2019 United States Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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A title-deciding day in Texas...
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Nov 3, 2019




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Comments 3 595
Steve Nicholson
Steve Nicholson 6 hours ago
don,t really wanna hear the commentator.. wanna hear engines
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 2 days ago
2019 Ferrari is fabricated from paper mash and PVA glue.
Coopdog 3 days ago
Lewis wins Championship: still we rise still we rise Charles gets a pole: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH
MaiilexF1 11 days ago
F&K 12 days ago
1:54 i thought Vettel pushed some secret power propulsion button 😳
Agent 007
Agent 007 13 days ago
Bottas would win a championship with Redbull .... change my mind.
Mubita Sylvester
Mubita Sylvester 16 days ago
Still we rise
M Man
M Man 17 days ago
Ferrari & Arsenal best love story since Twilight.
45. αcρ
45. αcρ 17 days ago
2016: McLaren ✖ | Williams🔝 2019: Williams ✖ | McLaren 🔝
Uriel Fodong
Uriel Fodong 19 days ago
I don't know for you but I hated those view angles (cameras way too far, overview effect is for Hollywood guys), also US GP seems quite bumpy, else than that good show as they call.
Revolution Recording Studios Company
Lewis: "I can't believe it! I really can't believe it!" Oh fuck off! With the car that you've been getting every season, even Richard Hammond can win the Championship.. Try driving for the Williams or Racing Point, then we'll see whether you're the best driver or just a fraud... Please bring back the old F1 like 2009 where everyone race like death racers and every drivers from every team can have the chance to win.. The only way to make me feel great again about F1 is to watch who's battling for 4th/5th/6th..
BONG CHAN PENG 22 days ago
Petronas 🇲🇾😎oil
farah siddiqui
farah siddiqui 28 days ago
Man m
Ryan Lamb
Ryan Lamb Month ago
Hamilton: "Still we rise" Me: "That's the stupidest celebration I've ever heard"
Derek Nascimento
David Jestam Lewis Emamaka Valterii Bottas Alexander akakaka Lance Akamaka George Namamal Carlos Alalala Kevin Aamaka Kenneth Smith Buena vista Co. Inc..
eshaan Bidarakoppa
bottas counter 0:07 0:14 0:28 1:06 2:32 2:36
tiger saux
tiger saux Month ago
4:44 meme
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood Month ago
Hearing Valtteri say "Yeah!" after he wins is so wholesome, he sounds just like a kid and that's why I love F1 so fucking much
LaezerSnowie Month ago
Stroll sucks hehe.
Rams Brexit
Rams Brexit Month ago
I cant get over the fact Norris is 20!
shahrul slipnot
shahrul slipnot Month ago
Luis hellmilton my idol.. The best luis...
Nael Jan
Nael Jan Month ago
David Croft: 56 laps ahead of us in Austin. USA: ???
Иван Миронов
On lap 51, if Bottas didn’t go off the circuit, they’d make contact :) . Lewis was too aggressive I think, but he is the GREAT guy, 6-world championships deserve respect ✊
Mad respect for all these drivers. Moving such a complicated machine at such high speeds, it takes a lot of dedication to do what these guys do.
Marie Roberts Kacmarsky
vinay590 2 months ago
Lewis Hamilton is the greatest ever formula 1 racer to embrace a formula 1 car.. He is a gift to racing so cherish it
Normal Viewer
Normal Viewer 2 months ago
This was my first race to visit and it was awesome! the speed was like nothing else
Yasher Macarimban
Yasher Macarimban 2 months ago
Wow amazing
GoGoMong고고몽 2 months ago
GREAT~~WOW~~ @vxeY
Alex O'Grady Racing
Alex O'Grady Racing 2 months ago
3:46 look at Valtteri's name line. More aliens on f1 2019
Dmas Tangi
Dmas Tangi 3 months ago
See how there was nothing particularly special about Lewis coming back to overtake Verstappen in Hungary? Same thing happened to him against Bottas here in the same car even. Tires are everything
Jeremy Bohannon
Jeremy Bohannon 3 months ago
#stillwerise #drivefor7 #worldchampLH44
Deoclides Dahmer Mano
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger 3 months ago
the composite guy is not on the money .
jocker oFeCeiLe
jocker oFeCeiLe 3 months ago
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jocker oFeCeiLe 3 months ago
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Collins Robben
Collins Robben 3 months ago
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Albert Ericson
Albert Ericson 3 months ago
Nissan patrol does not accept this type of racing, why is f1 so bias to Mercedes now. :(
Zinon Chatzopoulos
Zinon Chatzopoulos 3 months ago
pls cut your idiot hair style man.. pls.
Sławomir Niedziałek
Vettel "torpedo"
Xx NASH xX 3 months ago
Is ricciardo not with redbull?
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt 3 months ago
What a drive Bottas....!!!
andrew pataky
andrew pataky 3 months ago
I was there it was so fun😃
Raul Oliveira
Raul Oliveira 3 months ago
Congratulation Hamilton, you are the best!
Mubashir 3 months ago
Bottas is champ, loved his last move
Raul Aleman
Raul Aleman 3 months ago
Fuck lewis hamilton
globoman 3 months ago
I will no longer look af f1 2030🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Sir William Withey Gull
Such a boring race, again
Sir William Withey Gull
Worst USA track
- Chiggy
- Chiggy 3 months ago
I’m such an idiot, only now did I realise *BOTH* Kimi and Giovanazzi returned to Sauber. Oh **cough** I mean Alfa Romeo.
Spam Email
Spam Email 3 months ago
So used to the halo now.
Dan Martin
Dan Martin 3 months ago
You are the best commentators...especially David Croft..so electrifying...and of course Martin Brundle.as I speak fluent German...french...engish...I also often watch it on Sky Germany...or on RTL....but forget them all...
TuSwift4U 3 months ago
First couple of seconds: And lance stroll has gone wide. I swear this kid 🤦‍♂️
Usman Mohammad
Usman Mohammad 3 months ago
Lewis on team radio: still I rise Vettels suspension:I can do that too
ACELEGAMES V8 3 months ago
I have a virtual motorsport channel, give me a force please
Taufik Ayal
Taufik Ayal 3 months ago
Incredible Hanilton
Feline Prime
Feline Prime 3 months ago
Hamilton's pass on Leclerc shows the exact difference between a vet and an apprentice. Not the greatest Lewis fan but that was master class!
26z Vlogs
26z Vlogs 3 months ago
Wendy King
Wendy King 3 months ago
Sarah fersgon
Yassine 3 months ago
The hammer 44 did it in style. Hamilton is a true legend the way he passed Leclerc See you newbie! I'm the champ
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