[2019 MBC 가요대제전:The Live] 태민 x 모모, 지효(TWICE) - GOOD BYE

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Comments 80
Keeks xoxo
Keeks xoxo 2 hours ago
How have I never seen this beautiful performance??
sr kim
sr kim 13 hours ago
Farhana Ismail
Farhana Ismail 15 hours ago
I imagined if they performed TT LOL XD
kitty momo
kitty momo 21 hour ago
Momo and jihyo have a really good way of dancing.
Lau Eran Luna Blanco
I think taemin look like Viktor from Yuri on Ice!
shiloh udtuhan
goodbye single life
Gacha Studio Animator
Taemin be like the only single one on the stage. Hahaha. Also I loved momo's real voice here.
ana is tired
ana is tired 2 days ago
i really love watching TWICE cover Taemin, they do his songs justice every time
Denise Leonardo
Denise Leonardo 2 days ago
The taken line being duetting YASSS
Twice Iove
Twice Iove 2 days ago
دخلنا سنه جديده وانا للحين اعيده احس تعبتهم
صغيرة في عين امها
Jihyo and momo really dancers 👏💞💕💓
VTV 3 days ago
Best jeanist?
x 3 days ago
نور الموسوي
شنو اسم الحفل
صغيرة في عين امها
MBC KPOP حفل رأس السنة
Rachel A.
Rachel A. 3 days ago
Is Jihyo the Vocalist of Twice she has a good voice.. Anyway it sounds weird at first listening it in other voices but waaaahhh Taeminnie...
Jihyo Joon
Jihyo Joon Day ago
Jihyo is the main vocalist of TWICE
Twice 4 days ago
مين ينسى
BishWithWiFi 4 days ago
give jihyo lead dancer Its time.
Lina Korita
Lina Korita 4 days ago
Girls are gorgeous, but when Taemin hits the stage, he is the god
Yojiyu Liam
Yojiyu Liam 5 days ago
That's why Jihyo & Momo cover 'Goodbye' ㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂😂
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty 5 days ago
Rip live vocals
Gotwicestraypinktan tzy
Jihyo dancing with legendary dancers
Mała Gosia
Mała Gosia 6 days ago
Is Taemin's dance inspired by Koharu Sagawara? It's so similar to her style! I loved it!
Mała Gosia
Mała Gosia 6 days ago
omg it IS her /shocked pikachu/ ... wow I'm such a good detective :D
아인 6 days ago
2:01 태민
kpopmademe messy
kpopmademe messy 6 days ago
The three of them look like they’re abt to start a cult.
I am ok
I am ok 6 days ago
Jihyo slayed god jihyo ❤❤❤
Suzette Dela Cuesta
1:53 damn! she hooooooooot 🥺❤️
taehyuɴg ˢʸ
taehyuɴg ˢʸ 7 days ago
Taemin 👍👍💜💜
7코코 7
7코코 7 7 days ago
모모랑 지효랑 조합이라니 ㅠㅜ 너무 좋다
Ann W
Ann W 7 days ago
It's not coincidence that Taemin is performing with the two girl idols that are in a relationship It is for not cause scandals because Taemin's fans are crazy and terrible.
theblue highness
theblue highness 8 days ago
Sana all taken HAHAHA
Clara Coyle
Clara Coyle 8 days ago
taddlefatasy 8 days ago
Momo, a japanese in a korean group, singing a japanese song but korean version
Ελένη Μάρκου
Their voices sound so good together 😍🤤😩😩
Roxane darcel
Roxane darcel 9 days ago
Jihyo ❤️🥵
Indira Morales
Indira Morales 9 days ago
Kai Garcia
Kai Garcia 9 days ago
momo’s underrated vocals
Kai Garcia
Kai Garcia 9 days ago
mohyo can end me
Kai Garcia
Kai Garcia 9 days ago
missed the whole beginning rn bc i was scolding my brother im starting over
I Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No Jams
This is a masterpiece, their voices are unreal. I literally have chills wth.
Giuliana —
Giuliana — 10 days ago
Is there anything more exciting than seeing Taemin's silhouette appearing on stage?
corouna vairus
corouna vairus 10 days ago
jihyo and momo slayed OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jr Pueyo-Morales
Jr Pueyo-Morales 10 days ago
Taemin wasn't crying when he was born, he's dancing.
shinee world 255
shinee world 255 10 days ago
txtxnvt lll
txtxnvt lll 10 days ago
I really like this performance
Vanessa Aurelia
Vanessa Aurelia 10 days ago
This will always be a superior stage
Z . R
Z . R 10 days ago
1:35 Jihyo looks so tiny next to momo 😂😂 there’s our small but spicy leader ❤️
Yamkelani Nhlumayo
Yamkelani Nhlumayo 11 days ago
Damn. They brought it
Yoongi's blood in Blood Sweat & Tears
It would have been much better, if they did a half in korean and the other half in japanese
Eiluko's Art
Eiluko's Art 11 days ago
The one who comes with this idea is the greatest genius * o * What a cool collaboration !
