2021 Ford Bronco - Complete Look At The New Bronco

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Full story here: www.motor1.com/news/433682/2021-ford-bronco/
Bronco Sport First Look Video: ruvid.net/video/video-J-mpToxlZfw.html
It's back! After years of spy shots, teasers, and leaks the 2021 #FordBronco is finally here. Packing tons of new technology and modularity, the new #Bronco has its sights aimed right at the Jeep Wrangler. The question is whether or not the Bronco can dethrone the Wrangler as the undisputed off-road king.

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Jul 13, 2020




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Motor1 2 months ago
Is the new Bronco exactly what you wanted? What is your favorite detail?
WeeStrom CO Guy
WeeStrom CO Guy 5 days ago
@Corvec agreed.
Corvec 5 days ago
It's ugly.
WeeStrom CO Guy
WeeStrom CO Guy 9 days ago
@McVenison Steaks I shouldn't have bought the Tesla, so your absolutely right. The Vette tho is a cheap car to own IMO and have had little to no problems with it. Cheers.
WeeStrom CO Guy
WeeStrom CO Guy 9 days ago
@Nevermind your probably right with the EPA up everyones ass and the trend of small 6 cyl engines in full size crew cab trucks. It's a shame really. Cheers.
Nevermind 9 days ago
@WeeStrom CO Guy An off road expedition 1.5 liter boondoggle. Mark my words.
keith crick
keith crick 4 hours ago
That is not all at the Holly Off Road Park
Jonathan Valjan
Jonathan Valjan 13 hours ago
overbuilt automotive
i like it looks old unlike new junk from other guys what wrong with car is they have to much bs i like the manual transmission A+++ ford now crap a stick and 302 in it
DelToro 15 hours ago
I'd KILL to drive one!
Chuck M
Chuck M 23 hours ago
I see a Land Rover with different cosmetics
Viviani Santos
Viviani Santos 3 days ago
So cutee
Dominic wilbur
Dominic wilbur 3 days ago
So have v8 trucks gone out the window or am I missing something
onlythewise1 3 days ago
im going to have to get use to it
Adedamola Martins
I can’t believe I waited 5 years for this and this is the bullshit I get
Papi Clix
Papi Clix 5 days ago
It looks like a rockstar games made it doe
Fearless Squatcher
I like that Sasquatch package!
Roblox_craft guy
Roblox_craft guy 5 days ago
I love it, we can’t have the cars from back then but at least there are gems like these
오태식 5 days ago
한국사람 없냐?? 뭐라 씨부리는지 요약좀
Jack Hanna
Jack Hanna 5 days ago
could anyone tell me the size of the tires on the orange two door? preordered one and want to build it out just like that one.
hippie soul
hippie soul 6 days ago
My dream car has always been a jeep...this is very similar
WIN FILMS 6 days ago
Can’t wait to see this as an auto-bot
Jeanie Martinez
Jeanie Martinez 6 days ago
Good video!!
sKoggs TheDJ
sKoggs TheDJ 6 days ago
Best looking SUV I have ever seen... Ever...
SchwuppDieWupp 6 days ago
The horse looks weird i must say
the factory001
the factory001 6 days ago
when u wantf a modren hummer h1
EastSide ExtremeR
Nice one bronco. Look fantastic. Love it.
LongTermCap 7 days ago
As someone who has never been off-roading nor does plan to do a lot of it in the future: Would it be irrational to buy a Bronco solely based on its looks? And use it as a city car??
Najerea 7 days ago
Marcus Young
Marcus Young 7 days ago
I'm definitely getting one of these
Hassan Uddin
Hassan Uddin 7 days ago
An awesome piece of product design. The yanks are getting so much better at making cars.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 7 days ago
OJ simpson brought me here.
Matson G
Matson G 8 days ago
He said more powerful engines are on the way. V8 PLEASE!!
이규현 8 days ago
광고니까 그렇다고는 하지만 솔직히 차 저렇게몰면 1주일? 체 한달도안되서 차 완전폐급될건데;;;; 진짜 완전부자가 일주일 저렇게놀고 버릴거아니면..
Nirmal 8 days ago
Now bring back the excursion!
Nevermind 9 days ago
Ooooo. Ford hits a home run with its new wannabe Bronco with its massive 1.5 liter motorcycle engine. Lucky to go 50,000 miles with that or the optional 2 liter.
