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Outro By:
twitter.com/GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat ruvid.net/show-UCN02STjig103n6Tdg077etA


PO BOX 3089
Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #2020

Published on


Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 100
gamer guy
gamer guy 13 hours ago
Good Vibe Check: I spent A lot of fun time with my family
gamer guy
gamer guy 13 hours ago
8:12, This shows how good Cory is.
b 16 hours ago
Fard and shid
CosmicAstronaut 16 hours ago
Very Good
Poop Pee
Poop Pee 20 hours ago
1:51 when she says her parents aren’t home
Ultimate Chungas
Ultimate Chungas 22 hours ago
Hey Cory what specs do you have on your pc
Mr potato
Mr potato 23 hours ago
HeyItsNotCD Day ago
3:08 his scream
Austin Allan
Austin Allan 2 days ago
I got a bunch of new video games.
Shelby Bruner
Shelby Bruner 2 days ago
3:12 when mom comes in with the belt
hehe 2 days ago
Y O U T U B E :D
Norie Elliott
Norie Elliott 3 days ago
2.2k of yall are haters
malachi hall
malachi hall 3 days ago
SonicXKenshin:take off ur pants Me:what the freak
Jason McQueen
Jason McQueen 4 days ago
I can skip time it's call... Sleep
Jsoto Games
Jsoto Games 6 days ago
On that day i turned 15 years old finally
Naomi Hyman
Naomi Hyman 6 days ago
The way that Cory yelled at the top of his lungs though like...😂
Dion Walls
Dion Walls 6 days ago
Nijelnijelproblox Gaming
1:49. 3:08
Sean Cox
Sean Cox 6 days ago
he do be there for the cheeks tho
TopSkul 6 days ago
So that's where Sonic was hiding this year.
Bobux Pog Infinite
coryxkenshin is ded: 3:12
NALYD IX 7 days ago
I got my gaming laptop. Soooo.......yeah
Year2020 7 days ago
Hehehe you lost me this time....but i will come back >:)
Combativebrilly ?
jenn walsh
jenn walsh 7 days ago
5:08 vibe check
jenn walsh
jenn walsh 7 days ago
1:51 yooooo why is he in a sonic costume
R0FFI33 7 days ago
Where deadrising at?
filbert pj
filbert pj 8 days ago
3:13 when cory become a titan
Angelina Nasca
Angelina Nasca 8 days ago
LOL! i guess Sonic just became the 2020 icon now 🤣
Brandy Osborn
Brandy Osborn 9 days ago
2:37 every girl in a horror movie
sneaky time
sneaky time 10 days ago
cory...plz make another vid of sonicxkenshin if thats even a thing its funny as hel*
Senu T
Senu T 10 days ago
what up with the sonic costume
SoulSX 11 days ago
3:07 estuans interius ira vehementi
Logan Jones
Logan Jones 11 days ago
“Take off your pants”
blacklegokid Parris
Amber Jackson
Amber Jackson 12 days ago
cory: maybe a week off The attack squadron waiting in his bushes: no, no i don't think you will
SIRENITI BROWN 12 days ago
2:31 - 2:44 Why did this make me laugh so hard?!🤣
Alexis Campos : Storylife
I laugh to hard 3:05
M.C.F.1 13 days ago
✔️Good vibe check:✔️ I look at 💙Coryxkenshin's💙 videos everyday. The impact he makes on his videos gives you a comfortable flow, a smooth traquillity. With his personality and performance, I feel like I can do anything positive for myself and others and I hope you all feel it too. 💯😁 Positivity is ✔️plus ultra.✔️👍🏾 And I want everyone including me to gather it's energy in blocking out negativity.🙅🏾‍♂️❌Negativity❌ is no no, you can take that jerk out. Bye Bye now. 🤗
K. Williams
K. Williams 14 days ago
Of course Cory couldn’t escape Sonic. He’s not a target employee
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 14 days ago
1:53 oop 👁️👄👁️
DoomSlayer 14 days ago
no one white girls in horror movies: 2:37
Retarded Drip
Retarded Drip 15 days ago
This was uploaded on my bday
katsuki bakugou
katsuki bakugou 15 days ago
Everyone is sleeping on " I'm here for da cheeks"
Donovan Rosa
Donovan Rosa 15 days ago
1:45 me when my crush is looking at me
kaiden santana
kaiden santana 15 days ago
the hell was that dance
brianBeast 15 days ago
1:45 LMAO
Relaxx 16 days ago
yall still in 2020 dang
Storm The Hedgehog
Storm The Hedgehog 16 days ago
I busted out laughing when all he said was “take off ya pants” 😂😂😂
Xavier DeCoteau
Xavier DeCoteau 16 days ago
Shhhh its okay... it over 2020 is over
MrsKimMoss 16 days ago
Just so you don’t try and hit on me
MrsKimMoss 16 days ago
Just so you know I’m a kid
MrsKimMoss 16 days ago
Call can you please give me a shout out
nancy cabrera
nancy cabrera 17 days ago
KamKreates 18 days ago
Wait a minute
INFERNO STYLE 19 days ago
Good vibe check: Cory has returned That's good enough for me
Jacket 19 days ago
2:36 4 Year Old Me Running From My Friend
Phillip Spillman
Phillip Spillman 19 days ago
