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Outro By:
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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #2020

Published on


Jul 11, 2020




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Comments 60
Mzwakhe LaSean
Mzwakhe LaSean 2 hours ago
My crush is finally now my girlfriend
Cayden Vlogs
Cayden Vlogs 2 hours ago
Does anyone know the song at 5:15
young.wetback 2 hours ago
What's the song at 5:07
TypicalGage 4 hours ago
My good vibe check 🤔: - Switching to Christianity and building a relationship with God - Improving my depression - Making new internet friendships - Showing my love and respect to my Mom and Dad I know this might sound cheesy, but this is honestly my good vibe check of the summer
insertjessi 5 hours ago
it's been almost six most since my bone marrow transplant.
airam nunez
airam nunez 5 hours ago
Cory is back on the grind, and I can dab.
Janaya Tulip
Janaya Tulip 7 hours ago
Good vibe check: I finally started therapy :)
Salad_ AsXx
Salad_ AsXx 8 hours ago
I don't have corona
Joseph Esparza
Joseph Esparza 10 hours ago
My cat had 3 babies.
꧁DeliverArt࿐ 13 hours ago
Seeing my grandma alive and well like always... just you know safe from all the danger of the virus and such g o o d v i b e c h e c k
Back 13 hours ago
Switch the Years!
Zed Giovanna
Zed Giovanna 15 hours ago
hi cory I'm back hehe
R u b y P r o d u c t i o n s
Food :)
dylan_tofu 18 hours ago
bruh i lost everything.
너 몰라?!내가 다시
My mom finally got rid of her very toxic boyfriend, got a job and a new car :) and uhh tbh nothing has been really good just found out who’s fake and not :)
_iioblivi0n_ 23 hours ago
Positive? Bet eh uhhuh wow well eh uhhm wow im from a Cristian family I don't go to church cause corona virus but I watch sw the rise of Skywalker I made 10 $ by playing games and uh yeah if you want more let's get 5 likes
Clxudy Stär
Clxudy Stär Day ago
A good thing that happened to me is I finally found love, have an amazing day Cory!
Bonby Rain Manalo
When you throw your netherite armor in lava and it burned 0:54
Ducky Fluff
Ducky Fluff Day ago
“that boy that boy that boy sus 👁👅👁
Goose Queen
Goose Queen Day ago
Good vibe check -My relationship with god is stronger and unbreakable. -Left a toxic relationship at the beginning of the year so life feels brighter. -I’m rediscovering and building a stronger relationship with myself. -Thanks to everything that’s been happening in the world, a veil has been lifted and I’ve been able to kick deadweight “friends” out of my life. -Been trying to do my part in this world and trying help to make it better. -MORE BLESSINGS TO COME Honestly, I think this has been a year of truth and rebirth/redemption for a lot of people. I see so many more people taking a minute to breathe and learning more about themselves and what they want. It’s really uplifting to see everyone get their blessings. 😊 I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Especially you, Cory! Your comeback is one of the best things to happen this year, no cap.
Links Sward
Links Sward Day ago
I'm alive
Donut Demon
Donut Demon Day ago
I got another rabbit to keep my rabbit company because he seemed lonely and now they're both happy
MatthewHLad Day ago
1:52 when you're uncle barges in your room
alien&kitty Gacha
good vibe check! -im going to my favourite waterpark on my birthday -im going to see my dad for 2 weeks (my parents divorced) -im waiting for my coryxkenshin merch to start shipping (its the up down white hoodie) -im getting better at sketching -cory is uploading -i can just sit down and watch coryxkenshin with no worries at all and its the best feeling -im not single -im getting over experiences -i got some new friends *2020 is a... complicated year..*
Dawn Thompson
Alex Aerni
Alex Aerni Day ago
😇😇🙏 coryxkenshin we are sick of the games we we want hope in peace in this world but the world has give us is madness so everyone pray with me that the world will change one day pray to God that everyday will be a good day for you bye
Confused Samurai
I want to be a developer, wish me luck 👍
Dylan Henry
Dylan Henry Day ago
i found the love of my life
Stephanie wright
Love your videos cory
Stephanie wright
Xetrasisx Day ago
I woke up today
Jeramiah Glenn
My man is wearing the sonic suit bc the movie came out in 2020 and used it to explain how fast this year is going
Rachelle waves
Rachelle waves 2 days ago
Everyday wake up with sadness I'm depressed and crying inside no good vibe check
it’s just jailah .
LK 2J 2 days ago
Got to see the fam
JayxGaming 2 days ago
I got a really good viibbreee
JayxGaming 2 days ago
2020 is TRASHHHH
Maul Darth . ᴗ .
Viet Pham
Viet Pham 2 days ago
Good vibeeee checkkk: 1. Had an amazing software engineering internship experience and got paid well. 2. Got a chance to meet up with my friend during quarantine and spent quality time. 3. Spent a lot of quality and relaxing time with family. 4. As a bonus, family built a fish pond in the backyard.
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
1:53: FACTS! XD
Braedennn 2 days ago
Good vibe check: My puppy
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
0:50: YUP! I was about to say! XD
WhiteFox560 2 days ago
dang cory got dat 3000 dollar pc! nice dawg
Vladimir Liriano
Vladimir Liriano 2 days ago
I love how through the entire sonic skit Cory had his headphones on 😂
THE LEGEND 2 days ago
I think all kids would ike this School is closed!
Ameer Su
Ameer Su 2 days ago
No homework that good
Frankie The Cat
Frankie The Cat 2 days ago
My 82 year old aunt not only survived getting covid, but she is learning to walk again and can feed herself now. I may have lost 2 of my cousins this year but i am greatful for the life we got to keep. Losing the matriach of my family wouldve broken us down to a point so low, that im not sure we wouldve been able to build ourselves back up. I am so thankful that no matter how hard 2020 has been, it isnt enough to break down my family. We are proud black women that have had the strength to make it through as a family💙
Saint Curvy
Saint Curvy 2 days ago
My subscriber count reached over 80. That's not that many but it's great to me!😊 and my hair grew back strong and healthy.
kiwitoothpick 2 days ago
DeathStalker 2 days ago
Who came on this video just to see him build his PC? 5:08
Mohammed Alkhafaji
Honsie 2 days ago
I am going to a college that I wanted to go to after high school since I finally have the grades to transfer into it. My Good Vibe Manifestation for this year/next: ⭐️I will study abroad after all this nonsense ends ⭐️I will do internships in Japan, Korea, Germany. ⭐️ I will get the job that I want after graduating and do so much with it. ⭐️ I will meet my idols. I will make life long friends. ⭐️I will be successful. ⭐️I will be stable and happy.
Jaylen ThaaRighteousDarkkMage
I loveitwhentheyrunXXXTENTACION
Pierce Cluche
Pierce Cluche 2 days ago
Good vibe check made boss chicky nuggys
no more Nathaniel
Good vibe check: i found out I was pan
Dakota ENT
Dakota ENT 2 days ago
Hey good news I finally reached 128 subscribers 😁
Exotic restedd
Exotic restedd 2 days ago
That online girlfriend we in quarantine SUCKA
Olinebanggang777 2 days ago
This would be the video that showed coryxkenshin gym while in the basement
Leona Saegaert
Leona Saegaert 2 days ago
Good vibe check my Heart is slowly healing from my heartbreak
Pamela Russell
Pamela Russell 2 days ago
We Are Still HERE. Bless And Highly Favored By The Most High Power, Right Now, Today And Forever.
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