2020 Ford Explorer ST 4WD - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

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MSRP: From $54,740
Horsepower: 400 hp
MPG: 18 city / 24 highway
Towing capacity: 5,600 lbs
Engine: 3.0 L V6
Curb weight: 4,701 lbs
Filmed at the 2019 MAMA Fall Rally. Thanks to all the manufacturers present and the MAMA staff for making this event possible!
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 323
Marcos Gabriel Santos da Silva
Land rover???????
Ser Kuz
Ser Kuz 5 days ago
The pad is ugly.
Michael Winterstein
But this car doesn’t work
Frockfly 8 days ago
Oh my Favorit
keirra Leggins
keirra Leggins 8 days ago
Bo Han
Bo Han 11 days ago
What an ugly dash. Makes me want to remove that aftermarket looking tablet.
Jimmy Gaudreault
Jimmy Gaudreault 16 days ago
3:56 why is nobody talking about that thing ? Did someone know what is it ?
Finn Campeau
Finn Campeau 4 days ago
It’s a lawn mower.
odioo tirj
odioo tirj 17 days ago
The internal screen is very ugly and destroyed the shape of the car from the inside, the ugly thing from Ford
Μανωλης Μαρκουλης FISHING HUNTER
ElCris009 20 days ago
Omg, im seeing this car since 2010
Yury Beloded
Yury Beloded 20 days ago
This is one ugly screen. It seems like they could to figure out how to put it and decided to mount i pad instead.
Jaidee Nida
Jaidee Nida 21 day ago
ecoboost rules
ecoboost rules 21 day ago
Dial shifter!! Absolutely the dumbest thing to ever put in a vehicle. I had it in a durango. HATED IT!!! Get a glimpse of the worlds ugliest truck there at the beginning of the drive?
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 23 days ago
That tablet litterally looks like the android. And I think the new Subaru Outback also has that infotainment tablet too as well. I rather take the Expedition Limited Stealth over this. The interior of the Expedition looks like the F 15O and I’m okay with that.
Neri Morales
Neri Morales 25 days ago
No me gusta porque en la segunda fila de asientos solamente tiene dos , cuando debería ser de tres. Debería ser de siete personas y no de seis
SetnoK 23 days ago
Sinceramente no creo que un asiento menos sea una falta grave, pero es cierto que competidores como la toyota land cruiser tiene 7 asientos asi que en ese aspecto no habria porque elejir esta suv
Saab Railfan
Saab Railfan 26 days ago
Tablet that is not removable??? No thanks, ill pass this one.
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill 28 days ago
Got a blue Range Rover too
Fabrizio LH
Fabrizio LH 29 days ago
Dios santo, este auto me encanto
K 29 days ago
im so mad that they have the infotainment system looking like that. It looks so cheap 👎🏾
117 Vlog
117 Vlog 29 days ago
I keep waiting for the April Fools joke from Ford with that infotainment screen...Looks like the people designed the whole vehicle and then said “crap we forgot to put a screen in it; just superglue something right there”!
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Month ago
Some drivers in my state will drive dark colored or black For Explorers and Tatruses with a fancy Police"esque" mirror on the side. They tear down the freeway at 90+ mph and make everyone in front of them get the hell out of the left lane.
julian BRO! ty!!
Spencer Brawders
Why is the gauge cluster so low? I kinda like mine to be like circular and a bit taller.... like I n the older explorers.... but umm idk what they are doing here.
T 15
T 15 21 day ago
Lower means better sight lines out of the window.
brett run
brett run 22 days ago
It’s the camera angle.
karla Carranzaa
karla Carranzaa Month ago
Honda Cr-v best
João Júnior
João Júnior Month ago
Please, what binaural microphones do you use?
MoodyDriver BKI
MoodyDriver BKI Month ago
Wojak Feels
Wojak Feels Month ago
How hard is it to just landscape instead of portrait?
brett run
brett run 22 days ago
Your phone and it’s apps work in portrait. This when used with apple car play look and work the same way.
AwpitheAwper Month ago
That's an ugly-ass digital dashboard.
SOLNCEV’ich Month ago
Охуительная тачка
Jaime Medina
Jaime Medina Month ago
Horrible el diseño interior, es una tablet pegada, pero el motor suena muy ruda.
