2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!

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FOX EMPEROR 3 days ago
I like the products of Apple but it’s not exciting
Gumball029 4 days ago
Tbh apple’s loss happened because it’s products are expensive af
Agent Raijin
Agent Raijin 5 days ago
IPhone Xr is indeed worth it. And I assume that new IPhone 11 would be expensive
LLL TTT 8 days ago
Sales going down?? I literally just ordered an Xs Max ...
ThorleyTech 14 days ago
@EverythingApplePro Apple could make the iPhone 11 like this: • Smaller Notch • Face ID Generation 2 - smoother, very fast and secure face unlock for iPhone • Triple Camera - Primary, Telephoto and Wide Angle • iOS 13 built into the iPhone when you first get it out of its box. • Swipe the bottom-right corner of the iPhone’s screen to enable Siri or it can have a sleeker much nicer screen when it pops up • Round Ringer/Silent Switch • A13 Chip - gives crazy fast performance in and out of apps, opening the app switcher etc., as fast as the Asus ROG Phone 2 with it’s 120hz display/refresh rate
•PeeCock• 14 days ago
*Apple company: How many internal organs left on you now?*
Veera Praneeth
Veera Praneeth 15 days ago
Only if the iPhone 2019 is remotely this attractive! Maybe Apple doesn't need a killer phone, I guess. Hope iPhone 2020 is notchless with all screen finger print scanner with a good and stylish camera.
Just më
Just më 15 days ago
Apple is always not doing well. Sells phones that has a redicolous amount.
Happy Honey
Happy Honey 19 days ago
Idk if it’s just me but I feel like a new one is dropping soon.. my 6 started acting up just yesterday
icey ice
icey ice 20 days ago
Nah i prefer the look of 7plus and xs
Shaikh Ahmed khan
The main problem of Iphone is, it does not want to learn from others... Its a loner brand with bad attitude... I am hoping next time they may exclude the charger from the pack
ANerdWithNoLife ThatPlaysMinecraftUntil1AM
*cough* _i'd like to know the name of the iphone on the right of the thumbnail pleas_ *EDIT* nevermind thats the iPhone XE with the iphone 12's *EDIT 2* wait a minute why were 2020 iphones in a 2019 rumors video tf
Dustin Youtube
Dustin Youtube 19 days ago
This was made 8 mouths ago and they thought the 2019 iPhones will look like this
Balmar Azizy
Balmar Azizy 23 days ago
jancok goblok dapuranmu
Plumbin Krasniqi
Plumbin Krasniqi 24 days ago
I dont get how people waist they time watching ur videos
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 24 days ago
I'm very surprised on how you are trying to hard to repeat what the rest of the Android lovers say. first of all apple is doing very well because based on their official financial results in last quarter they made USD 31 billion in revenue from the iPhone sales alone, Huawei as a group ( mean the whole group of companies) official results for the same quarter was 26 Billion USD and they were not brave enough to report sales revenue per entity or per product at least because most of the sales are from budget devices that sells well in poor and semi-developed countries and based on the flagship sales alone apple is the highest selling smartphone. - if you want to use the uniqueness factor lets compare Samsung s8,9 and 10 give me a wow feature??? there is none because there is actually nothing more unique to do because the market when the first iPhone or Samsung came was different unlike today where all smartphones copy each other just to stay competitive as a result product differentiation is impossible.
Bil Malik
Bil Malik 25 days ago
You haven’t really described the shape
S҉w҉i҉f҉t҉ liKE A Ꭼagle
me wow it just looks just like a longer camera
slicvm 26 days ago
Is it just me that doesn’t really care about the camera but care more about the design?
CHAN THEA CHUON 28 days ago
Love apple
livia rose
livia rose 29 days ago
What I want to see in the future of iPhone: - embedded front facing camera - .7 mm headphone jack - 3 rear facing cameras (idk why but I really want the camera thing on the back go be a square shape) - wireless power share - usbc and not lightning - fast chargering block included - more customization: eg. change notification colours, text message colours, keyboard themes, etc. - option for app split screen (this would be so freaking useful) - keep 3D Touch - curved edges (of screen) - in screen Touch ID & better/more reliable/quicker Face ID - lighter!!! (Iphones are heavy af) - folders within folders/groups within groups - better battery life - improve Siri and her responses (like less just searching the web for simple questions) - instead of making Siri fill the entire screen, make it more like a notification that pops up when you say hey Siri, and allows you to not have to stop what your doing while talking to Siri - along with the notification thing, make incoming calls come in as notification banners and let you do something if you want to just let they phone call ring out instead of declining it (idk maybe this one is a bit stupid) - add more things to add to your home screen- like to-do lists that you can edit anytime, and put on your home screen, or daily quotes for example (basically more customizable) I don’t know why I did this- I was just really bored
Amar Singh
Amar Singh 26 days ago
Go get yourself an Android broo
Doggy Le
Doggy Le Month ago
bruh you thought Samsung beat apple in the 5G race
love you
love you Month ago
Best peoducts are iPhone 6s/plus, 7/plus and 8/plus
Thanos Rammos
Thanos Rammos Month ago
Money Mike
Money Mike Month ago
Same Phone, Phone Same?
