2020 Taco Bell Skills Challenge Full Highlights | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend

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2020 NBA Skills Challenge
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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 56
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 15 days ago
Nicholas Sutton
Nicholas Sutton 20 days ago
Bam ain’t a shooter Second later Who this fool think he is
Quavo 27 days ago
Why did I think bam debayo was Dwight howard
Padraig O'Shea
Padraig O'Shea 28 days ago
Sabonis is one of my favorite players
Ethan LeClair
Ethan LeClair Month ago
Does anybody realize that Khris Middleton was an all star in 2016
Bigkratz Month ago
The only Taco Bell skills I have are destroying toilets after eating a spicy meal
Connor Dankan
Connor Dankan Month ago
Since when could bam shot threes
The TraeYoung
The TraeYoung Month ago
2030 there will be a contest of Layup
Fan 1
Fan 1 2 months ago
Hi hello
michael ferko
michael ferko 2 months ago
i thoght it said taco fall but its taco bell
Cristian Augusto Fernandes
god adebayo
EdIs0n RwcInos
EdIs0n RwcInos 2 months ago
how are the guards not hitting the passing circle ⭕️
justas lb
justas lb 3 months ago
martinoland1 3 months ago
Sabonis looks like me when im really high
Roman A.
Roman A. 3 months ago
Where is drose
Ali Özsoy
Ali Özsoy 3 months ago
This is better and funny than slam dunk
Rena HeHe
Rena HeHe 3 months ago
how bam just walks away every time he wins....
Austin P
Austin P 3 months ago
Ekrem2323 3 months ago
Tacko Fall skills challenge
Jahh Cobb
Jahh Cobb 3 months ago
How does your mom name you after you’re born. Must have been depressing being a nameless little baby. Poor guy.
tracerit 3 months ago
This skills challenge looks so boring
Mykhailo Versta
Mykhailo Versta 3 months ago
imagine if she was transgender and he always repeated to her "man". gratz Bam, anyway!
Slobodan Markovic
Slobodan Markovic 3 months ago
This is really a joke. Middleton losing a ball. What???
Slobodan Markovic
Slobodan Markovic 3 months ago
Four steps layup? Come on 🙈
Touta Konoe
Touta Konoe 3 months ago
AG should have join this shit or the 3point contest bcuz it doesn't have judges Instead the dunk contest.
Daniel M.
Daniel M. 3 months ago
where's D Rose?
m 3 months ago
This was decently fun. They should add a bounce pass in there somewhere.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 3 months ago
They used to have it, and also the obstacles
STAAR KiLLA 3 months ago
m agreed
Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
Tobi Emmanuel-Aina 3 months ago
yo if bam is hitting threes like this in games it's gonna be reeal scary for the league
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo 3 months ago
Damn the heat won Dunk contest and the Skills Challenge
I'm a Funny Kid
I'm a Funny Kid Month ago
@Wassuup 1998 yeah
Wassuup 1998
Wassuup 1998 3 months ago
Gordon got robbed tho
Gay Galala
Gay Galala 3 months ago
I don’t even know he can shoot 3pt
Royal Me
Royal Me 3 months ago
Skills challenge add the following- free throw- dunk- defense- trash talk hahahaha
Luke Crompton
Luke Crompton 3 months ago
Man these skill challenges could be a bit more adventurous. Snooze.
Glenn Soriano
Glenn Soriano 3 months ago
The best, fun Skill Challenge I've watched. Reggie and Dwayne thanks for fun commentary.
Ebo Afari
Ebo Afari 3 months ago
Commentator: Bam is not shooter Bam: I got this Bam: goes and win the title.🏆
zainul Muttaqin
zainul Muttaqin 3 months ago
Good game will smith
jo hinyo
jo hinyo 3 months ago
can add some more passing? seems like not too much skill is appear in skill challenge
I'm a Funny Kid
I'm a Funny Kid Month ago
Do you know it's hard than you think
K_ Productions
K_ Productions 3 months ago
5:50 some 2k loading cheese
Imkerl 3 months ago
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper 3 months ago
Fucking no way! Big men have better skills than smaller guys :(
Marcelo NBA
Marcelo NBA 3 months ago
Congratulations Bam Adebayo. You have shown that you do not occupy being a small player to win this contest. This center has a lot of future, no doubt a Miami secret weapon for the Playoffs
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero 3 months ago
Bam! 2020 NBA Most Improved Player.
Earl Ezpeleta
Earl Ezpeleta 3 months ago
I don't like how they removed the dribbling obstacles on the way back. Less skills involved in the skills challenge
checka nr1
checka nr1 3 months ago
i dont like how they promote useless sugar water and unhealthy fast food in the NBA when all their players are required to follow healthy diets and the population gets more and more obese. sports figures should lead by example and not take any deal that offers the most money to brainwash the youth so more and more kids will get obese.
Earl Ezpeleta
Earl Ezpeleta 3 months ago
@NTVinh20 yup that's why they changed it. But come on, it's the skills challenge. This event just turned out to be a gimmick though I'm not hating any of the big participants. The system is flawed not the players
NTVinh20 3 months ago
Then it would be impossible for the big guys to catch up, since they're a lot slower. The small guys already have advantages, why add more?
Jay Wong
Jay Wong 3 months ago
Bam should shoot more 3 during season lol
Manu 06
Manu 06 3 months ago
Never thought bam would win it and I’m a heat fan. Definitely an allstar.
Clapped on By TTV Mag.nus.
Dubsy 3 months ago
Lets go Miami 🔥🔥🔥
ReiV17 3 months ago
Bam killed Sabonis in the sprint for the three... It was over there
abdi kasim
abdi kasim 3 months ago
Congratulation bam
90s Basketball Bios
90s Basketball Bios 3 months ago
To anyone scrolling the comments today just remember you are beautiful and awesome. Have an Amazing day! Thanks for the great video....
young Assassin
young Assassin 3 months ago
The guy they cut from Team USA because he wasn't good enough is now an All-Star and won the skill challenge. If that isn't most improved player I don't know what is. Heat culture is real.
Alex The Viber
Alex The Viber Month ago
Or sabonis could win it too
Mordekhai Darmawan
Mordekhai Darmawan 3 months ago
when center have more handles than guard 😅
Jialin Zhang
Jialin Zhang Month ago
Mordekhai Darmawan It doesn't work like that. Lmao
Sharpshooter 02
Sharpshooter 02 3 months ago
Lmao all shorter players got bounced in first round
Omega Findora
Omega Findora 3 months ago
Spence Dindwidde dissed New York Knicks Earlier saying (they are going to be much worse next year)
young Assassin
young Assassin 3 months ago
It's a good day to be a heat fan. Duncan Robinson Derrick Jones jr. It's your turn let's go heat
Golden Boy
Golden Boy 3 months ago
@Scooby Poo ..give it up to jimmy butler 2020 nba all star mvp....
Scooby Poo
Scooby Poo 3 months ago
Bam for all star game mvp!
Kawheelchair LeManagement
RalleRapOfficial 3 months ago
Love it that the biggest guy won it, congrats to bam
Josh 3 months ago
RalleRapOfficial Sabonis is the biggest but ya great for bam
Qingrui Hao
Qingrui Hao 3 months ago
let's go bam
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