2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Review // Four Door Fury

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This is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat WIDEBODY. And it's the most powerful sedan you can buy. It has 707 horsepower, a supercharged V8 and four doors. James and Thomas jump behind the wheel to see if this is a performance bargain or something to forget about. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!
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Post Production: Karston Chong and Thomas Holland
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Comments 80
Yusshai 2016
Yusshai 2016 2 days ago
saya nak kereta ni tp xcukup kaya bantu saya dapatkan kereta ni -0199242689
Yusshai 2016
Yusshai 2016 2 days ago
my dream car
Crystal Nagy
Crystal Nagy 3 days ago
I love my Go Mango widebody Challenger and if that’s really your Go Mango Charger come join my group Go Mango Mopar
xFlameWraith 4 days ago
Isaac Giles
Isaac Giles 5 days ago
4:58 it looks like a shelby gt500 in the backround
AngryDuck76 8 days ago
Too many doors.....Challenger all the way. Can't afford either so can be picky ;)
Jack njones
Jack njones 8 days ago
4:24 isn’t the m5 faster ? If this does it in 3.6 , it’s slow because the m5 does it in. 3.1 to 3.3 seconds . And I’m pretty sure beats it in the quarter mile
Powerlove 9 days ago
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 10 days ago
Great opening skit, great fun and banter between the reviewers. This is car is just, well, I'm not a fan of muscle cars in 2020. And please, I hope no rich father buys one of these things for his 18-year-old son.
Raheem White
Raheem White 10 days ago
Question what’s the price
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade 12 days ago
4:58 GT500 in the background?
Mark Okoli
Mark Okoli 13 days ago
I hate alcantara it so weird 😅
Alvin Mercado
Alvin Mercado 13 days ago
A loud color on this works perfect. It screams fuck you im 700hp of sedan
Parag Mathur
Parag Mathur 14 days ago
This... Or a Blackwing CT6?
qayoom mohammadi
qayoom mohammadi 14 days ago
Can you show me nasin gtr. Please
Sayyed Kamaludheen
Sayyed Kamaludheen 18 days ago
12:20 Canadian Made American Muscle. Me: Woah.
I-am-sooo-magnok 18 days ago
4:24 Cadillac CTS-v 3.5s: am I a joke to you ?
Bill B
Bill B 19 days ago
Freaking awesome video. It's better than Cable TV.........
Adrian Jtown
Adrian Jtown 21 day ago
That intro was great man 🤣
Diesel Ripley
Diesel Ripley 21 day ago
Canadian American Muscle car...🤣
Outdoorsman 1971
Outdoorsman 1971 25 days ago
Best into ever
Creighton C
Creighton C 28 days ago
Keep it up Soy Boy and the Donald will have those manufacturing plants back in the US, and that’s like half your economy. So your welcome and go invest in something actually Canadian, like Ketchup Chips, and syrup.
Davis 29 days ago
wonder if Dodge paid these guys heheh. Doesnt matter, good reviews!
KingProne Month ago
what accents do the 2 have?
vw R32
vw R32 Month ago
If you want to hear a supercharger whine like no other check out the Jaguar SV Project 8 supercharged. And the exhaust note is brutal!
Speratic Month ago
Awesome video, thanks for taking your time to make this amazing video! Super thrilled, one day this will be mine :) full red though, cause Red is the best color for a car to me :)
Michael Reitz
Michael Reitz Month ago
Superchargers is what makes Dodges competitive. Without the supercharger they are junk when it comes to comparing them to the competition. For example......the Challenger R/T and Charger R/T are significantly slower than the Mustang GT and Camaro SS which are their class competitors.
alx Month ago
i see that michigan plate
aram offlien
aram offlien Month ago
You special
Marvin López
Marvin López Month ago
hilarious intro! great job as always guys!
MariOzana Month ago
O K guys ...... BY FAR the funniest and most relatable skit yet! Keep it up! Oh and still waiting for Urus vs TrackHawk!
Bryan McHugh
Bryan McHugh Month ago
The Dodge LX platform is what 15 years old now? The NEW platform Charger and Challenger are coming next year I believe. That being said holy smokes Dodge has wrung every single possible performance edge out of the LX platform. Correct me if I am wrong but I could have sworn I read somewhere that the Hellcat in either guise break 200 mph. That is NUTS.
Trey Green
Trey Green Month ago
sexiest charger yet ! im getting camaro vibes
DEADTXWN Month ago
Just not fair 😞 how do you even land a job that makes enough to buy this monster.
Keaton Davis
Keaton Davis Month ago
Ain’t gonna lie that intro made me laugh
Mas Kybay Tv
Mas Kybay Tv Month ago
Four Door Muscle ✊✊
Frank Trickey
Frank Trickey Month ago
We have a B5 Blue Daytona wide body Hellcat and it’s gorgeous. Only 108k, it will sell before the end of the month probably.
RichAsWritten Month ago
It’s perfect but why they didn’t go with quad tips ??
Evergreen Landscaping
Last time I check Canada 🇨🇦 is in America.....North America so it’s made in America
Salah Zuhairi
Salah Zuhairi Month ago
Comes with heated steering wheel☺️
Joakim Henrikson
Wish they made wagon version.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 5 days ago
Imagine an official Dodge Magnum Hellcat!? #ReviveTheWagons!!
