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I need a break from 2020

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Jul 1, 2020




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Nassim Benali
Nassim Benali 53 minutes ago
Knighty 55 minutes ago
why did he stop????
ImConfused 58 minutes ago
he pulled a coryxkenshin
I’m dying inside
It's a me
It's a me Hour ago
Hey. I've got an idea for the cloak brand because you have a cloak mouse pad but no actual mouse so if your ok with that idea you could use it And possibly a Xbox and ps4 controller skin
gamerninja_ 4378
Me: looks at Jack's channel every day* Also me: sees jack still hasn't uploaded 😔
med109 Hour ago
He coming back but there hundreds of vids go watch them and he will come back
Sherry Roberts
He said he would take a break for a month. He's should be coming soon yall!!!
med109 Hour ago
TacoUnicorns _c
TacoUnicorns _c
@med109 I know but he said a couple of days ago that he's basically back?
med109 Hour ago
Taking a break
Agar Hero
Agar Hero Hour ago
Bruh he dead
med109 Hour ago
No look at his twitter
HdAligator Hour ago
thE PeRsOn
thE PeRsOn Hour ago
Felix C
Felix C Hour ago
... but when the world needed him the most, he disappeared.
A_ SpiderGaming
New stick man game
Luca Darin
Luca Darin Hour ago
We all miss him
Dumby Hour ago
jack please take your time. just to let you know your the reason most of us are even here. Your content makes us who we are and makes us feel so much better about ourselves including me. Your the reason we smile. just. thank you. thank you for being you. thank you for making us smile jack.
otter with a tophat
its been so long every day without him is darkness and its so cold ive gone numb this world needs a hero now more than ever but when the world needed him most he vanished hopefully the avatar will return soon
Ryan O
Ryan O Hour ago
He should play Fall Guys with the boys when he comes back
Samuel Ramirez
Jack: "I'm taking a break" Me: "Finally I can catch up on Meme time
Rafiif Albani
Rafiif Albani Hour ago
I can hear conspiracy theories typing on his keyboard, making a theory that jacksepticeye is dead
Matts M00SE
Matts M00SE Hour ago
This is the only video on this channel in quite a bit that doesn’t have Jack quotes
Matts M00SE
Matts M00SE Hour ago
I miss hearing his voice every day this fucking sucks
An Pham
An Pham Hour ago
Day 3 of me being scared if jack will never come back
Matthew Conley
Come back
Jack please come back
Jaxson Scott
Jaxson Scott Hour ago
Post a video
The Autismo
The Autismo Hour ago
When he gets back I would love him to play the new Henry stickmin game
Hey upload
JJCG4MES_yt Hour ago
Wish he comes back for the fall guys game
Mikam 12
Mikam 12 Hour ago
Jack! Maybe when you finally end your break consider playing "there is no game : wrong dimension"
Stephen Stewart
I think he quit
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila Hour ago
me personally Ive watched jse since he started playing happy wheels and to see the jolly funny happy person I've loved watching for like 4 years hate this year so much that he has to take a break for the rest of the summer it really breaks my heart to see him like this ive been checking every day to see if he had upload miss you man hope you come back soon.
MFRayado Hour ago
just put , next time
Blud jelly_YT
Blud jelly_YT Hour ago
i really hope he will come back soon i am crying waiting for him to come back
TobyFoxGamer 2 hours ago
Man all these RUvidrs taking a break from stress 8 Bit Ryan, Jacksepticeye, emmmm.. other people..! Everyone is getting depressed and stressed from this year. It'll be over soon hopefully.
Elliot Mann
Elliot Mann 2 hours ago
I wonder if he'll come back for the Avengers game?
James Gray
James Gray 2 hours ago
Jack please start uploading again I have withdraw symptoms
Kari Hendrickson
Kari Hendrickson 2 hours ago
Seriously where is he
ᕼᎯⲕυאᎯ ჄOυᖇ ƬᎯτᎯ⟆
Kari Hendrickson Taking time for HIMSELF
じゃがいも:b 2 hours ago
Katelyn rae 14
Katelyn rae 14 2 hours ago
That’s it, f*ck this whole black lives matter and all lives matter thing, if they are going to mean the same thing then I’m not taking sides!