Josh Galka
Josh Galka Month ago
Guys and gals, It's NOT a Ipad, It's a infotainment screen... I love it! Not to mention the Shifter, which frees up console space, The gauge cluster, The power, etc... I would buy this over ANY OTHER VEHICLE TODAY!
Tate LaPrade
Tate LaPrade 12 days ago
Hell yeah
Kirill Play Channel
Hello range rover ) and tesla ))))
Rauan Asilbek
Rauan Asilbek Month ago
Как мы отстала живем
Best Joker
Best Joker 9 days ago
Смотрите, русский!
Marco Yoo
Marco Yoo Month ago
That tablet thing makes the car to look like a compact car. They should've used bigger screen or wider screen if they wanted to put a iPad in the dash.
Abso lutely
Abso lutely Month ago
This interior still looks quite domestic unfortunately with obvious cheap plastics running in most places, but it does look much better than current GM interiors by a long shot. The dashboard area(minus the MMI tablet) looks better than ever. I'm not sure if that engine sound is generated from the stereo but it's a bit extreme for an SUV.... The exterior looks rather great and this generation of Explorer is actually attractive and aggressive looking.
Dj St3rling
Dj St3rling Month ago
Getting groceries with the quickness
Юрий Немами
ford cool
Robert Heath
Robert Heath Month ago
I think it's a nice truck it's not bad love the radio system looks like a iPad it's a nice Ford Explorer
Francisco Contini
Ésto saldrá un huevo de la cara
Midwest Mopars
Midwest Mopars Month ago
Gregory Morillo
Gregory Morillo Month ago
This car was made for Uber driver “hint”
Master1EyeJR Month ago
Why does the screen look like someone stuck their tablet in the middle? Lol 😂
Bruno de Souza Soares
Aqui nos temos um que pega🔥🇧🇷#brasilbrasileiro.
Tom Kos Cars
Tom Kos Cars Month ago
That iPad thing on the dash is horrendous. The rest of the interior looks decent. But that tv is a big no no for me
Wanderson Rodrigues
Queria que viesse para o Brasil esse carro .
Braulio Ramos
Braulio Ramos Month ago
Love it
Putra Wahyu S
Putra Wahyu S Month ago
That infotainment system, i-
Jarnail singh
Jarnail singh Month ago
Next time Ford please put 55 inch TV
Arjan Singh
Arjan Singh 25 days ago
T CREED 66 Month ago
Tht vehicle too small , not enough toom🤔🤔
Used Car Analysis
the interior designer of Ford must be fired immediately.
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 23 days ago
Yeah. I like the Expedition interior more than this because it looks like the F 15O interior which is better than the new Ranger interior as well.
Nikola Jovanovic
American Range Rover Discovery 🤣🤣🤣
Savoy Morgan
Savoy Morgan Month ago
Did anyone else notice range rover parked in same blue color LoL
Convict Racing & Performance
That's his personal car lol
Jack Shotton
Jack Shotton 21 day ago
Jonathan Losito It’s an SVR
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito 23 days ago
That must be the Range Rover Sport SVR or R Dynamic.
Joseph Wood
Joseph Wood Month ago
Ford needs to do a lot better on the interior and get rid of the ipad on the dash...if this has the ecoboost engine, have heard bad stories about that, should have an option for a 5.0 actually a 4.6 would be a better option, plenty of HP for this vehicle
Mo Ultra
Mo Ultra Month ago
Não dá para entender... Porquê os limpadores do pára-brisas não atuam em sentidos opostos como nos FOCUS??? Ficariam melhores...
James Sicat
James Sicat Month ago
Piss poor attempt at copying Tesla's infotainment smh
Raymond Month ago
Was that 0-60 in mph or kph? Came in at about 5 seconds...
sierra_aviator Month ago
Interior gotten better with ford .. only thing I hate about Ford's and subarus. But I reckon is still plastic
It's an excellent car no doubt about it, but, I would love if it were with manual transmission.
Ahmed360 Month ago
Fuckn tablets in cars now? Thanks Tesla!
tom king
tom king Month ago
No vocal WFT is wrong with these people?
SSC3034 3 days ago
Go look up TheTopher, it's the same guy who makes videos for this channel but he actually talks
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