K’s Month ago
Iphone price year 3000 $9,000,000
sonit shrestha
sonit shrestha Month ago
Apple can only sell iPad or MacBook these days their phones are way too expensive and comes with less features compared to android devices.
Sarah Month ago
Hi WELCOME TO APPLE! BUY OUR PLAIN T SHIRT FOR $999999999999999789986532 BUY OUR SOCKS FOR $999999999874327549999
Sarah Month ago
I will be crying cuz here in Qatar the British schools (ok I’m a Brit) will start when iPhone 2019 comes out 😭
Olivia Park
Olivia Park Month ago
Ways apple can improve: EARPHONE JACK Fingerprint on the apple logo Apple logo lights up but is optional Flat sides cause it’s nice idk why but I love that design Cheaper Durable!!!!!!! Faster internet but I that’s just the WiFi Better focus More pixels More variety of color matte metallic or just color Water not effecting the speakers
Babygirl Hazza
Babygirl Hazza Month ago
ZeroAce Month ago
This triple camera design is better than the ugly square camera.. but I really loved the ip 5 body design.
Pradeep Subba
Pradeep Subba Month ago
I wish the last one which have less black spot, with sharp edges
Zander Mega
Zander Mega Month ago
I hope Apple could produce dual sim phones supporting some androis products
M J Month ago
For iphone to win the race again: •Notification light in notch •let us put our apps werr we want em example near our bloody thumb not on top or the screen opposite it 🤦🏻‍♂️ •touch more customisations Surely cant be that hard 🤷🏻‍♂️
QuikyLad Month ago
are you sure thats not a smaller 16:9 ipad pro????
Hareera Hareera
Hareera Hareera Month ago
Same shit difrent shape lolll
Kurd TV Production
that phone is raeli or no !?
Hazel Hazel
Hazel Hazel Month ago
How matcha is iphone
Mason Hernandez
Mason Hernandez Month ago
I got the iphone X and I just bought the XS Max im good waiting
ali Al bayati
ali Al bayati Month ago
yui kadir
yui kadir Month ago
lets just say lower the price apple more lower price than iphone xr 749 atleast 399 or 499 that will be okey for average comunity
yui kadir
yui kadir Month ago
a lot of android more cheaps than apple that more wort buying
yui kadir
yui kadir Month ago
lower the price thats what apple need to do
MainlyCarThings Month ago
I love android, i would get an iPhone if they offered better value for money. At $999 you can by a great mid-tier android phone and still have $400 remaining. If apple decreased their prices and got rid of the notch i would buy an iphone. But atm, android is for me. iPhones are great phones, but the value for money is very poor.
J B Month ago
People here are saying that the sales arent doing well because of the high price tag.. well, that could be one. But the biggest reason i would say is that, iphones are not innovative.. they are not releasing something new and exciting. Their phone is boring... sure, i was an apple fan... but not anymore until iphone 7 was released.. there was nothing new. It was boring.. samsung had everything and beyond of what they were offering that time. But im still here, wanting to know about some news from apple hoping.. that one day the soul of the great steve will hunt them there i apple... to make their products what it'a suppose to be. Innovative and exciting and clean and easthetically amazing. Ps. The least you could do for us is to allow apple watch to be compatible with our galacy s10...
Joyce Kesiwaa
Joyce Kesiwaa Month ago
mizo tech channel
its value going down bcoz..people started to wake up except american people ..they know how to spend their money wisely now...thats why...and this channel is all about apple...one thing for sure the honor doesnt know the value of money i can say that clearly..just becoze of his channel name...and still he talks about the advantage of iphone haha...its kinda funny...i use it for 8 straight years once i started using android..i wake up ..and i wonder how can i be that stupid
Pedro Zarate
Pedro Zarate Month ago
Who thinks that samsung waits for apple to make a new phone and then copies it and tries to make it better
Darius Fields
Darius Fields Month ago
I knew apple would keep doing roman numerals.
Elena Bala
Elena Bala Month ago
I’ll be buying the iPhone 11 despite the look because I don’t think I can stretch my phone any further
Ebrahim Hamedi
Ebrahim Hamedi Month ago
Iran's money does not have the value of dollar. So we pay 13 times of its real price here. Thanks a lot.
SLIPPY73 • Month ago
Why are there so many ads on this video.
