2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Highlights | 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend

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February 15, 2020
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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Callum Friend
Callum Friend 6 hours ago
Gordon’s been robbed again! Should have won the 2016 contest too!
Adolfo Lindley
Adolfo Lindley 18 hours ago
0:46 07:56 04:31
João Pedro na Turquia
Alguem aqui assistindo em junho de 2020 ? Sou o João Pedro tenho 12 anos e moro em Istanbul e tenho um canal mostrando como é a vida de uma crianca brasileira aqui na Turquia.
Johnny Jean louis
Johnny Jean louis 23 hours ago
Eyih Johnny
Eyih Johnny Day ago
I can imagine, Kilganon could easily won this contest 🤣
Eyih Johnny
Eyih Johnny Day ago
AG should prepare more backup dunk next time..
Master Splinter
hello? I would like to report a robbery.
Itsiwhatitsi 3 days ago
As an Italian passing by... I’m really impressed
Undergroundkid 3 days ago
We know who got robbed
Bernadette Kozak
Bernadette Kozak 3 days ago
07:15 03:25 02:26
The other guy should had won
Alchemistic Academician
if Tacko didn't bent over that much, Aaron would've won. He didn't need to bend forward that far Aaron had cleared his head it was just the hands smh. I blame Tacko lol
Shea Connolly
Shea Connolly 5 days ago
I like jones jr but come on it was Gordon
CPB Plays
CPB Plays 6 days ago
I did the smallest dunk contest
Omega NerfGamerBoy
4:52 bruh
Mick Vb
Mick Vb 7 days ago
Why are they all filming this when you can just rewatch it here on youtube?
tet tet
tet tet 7 days ago
Dwight Howard. No one in sight. The attitude like a dog is really pitiful. Just jump, nothing. Lost our American face. Fuck you 🖕😠
Ske ppy
Ske ppy 7 days ago
4:51 there’s Charli D’amelio and her friends
Ske ppy
Ske ppy 7 days ago
Can’t believe wade and pippin are judges
The Ant Gamer
The Ant Gamer 7 days ago
Never knew Pat could throw it down like that...also Dwight Howard being here is underrated. Didn't he have back surgery and shoulder problems? This guy is not only an incredible athlete but he has a lot of guts to compete against this group. Would have been dope if he wore the death of superman costume tho.
breakaway2x 7 days ago
DJJ was the better dunker....more effortless, grace, and power (off the backboard, jump over guy, between the legs dunk was the best one all night, never before seen or done). But Gordon was right there, especially with his creativity (love his one hand spin o ramma dunk).
X-Wing 7 days ago
Tbh, all of this isnt impresive, its easy to do this. I have never seen a dude doing Flip flop and dunk it, or any kind of that. In every dunk contest they do the same.
Andonald Mawlong
Andonald Mawlong 8 days ago
Gordon should have won...
Ahmed Mothon
Ahmed Mothon 8 days ago
The best athlets in this world !
Alexander Baron
Alexander Baron 9 days ago
hey should have doctor j and spud to judge
wattanakorn chatasirikul
dont worry bro we knew who is winner here.
Alternate Universe
Gordon should've just done a more fancy looking dunk and would've won
Aaron Chiriguaya
Aaron Chiriguaya 9 days ago
Gordon os the best and he was stolen
turn games
turn games 9 days ago
Nik Triger
Nik Triger 9 days ago
My grandma would be a better judge
Caleb Shirrell
Caleb Shirrell 10 days ago
its dwades falt
ReyCuban Tv
ReyCuban Tv 10 days ago
Weakest contest ever seen!!
Freddy Meng
Freddy Meng 10 days ago
How was Dwight's superman a 49
Gabriel Uy
Gabriel Uy 11 days ago
iight so 2021 dunk context I'm going to dunk through my legs 5/6x and get 50s all the time
tony rogers
tony rogers 12 days ago
Funniest part 6:18 . That’s a 50, that’s a 50. THAT’S A 60!!!