Gamingwithshad St louis
Ik this is old but this man said I am here for the cheeks
Princeston Simmons
Princeston Simmons 20 days ago
bro i love this man to DEATHDEATH
Nico Calaguian
Nico Calaguian 20 days ago
Cory make a series about VALORANT!!!
Shadow Diamond
Shadow Diamond 20 days ago
Good things that happened in 2020 -Coryxkenshin returned on my birthday -beat the 4/20 mode in FNaF 1
Elliot and Friends
Elliot and Friends 20 days ago
No One cares @Go 9002
Dylan Butler
Dylan Butler 20 days ago
Oh thank god 2020 is gone, happy New years by the way
Bilal Samsudeen
Bilal Samsudeen 21 day ago
Good vibe check: A safe vaccine is approved for use!
DollyTheGamer 21 day ago
Good Vibe Check 2020: I hit 200 subscribers in 3 months that's dope as freak
TC Brian Wingo
TC Brian Wingo 21 day ago
2020 is the Worst year ever Corona was around for A year you know Good Vibe Check you know what 2020 we tire of the Games 2020
xd Oreo Milk
xd Oreo Milk 21 day ago
5:25 I know Cory mad that the 30 series came out 😭😭
Shayani Richards
Shayani Richards 22 days ago
3:11 Me screaming while my mom is whooping me because i lost the house keys (my mom scares me so like if your scared of your mom) | | v
Yoni Rodgers
Yoni Rodgers 22 days ago
1. I got accepted into college. (I never thought I was going to make it.) 2. I moved to where my college was. In LA. (That was hard because I had to leave family but I got this and they believe in me.) 3. I made a friend in LA and we got each other's backs. 4. I finish my first quarter in college. (But the last and best thing is.) 5. I'll get to start fresh, do my own thing and make my dreams come true. That's my good vibe check for 2020.
Huynh Dinh
Huynh Dinh 22 days ago
The only thing that is going good in 2020 is the year is almost over yayw
Huynh Dinh
Huynh Dinh 22 days ago
Love this video don’t know why
L L 22 days ago
Yes give us the rest of the last of us please !
Elliana Cash
Elliana Cash 22 days ago
Where I live, we have like 2 months of hot enough weather for gardens so we don't really try lol
alex 23 days ago
kcehc ebiv dooG
Sina Nazari
Sina Nazari 24 days ago
I landed a steezy kickflip
20th century Logos
20th century Logos 24 days ago
I got to stay in a hotel for this Christmas break. And I also got to see my cousins again. 🙂
Shadow Jaken
Shadow Jaken 24 days ago
2:41 *CoryxKenshin laughing* Subtitles: [music]
itachi uchiha :0
itachi uchiha :0 25 days ago
i have two friends- they are everything to me =)
Benjamin Isaac
Benjamin Isaac 25 days ago
i was at a hotel when this video uploaded.
Syiana Jarrett
Syiana Jarrett 27 days ago
My family staying alive
Nawaz Najib
Nawaz Najib 28 days ago
what is good vibe
Ael Month ago
Lazy_ Bununu
Lazy_ Bununu Month ago
Cory: 1:46 Me: WHAT IS, *THAAAATTTT* Cory: * licks lip * Me: why are we here... *just to suffer*
Mz-_Envious Month ago
2:20 im here for the cheeks
Epiphany Bass
Epiphany Bass Month ago
Something good is I am closer with my cousins 😓🥺
Whats the song on 2:58 to 3:04?
Jay 2k
Jay 2k Month ago
My dad moved back to Memphis
D.5 lefar
D.5 lefar Month ago
yess sir
Sam DeForest
Sam DeForest Month ago
His scream at 3:12 had me dead💀💀💀💀
kelly cowans
kelly cowans Month ago
My brother came home for a vacation
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Month ago
Bookie Month ago
We like dis
Barnes Brothers On The Move
im dyingg the skit wit sonicc
Baby owlkitty
Baby owlkitty Month ago
Who's ready for 2021 Because I'm sick of beat in 2020
Brody Solano
Brody Solano Month ago
I'm starting basketball next year and I'm also starting football too
Jason Mejia
Jason Mejia Month ago
lil stew
lil stew Month ago
but what parts..??
exoticBurgers bonjour
Good vibe check, trump goneeeeeeeeeeee
Donnovan Sanders
I turned my life to Christ
Donnovan Sanders
Donnovan Sanders 16 days ago
The devil is the god of this world
i r e n i c c x_
i r e n i c c x_ 16 days ago
Congratulations :3
why would I have a name 2
@Fertilized Turkey that wasn't god it was the devil making you think that god did all this and the devil makes Christians believe that since there with God life is going to be good but of course the devil is going to attacks Christians because people nit with god the devil already has them
Fertilized Turkey
Fertilized Turkey 17 days ago
@why would I have a name 2 but he gave us 2020
why would I have a name 2
God is good
Sean Jimenez
Sean Jimenez Month ago
Or 0.5
Next videos
hey, been a while
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