늑대ʙ ʟ ᴏ ᴏ ᴅ ʏ ᴍ ᴏ ᴏ ɴ 늑대
Why don't apple bring back the fingerprint just in different color instead of just white and black and also make it water proof maybe 🤷
Neil PlaysGuitar_YT
Please.....,please......product red xs
shanazirk Month ago
Still it will be $1000 .. I have more than 10 apple users ..they now shifted to Android ..Just bcz of the price ... iPhoneIsDead . i will not tell about MacBook ... Apple can concentrate in ThinkClients kind of High performance Client systems which is comparable with unix or windows servers ... They should stop manufacturing #iPhone bcz it is waste to be in the race of cheap and best andriod phone
GachaShading Langoey
I like the design hope fully it stays like that. Not A SQUARE CAMERA .
GD ElectroBaz
GD ElectroBaz Month ago
Who else is watching this on a iPhone XR? Not flexing... chill out!😂😂
Gator Month ago
On xs max lol
Spoder Man
Spoder Man Month ago
Kawa Bozkurt can’t be flexing with a resolution like that
killa beatz
killa beatz Month ago
The next iPhone could need to be cheap like the xr but what every iPhone has and have 1440p resolution without 3D Touch but maybe not be as big as the plus versions are but be the size of the small version iPhones and like the the Samsung s10e it should take a similar take cheap but still have high resolution but smaller
Christian Dinero
Christian Dinero 2 months ago
Fuck apple now. They've gotten too expensive for me to justify continuing purchasing apple products.
Jakob Benz
Jakob Benz Month ago
Christian Dinero apple is only for super lux people. If you can’t afford it, it’s not meant for you. That’s why Samsung exists. (I hate Samsung btw. )
Jacqueline Cruz
Jacqueline Cruz 2 months ago
Who else is in 2019
Hazel Glitter
Hazel Glitter 2 months ago
i got the iphone x and unless it ditches the notch and gets a USB-C i wont be getting one
REDOUNUL HUQ. JAYAD 2 months ago
Price. PLESH
SadBluezz 2
SadBluezz 2 2 months ago
Watching this on a rose gold IPhone XS Max
Wannabe Productors
Wannabe Productors 2 months ago
Introducing the iPhone XI! Now at $1761638.2752
Mr. FQ
Mr. FQ 2 months ago
Wer ha lol
Avanna Ellormie
Avanna Ellormie 2 months ago
Wow Haven’t watched this guy in awhile either got a better mic or his accent is like gone. For a second I didn’t even know who this was.
Ken Porten
Ken Porten 2 months ago
Honestly , i love apple products. apple should at least show some appreciation to their customers who are presently using 2 or more iPhones. or if possible, those that are using the iPhone X , and others. And give them their own price for the new iPhone 2019, if they will wish to proceed to get the latest. It’s a suggestion sir ☝🏻😊.
Julián Esteban
Julián Esteban 2 months ago
Precioso lo voy a comprar al contado libre en color gris espacial
Ammar Nakami
Ammar Nakami 2 months ago
I gave myself a break from Apple products and switched to a very nice Android phone with lot more features @ $699
Jakob Benz
Jakob Benz Month ago
Ammar Nakami ew
Lggg Unknown
Lggg Unknown 2 months ago
Put the price down
LK Gaming Point
LK Gaming Point 2 months ago
Jakob Benz
Jakob Benz 2 months ago
I like these camera lenses better
lol 2 months ago
what i want from apple: iPhone SE2- i have small hands and i'm sick of all these big ass phones coming out headphone jack- i use noise cancelling earbuds because my ears are very sensitive to some noises and i don't want to spend an extra $30 to buy an adapter or however much apple would charge if they made their own noise cancelling earbuds. lower prices- i mean cmon apple products are good but there is absolutely no reason a phone should cost $1k+. thats the price of a goddamn computer until all of these get added onto a phone, i will happily be sticking with my SE. had it since 2016 and it still works perfectly, but i wouldn't mind upgrading to a new phone
Victor Nieves
Victor Nieves 2 months ago
The IPhone XIR.
Game Rockers
Game Rockers 2 months ago
Price it’s a major problem like india and Sri Lanka
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl 2 months ago
I must admit, the camera in the thumbnail looks better than the ugly square camera! Plus, this years designs are: Xs Xs Max Xr
estalin valentin
estalin valentin 2 months ago
I'm on,my dads phone but he said I am going to get the new iPhone on my bday
Richard Lalbuatsaiha
Waiting for new release of iphone this year, so that other iphone price will go down.
BeastManGames YT
BeastManGames YT 2 months ago
Jesus man I’m still using the 6s
fly guy
fly guy 2 months ago
Take the notch out get updated apple 🍎
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