradamus 5 months ago
I'd ever get one of these no thanks
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 5 months ago
Very cool. Too bad 90% of broncos wont see a speck of dirt
The Last Taarakian
The Last Taarakian 5 months ago
What a lame ass vehicle
Post Stalone
Post Stalone 5 months ago
Yo folks... stop this mayo is too spicy
andrea brindesi
andrea brindesi 5 months ago
I think Land Rover Defender last model is much better. It's a jeep not a toy. Also the exterior isn't good. To me Ford isn' t doing good these days..
Tommy Jakks
Tommy Jakks 5 months ago
I would take this over a wrangler
Edward Wang
Edward Wang 5 months ago
waiting for the bronco raptor
Maclande Hector
Maclande Hector 5 months ago
God Bless America 😀
SanraS Uzumaki
SanraS Uzumaki 5 months ago
I wanna see the crash test on these, looks like it'll do better than the wrangler but you never know.
worthlessdays *
worthlessdays * 5 months ago
Legends never die, I'm restoring my dad 79 bronco. I dream about the new bronco!
chackos123 2 months ago
That '79 Bronco is a legend. Don't dream too hard about the new one. Sometimes the classics are even better!! Curious what you're doing for a motor??
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 5 months ago
I'll say it again- BRONCO... Bucking Awesome!
Jon Brown
Jon Brown 5 months ago
Jeep imitation.
Whey Our Journey
Whey Our Journey 5 months ago
When does the oj edition come out?
Ahmed HishamDr
Ahmed HishamDr 5 months ago
This vehicle is most suitable for navigating planet Mars...
熊晓健 5 months ago
Fang Yang
Fang Yang 5 months ago
It looks like a Fj cruiser
Alberto Zamudio
Alberto Zamudio 5 months ago
I'm going to get a white bronco 🤷‍♂️
Memersmancave 5 months ago
"TTTHHHIISSSS is the 2021 Ford Bronco..... And I'm going to review it" Can't wait to know it's quirks and features
tomsriv 3 months ago
Doug the type of guy.....
Red Face
Red Face 5 months ago
It looks like my Jeep jl rubi
EUFAULA REDMUD 5 months ago
I’m going to get this bronco, move to Colorado, put a surfboard on top and smoke weed every day.
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol 5 months ago
This slaps.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 months ago
OJ Simpson has entered the chat.
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