ヅBacon 12 days ago
AG. got robbbbbeddddd HARD
Kingston Swap
Kingston Swap 12 days ago
Vince carter is a better at dunks then all those players in the dunk contest
John Rey Ilisan
John Rey Ilisan 13 days ago
AG : im gonna win this. DJJ : i got DWADE😂
Hoang Phuc Nguyen
Hoang Phuc Nguyen 13 days ago
not good
mufflezz 13 days ago
Howard cringe bruh
OnlySketxher 14 days ago
Sine Supremus
Sine Supremus 14 days ago
this is like NBA got talent now, they only need Jon Favreau to explain why the the dunk wasnt good as it is.
Migo De Guzman
Migo De Guzman 14 days ago
Worst dunk contest winner.. wrong decision by the judges
goldengraemes 15 days ago
Same through the legs dunk
Chris I
Chris I 16 days ago
Dwyane Wade just jealous he can never do any of the dunks
Sami Porto
Sami Porto 16 days ago
Issa Seck
Issa Seck 16 days ago
Gordon is the Best of dunk
mightynobble 16 days ago
You don't win the dunk contest for nigh on decapitating Tacko Fall.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 16 days ago
Next year I wanted to see Victor, Zion, ja maront, Gordon, Jones, lavine if we see that , it might be the greatest dunk contest we gone see in history, I added Victor because all-star weekend is in Indiana next year, and I added jones again because he have to defend his title
Jack Wong
Jack Wong 17 days ago
I’m still mad djj won. All that nigga did was between the legs from different angles
Bryce Williams
Bryce Williams 17 days ago
Arron Gordon had 50 50s and he still lost. (Dwayne Wade)
SimbaUzumaki 18 days ago
He clearly jumped over Tacko. Tacko out of knee jerk reaction keeps his hands up because he didn't want to have his head in a collision with Gordon's thigh during the moment Gordon jumps over his head to dunk.
Abner Reyes
Abner Reyes 19 days ago
AG00 got robbed. He's Di Caprio of the Dunk Contest. What a Shame.
Reynard Tjoa
Reynard Tjoa 19 days ago
4:52 Charli D' Amelio
Molly Holly
Molly Holly 20 days ago
Respect for Wade represent the crib 305...all day can't go against who birth u👏
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Santiago Rodríguez
gordon robbed 2 times
Guellord Mbikayi
Guellord Mbikayi 20 days ago
TROLL 21 day ago
Am I crazy for thinking dwights dunk is underrated? he FROZE and dunked lol
Bro, D-Wade is first biased. And the fact that he took Aaron Gordon away from the dunk contests just blown me away I'm no longer a Dwayne Wade fan ever.
Vitor Silvaa
Vitor Silvaa 21 day ago
Pra mim o Derrick mereceu
Jobama 21 day ago
why tf everyone getting dreads now
Owen Jennings Reynolds
Im glad djj won. AD had won before.
Enrique Mariano
Enrique Mariano 22 days ago
another big robbery inside the NBA... where is Justice to Gordon!!! Very poor selection of judges...
inBODwetrust13 22 days ago
Kenny saying Gordon cleared Tacko when he just didn't. Last I checked someone's head is part of their body
xxxtentacion the G.O.A.T
VALLARTERO Diaz 22 days ago
El de color mejor x mucho!! Asta para ser rudo ay que tener estiló el wero le ase falta estiló!!
LORA ANGEL 22 days ago
Who’s watching this in quarintine
LORA ANGEL 22 days ago
They should put Giannis in the dunk contest he’s really good at dunking Giannis is the goat
Adrian Crawford
Adrian Crawford 23 days ago
That was bullshit 😊
EG Sleek
EG Sleek 23 days ago
Aaron Gordon got robbed. That 360 off the backboard with one hand 😱
JuanGM996 23 days ago
2:56 IT’S OVER! 🔥
Son Tofu
Son Tofu 23 days ago
Gordon was a bit confused of which ball he gonna picked up on the last dunk
Keanu Ron
Keanu Ron 23 days ago
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 23 days ago
There’s no way in hell he lost that
Tahmid Alam
Tahmid Alam 23 days ago
4:51 Charlie d'Amelio?!
Danilo P
Danilo P 23 days ago
Win early from gordon
Spencer Lavigne
Spencer Lavigne 24 days ago
They were both really good dunkers and they both did great but DJJ kept doing the between the legs every time, Gordon got so robbed
Aerochalklate 24 days ago
Dwyanedolf Wadeler: I'll give that a NEIN
Diana Nolasco
Diana Nolasco 24 days ago
I doing it right now
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