George Barrass
George Barrass 2 hours ago
*opens journal* 40 days without jack: The sun has gone out and the moon has stopped, the oceans have became stagnant, the fish have died, and the flowerd have wiltered, this is the end of the world as we know it
Siren head fan
Siren head fan 2 hours ago
Bc I have commented on that video
Allan Fassbender
Allan Fassbender 2 hours ago
Everyone in the comments be simping for Jack.😭
Siren head fan
Siren head fan 2 hours ago
Just pause the video and see the comments
Siren head fan
Siren head fan 2 hours ago
Bc I think you guys should look at those comments now
Jamie 30808
Jamie 30808 2 hours ago
Day 40 without Jack: I'm just gonna put my face In my pillow and die
King_ dyls
King_ dyls 2 hours ago
When he comes back for my birthday I hope he does Happy wheels 102
Roger Kids News
Roger Kids News 2 hours ago
He diedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd from covld🥺
Siren head fan
Siren head fan 2 hours ago
Does everyone remember escape lavender town
Skullman 301
Skullman 301 2 hours ago
Tom loves you
Alpha_Spartan 2 hours ago
I'm not gonna bother him all ready found 2 DEAD RUvidRS and found a suspected dead Instagramer which turned out to still be making money and streaming. He's not dead before you ask
diego 2 hours ago
We need you
crazzy bunny
crazzy bunny 2 hours ago
When he comes back I hope he is healthy and doesn't say that he needs another month break because if he says that I won't be myself anymore
Fox_Tail_Koda 2 hours ago
jack got the rona uwu
Dag Lindgren
Dag Lindgren 2 hours ago
You look like Ali A these days
EHail 26
EHail 26 2 hours ago
You should've been with mrbeast with signing shirts having a septic logo on a corner
Salem Gaming
Salem Gaming 2 hours ago
Jack Ive been watching you since 2014 I was 9 I used to spend my whole days watching all your video's laughing watching your reading the comments and everything i remember happy wheels episode 100 the best episode ever you havent seen my comments most likely but youve grown so much i hope you keep succeeding
ttv ss4cory
ttv ss4cory 2 hours ago
Yo let’s goooooooo!!!!! It’s been a month of recovery for JACK!!!! Here comes the content!! Ding Ding Ding bell of happiness!!!
EHail 26
EHail 26 2 hours ago
Ok can we all agree that the porter rico explosion looked like a bullet bill, also did you know that your England taxes power the Golden thrones your immortal sits on
EHail 26
EHail 26 2 hours ago
Not to shit on the royal family but, prince Harry looks like a handsome man and sounds like a handsome man, the queen should get the immortal 2nd place because her husband is older by 5 years
Master Jaxon Carman
It’s been a month since I’ve seen jack everything is bad and sad plz come back soon I will keep updating everyone oof
Jessica Collins
Jessica Collins 2 hours ago
Is he dead
Elijah D
Elijah D 2 hours ago
The meme Overlord
The meme Overlord 2 hours ago
Keep smiling or the queen will get you And do you know the way
Get Rected
Get Rected 2 hours ago
Jayden Behlau
Jayden Behlau 3 hours ago
Jack where are you at man
Sans 3 hours ago
Today is a sad day for popcorn chicken
hydrowolf 51
hydrowolf 51 3 hours ago
someone: about to jump off a roof jacks fans: open a *window* "dont jump, jacks back" person: climbs in window
CatBoy Gaming
CatBoy Gaming 3 hours ago
I can't believe its been 7 years since a potato with a solid snake impression invented entertainment
LGT_ Life062
LGT_ Life062 3 hours ago
Jack it’s been over a month and I honestly have missed you so much and I really want to see a “I’M BACK “ video and I honestly have been subbed to you since 2016 and my fav video is happy wheels ep 100 and I hope your last video will be “where I made my channel* happy wheels. And you are my fav RUvidr of all time I honest have no clue how I have gone so long with out one of your vids and plz Sean come back to your online family bc we all love you so much❤️ ps. You should be the most subbed RUvidr not felix
hydrowolf 51
hydrowolf 51 3 hours ago
ok then, he is alright. i was worried, but he just took a break hope he comes back soon
ill find you
ill find you 3 hours ago
I dont want to be a dick i know its a serious vid but i just laugh so hard when a condom add showed up
Amber Morrow
Amber Morrow 3 hours ago
Btw the mods called doki doki blue skies
James Molina
James Molina 3 hours ago
