2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

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The 2019 iPhone 11.. What We Know Now. Smaller Notch, Triple Lens Camera, Face ID Gen-2, No 3D Touch? The Leaks & Rumors.
iPhone XI Concept: ruvid.net/video/video-Ve02tqgUIV0.html

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Nov 7, 2018




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Comments 12 173
Team Cringe
Team Cringe 3 days ago
TravisPlayz 5 days ago
The camera is wrong
Sempaii Wacky
Sempaii Wacky 8 days ago
The one with the Small circle will be nice
Jayson Pham
Jayson Pham 17 days ago
0:44 the time is... 10:01,10:00 and 10:00
Macintosh Fan
Macintosh Fan Month ago
0:15 It is not a TFT-LCD but an IPS-LCD display
I like this Iphone
Julian Month ago
I kinda wish the iPhone 11 actually looked like this..
monabaldua Month ago
Hey they should be going to the concept models
oceanmoonlight Month ago
watches when iphone 11 is already out
Noda Lumps
Noda Lumps Month ago
Y'all where wrong Dead wrong
Ade Yusuf
Ade Yusuf Month ago
Your evidence is always fake
DragonBall_ Super
Nobody would of guessed the 3 cameras😂😂😂
Brofist Soldier
Brofist Soldier Month ago
*iPhone 11 is released* RUvid: *WaNNa sEe tHE ipHoNE 11 lEAkS*
KH L Month ago
Design still the same~~
JuiceBoy XD
JuiceBoy XD 2 months ago
Hehehe I know what the real iPhone 11 looks like but this guy has NO IDEA
AUSSIE OZMAN 2 months ago
TheMario&TailsChannel 246880
The iPhone Xl
Xadly 2 months ago
Boy were they wrong!
1000 subs with no videos challenge
Lol not even close
Emilia Morisseau
Emilia Morisseau 2 months ago
Max Jones
Max Jones 2 months ago
who’s here after iphone 11 was released?
AUSSIE OZMAN 2 months ago
Biggy _07
Biggy _07 2 months ago
The iPhone is really good
Zed 2 months ago
Mr Bender
Mr Bender 2 months ago
who came back after the iPhone 11 released to see how accurate this video was?
daddy wog3
daddy wog3 2 months ago
They r copying ssmsunggggg
septic 2 months ago
daddy wog3 yeah suree
Tiffany 2 months ago
Watching this after it’s actually announced is so hilarious😂 What a contrast lmao
circle_of_life27 2 months ago
idk about you but I never use my headphone jack so I won’t mind
Steven Dala
Steven Dala 3 months ago
Who else is watching right after Apple announced the iPhone 11
Chris PLAYZZZ 18 days ago
Steven Dala me
Macintosh Fan
Macintosh Fan Month ago
I am, and I have the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.
JK says Saranghae
JK says Saranghae 2 months ago
topside2 3 months ago
Just watched the Apple event and release of the actual iphone 11... Lol! Your thoughts?
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson 3 months ago
topside2 they got the 5.8, 6.5 pro and 6.1 standard right!
Mauricio Velez
Mauricio Velez 3 months ago
First time I watched your video...and is a very good one...simple to the point..keep up the good job
This Is Mark
This Is Mark 3 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks that all the new generation phones are so ugly🤢🤮
gray pierre
gray pierre 3 months ago
Apple is garbage....
gray pierre
gray pierre 2 months ago
@UCcDDfYpdvBP2IQN1p6NV0BQ apple software is garbage. You can't listen to music and charge your phone at the same time you have to get a dongle and what's worst is you can't use other app stores only with Apple store that's like telling a person they can only go to one grocery store that's stupid. Google assistant have become way more advanced then siri, you can't multi-task with an iPhone and even their laptops are a bust I can buy a $1,500 gaming laptop that can perform and do more then a MacBook Pro. And the New features that they putting they just playing catch up with android. I have no reason to switch. Apple will never be better it's just going to get worst and more expensive then a car down payment.
gray pierre
gray pierre 2 months ago
@septic because the phone is basically cheap models with expensive prices. It cost $379 to make a iPhone but they retail it at $1,500 for a fucking phone. The New features that they putting on this year's line up android already have that shit, their biggest selling point is the camera but the Google pixel phone have a wayy better camera then any iPhone. Their ecosystem suck and it's being overly hyped on some bullshit.
septic 2 months ago
gray pierre and why do u think that
gray pierre
gray pierre 2 months ago
@septic one plus 7 pro. Apple ain't shit it's a overhyped product that doesn't live up to the price.
zZzBIGBOYzZz1998 3 months ago
I hope they do the square iPhone 4 look for the 11 especially with the bigger screen it looks great
Blankman !?!?!
Blankman !?!?! 3 months ago
My dream phone was the iPhone 8 plus black. Never got it
Shivam Dhiman
Shivam Dhiman 3 months ago
Apple will completely destroy Samsung Note series if pensil support will come to iPhone
FOX EMPEROR 3 months ago
I like the products of Apple but it’s not exciting
Spooky.1o1 3 months ago
Tbh apple’s loss happened because it’s products are expensive af
Agent Raijin
Agent Raijin 4 months ago
IPhone Xr is indeed worth it. And I assume that new IPhone 11 would be expensive
LLL TTT 4 months ago
Sales going down?? I literally just ordered an Xs Max ...
Owen Thorley
Owen Thorley 4 months ago
@EverythingApplePro Apple could make the iPhone 11 like this: • Smaller Notch • Face ID Generation 2 - smoother, very fast and secure face unlock for iPhone • Triple Camera - Primary, Telephoto and Wide Angle • iOS 13 built into the iPhone when you first get it out of its box. • Swipe the bottom-right corner of the iPhone’s screen to enable Siri or it can have a sleeker much nicer screen when it pops up • Round Ringer/Silent Switch • A13 Chip - gives crazy fast performance in and out of apps, opening the app switcher etc., as fast as the Asus ROG Phone 2 with it’s 120hz display/refresh rate
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