Bill W
Bill W 9 days ago
No solid front axle means no go. Solid axles means real 4wd capability .Why Ford made this error is beyond me!!!
Nick Royston
Nick Royston 9 days ago
Too bad its incredibly ugly.
Negative Vizion
Negative Vizion 9 days ago
Wish I could afford one. 😩. The only new 4WD suv i could afford is my 2020 Ecosport. It's a wannabe 4x4 i know. 😒But I couldn't pass up that $7,000 rebate over the summer. However, my dream 4X4 would be the 2021 Bronco Wildtrak version. It looks dope af.
Warrior King
Warrior King 9 days ago
There is gonna be a White OJ special edition Bronco with a glove box!
Bryan Prish
Bryan Prish 10 days ago
I would never own an automatic car again. Also, Ill never be able to afford this. lol
SIMPLEGUY423 10 days ago
I wonder what OJ think about this new bronco.
zzdecker 10 days ago
Missing information: How many loaves of bread or bags of groceries will fit into it?
Sammy C.
Sammy C. 12 days ago
I expected a bit more give in the suspension. Looks extremely stiff going over those rocks.
Riddem79 12 days ago
It's ugly but I like it
michael kuzma
michael kuzma 12 days ago
Most awaited ride ever!
r3drift 12 days ago
eew ugly color, but beautiful car! UUUGGGGGG
coulton bishop
coulton bishop 12 days ago
In development they secretly stripped a jeep down oh yea if you know what I mean Haha ford is killing it
Jim Bridges
Jim Bridges 13 days ago
Looks like an old scout
Alejandro Llamas
Alejandro Llamas 13 days ago
is almost how I imagined It's gorgeous in every way I'm definitely buying it
Blade Brown
Blade Brown 13 days ago
Best feature is that it doesn't have that old ass blue Ford logo on it
Rob Kjellbe
Rob Kjellbe 13 days ago
Ford just merged a Landcruiser FJ and a Wrangler together....
Harso Isworo
Harso Isworo 13 days ago
Die die must buy! Nuff said!
Alexandre Buteau
Alexandre Buteau 13 days ago
I am just so happy someone take up competition against Jeep. They had been king of the market for so long that they drop the ball, raised the prices and stop carring about costumers. This should be a wake up call
00THOMPSON00 13 days ago
Someone needs to hurry up and LS swap one
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud 13 days ago
It looks like the Honda EV on roids.
trick361 14 days ago
Don’t know if you guys noticed but Wrangler is written on the tires in every shot you see it in the video. Ford doesn’t like that so when it comes out for production, ford gave Goodyear a personalized tired stamp so wrangler only appears inside the tire and not outside when it’s out for consumers. A little jab lol
Arnak Danielian
Arnak Danielian 14 days ago
Still glad I got my Diesel Rubicon over these gas Broncos
BMF CREATIONS 14 days ago
They have a mustang steering wheel! Hahaha😂🤣
Ali Hanbali
Ali Hanbali 14 days ago
Land rover is better because it’s British made
the real Deadpool
the real Deadpool 14 days ago
Is it weird that I watched this with one hand
Virk Saab
Virk Saab 13 days ago
totally normal dude
George Shamakhia
George Shamakhia 14 days ago
Listening to customers/enthusiasts/fans is what every company must do, kudos to Ford
Birch Joists
Birch Joists 15 days ago
OJ white with the GOLD essence, and the glove box must be small enough so it doesn't fit
Bob Steeb
Bob Steeb 15 days ago
Ford does not list this model at 2021 Ford /Bronco build page instead an ugly no manual 1.5 liter motor four door POS
Ice Hog
Ice Hog 15 days ago
Also a gmc guy. Absolutely love this. Good job Ford. Beautiful, well thought out rig. Now to convince the wife we need one. Wish me luck,lol
Donnie Baynard
Donnie Baynard 15 days ago
Love this, and chevy shit on the blazer. Ford is punching chevy in the mouth. With brass knuckles. And I'm a GM guy. I wonder for how much longer though. This is epic AF.
funkophone 16 days ago
The austerity of that dash; totally un-fussy. It's beautiful!
Isaiah Ford
Isaiah Ford 16 days ago
They brought thi out to go against the wreagler
TC Johnson
TC Johnson 17 days ago
No. You did not focus on off-roaders. With the advance in proven tech these days, this is what you went with. No V-8, solid axles, and a body that looks like an upside down wheel barrel ? Why didn't you put a hand crank in the front to start it. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I own a '71 Bronco. Have had it for thirty years. This is a turd on the history of the Bronco.