Hey jack henry stickman completing the mission is out on steam
Amber Morrow
Amber Morrow 3 hours ago
Jack I know it's been ages but do you remember the game doki doki because they released a mod recently and once you start doing videos again I would love to see you try it
BL00PERS 3 hours ago
Time to buy his coffee then
noskilljustahacker 3 hours ago
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville 3 hours ago
*"Buy My Coffee."* That had me dying! 😆
Javier escuella
Javier escuella 3 hours ago
Jack should play rdr2
wafflerman 3 hours ago
so has he made an update? like this video said a month i know i might seem like an ass because it's kinda right off the heels but kind of a dick move towards your fans to say a month and not give any notification to whats going on after said month has past, i mean its fine to keep being on a break but at least give us another update
wafflerman Hour ago
@ᕼᎯⲕυאᎯ ჄOυᖇ ƬᎯτᎯ⟆ that's fair like I said I kinda felt like an ass posting that but to be fair most of the comments and myself missed that so at the least a Twitter post confirming this would've been nice
ᕼᎯⲕυאᎯ ჄOυᖇ ƬᎯτᎯ⟆
wafflerman Not his fault that his fans are deaf....... 8:10
Ban Hammer
Ban Hammer 3 hours ago
Jack pls hurry I dont want you turning out with seananners
Fluffee_ foam
Fluffee_ foam 3 hours ago
Ok um I can't remember the name of the game I think Sean did a playthrough of it. it's the game where like your going to your old family house or something and all of your family has died. And it brings back like old memories from each of your family members and shows like how they died if anyone can remember the name of the game please tell me.
Thegk46 7
Thegk46 7 3 hours ago
It’s been a month come home
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville 3 hours ago
I was actually starting to worry about you, because you haven't posted for awhile, but I'm glad that you're just taking a break, love you Sean, and I hope everything is going alright for you! 🤗
Tyler Porteous
Tyler Porteous 3 hours ago
we have all been there
Lagatic 3 hours ago
its been a month he still not back so now i have depression
Steven Villa
Steven Villa 3 hours ago
RIP Sean McLaughlin
Yashi Ropepe
Yashi Ropepe 3 hours ago
It has been many days since I last saw the legend himself it’s been over a month I have been trying to keep my sanity by watching other videos...... it didn’t work now am typing this from heaven
Jacob Tale
Jacob Tale 3 hours ago
me: *plays rdr2* sean marcie the irish dude gets his brains blown out youtube: new video jacksepticeye!
Malakawsome PlayZ
Malakawsome PlayZ 3 hours ago
It ok jack be you self and when you diside to come back we will be waiting for you. Have a nice break
Malakawsome PlayZ
Malakawsome PlayZ 3 hours ago
Oh sorry
Malakawsome PlayZ
Malakawsome PlayZ 3 hours ago
One mouth were are you!!
Lowki 3 hours ago
First Gubz (hasn’t uploaded in 1yr) then Fearless (6 months) now Sean!?!
Smackdown Hotel99
Smackdown Hotel99 3 hours ago
Hey jack just to let you know there is a new henry stickman game on steam called completing the mission. Is comes with remastered versions of past games. Plus 164 FAILS and multiple paths. Enjoy your break
tf_lc 3 hours ago
If you see this comment your a legend 😁
Courtny-Marie 3 hours ago
I'm really missing his content right now 😞
Fazedspeed01 3 hours ago
Ohh sos I sor du vid
Fazedspeed01 3 hours ago
Imm bord
Fazedspeed01 3 hours ago
CurlyFries 10
CurlyFries 10 3 hours ago
I miss you Jackaboy, you are my favorite RUvidr and hope you stay safe
Elmo Boy
Elmo Boy 4 hours ago
I hope he takes his time coming back and doesn’t worry about uploading content take as long as you need this year has been utter bullshit
foxyfanbear 4 hours ago
here comes the "he is dead" comments
lilgeckogamin 4 hours ago
i hope u guys are not angry at jack but it is hard being a RUvidr trying to upload everyday i know how it feels. i thinks its good thing for jack to take a break we all miss him but its for the best guys
This animator
This animator 4 hours ago
44th day without Jack, I'm getting worried, some are already losing hope, I'm alone in my area now, but till the day my heart stops beating, I'm staying loyal, when the world needed him most, he vanished, when he recovers, we will prevail.
jaxon koen
jaxon koen 4 hours ago
Are you ok!?!??!?!
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