M Stratix
M Stratix Month ago
Just fantastic videos! Why you guy’s aren’t on network television yet is beyond me. The two of you have the best personalities and the passion for cars, racing and all things automotive. You guys NEED to be televised. Outstanding job gentlemen! I feel stellar success being in your very near future.
Coco Delaroth
Coco Delaroth Month ago
Scientist in Antarctica just discovered in deep ice what appears to be a vehicle! Carbon dating has found the ice surrounding the object to be about 1 million years old. Ancient aliens, or a driver off the beaten path from Tiera del Fuego.....more to come!
David B
David B Month ago
Anyone else getting a bunch of telemarketing calls and texts after that omaze nonsense? Huge mistake.
Konuvis Month ago
That intro tho!! LOL I'm French and I died at the stitching joke! Same with fries (and they're Belgian)
Snake1989 Month ago
It takes something like 75hp of the engines power to run that supercharger.
Wavey Xae
Wavey Xae Month ago
"It doesn't give a.. truck" lol
Another great review. Sub'd
SophtServe Month ago
British guy said the price touches closely on m5 and e63. What? $70,000 vs $100,000 since when is that close?
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Month ago
My mind says hellcat charger, my pocket says Mustang Mach E GT (0-60 3.5 secs).
Jay Month ago
Lmao he still take the bus to work haha
U mad Bro
U mad Bro Month ago
Win that beat to shit ford..... 🤔
Sleepingweasal Month ago
No other manufacturer offers a factory option better than the HK setup Dodge offers. It's an 18 speaker surround sound with 2 10-inch subs hidden in the trunk, at least in the Hellcats. It sounds amazing.
MoparFam 300C
MoparFam 300C Month ago
3:15 **Scat Pack Badge** not "SRT" Badge, Scat Packs aren't real SRT's people, VIN Number will also prove that fact, don't argue with me, I know about these Mopars better than you
Jacob Setser
Jacob Setser Month ago
1:40 “if you lie awake at night dreaming”... wait a minute
Ty McDaniel
Ty McDaniel Month ago
I need that car. That supercharger whine gives me chills. I love it.
F Renteria
F Renteria Month ago
I would like to see a trekhawk....
faraz_ 224
faraz_ 224 Month ago
3:54 he said he likes to use the pedals🤔🤔🤔
shamal Jack-Quinton
Lol i love watching your videos
MyLifeAsLouis Month ago
Well too bad they only sell this in America
satyar tahmooresnia
I watch 9 of 10 reviews because of your intros and chemistry between you two!
Angie Dolly
Angie Dolly Month ago
This my dream car Dodge 2020 😍
Angie Dolly
Angie Dolly Month ago
My future car 😍😍
PowerWeight Training
You guys are actually good at acting. I started weight lifting and feel like I need a Hellcat when the Mini lease runs out. I was an endurance athlete so it was fitting ok?
chris Vinci
chris Vinci Month ago
I really like American over and want to get this but want an AWD. If they don't make one soon I'll have to buy a M5 or Huracan next which i really don't want a ladies european car.
Juan Mendoza
Juan Mendoza Month ago
I think a comparison between the Golf R and an Audi A4 quattro would make for a good video😬
Christian -XR
Christian -XR Month ago
Camaro or Charger is my decision thoughts?
Johnny Mack
Johnny Mack Month ago
Piss on FORD. Their cars are trash.....their trucks are the only thing keeping them alive in 2020. God knows, the shitstang, is an abomination lol
bob the builder
bob the builder Month ago
Can you guys do a Audi a8L sport like a 2016 review?
Cody Stevenson
Cody Stevenson Month ago
I’d love to see a versus video of this beautiful, adulterated, power house of Charger put up against a European competitor.
skodbolle Month ago
"Fastsat mass produced sedan in the world" Guess someone forgot about Tesla :P
skodbolle Month ago
@Throttle House Holy crap you actually replied to my post :O well thank you for clearing that up for me :D Love the show to death btw :D
Throttle House
Throttle House Month ago
I was referring to top speed
Chinedu U Ukaonu
American muscle > foreign
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor Month ago
Hey guys absolutely love the channel. I am also in the GTA, I work as a professional financial planner. If you guys are wiling I would absolutely love to help you guys out with any Finances/ Insurance free of charge. kyle.taylor@freedom55financial.com Would also love to watch one of your shoots, Let me know!
Adam Razick
Adam Razick Month ago
@ 8:17 why does the rotor only have 1 slot , I never seen that before
Juan Carlos Díaz Pérez
Incredible car!!! I can't imagine have 707 HP under your feet in a sedan. I only have 100 HP in my Fiat 500
Kermyt Padilla
Kermyt Padilla Month ago
If you can afford this car , you don’t care that the satin black is $3,500 extra 🤷🏻‍♂️😭
AZ Deng
AZ Deng Month ago
Nice car and video. Thanks for sharing. Watching from San Francisco. USA.
Creating the World
Razvan Dobos
Razvan Dobos Month ago
We need Plymouth back.
R Dawg
R Dawg Month ago
Next videos