Twice Jyp
Twice Jyp 11 days ago
Momo Chan good job 🌈🌸🌸🌸
Twice Jyp
Twice Jyp 11 days ago
Momo and jihyo vocals woowww I am in love 💓💓💓💓💓
omałolepsza. pl
omałolepsza. pl 12 days ago
i prefer japanese version but while watching it i said WOW
ʙᴏʟɪɴʜᴏ ᴅᴇ ᴀʀʀᴏᴢ
Momo com todo respeito vc e um mulherao da porra
Doyoungie. 12 days ago
1:37 I just understand 'god jihyo'
ᄀᄃ 12 days ago
와 모모 목소리 진짜 묘하다 트와이스곡할때는 딱히 잘부르지도 좋다고 생각 안 했는데 이곡이랑 너무 잘어울림 약간 낮게 부르는게 진짜 매력적임 지효 목소리는 깊고 풍부해서 단단하게 이노래를 받쳐주는듯 셋이 조화가 너무 좋다
Chai Yee Wong
Chai Yee Wong 12 days ago
syarifah ristya
syarifah ristya 12 days ago
1:09 woahh jihyoo
Khelena Sukham
Khelena Sukham 13 days ago
Lee Taemin,King of Live Performances.💖💞
이예림 13 days ago
태민은 역시 잘하고 지효 ㄹㅇ 춤도 잘추고 메인보컬인데ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ다 잘해ㅜㅜㅜ모모 진짜 목소리 너무 놀랍다 트와노래에서 너무 튄다고 생각했었는데 ㄹㅇ 여기서 진짜 목소리 너무 좋아ㅜㅜㅜㅜ춤은 역시 잘추고❤️❤️
Once or Twice D4V1D
Zed Pazett
Zed Pazett 14 days ago
Momo is a shawol since middle school, now she is dancing with Taemin. Be like Momo, be a successful fan.
I’ll always ship Natty and Momo so sorry not sorry
Taemin: “Lets do TT!” Mohyo:
Zsófia Boldog
Zsófia Boldog 14 days ago
Jihyo. That's it, that's the comment
Hana 15 days ago
I wanna talk with the cameraman
Taemin is amazing as expected but props to Momo who did so much justice to the song
ira hayu
ira hayu 16 days ago
Abir Moustafa
Abir Moustafa 17 days ago
Wow 🤩
md mes 아미
md mes 아미 17 days ago
I like the red clothes 😍😍 it's an attractive color ... Also their faces is adorable
md mes 아미
md mes 아미 17 days ago
I'm in love with this performance 😍😍 momo's voice is so soft and perfect and jihyo's voice is so deep and strong and taemin is such a very talented boy 💜💜 and of course the dance is amaaazing 😍😍💜
치카꼭 17 days ago
태민이 보컬, 댄스 같은 실력적인 부분과 별개로 진짜 누구도 따라할 수 없는 독보적인 아우라가 있어서 솔로로서도 독보적인 아티스트라고 생각함. 최애는 최애고 태민은 태민이니까..
돼지Pig 17 days ago
이태민 존 나 예쁘다 미친
Cleo Dezalba
Cleo Dezalba 18 days ago
Daniel, Heechul and Naeun think about a lot
อานนท์ เพ็งกลับ
지효 너무 예뻐요.~
Alex Da Lettuce
Alex Da Lettuce 18 days ago
This performance is just beautiful, I love it.
Vanya Alvinsky
Vanya Alvinsky 19 days ago
bea zus
bea zus 19 days ago
I love this. But I would also love to see Taemin cover TT like he suggested hahahaha
투바투나라 19 days ago
트와이스 진짜 이런 컨셉 한 번만 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 영상에서 봤다시피 모모 지효는 컨셉을 잘 소화할 수 있을 거 같고 미나도 고급진 분위기라서 잘 할 수 있을 거 같은데 제왑 부탁해요❤
Thư Trần
Thư Trần 20 days ago
I love momo's voice
DeDe DH 20 days ago
메지Meji 20 days ago
I’m *gay*
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