Ankur Meena
Ankur Meena 18 days ago
Just watched ford vs Ferrari . I m sure I will never buy a ford.buying a ford means u have murdered thousands of innocent people.
Gerard Smits
Gerard Smits 18 days ago
Want one ♥️
lordnolan 19 days ago
What's the color called on that 4 door?
Martin Altois
Martin Altois 19 days ago
It really dies NOT Look good at all. This Looks Like a smart for small Hills. Or children.
Donseeray Massey
Donseeray Massey 19 days ago
W et:
Valerie Lee
Valerie Lee 20 days ago
I sure hope Ford has fixed the paint issues that our Explorer had... And that I've seen newer Explorers have! I don't want to buy a Ford until that gets fixed!
Kara G
Kara G 20 days ago
After owning two coyote mustangs 2013 and 2017, I won't touch another manual transmission with the name Getrag
ND Outdoor Prepper Leather
The funny thing is Ford calls this a Wrangler killer. I like ford products, but this can in no way compete offroad to a RUBI. Ford just made another Mall Crawler to add into the mix.
everything will be ok
It is one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen
Duke 20 days ago
The interior is WAAAY better than the Jeep. Though I still think Jeep's exterior is cooler.
Armando Martinez III
I agree with that
Nanachi 20 days ago
Can I put the doors in the back in the 2 door model?
Has anyone driven one of the Bronco's Off Road that doesn't work for Ford?
derek452 21 day ago
My next truck in 2022
Marinus-Solidus Invictus
V8 please!
Bren Chomsky
Bren Chomsky 22 days ago
It need to comfortably sit 4 in the back !!!
Bren Chomsky
Bren Chomsky 22 days ago
It looks like its tight inside.
slick willie
slick willie 22 days ago
Back in 1966 my dad wanted to buy a used Jeep to roam around in. The Ford dealership he went to in our small town TN didn't have a Jeep but did have this new 4WD called a Bronco. And because it was brand new and I'm guessing Ford did not market it very well they couldn't sell it. So they offered it to my dad for a whopping $800. Needless to say, he bought that one and loved it so much he bought two more over the years. Lots of great memories tooling around in those back in my school days.
Nicola Caminha
Nicola Caminha 22 days ago
Troller made in Brazil by Ford, that simple kkkkk ruvid.net/video/video-R6ny0T3R81k.html
Chngay Maday Din
Chngay Maday Din 22 days ago
Can i buy this from india
RAGHAV VAID 22 days ago
This is called diversity of design without compromising the DNA
AMM0beatz 23 days ago
OJ has entered the chat
John Camera
John Camera 23 days ago
Can you tow boats?
John Camera
John Camera 23 days ago
How is the gas mileage off-road?
1 2q
1 2q 23 days ago
Way too many idiots referencing OJ
Mark 23 days ago
Want a 450hp V8 with NO turbos and manual transmission available with ALL models!
Sergio Guzman
Sergio Guzman 23 days ago
Looks gay
Andrew York
Andrew York 23 days ago
Wish there was a place for a tool box on it....
Awaken soul
Awaken soul 23 days ago
#mahindrathar2020 💯
James' Addiction
James' Addiction 24 days ago
This thing looks like the futuristic cars that you used to look at in Popular Mechanics in the 80s and 90s.
James' Addiction
James' Addiction 24 days ago
This is ugly AF.
demonic477 25 days ago
I like that ford tried to get the flavor of the original bronco but I know I not the only one who would tell them to just remake the original body with all the modern toys and they will sell a million of them. the 1960's bronco body is a lot lighter and stronger then any shell made today so pairing it with the modern drive train would yield the most capable bronco ever made and keep the all important gas mileage and emissions with the 60's bronco style. Damn it now I need to buy a new bronco and toss the old bronco body on it .
RabidRizon 25 days ago
hey lets put bronco on like every fuckn thing....wish they stop doing that shit... .donesnt make a car look good at all
bfarm44 25 days ago
Knowing what I know about Ford I bought a Jeep.
Bxnxn BXNXN 25 days ago
Afi James
Afi James 26 days ago
Now this is a great suv, way better than that dreadful crossover called the chevrolet blazer.
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli 26 days ago
thats really cool, i want 1
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